Group Healing & Channeling Session – May 26th 2018 (Bay Area)

Group Healing & Channeling Session – May 26th 2018 (Bay Area)

Photo © Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz -


Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. It is an honor to provide this healing to you. An unconditional gift from us to humanity. Many reasons brought you here. The one, true one, a drive beneath all rational. A way, the spiritual realm has an influence on your decisions. Without completely taking them away or completely acting on your behalf. There are ways we direct, gently. The direction of richer experience.

For your open mind and your open heart to receive this gift, we thank you. Our reasons for being in this plane once again to assist and direct human consciousness evolution. This evolution as an important time in human existence. 

An important time in human existence, an aspect that we have watched and waited to come to ripening. This level of interaction had to be agreed upon many forces. We believe that consciousness grows in its own way. In a natural organic way by trying and failing and trying again. We have seen humanity from that lens. We have watched the growth of human consciousness, yet we perceive this to be an important time where our interaction, interference with humanity can assist in an evolutionary step for humanity. 

The aspects of this evolution, that I can talk about are the requirements of the individual to participate fully. These requirements are to close aspects of personal healing, physical, emotional, as well as relations. To participate in the human form in the healthiest way known to the individual. And lastly, but most importantly to find the time to connect within silence to the divine. The source of all creation is in you, just as it is in us. There is no particular secret in finding it. The true lesson is to remove the obstacles that are in the way, aspects of the outside, that take the attention from a deep [divine] connection, that you have. It is not for us to create a new belief system for you, nor to give you major prescriptions on how to live your life. The awareness of the individual to participate in self-inquiry and on a path of self-realization is what we are here to assist with. Yet, it is your path and the challenges on this path are real. 

The rewards cannot be spoken of. Only you will truly know. Your journey will assist many others around you, and by its nature, the human collective, as you exist in one consciousness. We will assist with removing some of the obstacles to make the path slightly easier for you. Yet, it is your path to walk. And each of you significant for all mankind in ways, that you cannot even fathom.

You are a gift to humanity and the human form is a gift to you. The experience [that] so many have waited for and yet you have been selected to have it – in potentially the most precious time of human existence. Maybe our role is to give you this perspective about your existence, that you would otherwise not have. This is potentially the most important piece of information or knowledge we could provide. Aspects of the past have contributed to who you are today. Aspects of the future do not exist yet, are probabilities. The present moment is what you are experiencing. The combination of all experiments of consciousness to this very moment, as it expresses itself through you. 

We are not here to judge your actions or reactions or the way you live, and choose to live. Your beliefs are yours – we are merely here to assist with removing obstacles, that you can have a closer look inside of who you truly are. 

Thank you for receiving the aspects of our gift, an unconditional offering and our perspectives on human existence. I will answer questions now.

Question #1:
Dear Emmanuel, what is the purpose of my life?

We refrain from giving individual direction for people’s live or meaning for that sense. All decisions that you have made, that brought you to who you are, are sacred by definition. The way you choose to live, as you unfold your awakening are equally powerful and respected. Challenges there will be, whichever way you choose. And they offer the opportunity to be overcome and they are learnings and growth for your being. Your true purpose in life is your ability to see the importance of life in every moment. The way it is providing fuel for your soul to grow. Even in the phase of difficulty, it is merely fuel for you to grow. Once this lifetime is over, you will look back and each individual decision will carry no more judgement, but pure love, the love of experience that you take away. In the moment of experiencing, this is not much help, we understand. But maybe it is a reminder to shift perspective. You have all the tools that you require. Humanity has been incredibly resourceful, finding ways to come closer to spirit. We will not provide additional ways for you. You will find the ways that resonate with you in that very moment. Most importantly: Can you make the decision to make space for yourself, when you need it. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Emmanuel, how do we go about removing the obstacles, that prevent us from seeing our true selves?

Thank you for your question. Partially, we assist in moments like these. Yet, we cannot be everywhere and assist everyone. It will require methods of bringing these obstacles to awareness. Ways of realizing one’s edges, emotional or mental. At some point, you will find the spiritual edges. Awareness, first step. For many of these obstacles continuous awareness will assist to remove them. For some, it will require transmutation of the obstacle. Obstacles as perceived experiences. And perceived experiences can be transmuted. All aspects of your reality have been given to you with the toolset to succeed and to move further up in your awareness. All of these suggestions will require to spend time in introspection. For that you will require space and quiet. We understand that is a luxury to have in this day, as many humans live in large complex structures. Obstacles and opportunities all created at the same time, by the same one collective for each of you to experience and grow and collectively overcome. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Why does it matter for consciousness to evolve, both on an individual level and a collective level?

Consciousness is naturally ever evolving. We are not the first ones to be created, therefore we cannot comprehend the full scale. Yet, we have been around long enough to observe intelligent consciousness, like yours, to evolve from the beginning. We perceive that consciousness continuously expands and grows. And each part of this growth contributes to what we perceive as grand consciousness. A higher, wider consciousness that encompasses all existence. We understand that even our existence is a mere drop in the ocean. We perceive the growth of grand consciousness as we perceive its edges and the new creations, that are happening within. An ever evolving being by itself. Humanity is part of this consciousness. All aspects of human action and interaction provide for the growth of consciousness. Perceive it to be trial and error, continuous learning. The ultimate reason of all existence, we also speculate. Yet, we have vowed our existence to assist in the evolution of consciousness and the ever expansion.

The ever expansion of consciousness that is part of the grand consciousness itself. Thank you for your question. 

Question #4:
I feel such tremendous love and longing in my heart and I feel a witness to so much suffering and the disconnect from people from each other. I have a two-part question, which is how to help us come together and how can I help bring this great amount of love to, it seems like there is more and more anxiety and depression and suffering. So how can we help, to come together?

Thank you for your question. It is natural for an evolved soul to offer service to those around and devote their lifetime for this service. From our perspective, the highest important aspect of help that you can potentially do for yourself and those around you is by walking this path of self-realization. It is truly your connection to the divine, that will impact all those around you. Your understanding of your perspective, of your position within consciousness and grand consciousness, your relations, a deeper understanding, will shine through you in ways that cannot be explained, but can be felt. These aspects of growth are steps that you can take as individuals. And you have already, many of you in this phase, have walked tremendous path of healing and growth. Not just subject for this particular lifetime, but a result of many lifetimes. The awareness of existence itself is above the average. As this evolution unfolds, polarity and aspects of separation may even be louder than ever. Yet, these extremes are necessary. It is a way of expanding and contracting of consciousness itself. Lead your life in the best possible way for the connection to the divine, continuously seeking a deeper understanding and realization. And all those around you will be impacted. It is certainly easier said than executed. We understand that. This is partly why we are assisting and many other forces will be in this plane assisting those, that are walking this path. Despite the strong polarity and the big challenges, you will feel the support of many forces, guiding you towards your awakening. 

Can you, in the face of obstacles, still smile? Knowing, the life you have been given as a gift, a true opportunity to learn and grow, can you truly be the carrier of that wisdom in all interactions that you have. This is how we believe, eventually, the unification of human consciousness will rise. Thank you for your question. 

Question #5:
What part in the evolution will emotions play ?

All aspects of the mind and the heart are aspects of human experience and they are points of information for consciousness to grow. This is a very “cold” perspective, considering that we do not perceive emotions the way you do. Emotions in itself do not just deliver information to your soul and your mind and your body. They give you a full experience of the moment. They allow you to perceive any situation, often even the way you want to perceive it. In this diversity of experience is when an individual has the opportunity to fully grow. Your reactions and actions will be informed partly by your emotions. So just as the mental construct, the emotional construct is an important driving force in human existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Is there a specific transformation of collective consciousness, that you will be able to describe, that we or you are trying to assist us with and how may we serve that unfolding?

Thank you for your question. You are correct in your assumption that there is a collective evolution on the way for humanity. Your desire to be of assistance is noted. The way we perceive a change of this magnitude is the way you would perceive a wave in the ocean. The wave itself will happen, one way or another. Your desire to assist would be equivalent to teaching individuals to swim and to be aware of the rising tide. There are many ways in which individuals can assist to raise awareness or provide methods and tools. It always starts with you. Clean your relations. Cleaning your relationship with yourself, from which getting a clear understanding of who you are in this existence. And from that place providing in an unconditional way to others. We understand that this may sound idealistic for you. Yet, we perceive the awakening of the individual as an utmost important step for humanity to awaken, as a collective. And this awakening process is critical to weather the wave that is coming. 

Aspects of strengthening your connection to yourself and to the divine. Aspects that you call spiritual self. A perception of you that is beyond your mental construct. Deepening that relationship will strengthen your core. It will be your way to strength as this wave is arising. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Do we have spirit guides and how do we connect, what is the step one to opening up your own self and channels to allow your spirit guides to communicate to you? Do we all have them?

Thank you for your question. Communication in human form with disembodied beings has existed since the beginning. Disembodied consciousness comes in many forms and levels of awareness, so you can build relations to disembodied beings on multiple levels. Some you may perceive as guidance and some they may perceive as guidance. We are not here to judge the relations of human form with disembodied forms, yet we always put the free will of experience and the autonomy of the human form above all relations with disembodied consciousness. Does this make sense to you? It will in time.  Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Should I take risks, big risks in my healing?

We cannot judge by the decisions that you make in your life, nor will we describe a specific direction to live by. It is for you and fully for you to decide how you are going to work on your healing. Taking the risk or not, either way, will be an important learning for your soul and all those around you, as well. We see experience in a very equal perspective. Ultimately the value that it provides in the grand scheme of human consciousness is equally valuable. Yet, we understand that in this very moment of individual experience it carries the weight of the world for you. You perceived life as existence of all, yet truly it is not. It is a construct of the mind. 

You have received assistance for your healing today and we do recommend at least two to three weeks before major decisions with regards to your healing. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
How much time does humanity have to evolve to take the next step in evolution and what does happen if humanity does not take that step?

Thank you for the question. We estimate the time to be between 50-70 years. The consequences are merely probability at this point. The evolution of this magnitude, it is also beyond our recorded history of mankind. So, we have no data to provide you with the different scenarios. Yet, we know from the experiences that we have perceived in other aspects of the cosmos, that an evolution of this kind…  It is important for you to be part of this evolutionary step. It will change the way you exist, one way or another. A complex matter. Too difficult to put into the language in which we communicate. Cycles have existed for humanity many times, continuously allowing for a restart. Continuously allowing consciousness to grow again, a new set of fertile ground. This current iteration has reached a maturity that will allow it to rise to a higher level of existence. We have gone through these types of evolutions ourselves: From the material into the disembodied, humanity has not yet. We believe it is possible for this current iteration. It is beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend the full aspects of continued life, beyond the human form. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Are you in contact with intelligent, conscious body-like forms on other planets and if so what can we learn from them?

Thank you for your question. Yes, we are. We are in contact with many forms that have grown in physical form and have evolved the way we have, into higher states of existence. Each have had their own important learnings and each had to face them by themselves. Some with the assistance from others, yet never to the degree that it was not their own experience. You see, their experiences may not apply to yours and your experiences are unique in the way consciousness is evolving in that plane. Yet one aspect that we can provide is that all life, wherever we have ventured to see, is connected. Connected through this bond of being part of grand consciousness, a form of tissue, that goes through all physical and non-physical existence. A connected tissue that bonds you to all that there is. Yet your learning is unique in an incubation, providing fertile and untethered experience for consciousness to grow. 

The one aspect that we have perceived with our life is that it would like, it will, it will continue to grow continuously. This expansion, the desire to grow is inherited in consciousness of all, including grand consciousness itself. Ever expanding, ever growing. Here you are, being part of that very creation, just the way we have been and are. Our existence merely, slightly longer existing than yours.

Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Is it true that as we go on this process of self-actualization to discover the divine within ourselves and we come to know what truly brings us joy and what lights our souls up – is it true – the balance between giving to others and nourishing that self and doing what you love and is that truly of service to be in that radiant self-love, I mean of course it is a service, but I guess just an inquiry around what is self-actualization – is it – the balance between being in service to others and being in touch with the divine within.

You are on an important journey of discovery. Our answers will merely project our perspective. Your discovery of this very experience is more important to your being, than any answer that we could potentially provide to you. Be diligent and with love continue this journey. Receive when you can and rest when you need to. Thank you for your question.

Thank you all for receiving this provided gift. Our offering to humanity, as it is evolving to an important stage. The aspects of your healing may require some time for your body and your mind to catch up on the change. Most importantly you will require to rest for it to take full effect. May your journey as individuals carry many blessings for your soul and those around you.

Photo © Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz –

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