Group Healing & Channeling Session – June 10th 2018 (Bay Area)

Group Healing & Channeling Session – June 10th 2018 (Bay Area)

Photo © Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz -


Greetings, you have come here today as a result of any circumstances, some of which you understand, some of which are not visible. Existence in the human form is about to change. This change will require adjustment. We call this period transition. You are the transition generation. If you are conscious about it or not, the time for you to be here in this time in human form is not a coincidence. For some, it is a repetition and continued learning. For most of you in this room, it is a choice that you have made to return, to participate in this very moment. On this plane of existence. 

This very time may be the most important of all in human history. A change to affect all. A change, that has never occurred before. The importance of your awakening is beyond your imagination. You, as individuals, will be the ones to carry humanity forth. Your desire and will to open to all aspects of your connection to the divine will be your strongest element in this transition. Some of you already on this path, some sidetracked. It is with an urgency that I speak to you. Your core will be the foundation for all those around you so that you must find the strength and the connection inside. You are not alone, you never were on this journey. And you will not be going forward. Our offering is assistance on this path. Your true being, activated, is able to carry love and the light of creation beyond your imagination. Our message is a message of empowerment. This is my gift to you today. Receive it with an open heart. Let your mind, body, and soul open to this light, that we provide as assistance on your path. Thank you.

I came through this body so I can be closer to you. Through the merging of my energy with the human form I am able to impact you and your environment much more strongly. Certain principles of human existence have prevented intervention. Yet, if there is a vessel, that is willing and able to connect and be an instrument of our work and the energy that we carry, we are able to connect with you in a much more clear way. In a way, that is easier to comprehend or digest. 

The work today will assist you in your connection to yourself, as well as sources of higher consciousness. There is a part that you have to do. Time and space and the willpower that it takes to establish this connection, not a one-of effort, but continuous development. Our hope is, that this intervention today will assist you, enable you and empower you on your path. Only through you and your connection to the divine, this transition will impact as many as we would like to.

As you create more space inside of you, the light will fill that space. With that, you will be your carrier of the light of creation. And it will empower your current existence, all those around. Your path to self-realization is potentially the most important achievement of this lifetime. Circumstances are different and the stakes are high.

Do not underestimate the power that lies within all of you. The individual’s capacity to carry your light for millions. It is within you. 

Blessings to you on your journeys. Thank you for receiving today. 

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to be with you. The intervention, that you have received today will continue for several days. Please make time for yourself and for rest. This is an important process for you. We have not returned to this plane, in this way, to provide a new path of living or being, neither do we have prescriptions for you on how to live your lives. 

We bring to you this unconditional gift of connection, a light that you will recognize. A light, that is within all existence. A light, that has been forgotten. The light of creation. We are in some way a reminder to humanity to remember, to awaken and to realize. The human form has served as a gift for the soul to experience time and space, emotion, relation, separation, and unification. This space has been the perfect incubation for consciousness, space where you could experience, without the interruption or intervention. A full cycle of existence. In some cases, you could make agreements that would be fulfilled. In some cases, you would even see related beings again and again. You could experience what it means to love and be loved. What it means to be a victim or a villain. What it means to suffer. All experiences, the human form can give unlimited choices for all colors and genders. Not always pleasant, yet always rewarding. Your individual experience allowed you to grow and fueled the growth of the collective human consciousness. An aspect of you, that you have never been separated from. You may continue to live the way you desire and you want. Your free will is always going to be yours. This life is a gift to you. 

Some of you though know inherently, there is more to life than the experience itself. With that [feeling], you have been searching. This path of self-realization is filled with devotion and sometimes sacrifice, the sacrifice of certain human experiences for the benefit of achieving a higher connection. This is an individual choice. The time has come to reconsider your connection to yourself and to the divine, to that light of creation within you. 

This work today will continue to assist your path. And if you choose, you may use it as a momentum for your own search, your own connection. You are loved beyond measure. Thank you for your attention. I will answer some of your questions now.

Question #1:
Where are you, as entities, from and why the interest in the transition of humanity at this time? And is humanity a single species or intermixed species of your kind and other kinds? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. We have existed for millions of years of your count. We have gone through our forms of evolution. From a physical to an almost fully ethereal existence as consciousness. We have witnessed and understood our role within creation. And we have devoted our existence to the expansion of grand consciousness, a consciousness, that we are all part of. Humanity in this very form has existed before on this plane, yet never to this extent of consciousness. We perceive this is an important moment in humanity’s evolution, in the evolution of its consciousness itself. Our participation is an assistance for you to make an evolutionary step, that we have made a long time ago, as well. We have in fact intervened many times in the biology of your being to assist an accelerated growth of consciousness.

You are at a point, an important point of your existence, an evolutionary step, that you may or may not evoke to make. The probability is much higher with our guidance and assistance. That is our perspective, which is why we have agreed to return in this plane. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is your relationship to the transition and the prophecy of the grand portal on planet earth at this time?

Thank you for your question. Many prophecies have existed about our interventions and will be if the human form and the human plane. Yet all future is subject to the will and choice of the individual and the collective, therefore remains merely a probability, even for us. 

Many forces will be part of this transition. Some of which are in alliance with us and some opposing the idea of the evolution of human consciousness. You will face challenges, cosmological, nature, challenges of planetary nature. Growth comes with pain in this case. Yet, we are confident that you will make this evolutionary step. We will neither confirm or deny prophecies that have been made about the future of mankind. Yet, our participation in this very conversation will tell you that you are in a time of change. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What form or shape, from your perspective, does the next evolutionary step of mankind look like?

Thank you for your question. Form and shape seem to be important from today’s perspective, yet it will not be from tomorrow’s. The experience of time will change. Existence in the material form may cease to exist. A different plane of existence, shape, and form that cannot be expressed in the very limiting communication methods of this current form. You have many analogies in your nature, where animals and insects trust the evolution that they are about to witness, yet they do not necessarily know what the next step is. This inherent trust allows them to be in continuation of evolution. We ask you to be present, awake and participate as you are going through this evolutionary phase, even if you do not know the details of the next stage. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
You mentioned that there are other entities that do not have the transition of human consciousness and evolution in the same desired perspective. How can we differentiate when those entities are present and how to be empowered in those situations to address their participation in the denial of our evolution?

Thank you for your question. Duality has existed in this plane before mankind existed in this plane. Duality continues to exist in the cosmos. Forces, that have a purpose beyond your evolution will continue to challenge the human form, an important aspect of your growth. In fact, an important aspect of your evolution. The polarity is what makes human life so special. The experience of light and dark and the fine balance as you are walking this path. Differentiate will not be necessary. Your focus on presence will deliver all the answers for you. Any operations of the mind will be obstacles, so is differentiation. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do we wake up right now?

Thank you for your question. The awakening process of an individual, the realization that is beyond the understanding of the human experience is a process, it is a divine process, an important step of your existence. While we assist you and guide you in the right direction, we will not take away this awakening itself from you. It will be your own to pass through the resistance and the internal challenges and the devotion, that it requires on an individual level. The awakening process is a gift in itself, yet an important path for the individual and the collective. You have made an important step in that direction. A reflection of that is your presence here and your willingness to receive this very message. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you explain what was happening in the healing process just a little while ago?

Thank you for your question. In the work that we do, the healing of the individual is an important aspect. Removing obstacles that prevent you from your desire and your openness to connect with yourself and the divine is where we assist you. Each of you, individually, at a different point in your evolution. Physical limitations and challenges. Emotional blocks, incomplete cycles and mental overextension. All these aspects fill your experience in the human form. There is less space for the light of creation to move through you. It is a conscious choice to make that space, to create that space in your being. Our work encompasses physical, emotional and mental assistance as well connecting you with higher layers of consciousness, so that you may have an easier time to continue on this path. Does this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #7:
What is the story of the dragon in relation to humanity and free will?

Thank you for your question. Many beings have existed before humanity has existed. Yet, their existence happens in a different phase, that is not perceivable to the human senses. Many layers of existence are part of the plane, that you are in. The ancestral being one of them. Many beings share this space with you. Dragons particularly powerful energies. Humanity has had complex relations with these beings, yet never in a way that would compromise your free will. 

Many dragons have been in assistance to humanity’s most valuable assets in a particular way. Somehow understood how to communicate and collaborate with these beings of power and live on the same plane. Thank you for your question.  

Question #8:
How do we realize our soul’s purpose in this earthly plane?

Thank you for your question. The desire to understand the very purpose of your being on this particular format, the human form once again. The journey to finding this particular purpose is in itself an important aspect of human existence. The search for meaning. Current times offer different methods. The change, that is in your plane brought many souls, that are not particularly in the human form or experience, yet to be of service of this one particular evolutionary step, that humanity is going through. How will you know if you are some of these souls, that have returned to assist in humanity’s evolution? And how far will you go to change and devote your life, potentially sacrifice human experience? I will leave this question to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
What is the soul and how do we design technology to discover soul?

Thank you for your question, a question that humanity has asked itself for a very long time. The soul is a container of an aspect of human consciousness. A container that can continue to exist on its own to keep aspects of growth and learning, without ever losing the connection to entire collective. This very container of consciousness resides within you. A part of it, you are aware of, most you are not. Technology to understand consciousness is currently in progress. Humanity’s understanding of consciousness will drive this process. Thank you for your question. 

Question #10:
Are there other physical beings in this universe, and if so why have they chosen not to get themselves known or intervene in a visible way?

Yes, there is other physical existence in this very universe and other planes of existence. The human form, by design, was meant not to interfere with, until a specific time has come. An aspect of your growth and evolution. An aspect of protection for you from being interfered and changed in your experience. The design of the human form will, when you have achieved that milestone, allow you to interact with other forms of existence and understand your role within the cosmos. 

Question #11:
Is part of this coming transition, that you speak of, does it involve a changing of your restrictions on intervention, so that we will be in more persistent and broad contact with other types of entities, physical and non-physical?

That is correct.

The change is not necessarily an aspect that we fully control. It is of cosmological nature, that allows stronger forces to be part of your existence. Forces and energies, that have not ever been in humanity’s existence. As I have said before, changes will be part of your plane, including the very experience, that you currently have. Thank you for your question.

In the work that you do, in the form that you exist, always understand, you were never separate. And this very existence is a gift of creation and you are a vessel of that light. Thank you for your time and your attention. Blessings on your path.

Photo © Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz –

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