Q&A with Asil

These frequently asked questions have been answered by Asil, and are not a reflection of the channeled wisdom.

As a child I did see much more than the usual human around me, and then there was a long phase of forgetting. In my early twenties, there was a phase of remembering again, initiated by a major depression of trying to adhere to the rules and desires of society. Eventually, I was left with a choice of jumping off the cliff and dying as the identity I had been handed and the person I was meant to live as, coming back to life as a new being free of constraints and limitations of a projected past, surrendering to becoming a vessel to the divine. It was a long journey and a rollercoaster, not a straightforward walk in the park, as I make it sound here.

My whole life had to make way for this evolution. I still have a hard time explaining to my parents what I do, as they had to witness the struggle, growth and change first hand, even though never fully being able to relate to what I was internally experiencing.

When “the guides” first arrived in my life, it seemed that they wanted to work with me, but it required for them to initiate a lot of changes on me. Change behaviors and change existing learned aspects, teachings, that I had in my life. So, I had to unlearn and undo and let go of many existing projects and relationships, which left me for a year and a half under construction.

In my early twenties, as my internal crisis started, I started looking into healing methodologies, mainly for myself. I was going through a major depression. I started to find resolution in the things that I was doing. Different methods, from mediation to personal development to spiritual pathways, shamanic ways. I started to share these forms of relief with others around me, that were going through similar challenges. And I started to understand, that I really wanted to be a healer. I started to walk that path until I came to a realization that I was doing it in order to receive something in return, which was the relief for others, a recognition of my role in their growth and healing. I came to the realization that even though I was serving, it was serving in a conditional way and if people did not have that relief I would not feel fulfilled, maybe even not deserving or loved, not the healer I wanted to be. Right?

I had to let go of this way of being of “self-serving service”, when “the guides” started working with me. They said: “You have to come to a completion with your past, so that we can work with you, which will only then be “true service”. It will be completely unconditional and it will not come from you as the human form, it comes from you being a vessel to us.” It was beautiful to hear and yet tremendously frustrating to experience and feel. Mainly because I thought: I am doing all this good work for all these people and you are telling me I’m not doing pure work. A part of my ego had to die in order to understand this concept. The part of me, that wanted to fix and heal in order to be the savior.

In my shamanic path I have lived with tribes and I have gotten initiated to serve, methods of healing and all of this work had a specific nature, working with spirits of these realms and of specific traditions and lineages. I was walking that path of a traditional spirit healer. In one of these ceremonies, something happened and these channeled beings arrived. Everything became quiet. The entire space was filled with white-noise of a high-pitched frequency. I looked around to see if others were feeling it, too. Was it just me? You couldn’t even hear the birds and the insects, that’s how much everything quieted down. I thought, who is here?

In that moment they started to talk to me, saying that they like the work that I do, but they would like to take me to another place of service. That would require for me to let go of everything, that I know. Everything, that I have learned and every aspect of life where I had an expectation. This was the abyss of the unknown, that I said yes to, to the detriment of all my friends. At least for that period of time. Eventually, these majestic light beings, as I referred to as guides, revealed more and more their identities to me, in the way humanity had named them, the first one to provide its name was “Emmanuel”. I had to read about him, I had never heard of him. And Emmanuel guided me, held my hand throughout the process and all steps of doubt, denial, acceptance, and surrender. And once my energy was able to contain stronger forces, “Raphael” and “Michael” started to work through my body. In some cases other angelic or celestial beings will come to serve or speak as well, some of those names are, “Zadkiel”, “Ariel”, “Elohim”, “Enoch”.

I don’t know if It is necessary. All I can tell is that the ego has a way of getting in the way of so many things in life. And, it serves a purpose, it is really easily distracted by things. It doesn’t want to die. It thinks everything is out there to harm you. It identifies as the one and only “self”, it just is, the ego, you know. In the states when I am above the perception of my ego, I found myself to be much more open, vast and expansive, where much growth happens for me. So, the death of the ego – is it even possible? I don’t know. I still believe I have an ego and I think as long as I have a human form I will. But there is a level of awareness that you have about your ego, that will stop the ego from running its automatic processes.

I’m, most of the time in an observer role, from higher up. During the healing I perceive most of the work that is done and the aspects that I need to see, I am shown, during the spoken channeling, I can witness and understand about half of what is asked and answered. It requires a lot of trust to let something else steer your body and talk through you. Imagine the first time when it happened. That was a scary moment. I am present most of the time. and sometimes I am completely somewhere else and almost unconscious. During the healings when I witness the work I see dark spots in a big bubble of energy and all things they are removing, and the light they are bringing into the space. Additionally, sometimes I will see things that are happening outside our protective dome of energy, energies, beings, that are attracted to the open space, mostly to play along, and sometimes interfere. The channeled beings have their own way to keep the space in its highest integrity and stable throughout the healing.

It certainly exists. The karmic cycle has powerful lessons for the soul and consciousness in order to grow. Normally it would be an important aspect of human existence. Yet I feel that there are special circumstances now, at this current time of humanity. This is why we are getting this assistance. In order for us to close the karmic cycles, finalize healing and learning and become present to a much bigger moment in our existence.

I think, whatever mother nature is going through and what we are doing in this situation is a reflection of the maturity of our consciousness. I hope, with the spiritual growth, that we are going through – it will be reflected in our actions towards mother nature and the way we treat her, the way our relationship is with her. I am not sure, if these cosmological changes, that we are going to be causing more natural disasters – I don’t think all that we experience with the changes on earth are connected to our actions. Yet there are the things that we do, and those have an impact, that we can do something about and then there are the things from outside, that also happen, outside of our control.

At this point, I’m just going with the flow. I don’t try to understand and know anymore or have a personal agenda. They told me not to read any books. So, I stopped reading books. They told me, not to find any new masters and teachers in human form, so I stopped seeking. I realize the less I know, the better it is for me, serving as a vessel. And I am focusing on delivering whatever the guides have to say and provide. And then I observe what is happening. Synchronicities, relationships that are coming into place, the changes that their messages and healing bring to those that receive.