About Evolution One

About Evolution One

From the one, the individual self-realization journey, comes the reconnection to self, to others, and the All, the One-as-collective. 

This is Evolution One.


Vision Statement: 

Evolution One catalyzes the transformation of human consciousness by empowering individuals to embody their highest potential and self. 

Our mission is to empower, inspire and uplift individuals towards their highest potential by creating transformational and spiritual experiences which allow the individual to find deeper inner alignment, and the innate power and peace within.


Evolution One is a non-profit organization established in the US as a 501(c)3 (DBA of “Ascension One Collective Inc.”), headquartered in California. It was established to assist individuals and the human collective during this time of great transformation. The organization is composed of a team of visionaries, joined together to create and sustain all the offerings provided to the community and to broadcast its message to as many people as possible.

Evolution One stands for the evolutionary journey we undergo to remember and embody our nature as one collective, as one consciousness, to internalize and live its highest potential. This realization is a reminder that the conscious evolution of one single individual has the potential to transform all of humanity. 

Evolution One delivers energetic and consciousness-expanding experiences that catalyze and accelerate personal and collective evolution – the evolution of human consciousness.

The organization is led by Asil Toksal, who serves as both the visionary leader of Evolution One as well as a conduit of transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher and non-dual sources of consciousness. 

Evolution One offers its spoken wisdom and energy transmissions through personal development courses, integration support, gatherings, events, and expeditions. 

We envision a world where all human beings are living as conscious creators, existing in harmony with the earth. 

Our core programs include:

  • Pillars of Light 
    • The Pillars of Light Pathway and associated training courses are designed for those who would like to accelerate their own growth, evolution, and awakening, as well as bring forth their deeper gifts and capacities, and ultimately become initiated as Pillars of Light in Service. 
  • Sacred Earth 
    • Individuals that have subscribed to this path will learn to access their connection to the Earth’s energetic grid, and to apply the deep level of their presence to all locations, to all cultures, to all circumstances that they face. Like Pillars of Light, Sacred Earth is also a path to self-realization. And both paths may be walked by one individual, if they so choose.
  • Transmission Series
    • Transmission events may include both spoken wisdom from celestial and non-dual guides, as well as an energy transmission and/or alignment. There are also specific Wisdom Shares for questions and answers, where individuals can submit their questions ahead of time and one of the guides will respond during the broadcast event. They may be included in any of the courses, as well as occur as standalone offerings or as part of a series. 

What is a transmission?
A transmission is a transfer of energy from a higher realm of consciousness to a recipient. This energy is believed to contain specific frequencies, information, and spoken words of wisdom, as well as alignments and adjustments to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-energetic constructs of the recipient. The energy being transmitted is called the love of creation, also known as the universal life force or universal love. This energy pervades the universe and all of existence, and we are all made up of and innately connected to it. We all have the ability to receive, embody and transmit this energy.

The person transmitting the energy, in this case, Asil, is gifted with the capacity to receive and transmit frequencies and spoken words from higher planes of consciousness. These adjustments that are done are unique to each individual participant and are independent of location and time. Even those watching previously recorded transmissions online experience powerful effects. A majority of participants surveyed report that transmissions bring about feelings of deeper love and heart opening, states of expansion, relaxation, and a greater trust in life.

Ways to support the mission

Evolution One seeks to serve all those who feel called to partake of our resources, regardless of ability or means. Therefore we rely on the support of those who wish to provide the generative resources to extend this work as widely and equitably as can be delivered.

  • If you are a philanthropic individual or organization and would like to speak to us about becoming a major donor please email us: support@ascension.one
  • We also warmly welcome individual donations of any size, or if it is more convenient for you, consider a recurring donation as a Patreon. Options for Donating on the left-hand column of this page.


Guiding Principles

Evolution One, as an organization, holds in its core the importance of this unprecedented time of transformation of humanity and the impact of this transformation on the individual, society, and humanity in its co-existence on this earth..

Every member of this organization – from board member, advisory board member, core team, to volunteer, and participant – walks their own path to their greatest potential, to their greatest realizations and embodiment of these realizations, while they have associated themselves in service to this great evolution.

Evolution One carries no other agenda but to proliferate humanity’s awakening and evolution as a consciousness through supporting individuals on their personal evolutionary journeys towards self-realization.

As an organization we strive to provide our support to the individual choosing to embark on a journey of evolution, learning and realization. We provide intellectual, emotional and energetic support to allow the best possible circumstances for this sacred process of growth. 

We utilize technology as well as the human connection as a medium to communicate presence, wisdom and energy. No matter the method of delivery the individual’s subjective human experience is honored and accepted as their pathway to growth. 

How a person chooses to evolve remains their free will and our path and method of delivery may or may not resonate or align with their personal choice.