How to prepare for an event?

It is good to intensify any existing spiritual practice (meditation, prayers, yoga, etc.) as you prepare for the session. Calm down a little. Spend time with yourself – in nature, meditation or relaxing activity. Find your intention for the session and align it for yourself and your loved ones. Quieting your mind and heart, so this experience can serve you in the deepest way.

The days leading up to an important date like a family event or a new year celebration have a special kind of quiet. Day to day life moves aside. Naturally. Like if someone tuned down the volume.

Days before: Some people begin to experience early signs of divine help before the session- pay attention & take note. Some early signs that have been reported are light-headedness, vivid dreams, headaches, high pitch sounds, etc. Please no alcohol, drugs or medications (that you can safely skip). Please let us know if you have any difficult sickness of a physical or spiritual kind.

Night before: Try to get a good night sleep. Skip the party, socializing, intense movies and set an intention before you go to bed for the next day’s session.

Day of: Eat healthy nutritional food. Try to skip lunch so that you fast for a few hours before the session. It helps to be light in the body.


What should I bring to the session? What should I wear?

We would love to see you in white clothing if you can. Bright colors also welcome. Please avoid wearing black.

If you have a mat, blanket, cushion, meditation pillow etc. please bring those along so that you are comfortable during the session.

If you have spiritual objects of personal connection please bring them along. Photos of loved ones are also welcome.