Channeling Session – April 5th 2018 (Dubai)

Channeling Session – April 5th 2018 (Dubai)

Healing Part

Greetings, my name is Raphael. I will be performing your healing today. Thank you for your trust and openness to receive our unconditional gift for humanity. The way we show our love for the human race.
This healing might be received like an intervention. An intervention of long cycles of learning. Cycles of learning, that you might have been on for many lives. Cycles of learning, that your ancestry may have inherited to you. Learning does not come easy in the human form. Many tests, ups and downs are required. Some are painful. Some are joyful. Yet, at the end there is always the opportunity to grow and learn. Every single experience in the human form is designed that way. To fuel the growth of your consciousness and the consciousness of mankind. At some point in this healing, you will have the opportunity to release what you seem to be ready to let go. The part that you play in this healing is where you meet us. We provide this opening, your part is to let go.

Please be awake for this process. (Referring to few people that fell asleep)
Please be awake for this process. Your presence with your consciousness is required for us to perform all necessary aspects of this healing.
(Individual hands-on healing performed on several people in the room)

The moment has come for you to release what is not yours anymore. The cycles, that you are ready to close, can be closed now. The burdens that you have carried, for yourself and for others, are not yours to carry anymore.
The past, that you carry will not match the future, that you will walk. Learn and finalize your emotional ties to the past. To the aspects of your life, that are still unresolved. I honor you for being here. For walking a path of healing. There is a deeper calling inside of you, that drives you to complete your healing. It is a voice that we recommend listening to. It is the only true compass, that you have. Your healing will be the healing for many others. Your light will be the light for many others. Please accept fully this unconditional gift from us to you. Let this energy fill all aspects of yourself. All aspects of you, that require light. Through you, your loved ones. Through you, your environment.
May this healing serve you and all those around you. For the betterment of your life, for the evolution of consciousness. Thank you.

Channeling Part

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. It is an honor to serve you through this vessel in this gathering. We have served humanity for thousands of years, through many different channels and means. Our assistance has always been unconditional and in service of your evolution, the evolution of your consciousness. The time, that you are currently in, is an evolutionary step of your kind. We have therefore agreed to be more involved in the aspects, that will result the completion of this evolutionary step. Part of this work is to allow you to complete incomplete cycles of learning, so you can be present for a higher consciousness and a higher reality of perception. Only upon completion of your healing can you truly be present for this evolution. Some are more evolved in their journey for healing. They have been many more lifetimes of learning and understanding. Some of you are further than others, within your society, on this journey of awakening. As you are walking your path, that may at times be very challenging, you are of great service to all of you around you and to the evolution of consciousness of mankind. Your realizations will be the realizations of many others. Your closures and your healing will impact all those around you. And all those that you impact, will impact others, you see?
We believe this will assist in the evolution of your consciousness. The aspects, that you need to realize about yourself, the human form and your relation to the cosmos.
Life, as you know it, is no longer. The cosmological shifts and the changes, that your plane is experiencing have a direct impact on your perception of time and your perception of yourself and your perception of your relations.
These changes are happening faster, than most of you can comprehend. Yet, many of you feel the changes arising from within and outside. The only true control you have in this time of change is your work on yourself and the way it will impact others. Thank you for walking this path. It is not easy. And you have chosen to walk this path faster than others, to pave the way for many to follow. We honor and acknowledge that and we support you and others like you.
I will answer questions that you might have about your healing or the state of mankind.

Question #1:
Emmanuel, when Asil comes back, please say thank you, thank you, thank you to him. I have two questions. The first one is very holistic and the second is very specific. The first one is: In the mid of the Eighties, few people come from the conflict resolution center in the states. And they did something between the Israelis and the … As we know, in 2018, that was in the 1980ies. Now we are 2018. So it is almost 20 years, 40 years. George said, the Dubai consciousness revolution, as a collective wisdom, how we can project these, as we are one community, towards …, towards North African. How can we part of this … How can we project this world peace. This is the first question. The second question is how we accelerate our healing, emotionally, physically, mentally, life wise, financially, whatsoever. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your questions. The aspect of separation, the perception of separation, conflict, war is an aspect of learning in the human form. The learning, that you have never been separated in the first place. That you are from the same source, all along. That your consciousness is bound beyond your imagination. And the understanding, that truly only, in unity you can evolve. We believe that, this understanding and learning of unification required some of difficult times, that you have perceived in conflict and separation, as this realization returns and your consciousness starts to impact all those around you. You will perceive unity in your families, in your communities and as nations. The key is to walk this perception of unity and the understanding, that you all stem from the same source, as you face every being of your kind.
The acceleration of your healing is an aspect of your openness, is an aspect of your willingness and your readiness to move forward. Not just as a human being, but as a soul, having a human experience. It is a deep longing. A deep longing for awakening. Consciously, in every moment, make that choice towards the healing that you need and towards the growth and awakening, that your soul requests. For some of you it will require discipline. For some of you it will require making the difficult decisions. Yet, this will be very present in your life and it will definitely be stronger in the future. This inner voice is going to be your guiding light and your compass to accelerate your healing. Does this make sense to you? Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Thank you for the precious answer. My question would be: Is being in service to other beings on the planet and even humans, but more other beings, and all the work that we sometimes feel like, needs doing – can it be in contradiction to working on our own evolution and self-healing. Because it sometimes it feels like it can get a bit much and dark and then – how do we go about this?

Thank you for your question. Service is often misunderstood. The early version of service is merely action to complete an internal learning of the self. Only upon true and deep understanding and healing and a deep calling to serve, service becomes from an unconditional nature. All forms of service are valuable. Yet, the latter truly does not carry any side effects. It is pure and fully supported, driven by the energy and love of creation. The former version of service will sometime require you to stop, integrate, learn and then continue upon your understanding. You will start to realize when your form of service changes to a place that is completely unconditionally and driven by a higher source. Does this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #3:
Thank you for your presence. My question is: What exactly do I need to know in this moment?

Thank you for your question. It is a very wise question. Knowledge is overrated. The mind serves a purpose to guide you through this plane, to offer solutions of this plane, to act as an intermediary between your consciousness and this material plane. Yet, its desire to know and to understand and comprehend will lead to an overwhelming dominion over your reality. To be fully present, there is no requirement to know anything. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Dear Emmanuel, thank you so much for your presence here. There are two questions I like to ask. One, being a healer: What is that one aspect, that we can use, in order to heal the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disease of the body?
The second question is: How can you basically distinguish between the voice of the spirit and the voice of the ego? How can you follow your inner voice? Thank you!

Thank you for your questions. Aspects of healing and service. Some of you will be called to deliver aspects of healing to those around you. The key aspect of understanding service of healing is the intention behind the delivery of your healing, the level of conditional aspects, that your mind or your heart brings to healing. It is an aspect of learning for your soul, as well. This work is required, so that all those around you can move forward, including yourself. Some of you will be fortunate enough, to get to higher states of consciousness and deliver healing from that place of pure devotion to the source of creation. Thank you for your effort and work, that you have chosen to do. To your other question: The voice of the ego will often come with conditions, will often come with judgements and opinions. It will often have aspects of limitation and belief. The true voice of the soul, of higher consciousness, has a different weight. It will come unconditionally, pure. And you will feel the truth of that voice in every aspect of your being. Your mind or your heart may not like what you receive, yet you will know it is the truth. It will have a resonance, a weight, that you cannot deny. That is the difference between the voice of the ego and the voice of your soul. Thank you for your questions.

Question #5:
Dear Emmanuel, thank you very much. How do you overcome to become oneness with you, to be in unconditional love always and forever? Thank you very much.

Thank you for your question. The human form has both aspects of separation and unity and the same time. You are continuously connected to this unconditional love of creation, as well as capable of feeling conditional love, at the same time. There is no necessity to completely shut off one part of you, that is naturally there. And it is rarely possible, to be always be in this state of unconditional love and higher consciousness. Yet, what is possible is your awareness of when you are in the state of conditional love. When you are in a state of unconditional love, your willingness to choose in moments of strong awareness, your strength to understand that is not necessarily an automatic behavior, that you can be aware and train to choose in the moments. Does this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #6:
Thank you, Emmanuel for your presence. I have a question that can serve. How can one let go of all the emotional attachments to the past pains, so they can move forward with a new frequency and a new page? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. The past carries aspects of experience, that are opportunities to learn. If the learning is not complete, it will repeat itself, until the learning has been clearly understood. Then the cycle will stop. It is not purely an understanding of the mind, it is an appreciation, a deep acknowledgement for the learning of that experience. That is the way to close a past experience and complete that cycle. The current circumstances on earth and the changes, that you are going through, have allowed many forces to assist in closing loops of the past and understanding can be gained in an accelerated way, like in the healing that you received today. Healing can be acquired without fully comprehending what the healing was about. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Emmanuel, thank you so much. Thanks to you, thanks to all angelic realms for all the unconditional support and love and guidance, that we continuously receive. It makes a huge difference throughout our journey across lifetimes and also generations. And I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the woman, specifically in the Middle East and also in the Gulf region, that have gone through suppression and also, unfortunately, so much abuse, across different generations. Can you tell me and tell us, how can we fully heal, how can we create a shift in our consciousness, so we learn all the lessons that our soul is supposed to learn, can also be learned through so much (…) and so much peace, rather than so much suffering? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. Experience, in its highs and lows, in its light and dark, is not to be judged good or bad, it is experience for a greater understanding. All experience leads to growth of consciousness. It is difficult to accept this truth, if experience, directly in human form… (Short disconnection)
The learning that can result from experience, that you may judge as a negative experience, can lead to love and growth and healing of so many others. The deep understanding of compassion, the deep understanding of solidarity and love can drive so many to be united again, to see in a more clear way, to be more aware of existence. Either as a man, or as a woman, this why human form has chosen to go through so many experiences, some of which may seem horrendous. Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. All experience serves human consciousness. All experience serves the human form and all experience serves grand consciousness. You have the capability to transform any experience, that you seem, deem negative into pure light. That is the beauty of all the tools, that you have been given. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I like to thank you for the session. I have a question. The message, that we received during the healing, is it in regard to everyone?

Correct. The messages are for everyone during the healing.

Question #9:
You said that we can turn learning experiences into light, or as human beings we need to learn so that we can increase our ascension consciousness. How can we shift these learning experiences into light and how can we start to connect with love?
And my second question is about darkness and light. So, we know that there is darkness and there is light, within any human beings or non-human beings, spirits or whoever – How can we always be protected form the darkness and how can we shift it around us into light? Thank you.

Thank you for your questions. Only upon the full appreciation of learning from experience, will cycles of experience complete. Once cycles of learning complete, they will be present with you, in your awareness as deep realizations. And these deep realizations will serve you and many others on your path. Does this make sense to you?

Question #10:
Yes, but how can appreciate the experience?

Appreciation starts with the understanding that there is no good or bad experience, that all experience serves a purpose and a deep learning. When you are ready to see the learning, it will present itself, upon which the experience will be complete. Thank you.
The light and the dark are aspects of the same creation. Light and dark are not be judged as good or bad. Light and dark serve equally to all creation and mankind, so that you can experience the full aspect of the material form. By design, you can and will not be protected completely against the dark, or it would not be able to serve its purpose. Yet, some of you, that are walking the path of healing and growth, awareness and realization, will see that less and less darkness will have impact of your life and more and more you will stand in the light, as you are completing understanding and realization.
You will have a deeper appreciation for the dark, as much as you have for the light, when you come to that state. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Greetings and I want to express my gratefulness for you to be here. And my question is: In the human form, as we are often disconnected from the source energy and we live in a different density – in our difficult situation in life, how can we seek for guidance, how can we increase the intuition and find that inner voice to guide us? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. The human form, in all its material aspects, is overwhelming. The body, the mind and the heart are loud voices. And they require attention at any given point. Each of them will try to take control. The key is to take care of all parts of your being in this form. The body requires attention. The heart desires to be held. And the mind requires to be appreciated for the work it does. When you take care of all aspects of your being, you can start to find quiet and silence of those aspects. Only upon finding this silence, will you start seeing the deep connection, that you have already, to a higher consciousness. Yet, it will require first these steps. Taking care of the body, the mind and the heart and truly seeking quiet, so that you can hear the voice of creation. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Hello Emmanuel, thank you for being here. Why do we carry ancestral and karmic baggage for the actions of our forefathers and why is it necessary to break the cycle?

Thank you for your question. It is an important question to understand, that a soul decides to incarnate in a specific lineage, as it seems to want to be part of a specific learning, that is only available in this lineage. The ancestral challenges serve as an opportunity for all those that come later to learn and grow and potentially complete the cycle of an entire lineage. Does this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #13:
Hi Emmanuel. I wonder if non-vegetarian food for people who are sick, that they cannot be vegetarian, can they also be light?

Thank you for your question. This plane has been created as a perfect incubation for your consciousness. All aspects of this plane are meant to serve your consciousness. The consumption of animals and the consumption of plants will serve the purpose of survival equally. Yet, in your development to higher consciousness planes, you will require times of fasting and times of lighter consumption of food. Should you not be able to survive without animal products, you will receive assistance to find the same realizations. Ultimately the requirement for the consumption of material form will seize to be relevant, as you start receiving the needed energy from your environment. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
Hi Emmanuel, first of all thank you for being here. And my question is: Our life reflects our thoughts, so if we try to control our thoughts, positive or negative, we can change our perception of life. But my question is: How do we differentiate between our inner voice of our higher self and the mumbling of what you call the monkey mind, or the mumbling of our consciousness? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. You will find the mind to categorize, label and judge. You will find your higher consciousness to appreciate, be kind and compassionate. You will see the differentiation as you learn to quiet your mind and all the aspects of judgement and categorization, that it brings with it. You will become more aware if your mind is driving your thinking or the higher connection, higher awareness is driving your thinking. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
Emmanuel, I have another question. What is the difference between the soul and consciousness. Is it the same and does our soul have a consciousness? Or are we trying to integrate this through our human, material experience? Thank you.

The soul is a container for a part of consciousness. Consciousness inhabits the soul. The soul inhabits a body. During this process of inhabitation, it is continuously connected to a higher group, cloud of consciousness. In fact, it is never separated. Yet, consciousness requires the container of the soul to fully function in the human form. While this container continues to exist, it will continue to collect relevant and all experience that you have during many lifetimes. And all your experience will then be part of the experience of consciousness itself. It will continuously assist in its growth and learning. And during this growth and learning, that you are experiencing as a soul, consciousness grows as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #16:
Dear Emmanuel, there is a big variety of experience and emotions in the universe, but who is experiencing all these? I am sure it is not me as an individual object, there is something that is connecting all and experiencing all – who is that and why? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. Ultimately, all your experience is part of the consciousness of mankind. Consciousness of mankind is part of a grander consciousness. We are part of grand consciousness, as well. Grand consciousness is the result of creation. It serves with its unconditional love and light to all existence. Why is a fair question. All our perspective is also merely a perspective, since we are a small part of grand consciousness, as well. It will require a perspective grander than grand consciousness, to have the full understanding. Dies this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #17:
Thank you, Emmanuel to be here. My question is: Do we go through many lives and if it is yes, what is the purpose of this?

Thank you for your question. The answer is that there is the possibility of going through many lives, as some learnings require multiple cycles to complete, as well as the soul may require or desire to have the human form and the experience, that this form brings. Some souls will be only here in this form for a limited period of time. It may only be one lifetime, that is required to complete an understanding and learning. Yet, most will go through multiple. And only few will decide to return, even though they are not required to return. Thank you for your question.

Question #18:
Hello, and thank you Emmanuel. My question is. We are all souls from the same source, what is the difference between soul realization and god realization?

There are aspects of your learning, that are part of your realization as soul, which will, once completed, feed into the human consciousness. And the human consciousness, once it has completed its cycle, will feed into grand consciousness. It is not an immediate process, but staged process. Thank you for your question.

Thank you all for being here, for receiving this work, for opening your hearts, your minds and receiving through your body. May the impact of this work bring love and light to your life and all those around you. Thank you.

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