Channeling Session – April 3rd 2018 (Dubai)

Channeling Session – April 3rd 2018 (Dubai)


Greetings, my name is Raphael. I will be performing your healing today. It is an honor for us to offer this unconditional gift to humanity. This healing will assist you on your path. The path of evolution. The evolution of consciousness and awakening, that humanity is currently going through. The changes are fast and the changes will require many, that have already awakened and healed from their past. Some of you will be those, that will carry the light for those that are going through their awakening.

We are here to support your path, so that you can be the light in this time of change. Please open yourself to receive, thank you.

It is time for you to let go of what does not belong to you anymore. The energies, experiences and emotions, that served one day have completed its purpose. Your willingness to complete these cycles is equally important than the work, that we do here for you. Acknowledge, that you are complete with a specific experience, so that it can be closed.

Today, you have a choice. Special circumstances allow us to perform this healing on you. The completion of karmic cycles.

The beauty of the human form with all its lessons, joys, sadness, anger, all its up`s and downs, filled with experience. The experience of senses and relationships. A magnificent gift of creation. You have come into this form to experience, learn and grow. A growth, that you cannot perceive from the human form. It is the growth of your consciousness and the consciousness of mankind. Yet, there are many layers of perception. There is a layer of perception within the human form, that will connect you to higher consciousness. Our intervention, here, today, is in assistance for your path to this connection. You have chosen to be here, at this very moment in time, for the transition. Some of you consciously, some of you are returning to a karmic cycle. Either way, a choice to connect to higher consciousness can be made. And your path to this connection will inspire those around you. For this connection to happen, healing on many layers of your current form is required. Emotional and spiritual. Psychological, physical. Your healing will create space. A space, in witch you can explore a silence and the voices of the cosmos.

Your desire for healing and growth will pave the way for those around you. It will open doors of perspective. Doors of energy and higher states of consciousness. It is your time to receive so one day you can be the one giving. Open your heart to the light, that is in this very room. Allow your body and your cells to completely receive. Life, as you know it, will change. This phase of your preparation is a key aspect of this current lifetime.

This intervention will take up to three days to complete. It is our form of love for mankind. Our unconditional gift for the respect, that we have for this form of existence. Thank you for receiving.

I honor you for the path, that you are walking, to be among the first to choose this awakening. Your work and devotion for yourself and for those around you is seen and supported. Thank you.


Greetings, my name is Emmanuel.

Time has come. Some of you already know. Have known for a long time, that this time will come. The time of a greater understanding of the relationship of mankind and its environment and the cosmos. A greater understanding of existence. A greater connection to higher states of consciousness. This is your time to follow this path of awakening and be the assistance for those that are not so fortunate to have the assistance. For those, that are stuck in the cycles of Karma and human experience. All souls are required to awaken as part of this evolution.

Thank you for your presence and your willingness to receive this gift. I will be here to answer any questions, that you may have.

Question #1:
What do I have to learn for my journey, especially during the toughest time, when I feel lost.

Thank you for your question. The human mind and the human heart have overwhelming ability to completely take over your perception of reality. It is by design, so you can be fully present in your experience, no matter how difficult or beautiful it would be.

Yet, in this time of special circumstance, we recommend to listen to a higher voice within you. A part of your being, that is beyond your heart and beyond your mind. A part of you, that is beyond your identify of this lifetime. A part of you, that has existed for a very long time. You have access to this part of you. It is you. It is the only true you. For you to have a clear connection with this part of you, you will require to quiet your heart and your mind and to take care of your body in the best possible way. Only this way can you be present to the voice of your true self. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Could you talk to us please about destiny, faith and karma and how we can help that information for ourselves, once we come across it?

Thank you for your question. When a soul returns into the human form, it comes with an agreement to have a certain experience. An agreement, that it has made with itself and its environment. This agreement carries aspects of learning and growth. Some of these aspects may require multiple cycle of human form to complete. Experiences may return until the learning has been harvested. Though these learnings are driven by this agreement, that your soul has made, the exact path of how to achieve these learnings is not given. There are multiple ways on how the experience and the learning can be gained. Therefore, there is an openness for free will and choice, as you walk in this form. And it is not completely set. Does this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #3:
How can I quiet my heart and my mind?

Thank you for your question. Humanity, in its many civilizations has created many methods and practices to establish a state of silence. We are not here to bring new forms of practice. Humanity has achieved the level of quiet and silence in many different ways. You will find a way, that resonates with you in this current moment and you will see the results of this method, that you choose. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
I have the question: How can I find my way back to love?

Thank you for your question. Love has never left you in the first place. The love of creation permeates through all existence. It is consistently present for you and all that exists. The human form, with its ability to perceive and feel is often in its own way to fully receive the love of creation. The silence that you seek will bring you closer to the love of creation, as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
So, maybe we ask about collective. For the vortex in Dubai here and all the lightworkers, all together here. And we feel here that somehow it is not easy to raise the frequency collectively. As you mentioned that, all the souls need to awaken or their consciousness needs to raise. How can we keep that balance when we work with ourselves and some other souls choosing not to move, or not to raise their frequency? And what is our vortex, that we are working on, here in Dubai?

Thank you for your question. Some of you have chosen to return to be in service. Your devotion to mankind’s evolution has driven you to return into the human form. Here you are, walking your own path of service, in this very important time for humanity. Other souls have not had the level of experience, that you have received over many lifetimes. They will require your assistance to see more clearly, to hear and understand a higher reality.

You will not be alone. You are supported with those around you, that walk the same path and those, that watch over you, support you, guide you. Your lineages of this lifetime and your lineages from many lifetimes before. Your connections to the cosmos. And the energies of forces, that are behind this evolution. You are not alone, you never were. The more space you create for us to be in service to you and the ones around you, the more you will receive.

The place, that you are currently living, requires more time and energy than other places, yet carries equal importance.

Ultimately, where you choose to do your work will remain up to you. Which place resonates with you will remain up to you. And it is part of your soul’s choice, as well as the choice of your human form. We are here to support you, no matter where you decide to do your work. Yet, we do recommend to focus on parts of civilization, that receive less assistance than others. Thank you for being here, choosing to stay and finding the energy to collaboratively partake in the awakening of this region. Thank you.

Question #6:
How can we fine-tune our connection with these astral beings and how can we create space to receive more from that realm?

Thank you for your question. The key for you to receive our support for you is to make space in your mind and in your heart. To be fully present to existence and consciousness, beyond your current human form. To listen deeply where you can. To build practices. To connect to higher realms. Does this make sense to you?

We are always present. And it is an honor to connect and assist those, that go through the difficulties of overcoming the human challenges and reaching higher states of consciousness. Only then are we truly allowed to intervene and to assist. Does this make sense to you?

Thank you.

Question #7:
As you mentioned that all the souls need to awaken and the consciousness needs to raise, but yet there is a free will. So, in that sense, we, the lightworker who are working on assisting peacefully and gently, yet might face some souls that choose from their free will not to be assisted and not to be awakened. So, the dilemma here is: How to awaken all the souls while some can not or by their free will choose not to. What can we do here and what is our shift in that sense?

Thank you for your question. The requirement of your work is not to assist every soul in its awakening. The requirement is every soul to awaken. How that will play out has many mechanisms. Some of which is the momentum, that is gained through the awakening of many. The influence it will have on those around. Your higher frequencies will impact others to operate in similar frequencies. You see, it is not a matter of making a free will choice. It is also a matter of being impacted by the energy of those around you. The more of higher frequency around you, the more will start to rise and awaken.

Question #8:
Is that part of what we felt that, we as lightworkers need to go hand in hand and keep that frequency high, where we do not need to, in a sense, seek others to raise their frequency and then they are automatically impacted, so to say. And they see the difference, as we mentioned also. And we already play a role…

That is correct.

Question #9:
Our hearts can be broken, our minds can be hurt. But is the soul ever broken in order to need to be healed? Is our soul not in itself beautiful? So, I do not really understand what healing might we be looking for?

Thank you for your question. It is a wise question. The soul does not require healing. It is perfect by definition. And so is your experience in the human form, with all its up`s and downs. The healing is purely a method to create space for the understanding of higher realities and consciousness. It is a healing of the mind and the heart, so that you can be present. Your soul is always present. Your mind, your heart and your body is not. Does this answer your question? Thank you.

Question #10:
Can you tell us a bit about being parents in this special time, that we experience right now?

Thank you. Being parent is a wonderful opportunity in the human form to experience. Bringing forth life and witnessing consciousness in its evolution. It is even more a special experience in this current time. In this current time, where many awakened souls are returning into the human form. Our recommendation is that the methods of your parents and the ones before you may not apply to the new generation of children, arriving in this plane. They have different perspectives and realities, that they bring from their past experiences. You may require to hold space for them to unfold completely into their power and presence. They are different. Thank you for your question. And thank you for being parent.

Question #11:
How do you suggest we go about the interference of benevolent beings?

Thank you for your question. The interplay between light and dark has always existed on this plane. The light, as well as the dark fulfill a specific purpose. As we operate in the light for the evolution of mankind, there are forces operating for the opposite. You, as a being, can only stand up to those energies, that will match your energy. We do not recommend picking confrontations, that are bigger than your energy. The current time and evolution allows us to interfere and assist. Higher forms of light are in continuous exchange with higher forms of dark. Bearing witness to this interplay and playing your part when it matches your energy is our recommendation. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Can you talk to us about, a bit of description between star family and cosmic beings and the angelic realms? Can you simply bring a little bit of clarity about the differences between them?

Thank you for your question. Humanity in its form and existence has, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much, being kept in a bubble, secluded, so that it can have its own experience. Without interference and intervention by other forces and other existence in the universe, so that you could have a complete and full experience in the human form on this very plane, that has been created for you.

There are many forms of consciousness at different levels of evolution and existence, across the universe. Some of which we are aware of, some of which we are not. Some of the higher consciousness existence have agreed to create a form of connection. An alliance. We observe how consciousness expands across the universe. How life is created and how it moves from one form to another form. And only upon agreement, we will interfere with this natural play of consciousness evolution. Some of our alliance friends have been more hands-on with humanity. Some of which have even combined their souls into human form. If this combination of a star being into human form is fairly recent, less than seven generations, we speak of a star seed. There are many among you and we have advised against interfering to strongly with the human form and experience. Currently though, we are, as an alliance, in agreement, that humanity needs assistance. Other forces, that are not in this alliance, choose to interfere in their own ways. Some of which is not benevolent, from our perspective of you, for the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of consciousness. The categorization and naming of these various civilizations, some of which have existed for millions of years of your count, we will not go into the details of that in this very session. Us, we have watched over humanity since its creation and we have assisted and intervened where we seemed, where we deem, it is plausible and realistic for a better outcome. Even we have seen, that our intervention does not always bring the results that we seek. Human form, with its decisions and choices can be volatile. And even our probability of prediction can be sometimes not correct. That is the reason, why we have chosen, for a prolonged period of time, not to be in intervention for humanity. And to observe its own way of learning and expanding. We have been called many names. Angels, archangels, gods, spirits, aliens. Know this: We perceive ourselves not very different than from you. We have just been around slightly longer and have had the opportunity to learn. Thank you for that question.

Question #13:
I do not understand why intervening right now, if all the souls are coming to this planet with prearranged contracts, and the point of a human life is to experience all the good and the bad, even though there is free will and the souls are perfect… what is the point of intervening? Because when we go back, the soul is perfect. The point of the physical life and these states is to experience the spectrum – so why the intervention now?

Thank you. You are correct in your statement about the human cycle. Human form has currently come to a place of ripening. The consciousness, that you are part of, which we consider a collective as human consciousness, has come to a place of evolutionary readiness. In this evolutionary readiness, a step of next phase will start for you. This step of evolution will require changes and these changes will require assistance. It is not a usual period of time for your current form. Therefore, the intervention and assistance, so that you, as part of human consciousness, can go through your evolution. Does this make sense to you? Thank you.

Question #14:
To which extent can we change a soul contract, once we are here?

Thank you. Currently, all changes are possible, due to the circumstances of an evolutionary movement. In the past, soul contracts could only be changed, once a certain realization and completion of the karmic cycle had found its place. It was a rare form for a human to achieve this realization and step outside of its soul contract and its karmic cycle. Currently though, this is available for all and achievable in this one lifetime. Thank you.

Question #15:
Could you please talk to us about crop circles and portals and earth chakras?

The earth, as you know it, has many places of strength and power. The energy, that flows through this very planet, is strong in certain places and weaker in others. Especially, in places where energy lines connect and collide are special points of interest, where the vale to other layers of consciousness is thin. Energy from higher levels of consciousness can be accessed in those very places. Those places are not just of interest for those in human form, but also for those that are disembodied, existing on this planet. You may call them spiritual beings. It is also point of interest for those that are visiting. Other forms of consciousness have visited earth in their own physical forms. And they have provided sometimes confusion and sometimes gifts. The gifts of activating those energetic places and sometimes the confusion of not disclosing their intention. Your calling for energy strong places is a natural calling. Especially for those seeking awakening and evolution. The vales are thin and the energy is strong. Healing completes faster. Realizations come more quickly. That is the reason why, not just currently, but always human have sort out places of strength and interest. Thank you for your question.

Question #16:
What can we do to reduce our sufferings in the human form?

Suffering is a byproduct of the human form. A decision to continuously experience a specific pain or emotion, over and over again. We perceive suffering as a choice, rather than an experience that is necessary. When the learning has come with regards to an experience of pain or emotion, one can choose to move forward. If one chooses to stay in the experience, it will start to create an energy, that you refer to as suffering. Our recommendation is to look deeply and closely what the learning is and the understanding of wisdom within the pain and the experience, that you are going through. A deeper inquiry, beyond the mind and the heart. A deeper understanding, that can result in learning. This process will assist with your letting-go of the suffering itself. Thank you.

Question #17:
Emmanuel, if our actions and choices are part of learning and part of our evolution, why is it that we see so much more choices and actions, that push us and other species towards extinction right now?

As you said, all choice, action and inaction will result in learning. The extinction of many species will result in learning, an experience. Even your extinction, if it should happen, will result in a learning. It may not be pleasant to accept this reality, yet all action and inaction will result in learning and the expansion of consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #18:
For the locations or places low in energies, what is required for the light-workers or re-programmer, in order to raise these vibrational frequencies and create a new matrix or new reality and what would be the assistance, that we can call upon?

Thank you for your question. Your desire to be in service with regards to special parts of the planet, that carry strong energy or low energy, is important. Some of you will be tasked and will naturally feel the calling to support with these places. Low energy spots on the planet are required to allow for energy to flow naturally, so that this evolution can happen everywhere. Those, that have come to assist with these low energy places, will have support, higher than their mind and their hearts, higher than their consciousness. They will be guided to know, exactly what to do at these very places. It will not require acquisition of knowledge or training. It will be a self-guided process. Thank you for your devotion.

Question #19:
As a soul chooses human experience, does it come to this earth with a necessarily painful experience? Or if you choose absolute love, pleasure and joy it is possible on our planet?

Thank you. Pain is not regarded a negative experience in our perspective. All experience, that you may judge to be good or bad, will add to the learning of a soul. And a soul may choose to have a very difficult experience in the human form, to feel the contrast of its possibilities, to have a complete picture. That is the very reason why humanity has experienced the dark and the light in its very variant forms. We believe that it was necessary, for you to grow to the place, that you have come to. As a consciousness, as a race. Thank you for your question.

Question #20:
Emmanuel, you mentioned that the vale is getting thinner. Does is just by time get thinner and uplift, or do we need to do something about it to make it thinner or even have it gone?

The vale to other forms of consciousness is thinner in certain places. This form of reality will continue to exist in this very form. The vales will continue to exist. At some places thinner, at some places less. The evolution of your consciousness is a separate matter, that is independent from the upkeep of this very material plane. Finding places of a thin vale will assist in the evolution of your consciousness and those around you, yet it is not a requirement. And the vale will not lift, even though humanity’s consciousness will evolve. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for being here and present for your own healing and growth, for the assistance of many others, that will go through this similar process. For the love of mankind and the evolution of consciousness. Thank you.

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