Community Channeling from Emmanuel – December 13th

Community Channeling from Emmanuel – December 13th

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

In humanity’s existence, you have a choice to walk this path individually, or together. As a single autonomous and sovereign being, you explore what it means to be “you”: the free will, the boundaries of your individualized existence.

You explore connections and relationships with your environment, your friends, your family, the communities and societies of this realm. You explore union with a partner. You explore union with a family. You explore union in community. You explore union in greater collectives with shared intentions.

Most importantly, you will understand the power that emerges from building relationships that empower you and the others that participate: the power that emerges from collaboration, from shared intention, as well as shared silence.

The energies on this plane will rise and will continue to rise. The next days, as well as the particular day of December 21st, will demonstrate the rising of energies and the impact of these rising of energies on your emotional, energetic, mental, as well as physical body.

It will require more devotion and dedicated practice of silence and alignment for you to truly harness, to truly witness, experience, and to allow these energies to flow through you. Resisting the energies will not be possible. Ignoring the energies will not be possible.

You are, as all conscious beings on this plane, subject to the rising energies of this plane. You learn to receive, you learn to navigate, you learn to embrace, and you learn to elevate yourself by the energies that will enter this plane, one day at a time.

As a collective, this emergence of your capacity will be empowered by collaboration, by connection, and by the field and energies co-created as a community.

We are here to support you and receiving and aligning as well as in integrating the increase of the synergies, the change of this plane. The frequencies that are rising are now for you to fully embrace. Thank you for listening to my words.

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