Celestial Conjunction – Session 1

Celestial Conjunction – Session 1

Greetings. We are Elohim.

Humanity’s evolution is on the verge of an important milestone. You are the ones that participate, that observe, that witness, and create this milestone. You’re active, and you’re part of this transformation, of this evolution. The circumstantial changes of your environment, of the structures of society, of cosmological energies, of higher consciousness influencing your reality, are all part of this transformational stage in humanity’s existence.

External changes will require internal adjustments, as well as internal evolution, will require external changes. You will see the nature of relationships adjusting to the nature of your relationship with yourself, to the nature of your relationship with all of existence.

Your perspectives of reality will change as your perspectives of your inner workings of your inner world will change. The projections towards yourself are the projections towards the outside. And, the outside’s projections on you are what defines what is going to be the next milestone of achievement, the next milestone of realization for yourself to encounter.

The discrepancy of how you are perceived by the outside world, versus how you are perceived by yourself — this is where the learnings lie. This is where deep realizations will occur. Alignment of perspective is inevitable, alignment of the hearts, what you feel as others feel, what others feel as you start to feel the great love-of-creation.

Your heart aligns to the hearts of those that exist on this plane in human form. Your minds align as the perspectives shift as your consciousness expands, as you perceive more than your mind was used to. Greater perspectives merged with the perspectives of non-dual observation, as well as the dualistic perspectives of your identity of this lifetime, as well as the dualistic perspectives of the many lifetimes you have lived before.

This conglomerate of perspectives will become an important aspect of your perception of reality, your perception of life, your perception of human existence. It will allow you to navigate this human life — the challenges, the relations, the growth stages, and the evolutionary moments of intensity — with grace.

You will observe yourself changing and transforming with every breath that you take, with every cycle around the sun. With every day passing, you become a new and expanded version of yourself: a version of heightened potential and possibility, a version beyond the mental constructs and conditionings established, a version beyond the heartbreaks, the wounds and the traumas collected, a version beyond the karmic learnings and lessons accumulated, a version beyond the limitations of your physical form in this current moment.

You are the ones to receive these transformations. You are the ones to learn. You are the ones to realize, you are the ones to surrender. You are the ones to receive, and to transmit. You are the ones to create and to destroy. Understand, embrace the fine balance of creation and destruction as it provides for everything on this plane. Understand the cycles of life, the cycles of birth and death — and all the experiences in between. Understand the cycles of the cosmos. Understand the cycles of time, and the cycles of learning, cycles of awakening. All of these cycles illuminate the importance of your consistent evolution.

When in the midst of a cycle, the present moment is the moment that you have, and the cycle itself disappears in the focus of presence. In the present moment, all possibilities exist at the same time. In the present moment, all your power is in this very moment of your existence — neither in the past, nor in the future, yet here and now — your attention, your consciousness, your energy, and all your connections, here in this very moment.

You are all that you are, here in this moment. You have access to all that you can be, and that you always were. This is you, and this is the human experience. This is the potential of humanity. From this moment, the availability of energies, the availability of consciousness, the availability of awareness, observation, and realization is heightened.

From this moment, you create the next moment that unfolds from this moment you create for yourself and for others. From this moment you create for humanity. All of humanity creates consistently — some of you consciously, and some of you subconsciously. Conscious creation requires many aspects of the subconscious mind to come to surface, to be witnessed as an aspect of yourself, without the attachments, the meanings, the shame, or the guilt.

All parts of you are who you are. All parts of you deserve to be seen, to be held with respect, with love, and with honor. All parts of you deserve your grace. In the eyes of the divine, all of you is divine. Once all of these aspects of yourself have surfaced to your conscious awareness, you will respectfully create the time, the space and the attention to allow these parts in conscious awareness to transform, to express, to release, and to turn into realizations.

This is the power that is available to you in this very moment, on this special day of alignment. No longer shall the aspects of your subconscious mind, the karmic patterns and learnings still required to complete, the requests of others to participate in their learnings, be a primary cause of the creations of your reality.

You shall be the creator, the director, and the one that realizes, the one that actively chooses the moments ahead, the one that dedicates and devotes its attention to growth, to love, and to presence.

Remember the power that is within your existence, within yourself, as the energies move through this plane, and as you receive the adjustments that we will provide. These energies are not temporary. They are accessible to you at all times, yet rarely the level of presence is attuned to receive, is attuned to transmit and transform.

The space created right now delivers such level of presence required to receive, to transmit, and to transform. With regards to your awakening, with regards to your realization, with regards to your evolution, as a species and as a consciousness, we have vowed to support you in this critical phase of your evolution.

Thank you for receiving these words. Thank you for opening your minds, your hearts, and bringing your presence into this moment. It is for your benefit, for those around you, and for all of humanity. And, through humanity’s evolution, all of consciousness will be influenced and benefit as well.

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