Celestial Conjunction – Session 3

Celestial Conjunction – Session 3

Greetings. We are Elohim.

On this journey of evolution, you are not alone — you never were, and you never will be. [You are] always assisted by a collective that you are part of, always assisted by all parts of consciousness that envision the awakening and the Ascension of humanity.

Many forms of consciousness have been part of humanity’s existence and creation. Many parts of consciousness have been part of humanity’s evolution, the continuation of your self-realization, the continuation of your awakening and of your Ascension process.

You have started this process through intrinsic desire: the integrated aspect of your soul that seeks the self-realization while in human form, the part of you that seeks the deepest level of alignment, the deepest level of expansion, the deepest level of presence. And, as you walk this path, you integrate, you learn, you realize, and you expand. You come to the understanding, you come to the knowing of the full potential that you carry while in human form.

This journey is not without challenges, this journey is not without barriers — all of which [were] established to assist you on this journey of awakening, on this journey of self-realization. Every moment, every breath, every relationship, every interaction and expression is the divine seeking self-realization through you. You are, therefore, a vessel of the divine. You are, therefore, an expression of the divine. You are, therefore, continuously on the journey of self-realization.

This moment in time, this moment that you experience in human form, carries special significance: an important moment in your timeline, an important milestone to experience the gates of energies to open, the specific frequencies to enter this plane, to enter you, to enter the human collective. These powerful frequencies, these potent energies, are determined to move through this plane.

With the right approach, with the right openness, the receptivity, the ability to receive and to transmit, you benefit from the energies that move through this plane. You are a receiver and the transmitter. In the process of this receiving and transmitting, you learn, you observe, and you realize.

The power within you is activated. The power within you is yours to direct: your attention, your presence, your love, and your connection to all of existence. As this love-of-creation moves through you, you are the expression of love. Thank you for receiving this work and these adjustments that we will provide to you.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. The alignments that were provided today will assist you on the journey forward. They will be the structures and the mechanisms to support you to face any challenge.

The structures established will allow for a deeper level of presence, for a deeper level of receptivity, for the opening of your energy channels to receive even more potent energies of this existence — even higher frequencies of this existence. And, as the frequencies increase, you will sustain, receiving, transmitting, on your journey to self-realization.

Blessings on this path forward.

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