Elohim Transmission – The Arising of a New Reality – January 2

Greetings. We are Elohim.

You might have seen and recognized the changes that have started on this plane of existence, the changes within your life, the changes of your perception of reality, the changes of humanity’s perception of itself.

All the structures of the past that served the present moment, that are projected to serve the future existence of humanity, are based on the perspectives of the past, on the perception and the beliefs of the past. While all of these perspectives and infrastructures created have served you well, and currently serve you appropriately, the future holds a different state of perception and a different state of being.

Your evolution as a consciousness is accelerated. All parts of your being are impacted through this acceleration: The mental constructs established within your mind — how you perceive identity, how you perceive yourself, how you perceive your environment and life. Your emotional constructs within your heart — all emotions and sensations, emotions of the past, even emotions of past lifetimes that are carried forward to this present moment to be fully understood, to be fully realized. All aspects of your body — this powerful and perfectly designed aspect of your creation, your physical manifestation, filled with automations to serve you, to navigate this reality, with many functions, dormant and unknown to the human mind, and to the current state of humanity’s energetic level. Your energy body, as it operates, as it serves as the conducting element between all parts of you, all parts of your being.

All bodies of your being act accordingly to the energy levels of your current moment, the energy levels of your current environment, and as these energy levels change, you feel the change. At times this change might feel uncomfortable. It may be perceived as disruptive, or challenging, yet it is merely a change in the energetic structure around you that is impacting the energetic structures within you. Trust that your entire being can and will adjust to what circumstance it is provided with.

No matter the frequency, no matter the intensity, no matter the power or the emotions around you, all of the circumstances can be observed, processed and realized within your being. You are that resilient, and that adaptive. Your own mental constructs and emotional constructs will eventually be the disruptive force itself — the way you perceive, the way you assign meaning and attachment, the way you assign emotional states to your current state of being. These are for you to learn with and to learn from.

Observation will be the first step, bringing into conscious awareness that which is arising within you. All emotions are valid and equally valuable. All thoughts are valid and equally valuable. All aspects of your being carry important knowledge, important wisdom for your growth, for your evolution. It is time to listen. It is time to observe with neutrality. It is time to allow your evolution to take place.

Moments like these — the quiet of your mind, the quiet of your heart, the quiet of your body — will allow these transformations to occur. It is you that makes this moment possible. It is you that surrenders and opens to the transformation of your being. We will meet you where you are. We will meet you in your openness and willingness to receive.

The adjustments that we will provide will have effects in the short, as well as in the long term. [They] will assist with the transformation and the accelerated evolution that you are undergoing as an individual on the journey to self-realization. On this journey, you will start to realize that you are part of a complex creation of reality, a reality that is projected by the lessons to be learned by the individuals in human form, as well as the lessons and experiences to be had as a collective humanity.

And, while this construct – in the way it serves – has provided for many realizations to occur, in this current state of humanity’s evolution, we encourage and we assist individuals like yourself to move a step further: to increase your ability to perceive, to expand your understanding of reality, to expand the power that you hold over this reality that you are part of.

You have the power to accelerate, to integrate learnings, quicker than ever before. You have the power to transmute emotions and thoughts, mental patterns, quicker than ever. You have the ability to adjust physically, to heal, to realign, and to strengthen quicker than ever. You have the power to evolve at a pace humanity has rarely seen before. This is the power that you hold, and this is our reminder to you of the power that is within you.

The adjustments provided will spark the mechanisms within your system to allow these adjustments to fuel the quickened evolution that you are on, to support this journey that you’re on. And, as you continue, as your perspectives start to shift, as your sight, your vision of humanity expands, as your vision of life itself shifts, you start to understand in which ways you play a critical role in the creation of this reality.

Your life, with all its details, with all its occurrences, can be yours to be navigated, and to be created. All of humanity’s reality can be established by those that are understanding, that are expanding their ability to perceive beyond the limited ways that you have, so that you, and all of those in expanded perspective become active creators of this reality.

Collectively, you forge humanity’s existence through holding the greatest perspective possible. To hold this state of being requires a strong alignment within — it requires you to hold an increased frequency, as well as energy, consistently and sustainably. You develop this ability by continuously getting into these states of being, states like these, in this very moment — an expanded state of being, an expanded state of presence — where all of your power is focused and concentrated in this very moment. No power is left behind in the past. No power is projected into the expectations of the future.

All is focused in this very present moment, centered in the desire to live, in the desire to expand, in the desire to evolve, in the desire to be. And, all expressions that derive from this place of being, all thoughts, emotions, all expressions of physical nature, are aligned with the greatest power within you. This is how reality is forged. This is the power that you hold.

It is intrinsic to you to create the reality that you desire, that you require. Yet, the critical aspect is to become aligned in this very present moment, so that manifestations and creations of your reality are established from this place of alignment, from this quality of presence.

What is the reality that you, all of you, all parts of you, would want, for yourself and for humanity, and how does this reality impact those that are less fortunate to understand this truth? How will your active creation benefit all of humanity? Continuously return to this question if the answer hasn’t come already.

We are grateful that you have chosen to witness your evolution and your empowerment. You have shown your willingness to step into the power that you hold, your own creatorship. It is your time to reveal the powers within you, it is your time to realign, to transform, to clear, to heal, and to evolve. It is your time to self-realize.

Receive our support with an open heart, and open mind. Be uplifted by the work that is provided, and allow this uplifting to impact all aspects of your life, and all the ones that trust you. Thank you for listening to our words and thank you for receiving this transmission.

Thank you for receiving this work, and blessings on this journey of self-realization. May every step carry the benefits for you to be able to perceive.

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