Q&A with Emmanuel – The Arising of a New Reality – January 9

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. Every moment in every day is a new opportunity for a new reality to arise. While the moments that are proceeding the moments before rely on that which has been established before, the potential is still sheer infinite for the next moment to have everything that is required.

Considering this truth: your perception, your observations, and your desires for a certain reality to occur — conscious, subconscious, or unconscious — is what creates this reality in front of you. Over time, you will learn to observe all parts of your being neutrally. The conscious parts — desires, wants, needs, emotions and thoughts — the subconscious, as well as the unconscious aspects of your being, will start to become transparent to you.

In moments like these, in altered states of being, the higher self of your entire existence will have direct access to all parts of your consciousness, including that which you have framed and called the ‘unconscious’ parts of your being, which is still part of your consciousness.

In more extended ways, you will become acquainted with the ‘collective unconscious,’ an extended version of your unconscious parts: the deep desires, wants, requirements for growth, and important lessons for all of humanity, the ‘human consciousness collective.’

Your consciousness is directly tied to the collective, yet also individualized, expressed through you. Therefore, the collective, as well as you, are both equal creators, collaborators in the creation of this reality.

Your individualized reality is what you can perceive with all your senses, as well as all aspects that your consciousness can perceive beyond the senses given to your physical form. Those two aspects of your perception observe, and, through the observation, create the reality required.

Many of you have operated with the understanding that this reality is created for you, that you are subject to the reality in front of you, that this will be until the very end. Many of you have considered being a ‘victim’ of the reality that is created for you.

Very few of you have considered that this reality is created by you, and by aspects of you that are part of the human consciousness collective — for deeper learnings and growth, for important evolutionary steps to occur, for important realizations to set the milestones necessary, for the self-realization of humanity, the self-realization of you.

And, directly or indirectly, you have started to understand the parts within you that establish this reality in front of you are parts necessary to be seen and heard, understood and processed; that these parts of you require closer inspection, closer observation and contemplation.

Until you understand fully who you are in every part of your being, you will not expand to become a conscious and active creator of your reality. Parts of your being will be the creators on your behalf. The parts that require your attention will call for your attention by instigating and establishing, manifesting, the reality that you require to see as clearly as possible, observable with all the senses that you have, until your attention is clearly in the present moment, in this present reality, until you ask yourself the question: How did this current moment become to be? How did this current moment be[come] established to serve my journey of self-realization? How does humanity integrate the collective benefit from me learning from this very moment?

And, while at the core of it, there is nothing actively to be done — only your presence, your observation, your allowing will change this reality into a completion and into a realization, allowing the parts of you that required this reality to occur, to come to completions necessary. This is the power that lies within you. This is the power of your consciousness. This is the power of your creatorship in operating the human existence, the human plane.

Yet, first steps first: become aware of all thoughts, thought forms, emotions, needs, desires, and wants. As they emerge, find moments of silence to observe that which is within you, even if you consider resisting, even if you despise that which you see, even if you can not understand the meaning or the aspects of yourself that have been with you since the beginning.

Even if you don’t consider yourself part of the collective, and you observe aspects of the collective within you, aspects of loved ones within you, of friends, of strangers reflected within you, it is yours to observe, it is yours to allow to come to the surface. No action [is] required in that moment — just be in observation. And, even if difficult, challenging emotions arise, stay with the emotion. Allow the emotion to pass through you with all its intensity, no reaction required, and observe.

From this place, expand your consciousness into parts of your being that have not been seen before, that you have suppressed, that you have hidden, that you have resisted for so long, parts of your being that have waited until you are ready and have the strength, the courage, and the openness to see these parts. It is that time, and this is a prerequisite to become an active creator of your reality.

Only through the understanding of the totality of your being, the understanding that you are intrinsically connected to the collective, and the collective is within you, you will become that active creator that you seek to be, and all possibilities will become available.

You are on this journey of discovering these powers within you, you are on this journey to reminding yourself that you are creation, and you are creator. This reality has been gifted to you — to learn, to experiment, to explore the powers within you, the gifts within you, the full spectrum of emotions and relationships, your being as a consciousness.

Imagine yourself [to be] more than who you see in the mirror. Imagine yourself beyond this lifetime, and many lifetimes ago. Imagine yourself beyond this human form. Imagine yourself beyond the physical form. Imagine yourself as a collective, as non-material consciousness exploring its own existence, its own realization. You are all of that. And more – beyond words can express.

You have chosen this space of exploration in human form, and you have been granted this opportunity, and this opportunity serves you and all of those around you to discover what it means to be a consciousness in human form, to be part of a collective, and to be individual, to love and to be loved, to live and to die, to see cycles of time come and pass, to explore eternity in the very moment of presence.

This journey of exploration merely requires your attention, and as you provide your attention to your evolution, even to this very moment of silence within, you have made an important step forward in your self-realization journey.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
From the ancient Eastern tradition, we know about the three principal deities, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Could you please explain how this divine trinity relates to the Elohim? Should they be understood as aspects of the divine, separate from the Elohim? Or do they represent the same principles?

The divine trinity perceived in this Vedic paradigm is different than the divine principles perceived in the paradigm of the Judeo-Christian heritage. While the principles themselves, the perspectives, and the paradigms are different, the energies, all of them, correlate.

To explain this in the limited words of the languages provided to you will diminish the meaning that it tries to explain and explore. Even the meaning derived from the words ‘Vishnu,’ and ‘Brahma’ cannot be fully explained, as they are achievements of the conscious exploration of an expanded individual: an altered state of consciousness has explored and realized a state of being, a state of reality, and a state of consciousness — parts of creation reduced down to a single word.

The same has occurred with the word ‘Elohim’ or ‘Christ Consciousness,’ and many of the beings that have served through this connection to Elohim. The word itself does not justify the meanings derived from the word. The exploration and understanding of Elohim itself will directly correlate to the expanded state of consciousness that one individual arrives at. The same will be the case for Christ Consciousness. And, while individuals in different regions of this world and different parts of history have come to similar heights and similar explorations, direct correlation will not succeed in the ways of reduced understanding into words, being correlated through language.

The correlation must occur on a much higher level of understanding and conscious awareness, therefore cannot be fully expressed in words itself. My recommendation is to continue the practices that you have found to be valuable for you.

The expansion of your consciousness, no matter the paradigm under which you operate, the perspective of reality, the perspective of creation, consider expanding beyond words, paradigms established, and allow yourself to find your own understanding of the words delivered to you by your ancestors, no matter the lineage, no matter the heritage, as your understanding as a consciousness is beyond words, and is pure realizations. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Dear Emmanuel, those of us doing the labor of love to support a rising consciousness on the planet have witnessed the destructive masculine force rise in the United States’ capitol this week. When fear and anger rise so sharply, how can we find ourselves back to balance? Do feminine qualities have the power to heal this level of aggression? Thank you.

Aggression and violence express themselves differently through the masculine, as well as through the feminine. The expressions of masculine aggression and violence are currently visible, and they are to be judged in your own perspectives. Aggression and violence of the feminine operates differently, in more subtle ways expressed in different matters.

It is not about the masculine or the feminine, it is about the balance between both, as both the masculine as well as the feminine exude creation as well as destruction. Understanding where the destructive force in either feminine or masculine principle have been fueled, understanding that every destructive cycle brings forth a creative cycle, no matter if the principle driving the creation is feminine or masculine, these principles will always balance each other out.

While one cannot survive without the other, while one cannot create without the other, while one cannot destroy without the other, these two principles of masculine and feminine are always in balance, and always in cyclical motion of creation and destruction. And, at moments in time, harmony and balance will be given, and continuously test the boundaries of this harmony through the experiments that human consciousness requires to grow even further.

Explore that this aggression that you perceive might be part of the human consciousness evolution as well, that it is not merely the wishing of the eradication of aggression and violence, but rather the exploration why aggression and violence is required at this point in time for human consciousness to evolve; a curious exploration of the mystery that is before you.

The judgment of negative and positive is far too easy for the conscious mind to establish, and every judgment of positive and negative will provide for the fuel of this polarity to continue its cycles. Only when observed in neutrality, when allowed the realizations to emerge, will these cycles of polarity conclude, and the realizations integrate and allow for a next stage of evolution to unfold. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
If the Elohim is our ‘creator’ and the ‘architect of our universe and dimensions,’ who is their creator — and the architect of our multiverse in the universal order?

The creator of the creator of the creator …

Understanding of eternity, understanding of cycles perceived through space and time of the human mind will not deliver the answers that you seek. The concepts that you’re trying to understand require a deeply altered state of existence beyond space and time, a perception that is required to understand that there is neither ‘before’ or ‘after,’ that creation ‘was,’ that Elohim existed as a spark of creation when the unconscious became conscious, the first spark to bring forth conscious understanding of itself, initiate continuous evolution, and continuous creation.

The first creators were not created. They came into existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
There is a reoccurring fear or limitation that keeps occurring, and I have to process. I discover more layers of depth to it. Is there an ending to certain fears? Or will they keep occurring through my whole life? When is the end point to a certain realization — or is there?

Life as you know it will continue to bring forth challenges — at times in the form of fear — fears, in their original sense, were meant to provide protection to survive this reality. In their overextended version, they became limitations and illusions.

Understanding the part within you that tries to protect, an understanding the part within you that over-protects through the creation of imaginary circumstances, through the creation of illusions that prevent you from living the full extent of your being — there will be many layers to every learning.

And, as you move through some of the most challenging layers, you will see that the charge, the polarity that is established within you, will become lighter. And, the challenges will continue, will fine-tune with every single learning that you have. Observe the aspects, the parts within you that perceive the fears, that perceive the illusions, that create the aspects of your being in order to provide for a limited, yet potentially more comfortable life.

Understand that moving into the space of exploring these fears will require discomfort, will require attention and energy. Allow yourself to move into these spaces. Let that fear teach you what it is meant to teach you. Let the fear speak to you. Understand the fears established — as protectors, as guides of your own being, of support mechanisms to live and navigate through this plane of existence — do not despise the fear as a flaw of your existence. Thank you.

Question #5:
If humanity is actually one consciousness, and we as individuals are all so closely related and connected, are we free to create on an individual level? Or, do we have to go with the will of the collective? Also, on the level of the collective, and considering that ‘awakening souls’ are outnumbered by ‘the majority,’ how is the evolution process happening?

Reality exists in fragments and fractals. This current shared reality between you and others in this very moment is not perceived and experienced by many others in the human consciousness collective. It is a momentary fragment and fraction of reality, co-created by all of those that chose to have this moment together. As you can see, individualized creation of reality is possible, and greater movements of creation, greater movements of reality, are consistently established by the collective.

Processing of greater complex realizations as a collective requires the creation of a reality that impacts many individuals. And, through the attention of those many individuals, realizations can occur on a collective level.

Therefore, individuals on this awakening self-realization journey can act as conduits for great realizations for all of humanity. A collective effort of awakening individuals can therefore bring humanity closer to important realizations and milestones so that certain aspects of reality are not required to occur, and certain aspects of reality are completed faster than expected.

As you can see, active participation in realization, and active participation in the completion of these learnings will allow for greater possibility to actively create the reality desired. The reality that can emerge from these completions, individually, as well as collectively, separately, as well as united. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Hello Emmanuel. Can you describe what the fully realized human experience looks and feels like? How can we better co-create this realized state? Is visualization, or ‘feeling into’ the state an important step? Thank you.

First and foremost, understand that you, in your present moment, can explore all aspects of who you are, all aspects that make you human, make you part of the human consciousness, as well as the individualized aspects of who you are.

The first step, before seeking active creatorship, is deep and qualitative states of presence. From these moments of presence, greater realizations will occur — important realizations that need to be established for the self-realizing individual.

First, important learnings of your life that require completion. And, as these completions become prevalent and move you from milestone to milestone of self-realization, you will start to see that your desired perception of yourself, your desired perception of humanity and the reality shared will come into presence.

As this desired perception is established from the purest and most aligned version of yourself, beyond the desires of the ego construct, the desires of the unmended heart, desires of limited mental constructs, the desires of the physical form.

Once you have arrived at the desires of the soul, the part of your consciousness that is an extension of human consciousness, and purely manifest from this perspective, from this place, from this state of being then your active creatorship will take place.

Until then, the work will be internal, the work will be with you. It will be to find a deeper sense of presence and alignment within you, a deeper sense of peace and harmony, a deeper sense of understanding all parts of who you are, the totality of your being. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
So many are effected by addictions to various things, from substances to technology, which seem to get in the way of conscious choice, and expanding consciousness. Might you say anything about the intersection of the new reality and addiction?

Addiction, and the cycles of addiction are directly correlated to an unprocessed and incomplete learning and to an incomplete realization. The addiction itself is a perpetuation of the cycle of learning, without completing the learning. It is to bypass and to cover the pain, the intensity, and the difficult learnings to be had.

Quick pleasure, quick distraction, with the functions that the physical, the mental and the emotional body provide utilized to bypass the learning that is right in front. Addiction itself becomes a teacher, a mechanism to bypass learnings as shame, guilt and pain have built for too long, and the easy way out, the easy support to manage, to survive the intensity of the emotion has been this addictive aspect.

Every individual that has gone through addiction cycles will understand that eventually an aspect of their consciousness will be ready to do whatever it takes to complete that cycle of addiction, as well as that cycle of realization. These cycles will be intensified, these learnings will be brought to surface quicker and more powerfully than ever, as the rising of the energies on this plane will bring forth that which is unprocessed into the very moment.

Humans with existing addiction will be challenged even more so, and this will be their opportunity to surrender, to build the courage, the energy, and the love for themselves to move through this cycle, to complete the learning.

The rising of the energies, therefore, shall not be seen [as] detrimental, but rather as an important impulse, as an important reminder, as the final push to move towards realization, to break free of these cycles, to break free of these limitations and obstacles of life. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Hello, Emmanuel. I would like to know how we can tell the difference between our own energies and the energies from others. How can I tell if I’m an empath?

Some individuals will be gifted with the ability to feel others in their environment, to feel all of human consciousness in a much more succinct way, barely understanding the limitations of their identity and those emotions, perspectives and thoughts, and the consciousness of others and the collective.

These individuals have been given this gift to learn even more important lessons than they have before, a gift of learning, understanding the separation between individuality and unity, the merger of individuality and unity, that at any given one can be both an individual, and in complete and full unison with all of the collective.

Therefore, the challenges that an empath faces are chosen in the moment to explore this particular challenge, no matter if it is perceived as an individual challenge or a collective challenge. Empaths in this case, will learn to discern the moments of processing, and the moments of rest, allowing their systems to receive, to recharge, to reset, as well as the rest required before continuing on learnings and completions of realizations. And, through this ability, the empath will be able to assist other individuals in their processing and realizations, beyond what the other individuals can perceive, themselves.

Human collective aspects that require processing will be first observed by those that are highly empathic. When brought forth into light, these aspects of the collective can then be collectively processed by individuals that assign their attention and their intention to these important realizations of the collective. As you can see, being an empath is to be perceived as a gift, yet requires learning, navigation, and practice to understand this gift fully, and to integrate this gift in a way that is creative and not destructive. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have assigned to receive my words, to receive this perspective, and may this perspective allow you to grow, allow you to contemplate in ways that you have not before. And, may you be inspired to find silence and deeper levels of presence in your life.

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