Transmission Series – The Alignment of the Body – October 3rd

Greetings. We are Elohim.

As you have experienced life through this one single human vessel that you remember, you understand to identify with this vessel. As it grows from young to old, all the way to the last moments of this one vessel, do you identify your being partially with this body of yours that carries the mind, the mental construct, the heart, the emotional construct, as well as the energetic spiritual construct.

You are part of this body, as it is part of you — yet you are not it, and it is not you. It is a momentary vessel, a momentary gift, a temple of your existence for this physical plane. This material plane requires a construct like this human vessel to operate within, to embody a consciousness in individualized form, to embody and integrate a soul container and the energetic-spiritual construct of this body.

This design was created. It was the result of many iterations before — previous material planes of similar kind. And, in its own way, the evolution of this material plane matched this physical form to the ecosystems available.

You are an ecosystem, as this physical body is matched into the many ecosystems of this Earth. The continued balance between your physical form and this material plane requires a fine-tuned operation, an intelligence that is embedded in the physical form itself, an intelligence that operates beyond the conscious mind, beyond the instincts embedded, even beyond the information embedded in the DNA of this form.

The knowledge that this body derives, the design of this form, is in the ethereal realms. This design is replicated into this form. And, with that design, the human form expresses itself in its materialization, in its manifestation, for you.

All aspects of this material form are subject to change. All parts of you that grow, that evolve, that break, that heal, that age, and that die, are subject to change. This form is more versatile than it is known to you, than it is observed by you through the many generations that you have witnessed.

This physical form carries templates to prepare humanity for the Ascension process. It carries a strong bond to the energetic-spiritual construct that allows its own elevation, its own alteration and adjustment. The accumulation of energy within this form allows for direct manipulations, adjustments, healing, as well as the reversal of aging of this form.

The body in itself, in its most primitive form, is fed by the energy accumulated in other material forms on this planet. The extraction of that energy delivers the minimum amount, the simplest form of energy to this human body. This vessel is capable of receiving energy from other sources beyond your perception, beyond most individuals’ understanding. The recognition that this body is fueled by this Earth directly will be the first of your understanding, as all forms of consciousness on this planet are fueled by the energy of this planet itself, a unique and direct loving connection, pure and sheerly unlimited.

The connection of most individuals to this Earth has been separated by the many constructs humanity and society has created. The disconnection from this Earth resulted in the requirement to extract energy even further from other beings of this planet. The complexities of improving efficacy, as well as optimizing for growth, optimizing for density of energy, the industries, as well as the constructs created to feed the human body, have created even more complexities and difficulties for this human form to witness, to maintain, and to digest.

The Earth provides everything that is needed, exactly the way it is needed. Optimizations by human societal constructs are a sign of consciousness development, yet also an experiment that delivers many failures until it has found its balance. The current failures of these experiments deliver sicknesses never seen before, sicknesses that are deeply establishing misalignments within the human form, leading to the final completion of a lifetime.

Understanding the way this form receives its energy is [inseparable from] your understanding of life. Allowing yourself to connect deeper with this Earth, to receive the energy in its most direct form, connecting through the many energetic openings of this human form to this Earth, you will find that you will be fueled and served appropriately.

At first, it may not seem enough to sustain a living organism. At first, you will require a deeper trust. At first, you will continue to receive nourishment from food the way you have been, in addition to your receiving energy from this Earth — and you will learn to balance. You will learn to receive both adequately and appropriately. In your continued exploration and expansion of consciousness on your self-realization journey, you will start to understand the many sources of energy that are available beyond this Earth, this material plane, as well as non-material planes of existence.

Connections to higher frequencies allow for the connection and the reception of energies directed to this Earth. Your consciousness becomes the bridge to receive these energies. In order for your consciousness to reach and open to these energies it must first go through certain levels of adjustments, and [a] certain level of expansion. [A] sustainable state of the altered consciousness allows for a continuous delivery of energy into this human form, and that energy in the body is then transformed into a vital force of life.

This force of life can truly be utilized for any form required within the body. Any form of energy can be received to match the needs of the human form. Sicknesses and misalignments, wounds of this physical form, foreign organisms, as well as harmonic imbalances, can all be adjusted with this life force received from the many planes that provide it. The energy that is currently coursing through this host, to be received and transmitted to you, is such energy from higher planes. It is delivered without conditions, yet requires for the altered state of consciousness as a bridge, as a delivery mechanism and for the human form to be adjusted to receive fully and hold this capacity, to be able to deliver this capacity appropriately.

As you go and continue your self-realization journey, you will start to learn and understand in all the ways energy is received and transmuted within this form of your body. You will learn to understand that this form of energy will provide the required rest and repair for the mind, will provide the required opening and life force for the heart, will require all repairs, maintenance, as well as a deceleration of aging, a rejuvenation, and, eventually, a reversal of the aging process itself.

As the energies on this plane rise, humanity will learn to adapt, to receive higher energies into the human vessel, accumulate, transform, transmute, and transmit all of these energies through this one single body of yours, the collective of many organisms, combined and operated with divine intelligence, to serve you and to allow you to have this human experience on this material plane. You are the manifestation of the Love of Creation, as it courses through all of your cells, through all of your molecules. You are creation.

In the beauty of this experience, you are created, and you create, yourself. The design of this existence allows for the continuation of life, for the provisions of everything necessary to continue life on this planet. It does require overcoming the failures of the experiments. Learning from the experiments conducted, learning from what does actually work — and what does not — allowing yourselves as society to adapt and to adjust your behaviors as swiftly as you can, to provide the best understanding of evolution, of innovation, and growth.

This design that you have been given, the human form, is complex for the human mind to fully understand, as certain layers of this human form are beyond the visible and the measurable aspects of this material plane. The aspects that you do not see are as well critical in the operations of this human form. The aspects that are not seen, yet are visible for those that continue to evolve, their perception of reality will allow for adjustments to be made, adjustments to the human form, adjustments for growth, adjustments for healing, adjustments for evolution, adjustments that allow the many unknown and rarely seen powers of this human form to be unlocked.

The time for this evolutionary step has come, and we will support the individuals that are ready to go through this evolutionary process in the ways we can. The journey to healing, the journey to alignment, is not alone bound to the physical form. It is deeply connected to the mental construct, to the perception of self, to the perception of all, as well as to the emotional construct, the energetic-spiritual construct equally plays an important role in the alignment of the physical form, and vice-versa.

You are a combination of all parts of you, therefore, all parts of you manifest in this physical form, misalignments of your thoughts, misalignments received in the past, unprocessed, established themselves into this very moment. In this very moment, the most tangible aspect of who you are is your physical form. You are the manifestation of all aspects, processed and unprocessed. You are the result of all your experiences of the past, and the expectations that you hold for the future. In this very present moment is the manifestation of your being. Understanding your past, realigning your past, understanding your expectations of the future, will change the physical manifestation of the present moment.

First, the emotional and mental alignments will start to adjust your energetic-spiritual construct, and the energetic-spiritual construct will allow for healing and for growth, for realignments to happen over time. Some alignments will happen instantaneously. Some will require a period of time to fully manifest into the physical form.

Receive this work of alignment with an open heart and an open mind. The possibilities are as vast as you can imagine — and beyond. Allow the energy of this transmission to be received in all cells of your being, in all parts of your body, all the way into the cells and the molecules of your being.

Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. May this work impact your lives in the best possible ways.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel.

You have learned to live with this human form. You have accepted its limitations. You have accepted the understanding that you have, based on your knowledge of the previous generations. You have understood the limitations, by experience as well as by conditioning, of those previously experiencing the human form. And you have seen and witnessed the consequences of living beyond the limitations of the human form, and you have seen extraordinary accomplishments by pushing the limits of the human form.

As you can see, the spectrum of this versatile instrument that is gifted to you is vast. In this full spectrum, you learn to navigate this machine, a machine made with much detail, with much contemplation and intelligence to operate [in] this plane, to experience the human form, to experience an individualized human experience, through you.

And in this human form, you learn birth, life, and death. You understand the full cycle of a human life. You understand love and emotions. You understand the boundaries of this physical reality. You experience gravity, you experience elevation, you experience grounding, the many forms of weather, the many forms of food, of physical sensations, truly allowing you to operate as freely as possible on this plane to deliver the most possible experiences through the human body, sensations deeply integrated and connected to your mind, to the experience of your perception of self.

You are intrinsically connected to your body, which allows an experience as close as possible to this material form, to this material world. In the closeness of the material experience, some of you get lost. Some of you lose your sight, your perspective of the true essence of yourself. And, can you find a moment of silence, quiet enough to allow you to shift your perspective of yourself, and of this reality, to shift your understanding of who you are for a brief moment?

The perspective shift will allow you to embrace the human form in an entirely new way, understanding this instrument to be an extension of your being, a gift for this very moment, and an immediate manifestation of your current lifetime. Are you able and willing to open your mind beyond the perception of self through this human form? Are you willing and ready to see yourself from a higher perspective, to understand — this body, this mind, this heart — are extensions of who you are? Are you ready and willing to accept that you are beyond your physical form, beyond your mental and emotional form, even beyond your energetic-spiritual construct?

Your definition of self, as you contemplate the perspectives from which you perceive your reality, will change. You will grow. You will integrate all parts of your being into one coherent experience, into one aligned experience in this very human form. This is the beauty of self-realization, and the body will play an important role on this self-realization journey of yours. It is, and will be, an immediate reflection of the processes that you will go through.

The alignments that you will require to do in your physical body will support the expansion of your consciousness, the expansion of your mental construct, as well as the expansion of your emotional construct. The effects are immediate, and directly tied to each other. Healing and aligning the physical form will have an effect on the other parts of your being, and the expansion of your consciousness, as well as the healing and alignment of the other parts of your being that will have an effect, and impact on your physical form.

Remember, the journey in this human body might feel limiting, yet is graciously designed to provide a full spectrum of experiences — to be cherished and embraced. In order to fully receive all experiences, this form must be nourished, maintained, kept in the best possible way, treated with love, treated with care, treated with kindness. Allow this physical form to flourish. Understand its needs when they are communicated to you. Expect its needs even before they are communicated to you. Act accordingly, and continue listening. Become one with this form that is your immediate expression in this material reality.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Greetings, Emmanuel. What are some of the best ways to release trauma from the cells of the body? How does trauma in the body affect the Ascension process?

The physical form indeed is capable of storing and remembering trauma of all kinds. Physical, emotional, mental, as well as energetic trauma can be stored in the physical form, within the cells, as well as within the energetic channels of this form.

First and foremost, a continued upkeep, a continued maintenance, and continued expansion [and] movement of this body is a requirement to move all energies that longer serve this human form. The body’s self healing mechanisms can only operate if the energy within this human form moves. Less, or no movement will stall the process of healing, as well as releasing any past traumas.

Some traumas will be bound to the human body through the emotional, as well as the mental body. It will be required to work at these traumas on multiple levels. As mentioned earlier, the alignments of the emotional body will have an effect on the physical body, as well as the other way around. The release of trauma requires a close look at the trauma — the moment of the trauma itself, the moment of the trauma energy that was built and developed, energy that was received through the human form — the emotional construct as well as the mental construct — energy that was not able to be processed, energy that stayed stuck at that moment in time.

Trauma is the result of this stagnant energy. A moment in time of the past that requires to be revisited. And, for this energy that is stagnant to be moved, yet from the perspective and the experience of the past, so that it can truly impact the present moment. That is one way of releasing and moving the energies that are assigned to trauma within the form. Releasing trauma, allowing for energies to move in your physical form, is a critical aspect for raising the frequencies of your form, as well as increasing the energetic capacities of your physical body, which inherently are required for the expansion of your consciousness.

The Ascension process of humankind is therefore inherently tied to the release of trauma, to the realignment of the body, mind, heart, and the energetic-spiritual construct. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How much does our state of being affect how we digest and assimilate the food that we eat? Can you shed some light on how each individual can best come into right relationship with the essential part of being human in a joyous way?

The emotional state of your being, as well as the mental state of your being, indeed have a critical impact on your digestion process, as well as the assimilation of the energy from this digestive process. The body requires a certain level of silence, a certain level of peace, in order to fully operate in optimal state. Any levels of stress impact the assimilation of the energy, the extraction of the energy from the food received. The full understanding of this mechanism goes back to the operations of survival.

Digestion, as well as the eating process, was a potential danger to survival — a moment of vulnerability —therefore eating and digestion would only be allowed in its full capacity by the body when a safe environment was established. Safety is perceived reality — safety of the perception of the mind, as well as safety of the perception of the heart — are an important factor to deliver optimal assimilation of food.

The right regularity and the intervals are equally important. The digestive process requires a certain amount of time to complete its cycle. Keeping to these cycles, understanding at which times that digestive process slows down, at which times its efficiency increases, are important factors to consider for the routines needed.

Also consider that the body has a very clear indicators of its needs. The closer you are tied to the understanding and the intelligence of your physical form, the more clearly you will know what it requires, and when it requires. You will see that the digestive process in its full capacity will provide for the joyous life that you seek. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Could you please speak about the role of genetics and DNA in shaping the body’s experience of health or disease? Can higher realms help transmute things, such as genetic disorders — or even in cancer in certain situations? Or, is biology predetermined by these programs? Thank you.

Genetics is the program necessary in order to create the body in the way it comes, as well as to allow for evolution to continue its expansion and assimilation to the circumstances of the environment. Every generation will then learn from the previous generation. Every combination will provide a new experiment. The power of this construct is indeed what delivers the full spectrum of human forms, and the adjustments adaptations required to continue life on this planet.

Certain genetic combinations will indeed bring limitations. Some limitations will manifest in physical, emotional, or mental misalignments. The genetic program is a driving force for the straight and linear operations of the physical body to provide a single human life, yet this program, this genetic makeup, can indeed be adjusted, as it is intrinsically tied to an energetic complimentary version of its program. You may consider this the “energetic version” of your DNA.

Adjustments on this energetic version of your DNA will provide adjustments to your physical DNA. These interventions are rarely recommended, yet possible to make adjustments to the physical form, including to adjust to assist with diseases that are driven from the genetic makeup of the individual. Some forms of cancer are indeed the result of mutations, combinations of genetic material.

These adjustments that you refer to are delivered on a case-by-case basis. The regular life cycle of a human being is not to be intervened with unless a very important reason occurs. The life in a human form, as well as the lifetime, the length, the specific experiences to be had, are part of the beauty of the human form.

The desire to live longer, the desire to experience a pain-free and suffering-free life is understandable. And, the desire itself does not justify the interventions. A deeper adjustment, within must occur in order to bring forth the reason for alignment, in order to bring forth the interventions for alignments. Some of this reasoning is directly tied to the individual’s self-realization journey.

An individual that is pursuing the self-realization journey, an individual that on this journey understands the importance of its own growth and evolution, no matter the length of their lifetime, as well as the resulting desire to serve other humans, may truly result in the interventions necessary to assist another human being to live longer. Yet, the reason to self-realize shall never be tied to the desire to heal, to the desire to be healed, to the desire to live longer. Self-realization itself is an intrinsic desire, [and] requires no other conditions. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Why do children get sick, apart from choosing a serious illness before birth as a way of having a lesson in their life, and what can we do as parents to help them? My son is eight and has problems with pollen, allergies, and eczema, and easily catches a cold. Thank you.

Some misalignments of the body that manifest themselves in early ages will form and shape the perspective of reality, the perspective of the journey of the individual. It is, as you recognize, an important part of realization, of learning, and of growth for both those that are the caretakers, as well as the one in the experience.

For a compassionate human being, it is difficult to observe another human being in pain or suffering. For a parent even more so. How can you combine your compassion and love with your ability to see through the pain and the suffering of the person in front of you, all the way into the soul experiencing the human form, a full understanding and appreciation of the desire of this very moment — despite your mental understanding, your soul sees another soul.

A connection this very moment is established, is fueled for an important realization through the manifestation of sickness. The disease itself becomes the catalyst for an important moment in reality. What do you learn about love in this very moment? And what does your child learn about love in this very moment? What are the lessons about life [that] can be extracted and understood? And, can love and truly be the foundation, above all? Above fear, above despair, above grief and frustration, anger and sadness? Can love prevail, even in the midst of the most difficult physical misalignments and sicknesses? Can the sickness itself become a teacher to show the way to growth, healing, and realignment.? Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
We have multiple questions about “anti-aging” and the “reversal of aging,” so I’m going to ask this question: During experiences like these transmissions with you, will it be possible to reverse the aging process, as well as heal past physical injuries, and are there also additional ways to do this?

In the transmission of this energy, as well as the alignments provided, a new form of healing is initiated within your physical form. And, indeed, it will provide the manifestation and adjustments into your physical form that will result in physical healing.

Various misalignments require different levels of intensity, and some will require repetition. Yet, healing is possible for all misalignments and diseases. It is only a matter of the energy as well as the capacity, and the time required to bring forth this energy with its capacity into that misalignment.

First and foremost, a realignment — of the physical form, the energetic, the emotional, and mental form — is required. A continuous accumulation of the energy within this form will then allow for a quieting, as well as a slowing of the internal aging process, an optimization fueled by the light of this energy.

This continued optimization of the slowing of the aging process will continue until aging is stalled altogether. Once a deeper level of understanding of this internal energy, as well as its impact on the cellular structures of this physical form is established, the energy can be utilized to activate a reversal of the aging process to the age of a grown-up individual.

This process requires an intensified adjustment for most individuals, a continued practice, as well as dedication and devotion on this journey. Very few individuals have indeed achieved this goal, and most of them were assisted in achieving the goal by higher intelligence and higher planes of existence, as this process is not naturally known to the human mind, and is a result of the deeper learnings and realizations on the self-realization journey itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How can we clear balance and align the body’s energy centers, the ‘chakras.’ Also, I read somewhere that each chakra is associated with one of the seven rays, and that each ray has an archangel. If this is correct, can you please clarify the archangels and their rays and chakras?

The energetic centers of the body fulfill an important function of combining the energetic-spiritual construct to the consciousness, as well as to the physical form. The energetic centers provide the energy required to the areas of the body, as well as to the energy body. The balancing and the harmony, the internal alignment of the energy centers, is of utmost importance.

A self-regulating system mechanism provides for continued maintenance and alignment. At times, these self-regulating mechanisms will be disturbed and the energy centers fall out of balance. The imbalance of the energy centers has an immediate effect on the mental, emotional, as well as the physical body itself. Some traditions, lineages, have understood the adjustments as well as the manipulations needed on the energy centers to provide optimal function to provide a healthy body as well as to provide the flow of energy necessary.

Each energy center therefore has critical functions. The energy centers are reflected in the perception of the internal eye with the colors associated in the transmutation of the universal energy that is sent into this physical form. The transmutation of this universal energy will allow for this energy center to receive and to provide a specific frequency that is perceived as a specific color.

There is no direct correlation to conscious beings of higher realms, as well as beings considered “angels” and “archangels” to the specific centers of the body.

The intelligence that is required to fully adjust, manipulate, and adapt the energy centers is held by many beings of higher consciousness. The blueprints for these adjustments will then be utilized in special moments of intervention — moments like these where we provide a transmission and an alignment that includes the adjustment of the energy centers themselves. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What is the proper nutrition for humanity to ascend, and should we avoid meats, fish and poultry?

First and foremost, as natural and as pure as possible, as fresh as possible, as simple as possible, [as] full in spectrum as possible, only as much as needed.

With these principles, you will start to align the body in a way that it is fully nourished, and exactly nourished. Within your nutrition, you will start to understand that certain aspects of nutrition are needs of the mind as well as needs of the heart, rarely aligning with the needs of the body, understanding in which ways the mind and the heart influence that which is eaten and utilized as nourishment — rather than the intelligence of the body itself.

This is one of the first steps of understanding and learning to listen to the body, and acting accordingly. It will require discipline, devotion, and dedication to quiet the mind and the heart, in moments where nutrition is required.

For the Ascension process itself, the alignment of the body, the mind, the heart, as well as the energetic spiritual construct is the critical element. Nutrition plays into the alignment of all your parts. In the beginning, the exact composition of your nutrition does not directly impact the Ascension process as well as the self-realization process.

In the beginning, the accumulation of energy within the physical form is an important aspect. Food that includes life-force, food that is pure and fresh, will therefore provide the life-force that is required to accumulate within your physical form. And, the accumulation of this energy will start to open processes within your energetic-spiritual body, processes that are requiring a certain amount of life-force.

As the energetic spiritual body evolves, it will start to receive energy from other sources, and food as energy source becomes less relevant. Food and excessive amounts, food that is by itself misaligned, low-frequency, low life-force, by itself requires to be transformed and transmuted by the physical form. The energy to digest food that is misaligned is greater than the energy that it provides, therefore draining more life force from you than providing what is needed.

This is our perspective on nutrition throughout the Ascension process, as well as the self-realization journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Recently, I’ve been receiving energy in my body — primarily my head and neck — that often leads to soreness, pain and sleep loss. How can I begin to receive this energy in a more useful way? Right now, it just feels stagnant and I’m feeling frustrated. Thank you.

The development of your energy body is accelerating. Your physical body is slowly adapting to the increased energies that are being delivered to your energetic-spiritual construct. You can support this through physical movement — exercise, as well as methods of stretching and massage.

Your physical body is not used to the accelerated increase of energy, and therefore requires additional attention. You will find more ease with the stagnant energy, and more flow, as you allow this body to move more, and, accordingly, it will ease the process for you, and allow for more restful sleep. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for listening to my words and thank you for receiving this work.

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