Transmission Series – The Awakening of the Mind – September 26th

Greetings. We are Elohim.

Life, as you know it, depends on the mind to operate in order to provide the circumstances necessary to be in this form. The human form requires the conscious mind, and all its additional operations, to be fully available to you. The mind in its design includes multiple aspects of your being: It is the cognitive mind receiving the information of your environment, creating the constructs necessary for you to operate within this environment, the physical plane, the material plane of existence. Additional functions allow for the observation of the ego-construct — an identity defined for this particular lifetime, an identity defined in order to learn specific lessons in this iteration of your being. Additional parts of your mind are below the surface of your conscious awareness, purposefully operating to support the creation of the reality that is the most significant reality to receive the most important learning. The subconscious and the unconscious aspects of your mind are therefore equally important as the conscious cognitive operations of your mind.

Your consciousness is embedded in this construct, the mental-construct itself. Yet, your consciousness in its totality is beyond your physical form. Beyond your brain, beyond your material existence — even beyond your energetic body, your consciousness is tied to the totality of the human consciousness itself. A part of human consciousness is therefore connected and embedded into your being, into your mind to experience life through you.

This is the construct of the individualized mind. Additionally, your mental construct allows for openings, for connections and bridges to be formed into other forms of consciousness, into higher planes of existence, into non-material forms of existence. Communication and exchange of energy can truly happen through the mind itself.

These functions have been established to bring forth structure, yet also the opportunity for expansion, the opportunity for many possibilities to truly allow for every mind and mental construct to be unique, to truly allow for every learning, every moment, every experience to be as unique as possible. In the uniqueness of the experience itself lies the magnitude of the lessons, the magnitude and the spectrum of the learnings. Therefore, the more individual human beings experience more moments, human consciousness indeed creates more information to draw from and to learn from, to experience and to expand from, and with every experience itself, the human consciousness grows, evolves, and realizes, at every step of the way.

The self-realization of human consciousness, the evolution and the Ascension of human consciousness, is therefore directly tied to your evolution, to your self-realization, and to your Ascension. Through you, the mental construct of the human design allows human consciousness to have an individualized human experience.

You are the one through which human consciousness observes, human consciousness feels, witnesses, and realizes life itself, and itself. As you realize yourself, human consciousness realizes itself. All of consciousness realizes itself through the learnings of all forms of consciousness. As you start to see the connected nature that we are, the connected nature that all of consciousness is, you will start to appreciate the uniqueness of this individualized experience of yours — at times, convinced that you are separate, individual, isolated — yet your uniqueness is not a definition of separation.

Your ability to move in an individualized form across this material plane does not make you disconnected. The observation of that separation is necessary, momentarily, in order for the ego-construct to form unobstructed, in order for you to develop an individualized sense of existence. A momentary separation allows the mental construct to completely form for this lifetime.

As you walk this path, you learn, you experience, you feel. You start to question, and you realize that some questions are difficult to find answers for — questions grander than the imagination of the mind itself, questions grander than the knowledge accumulated in this society, questions of creation, questions of existence, questions of meaning — all operations of the mind eventually lead to these questions.

And, while you might find peace without answering these questions for yourself, a part of you will always request of yourself to find answers. A part of you will request answers in order to drive a process that we refer to as the self-realization process. The self-realization process is more than the understanding of the mind. Many of the realizations are beyond the mental construct. Your perception of reality will start to shift as some of these realizations start to enter your life. And, with each realization, even the unfolding of your reality will shift.

This is the awakening of the mind: the shift of perspective, the completion of learnings, a resting in silence of the mind that allows for the mind’s functions to change focus, a focus beyond the operations on this material plane, a focus beyond the observations of the past and the expectations of the future, a focus into the present moment.

This present moment then becomes the fertile soil for the unfolding of the deepest realizations that can be had in this very moment — a connection established beyond the recognition of the mind, a connection established beyond the recognition of the heart, a connection beyond the recognition of the body, yet understood, felt, and aligned with your energetic-spiritual construct — through this bond to all of consciousness you receive light, love, and life-force, all combined in the form of energy, some of it observable, some of it subtle, some of it beyond your abilities to sense, yet all of it received, all of it embedded and integrated into your being.

You are on this journey, and this journey itself is plentiful beyond the full comprehension and understanding of the mind itself. Your mental construct will expand. Your consciousness will reach beyond this material plane, into non-material planes of existence. It will reach into all of consciousness, and you will operate as a physical human being in this dualistic world while understanding the unique and dual nature of oneness.

While understanding the non-dual nature of oneness, the mind will allow you to focus and operate in this reality, based on the rules, the laws that have been established to allow for structure within creation, enough structure to allow the wide spectrum of creation to establish itself. And, the mind will observe and see patterns of this existence, and the evolving and awakening mind will see beyond the patterns, the energy and the force, the intelligence and the love, that drives this creation, that drives this existence.

And, beyond your mind, your consciousness will observe itself, will observe its connection to all of human consciousness, its connection to all of consciousness. It will continue to receive the realizations necessary, one step at a time.

Walk this path of self-realization, knowing that all functions of the mind are important, that certain functions of the mind are overactive, over-utilized, in this current societal construct. Understand that the mind is equal to the heart and to the body, as well as to the energetic-spiritual construct in its importance and value to your being. Every part of your being out of balance will bring the other parts out of balance.

Therefore, knowing the boundaries and the limitations of your mental construct, knowing and understanding the ways to rest, to recharge, and to realign, is a critical life lesson: learning to expand beyond the ego construct and the identity that you have established in this lifetime, learning to expand beyond the memories, the conditioning, the perspectives established in this lifetime, learning to expand beyond the past, the present, and the future, into a timelessness of existence. The capacities of your mental construct are not nearly utilized as available, yet in all the steps of the self-realization journey you will see and feel the capacities and the potentials of the awakening mind arising to its full potential.

This is our gift to you today. An adjustment of the mental construct to receive additional perspectives with ease, to experience life at a grander depth, to experience and witness yourself at a grander scale, all possible with the adjustments received today. Allow this to integrate into your being. Rest your mind after this transmission to receive its full benefit. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. Thank you for your trust. You will see the effects of this work within the next couple of days, they cumulative effects of all transmissions will spread across your life and your relationships. We are complete.

Greetings. I’m Emmanuel.

The many times that you have lived, you have received a new identity, a new ego construct, new surroundings, new relationships, new constellations of experiences and moments in time. Every single time your mental construct was re-established. The aspects of your energetic-spiritual construct remained, yet were cleared in order to provide a blank slate for the operations of this lifetime. The connection of your energetic-spiritual construct with your mind, the mental construct to operate in this physical plane, is therefore a newly established bond every single time you incarnate into human form.

While this bond is new, the conditioning, the experiences of this lifetime, establish new structures. The recognition of these structures established within the mind is part of the journey, is part of the self-realization, the dismantling of the structures established within this lifetime will lead you back to the original state of the bond created between your mind and your energetic-spiritual construct.

In this original state, you will see and experience all of your lifetimes ever lived, all moments ever experienced. You will start to see and understand yourself beyond the many identities that you have assumed in human form, the many moments that you have experienced, beyond past, present, and future, beyond the many relations that you have lived. Beyond the many circumstances that you have felt, you will see the true essence of yourself.

Therefore, the reflection of your mental construct, the contemplations within your mind, understanding who you are, understanding how you feel, understanding your identity of this lifetime in the way it has been constructed, the conditions, the relationships, the perspectives; dismantling all of these aspects of the mental construct will allow you to expand your perspective of yourself, and you will not lose your identity. Yet, the identity itself becomes a voluntary choice of operations in this human form.

You choose to assume the identity in any given moment, you choose to assume your ego-construct. You choose to assume the conditionings and the perspectives you have in this very moment. And, at other moments, you choose not to assume those perspectives and allow for an expanded and different perspective of reality to unfold. This is the power that is within you, yet restricted by the one single identity and ego-construct, the mental construct of this lifetime, waiting to be understood, waiting to be perceived and dismantled.

Dismantling, understanding — is not destruction. It is curiosity. It is compassionate observation — becoming consciously aware of who you are in all its details. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Greetings, Emmanuel. Where do thoughts come from? What is the origin?

The conscious observation of your moment includes information from your circumstances, as well as information from your memories, as well as instincts, that all through combined allow for thoughts to arise. It is a sense-making of the very moment. Beyond this very moment, thoughts can arise of any sort, of imaginary aspects of life. Thoughts become a stage for you to explore reality before it occurs.

A simulation, a field of creations and experiments, all within one aspect of your being — your mental construct. Thoughts allow the preconditioned testing of your movements and actions before executing and manifesting them into reality. It allows for you to prepare. It allows for you to survive, to experiment without the consequences of those experiments impacting your life.

Thoughts are, in their simplest form, calculations — calculations driven by the many forms and sources of information that you receive: all senses, memories, desires, emotions, and the physical form, your subconscious, your unconscious, as well as your energetic-spiritual construct. For some of you, information arrives from even further sources of existence. The human consciousness collective, even higher planes of consciousness of non-material kind will provide sources of information that will impact the thoughts that arise within you.

As you can see, many sources fuel the thoughts that arise, and the thoughts that arise become fuel for realizations themselves. Despite the simplest functions of thoughts to allow you to operate in this plane of existence, thoughts are the building blocks to complete experiences, to complete a deeper understanding of yourself, of existence, so that the self-realization journey can continue to move forward. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Greetings, dear Emmanuel. My daughter is among so many in the United States who are required by law to take psychiatric drugs. Do these drugs permanently alter a person’s mind? And, can you provide guidance to assist the many young people experiencing forced medication, and suggest ways to help bring about a new paradigm in mental health care?

The current understanding of the mental construct is limited within this society. Your knowledge is advancing very quickly, yet the mind itself stays a mystery. The full understanding of the mind will not occur within the final days of this iteration of mankind. Humanity will have to live with the idea that the mental construct will not be fully understood in its extended functions, in its full potential, in its full abilities.

The mental construct in its complex nature will eventually fall into and out of alignment on a regular basis. Many different circumstances will provide for the falling out of alignment, as well as the falling into alignment: environmental circumstances, nutrition, conditioning, as well as circumstances in energetics as well as relational nature — even emotional circumstances will lead to misalignments of the mental construct, technology will lead the misalignments of the mental construct. As you can see, [there are] plenty of sources to receive misalignments from.

The simplest and easiest way to get back into alignment is the immersion in nature. Nature, at its own pace, at its own frequencies, in its purest form, carries that which is necessary to provide and to fuel regular alignments of the mind. Societal constructs will not easily bring the mental construct that has misaligned back into alignment.

These misalignments have been categorized in order to understand, in order to find descriptions for each of these misalignments — most importantly, for the symptoms of the misalignments themselves. The true understanding, and the root causes of the misalignment is not fully understood, even though the symptoms might be the same. Therefore, one singular treatment that is focused on the symptoms can never address the multitude of root causes that are not understood, that are not fully visible and transparent to the human mind and the human technology at this current stage.

Humanity’s understanding of the mental construct and of the mind, the misalignments of the mind, the connection of all aspects of your being — the body, the heart, the mind, the energetic-spiritual construct, the impact of environmental circumstances, as well as the impact of the disconnect from this perfectly established nature — will become more and more prevalent. And, with this deeper understanding of the workings of the human mind, humanity will adjust its recommended treatments for the misalignments of the mind.

For you, the most important thing to understand is that it is, after all, your physical form, and your physical form is for you to navigate. Your ability to live within the compromises of a society will at times require you to abide by the rules established. This is the nature of a collective creating together, learning together, and making mistakes together.

Once your understanding of society expands, you may choose different societies. You may choose even to disconnect and connect with nature directly. You may choose groups and communities that are advancing at your level of understanding of the human existence, and different pockets of perspectives will be created in human existence. Governments, overruling ideas for all of humanity, will start to become frail. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Do you have any suggestions as to how to practice being present? I have a very chatty mind!

An overactive and over-utilized mind will remain in its continuous action. It will produce thoughts, images, visions, and continued commentary on the current moment. This overactive mind requires to be reminded of the resting states beyond the sleep state, the states between an active mind being utilized to operate in this world, and the state of being asleep. In between, there are indeed many states where the mind can rest.

You must experience the states all the way into the sleep state, where the mind will gradually reduce its operations. The frequency of the mind will lessen. You might consider the reduction of stimulants that provide an over-intensified functioning of the mind. You might consider the overstimulation of the mind through visual, audio, as well as interactions with other humans.

The stimulation of the mind will eventually force the mind to process the information and data that it has been given. At times, less information will allow you to find the resting states aside from the sleep state. Altered states, meditative states, States similar to this very one, where the mind’s operations are quieted, so that a new form of understanding and observation can be had. The silencing of the mind becomes an important skill in this continued evolution of your existence. On your self-realization journey, you will be required to master this ability of silencing the mind. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
For the past several months, I’m having intense fear running through my body for no obvious reason. And, my heart is beating irregularly. My nervous system is overloaded, and I wonder if I’ll survive. Is this in the mind? Is this me releasing wounds from the past? Or is it misalignments or resistance? What is causing this? And how can I heal?

Fears are connected to the observation of your environment: the exaggeration of situations that have happened in the past, which then turn into future projections. Fear, by itself, is merely a pointer and reminder that situations of the past left a mark, a mark to consider potential futures. Fear, in its extended expression becomes a driving force, and therefore a manifesting power of the future itself.

Collective fear often ties into the fear of the individuals, [bound] by the frequency of their operations. These clouds of collective fear move through societies. And, at times, collective fear will be expressed through all of those receiving and feeling their immediate and direct fellow humans at times, collective situations and circumstances, similar to the ones humanity is facing right now, will induce deep fears to arise to the surface for the collective fear to be ignited by a circumstance of society.

As you can see, it is a combination of memory, conditioning, your immediate needs, as well as the collective’s fear, the circumstances in which you are, all of which fuel the situation that you face. The present moment that is tainted by the fears, by the anxieties of a potential future, of a life threatening future. When you take a moment to breathe, this breath itself knows no fear. When you talk a moment to listen to your heart beat, you will understand that the heart beats, yet has no understanding of fear.

Your entire body operates the way it is needed to operate. The mind’s impulses delivered to the body are currently misaligned, therefore the mind is required to be quieted, silenced, and reassured that the present moment is indeed no threat, that the present moment is indeed a gift of life.

Situate yourself in a safe environment. Lie down, or sit. Imagine yourself to be one with the Earth. Receive the immense love, power and unconditional care of this earth for you With every breath, deepen your bond to this Earth and receive her love to all parts of your being. Continue until all of the fears of the future are absorbed by this Earth, and no longer an aspect of the mind. This is one of the many ways fears in the present moment can be realigned. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Do you have any guidance and wisdom to help me transcend my sense of separateness, to feel connected to others — human and nonhuman — and to the divine. I am making it known to beings of light and love that I need help in this.

In your journey of self-realization, the sense of separateness will indeed change. At certain milestones reached, the understanding of oneness becomes part of who you are. It becomes an intrinsic knowing. The mind cannot trick itself into feeling oneness. Therefore, the journey itself is to continue the contemplation, the observation, and the reflections of who you are, understanding all the various layers of your existence, the aspects of your ego-construct, the aspects of your memories, of your past, of your present, and of your future —all pieces of your being perceived from the many perspectives that you hold.

And, as you gradually increase the perspective to a higher plane of self-perception, you will start to see that you were never separate in the first place. Only your focal point has changed. This is the requirement changing perspective for a moment to understand the oneness of nature within you. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
When cognitive impairment occurs in a person who is advancing in age, is this due to misalignments of their being, or is there a different cause or reason? How can we best help one in this state, especially when they are in denial of their condition?

The decline of the mental construct is indeed a misalignment, an accumulation of multiple misalignments over the lifetime of an individual. This is a natural unfolding. For some individuals, it will be more difficult; for some individuals, the misalignments will not carry as much of an impact. For loved ones observing and experiencing the decline of the mental construct of those that are aging is indeed another form of learning love once again.

Who is the person that you once loved, when they are not the person that you can relate to? Can you see the soul inside of this person despite their current, current mental state? Can you continue to love them without them expressly returning your love, validating your love. It is indeed a challenge, and a request for you to increase your perspective of love, your understanding of love, and your ability to feel unconditional love for those that cannot respond accordingly and appropriately, for those in changing mental states, and in the decline of the mental construct.

Humanity’s understanding of the misalignments of the mind will increase over the next decades and will allow for better methods to bring forth alignment into the mental construct of those aging as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
You mentioned the importance of the skill of silencing the mind on the path to self-realization. How do we silence the mind in meditation? What advice do you have for us on how to practice this skill?

The operations of the mind will eventually subside. It is indeed a combination of breath, as well as rest, [and] conscious focus on a simple aspect of yourself. This could indeed be your breath. It could indeed be your heartbeat. It could indeed be the position of your body. It could be the few sounds that you hear. A simple focus will allow the mind operations to simplify, the frequency of the operation of the mind to reduce. And, with this reduction of the frequency, the state of the mind will change, which we refer to as “the silencing of the mind.”

Remember, many techniques have been developed by humanity to bring forth a silencing of the mind, yet often the impatience of the individual will win this battle over the knowledge that has been accumulated, and the perseverance that is required to truly find silence of the mind. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
What is the function of the mind in relationship to true presence? How do we truly take advantage of and surrender to the power within each moment?

In most operations in human form, the mind contemplates the circumstances of the very moment to plan into the next moments ahead. In its exaggerated form, in this current society in this current form, the mind will continuously operate within the past in order to project into the future. This continuous and extended operations into the future will omit the vast information, the vast expression of the present moment.

In the present moment, truly everything exists — and only then it does exist. The ability to bring forth your presence into the very moment requires for the operations of the mind to release of the experiences of the past, and of the projections of the future.

In the simplest way, observe and feel the very moment of your physical form — the sensations of this very moment, the breath of this very moment, the energy, the warmth, of this very moment — all these simple observations will bring your mind into the very moment.

By practicing this technique, your mind will be trained, and, with a request to become more present, you can become present in any interaction of your life. In an interaction in conversation with a loved one, and you can bring your attention first to the sensations of your body and your breath. You can bring your sensations of your entire environment, your observation and conscious awareness of the very moment in this interaction.

This is a special moment. It deserves all of your attention. This moment has everything available to you. And, from this moment, all future possibilities will expand. Your entire power accumulates and expands from this very moment. Knowing this, understanding and operating from this wisdom, will make you a well-established human being. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for listening to my words and thank you for receiving this work. It is our honor to deliver on our promise to humanity, our promise to you.

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