Elohim Transmission – The Activation of the Energy Body – November 7th

Greetings. We are Elohim.

In the course of this experience, remember: there is more to you than you can fully understand with the mind that you have been given. Comprehension of the entire construct of being human is not necessary to have the human experience, therefore, the limitations of the mind will inhibit the full understanding of your entire being, the recognition of who you are is beyond the mind itself. It is beyond the formulation of language.

The aspects of your being that are to be recognized, to be witnessed, and to be fully embraced once more, are beyond the comprehension of the mind, are beyond the sensations of the body, beyond the emotions of the heart. Yet, all parts of your being will be impacted by this expansion of your perception of who you are.

Your energetic-spiritual construct — the part of your being that brings all parts of who you are into this very human experience — is a critical aspect of your existence. The human form relies significantly on the functioning and the alignment of the energetic-spiritual construct. Your consciousness, your connection to the collective, your connection to higher realms, your connection to this construct of the Earth, are all dependent on the alignment of this energetic-spiritual construct, and, by itself, in true unison with nature, is self-regulating.

In societal experimentations, in humanity’s experimentations, this energetic-spiritual construct falls out of alignment. This also is part of the growth process of human experience. Your consciousness evolves through the experiences of recognizing your entire being, touching upon the way this energetic, spiritual construct impacts your life.

A deeper level of understanding, a deeper level of recognition, a deeper level of trusting that which is part of who you are, will bring forth a deeper alignment within you. Your mind, the connection to your entire consciousness, is intrinsically tied to the energetic-spiritual construct. Your heart, your emotions, all the experiences of emotional nature from this and previous lifetimes, your spiritual heart center, is intrinsically tied to your energetic-spiritual construct.

Your body is intrinsically tied to this energetic-spiritual construct of yours. Physical misalignments are a representation of the energetic-spiritual construct’s misalignments in the first place. All adjustments that occur on the energetic-spiritual construct will therefore have an effect on the mind, on the heart, as well as on the physical body that you hold. The adjustments that we provide are a gift from us to you, a deeper alignment that will allow for healing to occur. That will allow for growth to occur. That will allow you to expand beyond the immediate needs that arise from this human experience.

The needs of the mind, the needs of the heart, the needs of the body, once taken care of, once in alignment, will allow for a blossoming, an expansion of your consciousness beyond the immediate needs in human form. This expansion is the beginning of a journey that is often called the “awakening,” as well as the “self-realization journey” of the individual.

We support you in taking this journey, yet it is your journey to take. It is your exploration in all the ways your entire being has fallen out of alignment and is coming back into alignment. It is your desire, your devotion, and your dedication that drives this process forward. It is your courage and your faith in yourself that you are capable, you are strong enough, that you deserve this alignment, that you deserve the awakening and the self-realization in this lifetime, in this moment.

The degree to which you can open yourself up to receive, the degree to which you can open yourself up to fully integrate all that is being delivered to you from us, as well as from others around you, is the degree to which you will move forward.

The energetic-spiritual construct will play a critical role in your self-realization, not just the alignments that will occur, but also the activation of specific functions that are dormant until a deeper alignment is established, until a rising of your internal energy through the connection to external energies, just like the energy of the Earth, like the energy of higher realms, will eventually feel the activation and opening of these dormant functions of your being.

The activation of these functions will start to emerge one by one. First, it will make itself visible as an inner and deeper peace within, an inner strength, a vitality, an aliveness, and a deeper sense of love. Eventually, these functions will extend to a deeper understanding and realization of life itself — of your self, as well as of others — of existence and the purpose of existence in human form.

A deeper sense of inner knowing will emerge as a result of the activation of these dormant functions. Gifts will start to unfold as a by-product of this continued journey — gifts of sight, gifts of comprehension, gifts of knowing, gifts of self-healing and healing others, gifts of a deeper sense of presence — a presence that can only be reached when in the deepest alignment of your being.

The journey itself will bring forth many obstacles — the obstacles of the mind, the obstacles of your heart, the obstacles of the body, the obstacles of your relationships and your environment. And in the moment of facing these obstacles, we will be present with you. In the moment of experiencing the challenge you will learn to observe. You will learn to witness without judgment. You will learn to see with the eyes of the universe. You will learn to hear with the eyes of the universe, the collective sees and experiences through you, and through you the collective learns and realizes.

The challenges become no longer relevant, and eventually diminish and disappear. An opening, and the sense of liberation becomes apparent — an invitation to make another step forward on this journey that you’re on. This is the way the human construct has been designed to allow for the greatest learnings to occur, to allow for the evolution and the self-realization of your consciousness to occur.

The experience in human form is indeed a learning, an evolution, a growth and self-realization process. You are meant to experience all aspects of the human form. All emotions, all challenges, all difficulties, even the most challenging aspects of human experience are part of the plan and the design of the human form. The harder the challenges, the more powerful the learning, the realization — for yourself and for those around you, for the collective — so that the collective reaches a sense, a level of maturity.

The collective’s maturity becomes the signifier to complete this cycle in human form. It becomes the milestone for the human experience to complete its purpose. In this current state of human affairs, you have come to a significant level of awareness, to a significant level of maturity. Even [though] in your judgments, others may have not come to that place of maturity, the polarity that you experience is the result of the strong evolution that humanity has come to.

The biggest challenges can only be faced with strong desire to evolve, with a strong readiness to emerge from the challenges as the evolved collective consciousness that you are. Unification will occur once all aspects of the human experience have been embraced, understood, and realized into learning — even the experiences of the previous generations, the unprocessed emotions of the past.

Unprocessed learnings of the past will come to this very moment, with this current generation alive, to come into realization. The karmic cycles that continue to deliver the human experience, generations over generations, will become no longer relevant, and will complete the purpose. The journey to this level of maturity and evolution will take souls and individuals like yourselves to embrace the journey, to dedicate themselves to this awakening process, to this self-realization process, as only through your evolution the collective can evolve.

Thank you for receiving this work. This alignment will serve its purpose in your life. Thank you for opening your hearts and your minds to be part of the self-realization of the human collective.

Thank you for receiving this work. Our work is complete. You will see the benefits of this alignment unfold in various ways in your life. All parts of you being a subject to be impacted by this adjustment that you have received. Not all adjustments and benefits need to be fully understood by the mind, yet eventually will be felt by your entire being, even those around you.

Your environment will recognize the shifts arising. Some of the shifts that you experience may bring forth emotions, thoughts, and memories; pains from the misalignments within your life that have not fully processed and finalized. Allow that which arises to be with you, and you will witness in the way your entire being will process that which arises, one step at a time.

Pushing that which arises away — resistance to growth — is unnatural. The nature of your being will demand evolution, will demand growth, will demand healing. Allow this healing, growth, and evolution to occur by being present, by being open and willing. Thank you for receiving this work.

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