Transmission Series – Week #6: The Magnificence of You – June 13th

Greetings, I’m Raphael. In this human journey, you will experience the spectrum of emotions, the spectrum of thoughts, judgments, and opinions, according to your environment, according to your society’s understanding of life, according to your upbringing, the understanding of life of your lineage. You will further develop your own understanding of life, often based on the foundation that you have received.

While these foundations serve an important purpose of allowing you to navigate through this human form and through this human life, a point in your life comes where the foundations require to shift. A deeper, a stronger, and even more complete foundation will be established for your understanding of yourself, for your understanding of life, of existence, and of love.

This newly established foundation will also be the foundation for the expansion of your consciousness for you to reach an even higher potential of your own being, a higher potential in this very human form that you have been gifted, a form that comes in its pure blueprint; a mind, and the heart that arrives in this iteration of your life, a body that arrives in this iteration of life, perfect in its establishment. Even with the imperfections that you perceive, it is perfect for the purpose that it’s meant to serve for your growth and for your awakening.

All that has been learned can no longer be a core belief of your existence. All that has been learned and understood has served you to [get to] where you are right now. You have received well from the past, from the knowledge and from the experiences of others and yours. And, here you are in the present moment, intrinsically desiring to expand, intrinsically ready for a new foundation.

You will receive this work with an open heart and an open mind, allowing this gift of ours, to you, to impact you fully, to redefine how you perceive yourself, to redefine how you perceive others, to redefine how you perceive this gift of life in this very form.

The adjustments that you will receive will allow you to perceive and observe the past in a less judgmental way, in a less interpreted way. And, the attachments that you have, the beliefs that have been established, will still be present, yet they will no longer direct who you are, to become the full potential of your being.

Your ability to observe yourself, others, and humanity, will expand beyond your comprehension, beyond your imagination, and you will start to see these, the benefits of this work, in all the ways possible within a human form — mental and emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, energetic and spiritual presence of your own — a strength, a power, and a flow that you have not felt before. This is within reach for you. For this, you have made the first step, the first choice.

Life as you know it will continue to change, and will continue to challenge, yet how will you stand amidst the change and the challenges of life? Will you observe with grace? Will you receive with open arms? Will you be grateful for even the most difficult moments of your life? Will you perceive all that has occurred in your life as perfect, to provide you growth, to provide you this very moment.

This is the perfection of your existence, the magnificence that lies within you, the magnificence that is provided through this human experience.

You are the one that lives this life, and the choices will always be yours. You are the one to observe all that arises, that acts and reacts. You are the one that chooses to create; you are the one that chooses to destroy — all within the possibilities of this life, and the consequences of all your actions will be felt by yourself and by others. This is the way this human life is established.

You will learn from the consequences that you observe. You will understand more about life itself, about yourself and about existence. You will adjust your behaviors. You will adjust those parts of you seemingly rigid and solidified. Your thoughts and emotions will adjust your habits and behaviors will adjust. Even your physicality will adjust. All parts of you are truly possible to change, to return to a state of purity and alignment.

Thank you for listening to these words and for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have received this work as a part of you is ready, ready to expand, ready to awaken, ready to be this pillar of light, a pillar of love, a conduit of this infinite Love of Creation that flows through all of existence. Yet, for this occurrence to happen, you must see and understand all aspects of yourself — even the aspects that you have forgotten, suppressed, and denied, the aspects of you that are hidden, the aspects of you that carry shame and guilt, anger, and sadness, grief, and sorrow, despair — all aspects of you are to come to [the] surface for you to embrace who you are in your totality.

All aspects of your past, all aspects of your relationships, all aspects of your lineage, all aspects of your past lives, everything that has influenced who you are, every interaction, every relationship, every thought, and every emotion, all of you, for you to observe for you to embrace that this is you.

Even with all the meaning that you have attached, the parts of who you are, the parts of your past and presence; this is you, and this is your life — even the experiences that seem meaningless, the relationships that seem abusive, even the aspects of yourself that you have not learned to love.

Who you are in totality is perfect. Who you are in totality is magnificent. All of you makes the very person that is here right now, the present representation of your being. While you might carry judgment on elements of yourself, while you might carry shame and guilt and hold on to the experiences of the past, of being a victim or a villain, the oppressor and the oppressed, the abuser and the abused — in between, the savior, the helper, the healer, the fixer — all of those roles that you have played, Divinely orchestrated and perfect.

Embrace these truths from the place that you are in right now, embrace the beauty that you are with all aspects considered. Allow those tears to flow that have not flowed in a while. Allow the feelings to arise that have not risen before. And, see the flow of your being process and observe, remove your conscious mind from this experience. Let the flow of this energy clear the pathways to your awakening and to your self realization.

You are. This is the truth to hold. “You are” includes all aspects of you, not just the ones that you have declared as positive or beneficial to others, but also the destroyer, also the dark that has been hidden within you, the shadows of your emotions, the shadows of your thoughts, the shadows of your actions, buried deeply inside of you.

Only when you embrace all elements of who you are will you truly be free, will you truly be present in the very moment. Only then will this infinite Love of Creation flow through you without obstruction, without barriers and resistance. Only then will you arrive at a new chapter of your life.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can I best serve my clients as a healer? How do I strike the balance between guiding healing and teaching, versus detaching and allowing them their path and experience?

In human interaction and guidance there is an aspect of yourself that will always be present for the other individual. Understand and differentiate for yourself — which parts of you are the ones that are speaking? Is it the part that is educated, knowledgeable, intuitive? Is it the part that is your conscious mind and truly observing presence in a non-dual state, allowing the individual in front of you to be as they are in their totality and in their perfection? The first step will be to allow them to be as they are, fully embraced, understood, and loved.

A deep presence will be required for this. Beyond this experience, you will start to see an immediate shift in the individual. Once the energy that is suppressed can flow now through them, without the barriers that they have established for themselves.

At this point, you may ask what is arising for them? What is it that wants to be said and done from a deeper and expanded perspective of the present moment? Some of the guidance that they will receive by themselves, the realizations that they will see by themselves will provide the magnitude that is required for transformation and for sustainable expansion.

You may choose to provide your perspective as a matter of relating, as a matter of allowing them to understand that the process that they are in is expected, usual and within the boundaries of a human experience. Ultimately all of your knowledge, all of your wisdom, and the totality of your presence will be transmitted in the moment. Words will only be a small portion of that transmission. Energy, understanding, love, connecting them to a higher truth, will be through your presence. Thank you for your service. And thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I am having a lot of difficulty with my 10 year old son. He has so much anger and says he doesn’t want to live, and I don’t know why or how I can help him. Can you please provide some guidance?

Some individual souls that have arrived in this human form have not experienced the human form for a longer period. They are souls of maturity beyond the material form, returning into the material form to assist humanity, to assist all of those that are ready to receive. Your son is such a soul.

His experience of the human form, the limitations, yet the beauty that it provides; the state of humanity that he is connected to that he experiences, the complications of emotions, the complex nature of relationships, of conditional love. All of these aspects are challenging his being.

You, as a guardian, as a parent, have one single responsibility: to provide presence and protection until the soul is fully able to walk this path by themselves. You provide this presence with love, unconditional love, even love for their anger — all that they’re feeling in the moment. It might be very well their own feelings combined with the feelings of humanity.

Allow your son to express his emotions in a safe way. Allow him to let this energy flow through him. See the beauty and the power that he carries as a soul, the service that he will provide by merely being here. Once your perspective shifts of seeing him beyond who he is as a son, once you start to see the true essence that he carries, the power that lies within him, you will have an increased amount of compassion for the state that he’s in, and this compassion will be the foundation for your relationship and for his expansion. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I was told by some teachers that my gifts would not come forward until my vessel’s lower energies have been consciously cleared. At the same time, I have seen many light workers receiving their gifts for healing others, yet I observe them doing very human, angry actions, full of judgment and disregard for other emotions. What is the truth about the divine timing when we receive our gifts, in relation to the subconscious still running in our worlds?

Every individual’s gifts, and the expression of these divine gifts, requires a different balance within them, a specific set up, a specific foundation for a specific gift to arrive and to expand. Some individuals will consciously choose to have a deeper level of purity before the gifts arise.

As you have witnessed the consequences of receiving gifts before purification arises, will bring forth complications, will bring forth difficulties and actions that are not truly serving from the gift itself. Your journey is yours. Their journey is theirs. Your gifts will arise when the alignment within you holds the right foundation for the gift to come, as every gift requires a different foundation.

You are on the right path. Release your judgements of others’ actions and of others’ paths. Embrace your path as yours, surrender your heart and your mind, your entire being, to your purification, to your expansion, and you will see the gifts arise at the right time for the right purpose. First and foremost, embrace the totality and the beauty of yourself. Embrace the totality and the beauty of others, including their imperfections, including the ways that they do not serve to the standards that you have established for yourself, that you have established for service in the world. Your expression will be different. Theirs is the way it is. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What role do animals play in the awakening of consciousness? Specifically, I wonder about the suffering and souls of animals born into factory farms. Thank you so much.

All aspects of your reality, including the consciousness forms that are within this ecosystem, provide for the learning of human consciousness. This agreement was established as the ecosystems were created. Plants and animals serve equally the ecosystem and you. Humanity’s actions, misunderstanding this agreement, this gift of nature, is an important learning and realization process in humanity’s growth, in humanity’s evolution.

All actions that are established without the right understanding, the right appreciation and embrace of the gifts that are provided will bear consequences. The consequences are felt within the human body. The consequences are felt in the environmental impact that humanity’s actions have created. These consequences must become teachers; opportunities to learn, opportunities to adjust, and you will already see that some of these adjustments are occurring. Humanity’s actions will change. Some of the change will happen organically. Some of the change will happen in an accelerated form.

In this state, you observe and you provide your perspective to other humans about your realizations. The emotions may serve, yet may also deter and create separation. Bring forth your realizations with passion and compassion. Allow others to come to the same realization of the consequences of human action on nature, on animals, on plants, on all organisms alive.

This environment truly serves you. It is a gift. Gifts are to be embraced. Gifts are to be treated with love, with the same love that they have arrived in your being, in your reality. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
I have learned that the children that are born now come with the “crystal energy.” Is this so? I was invited to “upgrade” my aura into this crystal energy. Would this be beneficial for me and other adults?

Those that are born into the human form at this time truly carry a different level of consciousness. The frequency, the connections, as well as the established foundation of their presence, is truly different than the previous generations. This will impact humanity in ways not fully embraced and comprehended, yet the new generations will play a significant role in humanity’s awakening and Ascension process.

You, as a previous and present generation, will receive the adjustments and the expansions necessary for your consciousness to evolve, impacted by everything that is occurring on this plane right now. This will include the new generation’s impact on you, the frequency that they bring, and the presence that they bring. Your evolution will be on its own development, on its own track.

Release your idea of having to do a specific thing of this regard. While it may be beneficial for your evolution to connect to this consciousness of the new generations, to the presence of the new generations, you operate at a different level, and for your consciousness to evolve to that frequency, it will require continuous observation, continuous surrender, and continuous expansion of your consciousness, the purification of the elements that have been provided to you by previous generations, by society and by your many lives before.

Focus on what is in front of you right now. What is right in your heart? What is right in your mind? What is right now in your field of presence, and allow for a deeper presence to occur. You will see the necessary practices and methods, the necessary devotion and determination will arise in the very moment, and you will follow that arising path until it is complete, and the new expansion will start, a new chapter of your evolution will unfold. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you explain the term “pillar of light”? I understand it on a conceptual level, but what does this mean on a biological and experiential level? Thank you.

A pillar of light is an individual that has determined to be in service to humanity, that has understood that their level of presence, their level of opening, their level of carrying this Love of Creation will make a difference within themselves, within others, and within humanity. They have agreed to be a vessel of this light and of this Love of Creation, to continuously provide without obstruction, without the barriers established inside of them, to continuously align, to continuously purify, to continuously provide through presence, as well as through the gifts that arise within them.

A pillar of light continuously is on the journey of self realization, and through their journey, others benefit. At parts of that journey, the pillar of light may choose to be in active service — active service of applying the gifts that arise, of applying the realizations that arise. And at times a pillar of light may choose to retreat, to expand even further and to deepen its own relationship with itself, its own relationship with humanity and all of existence. This is our perspective of this definition of a pillar of light. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How can I connect to my spiritual guide or guardian angel?

Purify all aspects of your being: your mind, your heart, your body, and your energetic, spiritual construct. Continuously seek to align and energize all elements of your being. This will require determination and devotion. It will require effort. Establishing this foundation is an important element in the expansion of your consciousness.

As your consciousness expands, you will start to reach other planes of consciousness of non-material kind. The immediate and the closest non-material planes are in this plane that you exist, the earth plane itself. Non-material beings of nature will be the first ones to reach — animal consciousness, plant consciousness, and all forms of non-material consciousness that provide the ecosystems necessary for the earth plane to exist in balance.

As your consciousness continues to rise and expand, with the necessary alignments within, with the necessary energy within, you will start to reach higher planes of consciousness, planes of human form that has lived before and is now serving from a higher perspective, from a higher frequency, often referred to as Ascended Masters.

You will start to reach even higher planes of consciousness, other civilizations that have reached non-material form, other beings, deities, forms of consciousness that have had connection and continue to have connection with the human form. As your consciousness further expands you will start to reach even higher frequencies that are the frequency at which other forms of consciousness operate. This journey requires patience. This journey requires self-love, requires compassion, requires effort, requires a soft focus, a quiet of your mind, and a quiet of your heart, a well nourished and healthy physical being.

All of these aspects will be the fundamentals necessary for the expansion of your consciousness, which in return will bring forth the communication, the guidance, and the connections that you seek. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How does one manage and balance spirituality and religion?

The religions of this current iteration of mankind have served an important role, and continue to serve in their own way. Religions have provided constructs of living, constructs of relating, principles and values. Religions have provided stories to understand, and to remember the self realization journey. Religions have provided the perspectives on purification of the mind, of the heart, and of the body. Religions have provided the perspectives on quieting the mind, quieting the heart, on creating a healthy relationship with yourself and with others. Religions have created the physical constructs to reconvene, to convene together, to gather and connect, to establish community, to place intention, to place prayer.

As you can see, the benefits are expansive, and still very valuable for humanity. The spiritual journey of the individual is truly an individualized journey. The spiritual experiences of yourself can exist within your relationship with the religious constructs, the organizations that hold authority over the religions themselves may not fully understand the extent of all spiritual experiences possible within a human being. This will be your moment to choose, to disclose your experiences and continue the expansion of your being.

Continue your connection and observation of the religions that you have chosen in a way that suits your needs, in a way that is resonant with your being, with your heart, and your mind. We do not see religion and spirituality as mutually exclusive. We see both aspects beneficial to each other, and to your growth.

While religion is not required in the self-realization journey of the individual existing constructs of past generations might truly be of service for the self realization journey of the individual. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
I am concerned about my husband. He’s very stressed and overloaded by his work and is experiencing pain in his chest. How can he find better balance? Can you deliver a message for him?

Work — the relationship to work has defined who he is. It has become a part of his identity to receive love in a certain way, even if it means self destructive behaviors arise. This is the way he understood to receive love, and to be worthy of love. This behavior will continue until it is apparent and clear that this path no longer serves.

When this point is reached, his conscious mind will demand a realignment, a readjustment on this perspective of love, how love is received, how worthiness is achieved. This realignment will occur within this lifetime, and it may require your assistance, yet understand and see with compassion the journey that he’s on in understanding himself, in understanding his love for himself, in understanding society’s and the universe’s love for him.

His journey is discovering love in all his ways, discovering who he is at his deepest essence. Some of these journeys will include painful and challenging experiences to come to that realization, to come to that breaking point of understanding that something must change — a realignment of the mind, a realignment of the heart and a realignment of one’s actions, behaviors, and habits. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
How does human consciousness differ from the consciousness of plants, animals, and other beings on this plane?

Human consciousness was seeded with a specific purpose, the purpose to move to non-material planes, to expand and to grow in a specific way through actions and reactions. It was established with the ability to self-realize, the ability to reach higher planes of consciousness, to connect and to experience beyond the human form itself, the animal and plant forms of consciousness, as well as other forms of consciousness to serve this ecosystem of the earth plane were established in similar ways, yet with certain limitations.

Animal consciousness and plant consciousness will therefore not come to self-realization as they already are — they are fully awakened and connected beings in their existence, perfect and established. This is for you to remember, to see, observe, and to learn; presence, for you to understand that you are nature. That realization is a journey that will lead to true nature of yourself, a deep understanding, a deep presence — similar to the way that you experience nature.

When the Ascension process is complete, the service that the plant and the animal forms of consciousness have provided will complete its purpose, as the material form will complete its purpose, and humanity will start to learn and expand in different ways. Different relationships and connections will be established in humanity’s expansion. Once it has arrived in non-material form, these relationships will equally be teachers. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
In the past, I’ve experienced terrible physical and mental suffering, including anxiety, even fear I might go crazy. With my path now, I feel it is important to face my shadows, however I am resistant to opening to them, as I am fearful that by opening these, they will rise again. How do I get past that?

With compassion for yourself and your journey, embracing all parts of you, all aspects of your past, is understood to be a difficult request, yet it is a request that is necessary for your self-realization. The feelings that have not been felt, the fears that the pain might return, the fears of past experiences will hold you hostage in this current state that you’re in.

An expansion of your being can only occur if the foundations upon which you currently operate are dismantled, observed, and realigned. In moments like these, you may surrender to look at some of the aspects of your past, to feel some of the feelings that have not been felt, to let these feelings go through you once and for all, to change your perspective of the past, to become a loving perspective, the perspective of embracing the teacher that the past has been for you, in all the ways it has provided, with gratitude and love for all the teachers that have brought pain, for all that has occurred, no matter how difficult it has been, understanding that there is a gem within each experience, an important realization.

These realization will always lead back a deeper understanding of your existence. This is the path to self-realization. This is the path of expansion. Make use of all the ways, the methods and practices humanity has developed, the ones that you trust to hold you in this way as you go to the darkest places of your being, to release what no longer serves for the path ahead. Thank you for your question and thank you for the dedication.

Question #12:
When I was younger, I used to have a non-physical entity impose its presence on me in my sleep. Who was it? And why did that happen?

Individuals that have come into this lifetime with a specific purpose often carry a signature, a presence that is visible in the non-material world. This presence that you have experienced has seen you, your light, and that which it seeks, absolution, change and transformation. Your light was its hope for its own transformation, for its own expansion.

It was the non-material presence of a past human being, a being that had not completed its past lifetime, and therefore remained in non-material presence on this earth plane. Its completion was eventually established. Part of it was through your unconscious presence, through the light of your being, allowing it to transform, allowing it to find its way once again. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have provided for your own awakening, for your own path to self-realization. We are honored to be part of this journey and support you in all the ways that we can.

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