Transmission Series – Week #6: The Magnificence of You – June 10th

NOTE: You will find part II of the video at the bottom of this transcript.

Greetings. I’m Raphael. You have come into existence into this particular human form, a form that was developed and created, including the environment, to sustain this form, including the mechanisms, to include a specific type of consciousness, a specific type of soul-container in this human form.

It was established with detail, with the knowledge accumulated over many previous versions, material forms of many kind, human forms of many kind. This form that you experience is the culmination of the accumulated knowledge over millions of years of experimentation, of trial, of failure, of adjustment, to bring forth an experience that would serve the individual’s soul that arrives in this human form. It would serve the consciousness that the soul-container holds, and it would serve all of consciousness through the establishment and the growth of this particular newly established and seeded consciousness, your human consciousness.

You have chosen to be in this experience, the part of you that is beyond your identity of this lifetime, the part of you that is beyond your perception – the essence, the soul container.

The human experience — an important and valuable material form to learn and to grow, to play and to be present. Rules and conditions were established in order to provide this experience with a beginning and then an end, at least for an iteration, with the opportunity to continue through new identities and new iterations of your own choosing — situations, constellations, relationships, emotions, and particular experiences important for your own development, important and relevant for the development of the collective — as through you, the entire collective learns as through you; the entire collective sees, feels, and expands.

You have risen to this very moment through many experiences of the past, experiences you have deemed to be difficult, negative, positive, and navigating through these experiences; seemingly random, seemingly uncontrollable, and sometimes seemingly under control. The moment of the experience itself carries enough wisdom to fill an entire lifetime with knowledge, with learnings and realizations. All the moments in one lifetime can bring significant realization to the individual soul-container, as well as to the collective.

You are therefore an extension of human consciousness. You are therefore an extension of the soul group that you derive from. You are therefore an extension of all of consciousness, extending into this life, this person that you have become: at your core an individual being, a collective being, and an eternal being, momentarily, having a temporary experience. This experience provides for you. This form provides for you, the environment established, this Earth, this universe, provides for you. All relationships provide for you — your body, your heart, your mind, your energetic-spiritual construct — all provide for you so that you can have this experience, extraordinary yet established with precision, with detail, beyond your comprehension, beyond your imagination.

Embrace the power that lies within you, that lies in this provided experience — the beauty of detail, the connection experienced in relationships, the spectrum of emotions, human touch, human love, the beauty of thought and creativity, the understanding of logic, rationale, science, structure and chaos, philosophy, ethics, morals — all elements available to you, ready to be explored at any given moment.

You are the one choosing your experience, choosing the feelings to feel, choosing the thoughts to think, choosing the places to go, choosing the things to eat, choosing the movements to make; it is all yours. This is the magnificence of human life, the beauty of presence within the vast spectrum of experiences, learning and understanding, all of you culminating into this very moment.

You have come into this experience, into this very moment, also by choice. You have come, as a part of you is seeking, as a part of you is expanding — curiosity and awe, an inner calling, an intrinsic desire to expand as a consciousness, to learn and comprehend beyond what is already understood and comprehended.

The work that we will provide to you will support in this expansion of your consciousness. It will allow for understanding, for realizations beyond mind and beyond the heart, a deeper intuitive [knowing], a deeper essential knowing within yourself, a deeper alignment, to provide a deeper presence for you in this human experience. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have received this work due to your readiness, due to your willingness to expand, to grow and to evolve as an individual human being, as an individualized soul container, as well as a part of a collective. The awakening of mankind is your awakening, and your awakening is the awakening of humanity. This critical point of evolution will make you understand many aspects of being human in ways that you have never fully understood.

The realizations will be vast: a deeper understanding of your emotions, a deeper understanding of your past, of your present, and the expectations that you have set for the future, a deeper understanding of relationships — most importantly, to yourself, your relationship with this body, with this identity, with this heart and mind of yours — a deeper understanding of your essence, the part that is within you continuously, yet rarely accessible to fully understand, to witness and observe. Yet your consciousness is capable of truly understanding all aspects of yourself.

For this exploration, first, other parts of your being must be explored and understood: The quieting understanding of the heart, an exploration of the emotional landscape, especially the emotions that have not been felt expressed and completed, the emotions deeply buried, the emotions stuck in darkness. The aspects of your mind, the thoughts of the conscious, the thoughts of the subconscious and the unconscious mind, the memories of the past, all the imprints of previous generations, the imprints of education, the imprints of experiencing this reality, a deeper understanding of this physical form – that beyond operating in this physical reality – allows for the connection of emotions, mental capacity, as well as the energetic-spiritual construct, all combined into this very moment, all accessible to you.

Some of this exploration will require effort, effort and prioritization, time to assign to silence, time to assign to a deeper inquiry inside. As you come to a deeper understanding of yourself, the parts of you that you can perceive, that you can experience, you will start to get a deeper understanding of who you are beyond the immediate expression of yourself, a deeper understanding of your essence, a deeper understanding of previous lives you have lived a deeper understanding of the soul-container that you carry within you, a deeper understanding of your connection to the human collective, and even further, a deeper understanding of the connection to all collectives, to all of consciousness. This is the power that lies within you.

How will this exploration and this inquiry serve you? How will these realizations that you will gain serve you? The answer is for you to find out, yet you will not be disappointed — even with the challenges that you will face, even with the darkness that you may have to uncover, even with the balance that you must eventually find within yourself, even with all the processes, the observations and the realizations to be had — you will see the peace that will arise within you, the expanded view of yourself.

Your expanded view of the human collective will provide a presence, a fulfillment in human form rarely experienced. This will then often turn into service. Your presence will become your service to humanity, to all your relations. And, as gifts arise within you — the gift of sight, the gift of sensitivity, the gift of realization, the gift of vision, the gift of alignment — all of these gifts that arise within you will be yours to apply to the evolution and the support of others’ growth.

While this is not a requirement, it will be intrinsically clear within you if this is the path for you to walk. You have chosen this life to learn important and specific lessons, even the learning experiences themselves are perfect in their unfolding; even difficult experiences that you see feel complete are perfect in their unfolding. You may judge your reactions, your actions and inactions, harder than higher consciousness ever will.

The important aspects of the experience is that you, and all that were involved, have the opportunity, and will take the opportunity, to learn, to realize, and expand, from this particular experience. An experience created by your magnificent presence is magnificent in its inherent nature; a sacred moment, a sacred interplay in the sacred creation.

You will start to embrace all moments — moments of the past, the bitter moments, the sad moments, the angry moments, and the happy moments — all of them you will see as gifts, eternal, perfect, and sacred in the beauty and the depth that they provide. Explore this space, explore this perspective that I have provided to you, see your resistance and explore your resistance. Understand in which ways conditioning has defined your perspective of reality, in which ways conditioning has defined your principles, your constructs of good and bad.

Explore and expand your perspective, allow yourself to become all-knowing, all-feeling, and all-seeing. Allow the totality of all experiences to become one within you, the totality of all feelings as a possibility within you, the totality of all thoughts as a possibility within you. Expand who you are in all the ways you can. You will see the benefits of this expansion, the impact it will have on your life, the impact it will have on other people’s lives, and, through you, in the lives of all human beings.

You are the gift to humanity. You are perfect in your creation. You are perfect in all the actions that you have taken, and all the actions you have not. You are perfect in all the feelings that you have felt, and all the feelings that you have not. You are perfect in all the realizations you have had, and the realizations to be had.

Allow this particular realization to arrive in the center of your being, the perfection that you are, in all the ways that you have been created and have created yourself.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
When I think of the magnificence of me, I start to wonder, what is the soul-container? How old is it? Are soul-containers the same construct across different consciousness collectives, or are they different in ages and designs?

The soul-container is a momentary container for the energetic essence that you carry. The soul-containers established for the human experience are indeed different in their form and capacity than soul-containers established for other humanoid or material forms.

The soul-container required for a specific material experience will be established and infused with the actual essence, the energetic makeup of your being, whichever collective you derive from. This soul container will be yours until all of human experience is complete. The learnings will be transferred from the soul-container into your essence.

Upon the completion of the human experience, you may choose to return, fully completing the human form. Your essence, the realizations within you, will then bring forth realizations for the consciousness that you derive from. The learnings will be embedded into the continuous growth of your origin; and so, the cycle continues.

Individualized souls can choose another form of experience that is established, a continued exploration of life in material and non-material form. This is the way this construct is established. The age of the soul-container can only be perceived by the construct of its origin. In this case, a humanoid soul-container will live through the many iterations in human form, and will eventually be terminated as no longer necessary.

It has served to bind and connect your essence of origin with the human consciousness, into the human experience itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Emmanuel, if we are human consciousness, what consciousness are you? Are you physical or nonphysical? And do we humans have access to your consciousness?

We no longer exist in a material form, yet we have the opportunity and the choice to enter a human experience. The access to our form of consciousness is rare, yet possible. It requires both parts to agree to this type of connection, as similarly established within this host, the authorization from our form of consciousness, as well as the intrinsic desire and the continued effort of his soul to access the higher realms in agreement to serve human consciousness in a specific way, as you experience today.

Other forms of consciousness are truly accessible with the human consciousness. You can expand into higher as well as lower realms of existence, most predominantly, the experience of the non-material planes within the human plane of existence. Many lineages have explored these type of connections, the connection of human consciousness to other forms of non-material consciousness, as well as to other forms of material consciousness on this plane, as in animal and plant consciousness.

These connections are possible within you. It will require quieting of the mind, quieting of the heart, the ability of the physical form to hold this extended reach of your consciousness. It may require continued practice as it is indeed a form of skill, a form of art. Navigating the non-material existence and other forms of consciousness while in human form is truly an important element of your evolution. Many more of you will start to experience unusual forms of expansion, dream and trance-like states, experiences with non-material forms, experiences with higher realms, experiences with lower realms. A deeper exploration of your abilities is within reach. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Humans have created oppression, torture, and white supremacy. What is the purpose of evil and suffering perpetrated onto each other with regards to humanity and the collective evolution?

Only in the existence of the darkest dark can the brightest light be seen. The difficult experiences of humankind, the challenges, the wars, the conflict, the death and destruction, living in spectrum with the beauty, the light, the love creation and connection. This is all part of your experiential form.

Humanity may experience all of these, dark and light, to learn to evolve. Sometimes evolution will require destruction. Sometimes evolution will require pain, death, and challenge. Sometimes evolution will require love, connection, growth, and light.

As you can see, evolution is fueled by the spectrum of experiences. Evolution is fueled by variety. Evolution is fueled by comparing the light and the dark to find harmony in the center of all of creation. The wider, the experiences apart from each other, the stronger the balance that is found in the center, the more valuable the presence and the present moment becomes. As the promise – as the present moment signifies the center that has been found within.

Within creation and destruction, you exist in this very moment. Within chaos and order, you have found a balance within. This is the beauty, even in the most difficult to see and observe creations of humankind, and of this reality. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How can we ask angels for guidance in our day to day life? How do we know their responses?

The first step will be for you to come to a place of center for your mind and your heart to be as clear as it can, for you to surrender as much as you can. In this surrender, open your heart and open your mind. Allow for the intention to arise, the intention to communicate, the intention to be heard, and to listen. This will be the first step. You may require to do this step many times until it is established. The questions and the desires that you pose will be heard. You will eventually be able to hear the responses as well. Some responses will be wisdom, guidance, and direction. Some responses will be felt and intuited. Some responses will come into manifestation into your reality, yet it will require for you to keep your eyes and your mind open, to see the changes of your environment upon your requests.

This is the power that lies within you understand that not all desires and wants will be responded to. The importance of learning supersedes the desires of comfort, the desires of wealth, the desires of ease. Your realization, the growth of your being, is the single most important aspect of your evolution. As you commit yourself to this evolution, all other aspects will start to come into place, and the life that you desire, that you want — a life of alignment, a life of growth — will be yours. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
It seems like our bodies and energy are going through quite a change during this time. Can you elaborate?

The cosmological changes that your plane is currently undergoing have started to increase the frequency on this plane. The frequency increase will start to increase the frequency of the individual energetic bodies. Everything on this plane operates by frequency, vibration, and energy.

You operate at a certain frequency, all parts of you — all cells, all vessels, your energetic body, your mind, and your heart, your emotions, all thoughts — operate at certain frequencies. As the frequencies rise, the physical, the energetic, emotional, and mental constructs will be challenged. The challenge is the change of the environment. The energetic change, this rise in frequency will stretch your capacities as an energetic being, your capacities as a physical, emotional, and mental being, it will bring forth all the elements that operate still within a lower frequency in your body, in your heart, as well as in your mind.

All aspects of human consciousness will start to come to surface that have been suppressed, ignored, and forgotten. This will be the same with you. What are the elements that were left behind seemingly completed, yet still present. Allow for all elements of your being to come to the surface in the rise of these frequencies.

For you to truly embrace the change of frequency in your environment, you must surrender, you must observe, and you must process all that arises. Some of the elements that you will process will not be yours, it will be elements of the collective, and that, too, will be your — and everyone else’s — responsibility. This is the way human consciousness will evolve through the time of change. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
When humans pray to “God” or “source,” who is hearing our prayers and how are they answered, if at all?

All prayers, all thoughts, all emotions are recorded, are heard. The limitations on what kind of action will be taken on the thoughts, on the prayers, and [on the] intentions set, varies from situation to situation, from individual to individual. Certain individuals will be able to create their own reality based on their own intentions, as this reality that is established allows for the individual to be a creator themselves. The creator of your own reality, based on your ability to surrender to the abilities of this environment to provide for you. Therefore, your prayers will be to yourself, prayers of creating the life that you require in order to expand, to evolve, and to create.

Some prayers and intentions will be set for higher consciousness. Higher consciousness will evaluate the current circumstances that you are in, the circumstances that are important for you to experience — an important realization to be had, an important discomfort to be felt, an important experience to be completed.

Sometimes the intention is set to ease the situation, yet the only aspect that can truly ease the situation is the resistance that you hold within, is the trust that you still do not carry, are the parts that you still have not surrendered; all of these different scenarios, yet based on the same experience.

My recommendation to you is to establish a quiet space, quiet mind, and a quiet heart, to truly evaluate and inquire on the intrinsic desires, the prayers and intentions that you hold for yourself, and for all of humanity. Observe in which ways your intentions — heartfelt, soul-felt — will start to make a difference, [and], how these elements of reality will start to change upon your surrender. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Can you please speak to us about shadow work as a way of discovering our magnificence?

Within the human experience, certain experiences will leave imprints, emotions, memories, exchanges between other humans, [and] imprints of past lives, that will remain within the individual’s subconscious as well as unconscious mind. These imprints will be disguised, hidden from the conscious mind, yet continuously operating in order to create a reality for you to come to the realization of these aspects of yourself, the shadows of your being, the thoughts and emotions of darkness, of lower frequency of lower existence, of destruction.

Shadow work is a method of discovering, of uncovering, and revealing the shadows of your being, the shadows of humankind. Bringing these aspects to light, observing these aspects of yourself and all of humanity with compassion, with a non-dual perspective, allowing these aspects to be, embracing them to be part of your being, as part of your nature, as part of human nature, this will stop the shadows to drive the reality of your being, drive the reality of humanity’s existence.

The work that is required is to allow for these shadows to arise or to consciously inquire and explore the potentially hidden aspects of your being that drive behaviors, habits, relationships, emotions, and thoughts, and therefore, your reality. You will see the benefits of this work as it will impact your presence and your relationships, as it will impact your evolution as an individual, and, through you, the evolution of the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Is the Tree of Life, as outlined in the Kabbalah and other traditions, a path to where you and others are? Is this where we are headed, to Keter and beyond?

The Tree of Life is one methodology, and one particular practice, of a specific lineage established to create the pathway to self-realization, to increase frequency, to increase a deeper understanding of existence, and to reach higher planes of consciousness. This path truly is possible, acknowledged and authorized. Yet, not one single path is for everyone. Many other lineages have equally established their own pathways to reach higher consciousness, to reach self-realization. Some individuals have reached self-realization without a specific lineage or practice. That, too, is a pathway. As you can see, the pathways that you choose are the pathways that will assist you for a period of time, or, until you reach a certain state of realization, or a certain state of self-realization.

You are the one that is driving your expansion and your realization process. The practices and methods that you choose are the ones that will resonate with the core of your being. The practice will choose you when the time is right. You will see, that with exploration and curiosity, the practice will bring forward movement and improvement of your development. This is how you will gain an understanding of progress. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
I have learned of a collective called the “Hathors,” which traces their lineage to ancient Egypt. I have heard they were masters of sound, which I currently feel called towards. Can you speak about them?

The Hathors, or the Hathorians, as authorized by higher consciousness to allow them to interact with humanity in various parts of humanity’s history and existence, including ancient Egypt, providing humanity with knowledge, with wisdom, with guidance and technology, allowing humanity to understand in which ways, and how, to evolve even faster.

The initial ways of interaction, the connections, were limited. After the closing of the gates to higher realms, even the Hathors had to reestablish new forms of connection, and new forms of delivering their knowledge, delivering their wisdom.

Some individuals have reached higher planes to connect with the Hathors once again, and this communication line was re-established to provide humanity once again, with important reprogramming, re-establishing, and expansion of consciousness within the human form. The understanding of sound as frequency relevant and important to expand the human consciousness, as well as to expand the human heart, as well as to impact the human body in the most positive ways, is an important understanding — not just by the Hathors to be explored and utilized, yet clearly one of the many ways.

The Hathors will continue to be part of humanity’s evolution until the very end, all of their actions are authorized by the collectives that serve humanity’s evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What is my soul collective, and what is the mission of my soul collective?

The importance to know your soul collective is a desire of the mind, a desire to establish a certain level of comfort in knowing, a certain level of category that you can assign yourself to. Will this piece of knowledge truly make a difference in your life? Will this understanding of the origin of your soul truly make you a better individual, a better human? Will it make you more compassionate, more kind? Will it allow you to love even more to allow yourself to be loved even more? The truth is, most likely, not.

The discovery of your origins is for yours to be had. It is part, and the byproduct of the evolution of your consciousness. It is a natural unfolding, and shall not be derived by a third party. Discovering this aspect of yourself naturally will bring forth a deep fulfillment, a deep opening, and a deep understanding that no other human being can bring to you with words and expressions of their perspective. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work, and listening to my words. It is truly a significant unfolding that all of you have chosen to be part of in humanity’s most important time of awakening. Thank you for your presence.


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