Transmission Series – Week #7: Faith & Trust – June 17th

Greetings I’m Raphael. The developments of your life, of this lifetime, have brought you to become the person that you are today. At every step of the way, in every moment, you have learned to trust — or not to trust — the moment. Some of these moments are established in a conscious way, where trust becomes an important decision, to an unfolding of this moment.

In certain moments trust will be established unconsciously, or automatically, based on previous or past experiences. This programming, this establishment of trusting life, as it unfolds is an aspect of your being in its most fundamental way. It is the way your body and your mental-emotional complex take care of your survival.

Furthermore expanded, the sensations and the sense of survival expands into comfort and discomfort, pain and ease. Trust becomes associated with experiences that will bring forth ease and comfort. Mistrust will be associated with experience that people that will bring forth discomfort and pain. This programming of your being becomes solidified and rigid as you become older. It becomes harder to trust in relationships. It becomes harder to trust yourself, displaying your confidence and esteem. It becomes harder to trust life itself, existence.

Yet, all along, you have been here, breathing, operating in this reality, alive, despite all the difficult experiences you have had. Those that have trusted, those that have not trusted — all have had experiences that were comfortable and uncomfortable. Trust becomes a measure of navigating this reality. And this measure is entirely in your hands, with every step that you take, to a deeper level of allowing yourself to receive the very moment, you trust slightly more. You trust yourself, you trust others, you trust nature. You trust existence. You trust this creation to support you on your path.

And, truly, this trust will sometimes be rewarded, and sometimes tested. How deep does your trust go? What conditions have you established for your trust? What perspectives are you expecting? With the trust that you display in this exploration itself, you learn, and you realize your relationship with this mechanism of trust.

This mechanism ties into your ability to surrender. Trust is indeed the key to unlock your ability to surrender. When you trust, your mind, your heart and your body, relax, your consciousness expands, an immediate message to your entire being is delivered: It is safe to live. It is safe to be alive. It is safe to be loved.

As you can see, trust is beyond the very moment. It will impact your entire life from the beginning until the very end. Faith is the way humanity established trust beyond rational reasons, beyond emotional reasons, beyond conditioning. Faith becomes a deeper level of trust.

For faith to be present in your life, no other structures are required. It is indeed your relationship with all of existence, the deepest level of trust in human form: your faith in existence, your faith in yourself, your faith that this life that you live is the life that you deserve and receive as a gift. With gratitude, you embrace this life.

When you understand the power that lies within these two words, you will start to unlock important aspects of life itself, of love itself. Most importantly, your relationship with yourself will transform; and as you transform your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others will as well. Your relationship with humanity will change as well.

This is my message to you. Receive this work with trust and an open heart.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have received this work, as you have proclaimed to be ready for change, for alignment, for adjustment, for growth and expansion. Change requires your readiness, your willingness, and your trust — trusting that the unknown will provide for an expansion and growth, trusting that the uncertain of the future will allow for the continuation of your life and allow for a deepening of your experience of life.

This is the power that lies within you to choose change, to choose expansion, to choose trust. When you proclaim, you have no choice. That is the way you have established your reality. You become the barrier of the choices that are in front of you seemingly out of reach unrealistic, implausible, irrational yet, still a choice.

Will you trust the unknown to guide you? Will you trust the uncertain? Will you release your expectations that potentially there is an even better version of your expectations that your imagination and thoughts have not contemplated?

In this sense, trusting life, trusting existence, will provide an even more expanded potential and expanded possibilities for you; possibilities that have not been considered with the mind, possibilities that have not been seen as plausible and acceptable by the heart, possibilities beyond any reality that was handed to you as a perspective of the past generations. Will you allow yourself to expand beyond the past generations and the past moments of your own life? These are questions for you to contemplate, to consider, and reflect on.

You will always have the choice to trust, or not. Life may even consider this choice of yours. Some experiences will occur in your life beyond your ability to omit and suppress, to run and hide. What if you could surrender and receive the experiences as they come, trusting that they serve an important purpose, trusting that there is a deeper truth and deeper learning, a deeper realization within the experience to occur, allowing life to unfold, directing yourself with peace and an alignment within, an alignment that allows for the possibilities to arise.

This is my message to you. May you consider and understand, reflect in the ways trust has established within yourself, faith in life has established within yourself. Faith in yourself will be fueled by your trust and your faith in all of existence. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question  #1:
When in a tricky situation where faith and trust are truly being tested, how do we know whether we follow the rational workings of the mind or the impulse of the heart? Thank you.

The body, the mind, and the heart carry intelligence to provide information, to come to a conclusion of trust. It is not a question of whether one over the other, it is a combination of all that is within you. An internal alignment to listen to all parts of yourself, understand the way a certain choice, a certain direction is formed within your being.

Which emotions drive you towards an experience, and which emotions drive you away from this experience? Which thoughts and imaginary scenarios drive you towards an experience, and which drive you away? This reflection will allow you to understand the way you operate, the way you have been established as an individual, observing, acting, and reacting to your reality.

My recommendation to you is to come to moments of silence, similar to this. The situation of question will no longer be relevant in this very moment. You will release any intention, any question, any answer, and any action that needs to be taken so that you can become present right now with all possibilities.

A deeper part of yourself will start to speak to you, a part that is neither your mind, nor your heart, nor your body. Your essence will direct the path forward, and the path forward will be one step at a time, one moment in deep presence at a time. This is the way my recommendation is to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What part do faith and trust have specifically when it comes to the spiritual path one is following? Is it essential to trust unwaveringly?

The matter is not whether to trust or not to trust; it is a matter of understanding the many layers and considerations, the conditions that you have established to trust someone or something, to understand closer and deeper your inner workings, to understand in which ways you can trust slightly more, without force, but with ease, without willpower, but naturally understanding that within yourself intrinsically there is an alignment that will provide resonance to anything that is in front of you.

This resonance will be your guiding force. It is not the mind that will force upon trust, it is not the heart that will enforce trust — it is this alignment of resonance. That’s the way you will establish yourself with all moments to come. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
As gay and LGBTQ people, what is our part in the process of Ascension? Are we ascending as well as heterosexual people?

No gender, no color, no ethnicity, no sexuality defines your Ascension process. The aspects of this Ascension process are determined by your ability to realize the elements of your existence, the aspects of your identity beyond your human identity, the understanding that you are more than your body, your mind, or your heart, understanding that you are not separate, but united within a collective.

All of these realizations that are part of the self-realization journey are key to allow for the Ascension process to complete, for an individual, as well as for the human collective. The expression and the manifestation of gender, color, sexuality, ethnicity, is therefore not a determining factor of one’s Ascension process, but merely an additional aspect of one’s joyful journey and exploration of the human life.

Some of these journeys indeed carry difficulty, challenges, oppression, abuse, and this as well is part of the awakening process of humanity, understanding the differentiating aspects of your being are the aspects that also bring you together, to realization, to knowing and understanding that you are no different than the other in human form as a human collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How do we most meaningfully develop an unconditional trust in ourselves?

The trust in yourself develops over time. As you start to understand and observe in all the ways that life has mistreated you, that others have mistreated you, which in return has developed into a mistrust of others and of life, which in return has created a level of mistrust of self.

This journey to separation, to distance, to protection, is an important journey to be had. The journey even more important is the journey breaking through the constructs of mistrust that have been established in your life, in the lives of those that have lived before you, and in your lives that you have lived before this one, dismantling all the ways beliefs and perspectives have shaped your mistrust in existence, your mistrust in love, and your mistrust in yourself.

One step at a time, you will allow yourself to trust even more, you will start to explore and understand, in the ways mistrust operates automatically, unconsciously, and continuously in your life, disguised as judgment, disguised as entitlement, disguised as protective measure.

One step at a time, you will observe these judgments and opinions that arise. You will see how your environment will test you. Do you trust? How far do you trust? Will your trust be broken? Will your trust be rewarded? That remains to be seen. Yet one thing will become clear: the more you trust outside, the more you will start to trust yourself, and with every step, an important step for your self-realization journey will be established. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
If there’s no time, why is there Ascension and evolution? Are we not trying to get from a point in consciousness now, to another point in the future?

You operate within a construct that includes space and time. This space-time construct provides for an experience of the human form, provides for evolution of consciousness on this linear path; evolution, awakening, Ascension, happen therefore in your experience within this space-time construct. From our perspective, evolution and expansion happens beyond the space and time construct.

For you to move from this reality that includes the space-time construct, to a higher reality without the space-time construct, in nonmaterial form, humanity must go through the Ascension process. This is part of your evolution. This is part of the necessary steps that must be taken to disconnect from this dimension that is established to provide this particular human experience in this format.

The new plane that is established for your experience in a higher dimension will provide an experience that is beyond space and time, and evolution will be observed in a different way on that plane of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I am walking through a prolonged period of great challenge with my adult daughter and I’m struggling to trust myself to know the best way to assist her, and to recognize I have done all I can do. What does surrender look like for me here?

You have indeed done everything you can, yet one aspect still remains to be explored in deeper context; this is the love that you have for yourself, the compassion with which you hold yourself, the unconditional Love of Creation that holds you in your experience. This is the last aspect to fully surrender.

This experience with your daughter is not about her. This experience is for you to find a deeper love for yourself. With this discovery, you will become even more present for her. No matter the choices, no matter the experiences that she seeks, you will always be present for her, with love, compassion, and presence.

It is the sacred interplay that humans seek in their experiences with other humans, especially members of the family. This sacred interplay defines important aspects of life, defines important aspects of identity. And you have done your part to play this role. Now it is time for you to embrace the unconditional Love of Creation, to become present with this eternal, all-encompassing and infinite source of love, for you to represent this unconditional love, for her and with her, most importantly, with yourself.

In all the ways that you perceive you have failed as a mother and you have failed her, feel the emotions and let the emotions move through you. Be present as these aspects of your life release, and you liberate yourself from the prison that you have established for yourself, a prison of emotions, judgements and thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
I’ve just lost my job and the uncertainty and pain is great. While I work with higher realms closely, and I trust whatever happens is for my highest good, I want to know, will I be supported by higher realms to continue my spiritual service? As at the moment, I have no way to support myself financially.

A deeper trust, a deeper surrender, and a deeper level of faith is being requested of you. A part of you has made that decision, to move on this journey of exploration, of expansion, and of service — yet another part of yourself was not ready, still operating in the old ways, operating in the ways that proclaim and promise safety, that promise an illusion of certainty. And, here you are, as life has chosen for you.

Embrace this moment, embrace the pain, embrace the release, embrace the liberation and the freedom. Embrace the uncertainty. Trust that you will be carried, trust that you will be supported, and that life has many possibilities available for you, beyond your imagination, beyond your comprehension.

You are the one to create the coming chapter of your life. Be present, be free, and be open to all that will arise. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How do I know if I can trust a person, a situation,, or even my inner impulses? And is it correct that if I don’t carry mistrust inside me, I won’t encounter situations that would betray my trust?

You will learn to discern the levels of trust that are established by the mind, levels of trust established by the heart, by your physical body, by your energetic body. You will learn to understand there is a deeper level of discernment and alignment that provides for a resonance of a certain situation, a certain individual, a certain moment.

You will operate from resonance rather than from trust of one of the aspects of your being. Understand that all these elements of your being can provide for beneficial experiences for rational, for emotional guidance, yet only the resonance within will drive you in the highest possible way.

Every aspect of trust has the potential of bringing difficult experiences. This is the testing aspect of trust. Will you trust life anyway? Will you still be open with your heart and your mind? Will you allow life to provide for you, always?

This may seem irresponsible to some of you, and some of you will go on journeys and explorations to find how far they can trust, how far they can follow life to provide for them. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Is the “law of attraction” real, and, are we as humans are the creators of our own reality?

Life, as you know it, and the reality that you observe is created partially by yourself. Many experiences are established through elements of your conscious, unconscious, as well as subconscious being. Many elements are established by your desire to experience certain experiences in life.

Additionally, other creators will as well establish reality, and so reality becomes a co-creation of those actively consciously and unconsciously creating their versions of reality. As you can see, it is more complex than the mind can comprehend.

Yet, one aspect to understand is [that] you can become conscious and aware in which ways you create the reality in front of you. What are the important lessons to be learned and completed, that through realization will no longer have to be manifested? What are the realizations that can be established so that you can become an active creator of your life, the manifestor of experiences, or manifestor of moments?

The assumption under which the “law of attraction” operates is mostly correct. Adjustments are required to be made to those scriptures. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
You mentioned trust and faith in all of existence. Can you elaborate on this further? What exactly is meant by “all of existence”?

With “all of existence” we refer to the providing of this reality, of this experience. Part of you will trust this experience. Part of you will trust this reality, will trust nature, will receive from this reality, from this nature; part of you will establish a mistrust of your environment, of nature, of existence.

Existence in human form is indeed a gift. Will you trust this gift to provide you the most significant and important lessons of life, the most significant and important realizations of life, so that you as an individualized soul can grow, evolve, and expand — and eventually self-realize. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How do we have faith or trust with regards to dating, intimacy, and sex during COVID? How should we decide what’s worth the risk?

Situations in life will always bring forth rational reasons and irrational reasons to trust or not to trust, emotional reasons to trust or not trust, physical survival reasons to trust or not to trust; all of these elements of your life can be contemplated and argued to be the most significant aspect of your decision, yet a deeper part of you knows, beyond the rationale, beyond the emotions, beyond the survival instincts, is an aspect of yourself that intrinsically knows the answer to your question. This part of you is ready to be discovered, is ready to be utilized, fine-tuned, and experienced at all times. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have reserved for this experience, for your awakening, for your Ascension process, and for the awakening of humankind.

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