Facing Challenges Livestream – April 8

Greetings. My name is Raphael. The human experience, as you have witnessed it, has multiple stages to it. First and foremost a soul arrives in the human form starts to understand separation, individuality and the first emotions as love. In later stages, the ego develops, a much clearer identity, including the imprints of previous lifetimes come to surface. The connection to the divine is still fairly strong at that point. Eventually mental constructs start to overcome this intrinsically strong bond between higher forms of consciousness and your plane – constructs of education, construct of this reality that require a strong focus. This is normal. It is expected with the way you have developed as humanity. Later the intrinsic drive to awaken starts in every single human being.

First, the discomforts will start to come to surface. Discomforts of past experiences that have not been processed properly, traumas that have not been completed and fully understood. Once these challenges are completed, a deepening of this desire to connect deeper within, to connect with the divine in a more meaningful way, to understand who you truly are, to understand where you truly come from, to understand the meaning and the purpose of life. All of this intrinsic and natural inside of you waiting to come to the surface – the impulse of an awakening soul. The search for these answers will always lead back to you, to a deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper understanding of the eternal connection that is within you. The bond between human consciousness and all of consciousness.

This bond can never be severed. It is always there. It is always present. And many of the answers will come on the path of rediscovering this bond and following this bond all the way to its source. This is the self realization journey of an individual. [There are] many ways to come to the same conclusions. Choose the path that serves you the most. Choose wisely. Change your mind if necessary, yet dedicate your heart, your devotion and determination following this strong impulse within you – the impulse of existence, pulsing through you, wanting to be found again by you. This is the beauty of your existence as human consciousness experiences this reality through your eyes.

And in this life you have the opportunity to go much deeper than you have ever gone in this life you have the opportunity to understand what it means to be part of a collective, what it means to be part of a greater ecosystem of consciousness, what it means to be part of this love of creation that permeates through all of existence. This is the power that lies within you and the potential that lies within you waiting to be ignited, waiting to be discovered, nourished.

Understand that you’ll never be alone on this journey, that your connection to us and other forms of consciousness will only strengthen. Don’t be afraid to change. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. You shall see the benefits of this work unfold within the next week and it will continue to finalize itself over the next couple days. Take the time to rest and integrate. This is a moment of your awakening and the alignment. It is a sacred moment for you. Treat it in that way as you prioritize your life around. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is always a pleasure to see many individuals seeking depth, seeking solace and seeking alignment, requesting assistance and surrendering to the assistance. You have all shown these requirements to fully receive the work, following an impulse and allowing the response to fully impact you, to change you, to adjust you to become an even more powerful version of yourself, expanded in its consciousness, expanded in its ability to feel, expanded in its resilience and its will to stay alive. All of these are the beneficial side effects of this journey.

You are gifted this gift of life and the many beauties that life has to offer and the many secrets that life has to offer. The depths that are experienceable in a human form are beyond a single lifetime. And you are at this time of change – internal change triggered by external changes, reflected back to you that the most important change is inside. All the elements of your being that require attention. All the aspects of your being that seem rigid. All the corners of your heart that have not felt in a long time. All the corners of your consciousness that have kept secrets from you, suppressing so that you can operate in this world. All of these elements of your being will start to come to surface one by one. And inherently, while these might be challenging to you, they are a blessing. They are a sign that you are on track. A sign that you are evolving. A sign that you are alive. Don’t resist the challenges in front of you. Embrace and allow the arising challenge to impact you fully – the emotion, the memory, all that was wanted but never had, the expectations broken, the commitments missed, the promises not kept, broken hearts, broken vowes, all. Let it come to surface. Observe the pure nature of this experience beyond your identification, beyond your emotions, beyond the meaning that you attach to the experience itself. Allow the experience to provide you wisdom for your life. A piece of advice. A gem for your continued journey. As you have chosen this experience to be part of your life and it has made you who you are.

You are on this journey of awakening. And we are honored to be part of that journey with you to support you where you need support. Yet understanding that ultimately you are the one that will face the challenges in front of you and come to the resolutions necessary as an individual. The realizations must arise in you. Thank you for listening to my words.

Question #1:
Do souls choose to experience addiction to substances? And what are the reasons an individual would choose to have that experience?

All forms of addiction fill a certain void in the emotional and psychological landscape of the individual. A void that has not been filled by family, love, connection to nature, connection to spirit. A void that has found a way to be filled, a way that has consequences. These substances that have filled this void come often with a price to pay for the individual and their loved ones. There are certain consequences. And the journey of learning from the consequences, the journey of separation from this addiction in itself becomes a sacred journey. A sacred journey of learning, of empowerment, of finding love and wholeness again. Trust and surrender to all that is provided to you. These lessons sometimes require difficult experiences to lead to the realization and sometimes the constructs that are provided by society, the disconnection from nature, the this connection from an inherent seeking of connection to spirits, spirituality, higher consciousness, the suppression and the distortions of religious organizations, the failed trust in the systems that shall provide for the individual. All of these come to surface. Addiction becomes a way out and it can become as a recovery the most important transformation of the individual and through the individual of an entire society. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do we better practice presence in every moment?

Breathe — breath and conscious experience of your breath will lead to a conscious experience of your body. A conscious experience of your body will lead to a stronger connection of all your senses within your temple. Through the activation of all these senses and through breath you become more present. You allow the senses and the sensations to take precedence over thoughts and emotions of the heart. You allow the sensations to be the anchor for the present moment? Becoming even more present will require for you to fully understand in all the ways that you are not present, allowing yourself to observe in which ways your mind, your heart and your body require attention – attention that drives your focus away from the present moment. This is my recommendation for you.

Question #3:
Can you provide any insight or wisdom about suicide and survivors of a loved one who chose that path?

While it is hard to imagine the suffering and the pain that an individual must have come through to decide that life is not worthwhile continuing, that death as a transformation provides the ultimate resolution and solace. And while the individual’s choice is always respected, divine will will support to mitigate. The individual that has chosen to pass on will be met and will be allowed to recover and to reset fully – understanding the realizations that have occurred in this lifetime, the completions that need to come complete with all the individuals of that lifetime, so that they can continue living their lives without the hindrance and the separation that has occurred. The completion of the individual’s death is therefore an important procedure that happens right after the individual’s passing. It is important for all those individuals that are connected to the one that has chosen to prematurely end this lifetime, to allow all of these individuals a moment to consciously separate, to consciously release the loved one that has now passed on. No matter the choices that have brought individual to this point, no matter the emotions, no matter the guilt and the shame that is felt among other loved ones. This separation is natural in its intrinsic nature. A loved one will pass on and life will continue. The memories and the emotions that were associated with this loved one will continue to live within you. And some will be able to access the imprints of the individual’s existence in higher planes, feel their presence despite their distance.

Question #4:
Last time you said we are the third iteration of humankind’s advanced civilizations on earth, and that Atlantis was the second. What was the name of the first one? Where did they live and how advanced were they? Why did they fail and did they make mistakes that we can learn from?

The first iteration of mankind had indeed achieved a high grade of technology, yet not the way you perceive technology to be technology and it’s energetic and spiritual constructs. It had achieved an understanding of higher planes, of connections with spiritual planes and the ability to reach higher planes with the support of the environment. The civilization did not exist longer than you have. That changes and the environment, their inability to adapt to the changes eventually created the completion of this cycle. The learnings of every iteration are imprinted in the next iteration. There is no conscious way of knowledge transfer necessary as you are seeking. The wisdom of the previous generations is embedded and is ready to be activated when the time comes, when you are maturity meets the maturity of the previous iterations in specific topics that they have achieved. Excellence in the wisdom of the elders, the wisdom of the past generations and the wisdom of the past iterations all accessible to you when you open yourself up in the right state of being in the right state of mind. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
The crest of the Ascension is supposed to be related to our solar system entering an ethereal part of the galaxy that will charge the sun and thus send us a solar flash around 2023 is this information correct? And what is the sequence of events that might occur and their impact?

We appreciate your fascination with what is to come, with what is inevitable, with what is incomprehensible to the current mind. Allow yourself to be more present, even through the difficult changes that arise and the potentialities of an entire change of structure that will hold your consciousness in material form into a plane of non-material existence. These constructs have been established. The transformation of consciousness from this plane into the next plane is established. The exact execution and the details are not necessary for the individual’s mind to fully grasp. What is important is that you devote your life, the time that you have to become the most powerful, most aligned individual that you can be, increasing consistently the frequency of your body, the health of your body, and the alignment of your heart and your mind. The details of this transformational experience of galactic or intergalactic proportions are soothing for the curious mind yet not necessary for the awakening heart.

Question #6:
Sometimes like even right now I feel a ravenous hunger, but I just ate and I’m wondering where does this hunger come from?

Your body’s reaction is more than its need for nutrition. It is a desire that is connected to nutrition, that is connected to the pleasure and to comfort of food. A reliable source of comfort, a reliable source of pleasure and grounding when all other forms are uncertain. An imprint in your being that has been with you for much longer than you know in your life, as well as in the lives of those before you. Previous generations will pass on certain aspects of their being that have not been fully completed and fully understood. It is for you to continuously understand your relationship with this bodily function that has been hijacked with a psychological desire and an emotional desire. It is for you to find the separation of those, appreciating the value and the importance that it brought to you, the awareness and the learning that it brought to you and completing the cycle – allowing your bodily functions to be in alignment so that it can provide to you exactly the optimal functions of a human being.

Question #7:
How does one shed ego and judgments and learn to be tolerant of everyone we encounter?

Accept that you are not perfect, accept that you have committed to evolve, that you have committed to consciously devote and determine the direction of your evolution. On this path of evolution many realizations will come. And each realization will allow for an elevation of habits, of the perspectives of ego, of behaviors and self-perception to eventually dissolve. Yet the problems and the solution for the problems is not the goal of this journey. The journey itself is an intrinsic desire to awaken, is an intrinsic desire to connect to a deeper truth within you, and the byproducts of this journey will start to impact you.

Question #8:
Can you talk about some differences between facing and processing challenges, emotions, and past traumas and dwelling on them?

Yes, certainly. The difference is that one is made with intention, in a consciously established space to observe a memory or trauma from a place of the desire to resolve, to continuously observe from different perspectives, to observe the emotion that arises and to observe the various details of the memory and the way conclusions have been made about yourself and the way conclusions you have made about life. This is a journey of observation that will lead to realization.

Dwelling on the other hand is the attachment to the pain of that experience and the continuous reconfirmation of the experience to your identity. And while the experience itself may be suppressed, there will be other ways in which the individual will seek similar experiences to confirm the same pain, the same suffering, and the same identity. The desire to evolve must happen in a conscious way, in an intentional way. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
I have suffered from migraines my whole life. I’ve learned some of the triggers, but sometimes I just can’t figure it out. My belly seems out of balance as well. Is there something I can do to help myself come to balance for once and for all?

There is no simple and direct answer to your question. No simple and direct solution to the many problems you list. The many imbalances in your being have accumulated over a long period of time and they will require your attention. Yet with dedication and with determination, with the continuous interest to learn and understand who you are in all its details, inquiring with all the parts of your body on their needs and truly having dialogue with all aspects of your being, you will start to increase your ability to communicate and collaborate with all that is defining who you are: your body, your mind, your heart. This deeper connection will allow you to analyze and understand yourself in ways that even modern technology can not provide. Our recommendation for you is therefore increasing your interest in yourself and truly finding the time, the silence to inquire consciously and regularly. Thank you for your question and blessings on your journey.

Question #10:
In spiritual teachings in several religions, they have different approaches of ways to connect with angels and higher planes like praying on specific days, certain practices of fasting or other particular prayers. Are these rules to be adjusted to the human mind to increase connection and are approaches and rules like these changing for these connections?

There are many ways to change the state of mind that is required to connect to higher planes of consciousness, including ourselves. And some of the ways that are positioned as fasting, as continuous devotion and attention, clearing the mind and clearing the heart to achieve these different states of being, have served well in these traditions and therefore it has been recommended for those that seek these connections. In our experience, we have seen many individuals without specific following of religious practices or other forms of prayer to allow a state change, to allow for an increase in frequency to be reached and to be experienced and to connect to. This is indeed possible in many different ways. Some ways have included the movement of the body to come to ecstasy, through breathing. Other traditions have had other ways to come to these heightened states of being. While this is not a requirement for every single individual and this type of communication is not necessary for your healthy life and development, we can see that the benefits of these practices will benefit your life overall, not just for the seeking of a connection with higher consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Are global meditations like the one that occurred this past weekend on April 4th making some kind of impact on our Ascension timeline? What other impacts might they make?

These forms of gatherings that bring an intention for evolution, an intention for collective transformation are always a welcomed sight and they truly have an impact on all of consciousness. And through that they will beneficially impact the Ascension process. The more individuals connect together, the field that is generated through the connection of the individuals assists other individuals that otherwise will not be able to achieve these frequencies to be achieved. Every gathering raises the general frequency of human existence with intention and with devotion. All your gatherings will make a difference for all of humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
What should be our priority? Eliminating negativity and fear, fulfilling our life’s purpose, saving mother nature or even something else?

If you have to choose a highest priority in your life to be the driving force for your existence: then it shall be being present. Through your presence you will understand if you are aligned, the needs of your body, the needs of your heart, the needs of your mind. You will orient to deliver on those needs as you are present. When you are present, you will understand the needs of your relationships, the connection to your heart, to your environment, the impact of your actions in your environment, all of that available to you in that present moment. If there is a single priority that you have to choose, it would be practicing to be truly present with all that is around you. And you will see that your ability to be present will start to transform you, as well as all those around you.

Question #13:
If you stay true to your path, what is it that resists in us to reach out to wholeness and discover a true self of no ego?

Your desire to awaken and to self-realize will lead you on a path of understanding your identity, of understanding the aspects of your ego and the aspects of your being that have been imprinted in this lifetime, and the aspects of your being from previous lifetimes, and the aspects of your being that are eternal. This discovery journey is yours to take and my words will not truly make a difference until you have experienced it. Your dedication and devotion on this journey will be rewarded by the many perspectives that you will gain. And many of these perspectives will be difficult to communicate in words and explain to others. Until they truly experience it themselves. My encouragement for you is to surrender more into the experience. The journey will provide everything that is required. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
What are the best methods for grounding the root chakra and keeping the aura clear?

The energy that is imbalanced will reflect itself in what you consider to be the visible parts of your energetic body: the aura. On more subtle levels, the energetic body is impacted through the misalignments of the body. These misalignments will show themselves in the energy centers first and then will represent itself in the energetic party. In order to truly find more alignment and proper energetic flow, connection to nature, a wholesome nutrition, continuous exercise, continuous breathing, conscious breathing. You see that the body does not require much to be truly functional, to be exceptionally functional. It requires more conscious observation and assistance.

The root is your connection to this planet and it provides the desire to connect with all that is provided to you through this mother: an energetic umbilical cord, if you may see it this way. Grounding will be supported by the right nutrition, by movement, by connecting to the earth with your feet, by embracing nature and spending more time outdoors. All of these will start to provide the right energy and the right balance of root and your connection to this planet.

Question #15:
Do I have the ability to attract or manifest what I want by certain actions that I take like saying mantras or maintaining certain emotional vibrational states, meditating or asking for help from guides?

Many practices serve different purposes. Often the practices that are provided are in order to bring the individual into a different state of being: to clear the mind and to clear the heart so that the intention of the soul and the focus of the soul is delivered. A busy mind and a busy heart will distract from reaching higher consciousness. And these practices have been developed to make it easier for you. Yet there are other ways through nature, to truly tuning into the details of nature and allowing the tempo of nature to take over your tempo. You will see in this being aligned and attuned with nature, your ability to reach higher forms of consciousness and your sensitivity to higher frequencies will increase.

Question #16:
Are you able to deliver a message to my brother Aaron? He passed away November 21st, 2019 his birthday is this Friday, April 10th. He would be now 41. I want to say happy birthday. We love him and miss him.

Your brother has lived a beautiful life in connection, in exploration of love until the very end. And even beyond he is still loved and he is still cherished and he is missed. His soul is aware of these eternal connections, as once they have been formed, they will always deliver – even into the next lifetimes. While this is difficult in human form, understand that the transformation that he has gone through was important for his soul, was important for his evolution and for the continuation of his journey. Every day practice to release a bit more of the expectation so that the memories of his being are gratitude and love instead of missing and sadness.

Thank you for the time that you have taken out of your lives to be present, to receive this work and to listen to my words. This divine experience in human form is entirely yours and our assistance will support you on the way, if you choose to fully receive it. Thank you and blessings on the path forward.

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