Facing Challenges Livestream – April 4 (Bay Area)

Greetings. My name is Raphael. In recent times of your existence, you have embraced the comforts that you have created for yourselves — even with the disregard of the consequences of those comforts, the consequences on you, the consequences on society, and the consequences on the planet.

Every action leads to reaction — and often the reactions are the parts that cannot be fully calculated, planned for, or predicted — the reaction of the planet, the reactions of societies and your inner reaction to the comforts that have been established for you, the comforts of a perspective of safety, the comforts of a spectrum of options always available to you; options of food, options of energy, options of transportation.

All in its glory, it has served you and it will continue to serve you — yet with the establishment of these comforts came a high price. One of those is expectation: The expectation that your comforts will be available to you, going forward and forever. The expectations that the consequences of your actions can all be mitigated and fixed at some point in the future.

Very few individuals have shown the ability to release the level of standard that they have gotten used to, the comforts that they have arrived at, even if these comforts are non-essential or not relevant for an aligned life. This current situation on your planet demands for you to reassess your actions, to reassess your priorities, and to reassess what is truly essential for you in your life. Does what you have and what you’re striving for, truly enable you to expand your consciousness? Does what you have truly allow for an aligned being? Or do some of these comforts provide the exact opposite? This is for you to judge. It is for you to observe, And it is for you to reassess the choices that you have made as an individual and as societies, as a collective.

This work starts with the individual. It starts with you. It starts with your ability and willingness and to open and to receive support. It starts with your willingness to continue on this self-realization journey that you have started on. It starts with your determination and devotion, with your continuous trust: trust that life will continue and trust that your life is sacred in the eyes of all of creation, trust that you are taken care of in the most powerful ways. Thank you for listening to my words and thank you for receiving this work.

My work is complete. You shall see a difference in the way you perceive your emotional state, your mental state, and the present moment. These changes will bring forth an alignment of the body, as well as of your consciousness. This is the foundation for continued growth and awakening. Remember the importance of your choices on this journey – the way you set aside the priority to be truly present with whatever arises for you, to allow yourself to fully observe and to fully receive. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. As you have witnessed yourself, in your growth, in your evolution as a human being, you were in multiple stages of awakening already: The awakening into the senses of the human form early on. The awakening into the understanding of identity and ego. The awakening into understanding — to be connected, yet separated, individualized in one single being. The awakening of the beauty and the power of this planet that provides for you, that nourishes you, the awakening into the beauty of love, into relationships, the way a mother or a father holds a child, the way grandparents share their unconditional love. An awakening into understanding the emotions of the human form: sadness, despair, anger, grief — and the beauties of love, joy and true happiness. The awakening into understanding the power of your mind — to perceive your reality, to make sense of all that is around you, to allow you to operate in this plane in a safe and conscious way. The awakening into fully understanding the power of your body, the way it continuously corrects, regulates, and with these automatic processes allows for your consciousness to be in this human experience. It is truly more than just your vehicle. It is the manifestation of your being into physical form. It is tightly connected to your emotions and to your thoughts, to your memories, and to your immediate environment.

Some of you are even tightly connected into the emotions of others and of the collective — all that is felt in the body and the heart, and experienced in the mind. All of these stages of awakening that you have experienced were moments that provided the foundation for the steps ahead. The human experience provides plenty for a lifetime — and for many lifetimes.

Yet even beyond the human experience, the desire of your consciousness to continuously evolve, to continuously align towards self-realization, will drive you through complex and sometimes challenging experiences. The overcoming of these experiences, the realizations that arise from these experiences, then provide for the fuel for further awakening and for further realizations.

This is the power of the desire of the collective consciousness to awaken, to self-realize, and to ascend. This is imprinted in all of you. It cannot be omitted or suppressed. It will come to [the] surface in present moment, in interactions, in memories, and in your relationship with yourself. You must understand that this concept of awakening, this concept of self-realization, and this concept of Ascension is not optional. That every suppression, every omitting, will result in some consequence for you. And since you are the one to bear the consequences, it is always your choice.

We are here to assist you to find the easiest and the most efficient way through this continuous growth process and our support is directed to make this pathway as smooth as possible for you. Thank you for listening to my words and blessings on the path ahead. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Is there anything besides raising our consciousness and listening to our intuition that we need to do to prepare for what changes are coming in the world and in our dimension?

Most importantly, understanding the aspects of your being: your body, your heart, your mind. Your consciousness is part of it as well. All of these aspects of yourself can operate in the most optimal way. Prioritizing the strengthening of your body, your health, providing for the needs of your body in the best possible way and prioritizing rest and adequate sleep, adequate exercise, is a critical aspect to have this temple of yours continuously be tended.

Preparing your heart, understanding that past experiences will provide for fuel for emotions similar to anger, sadness, frustration, grief, and despair will arise in facing challenges. All of the memories that have established these initial emotions must be observed, and turned into realization. The preparation of the mind, your perception, your ability to shift perspective, your ability to perceive without being drowned in the emotion of the present moment — these are aspects that you can truly control and prepare. You will see as all of these elements of your being start to align, your consciousness evolution will start to become easier and faster as well. Your self-realization will become stronger every day. This is my recommendation for you, and all of humanity.

Question #2:
Sometimes, in deep meditation, when I leave my body, I come to a point where I feel I am being invited further, but it feels like “the lights will turn out this vessel.” Is that possible? If I go there, will it be permanent?

There is a strong bond between your consciousness and your physical form. This bond is observed and supervised. There are forces that keep you in this human experience. Merely the projection of your consciousness, and the elevation of your consciousness into higher planes of consciousness is not sufficient to end your life. Yet, in extreme cases, caution is always recommended. You are not such a case, and therefore practice your trust, and practice your surrender, to reach further, to be carried further, to be invited further, to maybe even forget your perception of yourself. Allow for this space of expansion to fuel your consciousness with the light that you can reach. Allow for that expansion to bring forth a new perspective, never experienced before, and with this trust, you will see you will always return in the best possible way into your vessel in human form. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Plato spoke of a lost civilization that was struck down because of its hubris. He didn’t speak of it as though it were myth was Atlantis real? And when or where did it exist? If it was real, why did it fall, and what can we learn from what it did wrong?

The civilization of Atlantis truly existed in human form. We refer to it as the second iteration of humanity. It truly became extinct. It was a highly developed and civilized society. Technologies that are still beyond your concepts of imagination existed. Deep connection with higher planes of consciousness had priority and formed their belief and their perspective of themselves in relation to all of existence. The technological advancements brought tremendous power. With power came the willingness to control, the willingness to steer. It resulted in this society’s inability to receive guidance, and to find conflict between their internal interests and the suggestions of higher planes. The maturity of their consciousness had not evolved as fast as the powers that they have wielded. It was clear that higher consciousness will not interfere if this iteration of humanity was ready to destroy itself.

The exact locations are at this point not as relevant, yet you may find them in the Mediterranean area. The technologies provided are still partially active, and useful for humanity’s evolution. This is one aspect that is an important remnant from that society for the evolution of consciousness in this current iteration of humanity. The learnings are integrated into the human consciousness field. As humanity arose in its third iteration, it allowed for these realizations to be imprinted and to be available, especially those individuals that have lived lives in that previous iteration have returned with a deeper knowing of those realizations. The exact memories are not relevant. What is important is that these realizations are put into action, they are put into a way of being and the way of presence. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How can you help a loved one who doesn’t seem to want to be helped?

Thank you for your question. The individual’s journey takes precedence. The individual chooses his or her experience. The individual has will and free will to experience whatever it seeks to experience, even if pain and suffering is part of the experience. This is the true nature of the human form. Loved ones may experience a loved one going through difficult times, and this in itself is part of your experience.

The desire to be helped, to be wanted to be assisted through the challenge itself, must come from an innate and intrinsic sense that this person is now ready, ready to be assisted through this challenge, as all perspectives of the challenge have been perceived, experienced, fully and ready to be transformed. This innate desire for support comes from not just the heart or the mind — it is the readiness of the soul to be assisted.

During this time of readying for this request, you, as an immediate close connection, can focus on your own alignment in the way your loved one’s life impacts you. You can focus on your presence, on your compassion, on your kindness, trusting that they are going to be taken care of, that they will be fine and that their destiny is not entirely in your hands, that you don’t carry the full responsibility for their wellbeing and for their life. Yet your presence will make a difference, and in that form of presence, you will offer help and assistance only when requested and truly desired from the soul. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Can you kindly give us a further description of yourself? Where do you reside? Do you have a planet like ours? Can you take different shapes, or do you each have a particular form and shape like we do?

While we understand the desire to be related to, and your curiosity to be satisfied, I will share some details of our existence. Many civilizations exist, co-exist, in material and non-material form. Once a civilization reaches higher levels of non-material existence and its consciousness evolution has reached a certain state, it will have closer connections with what we consider an alliance of light beings that you consider angels or archangels.

Other forms of consciousness are part of this alliance. This alliance was formed to support consciousness in all levels of its existence. Civilizations that reach a certain state are directly supported by this alliance of light beings. These civilizations that are assigned to some beings like myself, or others in the same frequency will then start to develop beings of their own, individual souls that provide the maturity necessary to be taken into consideration, to become of service the way I have.

So, all beings of my kind were once part of a specific civilization, spread across the universe, chosen, aligned and evolved, to becoming a being of service. This is one perspective I can share with you. Our shapes currently support the highest frequency that we operate at, it this formless from your perspective, yet it consists of energy. We are able to return into physical form, yet we must abide by the rules established of this particular physical plane that we choose to return to. This is out of respect for the plane that has been created, for the balance that is required on that plane. Otherwise, our ability to work through individuals like this host are less stringent. More details will come to you as you inquire internally, you will start on the stand that this information is available to all of you. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you tell us the significance of the Corona virus right now?

The current situation that you find yourself in with the trigger of this particular virus is in itself an agent for change. Humanity requires strong agents for change as resistance and comfort has established itself in the strongest way preventing an evolutionary stage. Your resistance has provided for fuel, for your consciousness to evolve. As I mentioned earlier, consciousness continuously requires to evolve and obstacles and challenges will arrive to provide for this evolution to happen. This is one way this reality will provide for you. It will provide the agents for change. Dealing with the circumstance, readjusting your understanding of your life, your existence, your priorities, understanding the beauty that this life is becoming more present into your own, being into your own reality, understanding the power that lies in you, inside of you, independent of your achievements, independent of the physical structures and creations outside of you, truly unlocking this perspective and then the gifts that come along with the perspective. This is the true significance of this transformative time in human history. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Is kinesiology or muscle testing a useful practice for seeking truth and guidance? If so, how can I further develop this practice? It is a useful practice.

When you allow your mind and your heart to rest to find a neutral state, the body will have a response of alignment as well. This alignment will show itself in forms of strength and weakness. When you put your focus on the specific object situation or an aspect of yourself, you will feel that this alignment inside of you will respond in a strong way or in a weakened way. This is the immediate response of your alignment to the outside or to the inside target.

This particular practice will allow you to immediately operate from your own guidance that is provided to you through your alignment. Yet understand that the mind and the heart must be in a restful state or the weakness will be reflected from the mind’s misalignment or the heart’s misalignment, or in fact the body’s misalignment. Therefore, your readings will be inaccurate. Your practice to become more sufficient in this particular form will require for you to find better alignment inside in your mind, your heart, and your body to come to a neutral state of being and truly to become present. Eventually, you will understand that the testing through the muscles will not be required anymore as you will feel the alignment inside of you immediately strengthened or weakened by a certain situation, by a certain thought, by a certain emotion, and you will be able to assess your environment and your target, your objective much more clearly. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Will the worldwide practice of human trafficking come to light to all and will justice finally be served?

All hardship that has been created by humanity itself, by the misalignment of the mind and the heart, by the immaturity of consciousness development carries challenges and carries complications, carries emotional discomfort, suffering and pain for those directly in the experience and for those witnessing or indirectly experiencing. Yet understand even these difficult experiences, carry the power to transform humanity. All individuals within and outside the experience itself will become agents of change. True change will happen through the evolution of consciousness that starts with the evolution of the individual, the ability for an individual to transform a difficult experience, a complex challenge into realization and truly into light, will start to transform other individuals in similar experiences and that individual will have become an agent of change, a pillar of light. Isn’t this justice enough to see and witness humanity evolve, to see an individual turn a painful and difficult experience into the most powerful transformation of their existence? Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Your name and Raphael’s name are quite familiar to those from the Abrahamic traditions. Are you also known perhaps by different names in other religions like Buddhism or Hinduism as well as in indigenous religions worldwide?

Yes we are. We have seen and we have been seen in civilizations before this current iteration. We have interacted with other societies. We have interacted with indigenous populations and they have given many names to us. The continuation of our existence and presence has not changed with the names that were given to us. We have currently chosen to work through this host that is deeply connected to the Abrahamic religions and the work that he will be doing will mostly impact societies of these traditions first.

The power to receive this work is directly correlated with your ability to discern the frequency at which it is delivered. Your ability to discern the evolution that you receive through this work a name becomes merely a categorization for those that have not yet learned to discern themselves. My invitation to you is to perceive all that arrives in your field, in your consciousness as frequency. And try to see the difference in frequencies that arrive in your field, lower and higher frequencies, a stronger light or a stronger dark. This will allow you to operate through the fields of non-material existence in the best possible way. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
I feel trapped in my reality. I haven’t been able to move past an “I can’t” limiting belief. Can you offer me some guidance?

While your body, your mind, and your heart are truly powerful aspects of your being, your innate power lies in your existence that is beyond your body, your mind and your heart. My invitation to you is start to explore the aspects of yourself that are beyond your thought processes, your emotions and your body. You will start to understand the connection and the presence that is available to you beyond this human experience and within this human experience, understanding that original source, that love of creation that is available to you in its unlimited form and continuously present you will start to see the true power that is within you. Beliefs are formed in the mind. Emotions are formed in the heart. These are elements that you can overcome with practice, with gratitude, with breath. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
The world is currently focused on this existing wave of the Corona virus. Once the quarantines and lockdowns are loosened, will there be more waves of outbreaks and need for further quarantine?

First things first: Stay present. This experience is not over. Be present with what arises in front of you. Do not put your attention into the far future to establish a new set of expectations for yourself. This sense of uncertainty is a powerful gift to you. It allows you and forces you and to be present. There is no escape. The only way is to take this experience one day at a time. While we perceive the potential outcomes in the near term as well as longterm in this particular case, we will not share the details of our perception. It is important for you to be truly present. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I’m called to go to Iceland in a few days to work with the energy of the land and someone I love. Is it in my highest to go there right now?

Yes. Thank you for your work and blessings for the journey ahead.

Question #13:
Several channelers I’ve spoken with have said there have been five prior iterations of humanity and this one is currently the fifth iteration. Can you please illuminate any of these prior iteration, iterations, timelines, and if other galactic extraterrestrials have played a role.

This iteration that you are currently in is the third iteration of human existence. Prior iterations have existed on this planet yet other planets as well. Human form is not unique to this planet only. The seeding of humanity included higher forms of consciousness, the collaboration and an intention, the creation of this plane, the creation of this ecosystem was designed to perfectly provide for consciousness to evolve. For you to experience the human form had to be the perfect environment for you to be provided for all that you require to live and to survive. This ecosystem as it provides everything necessary, allowing for consciousness to evolve. Yet some of these iterations or experiments that have not yielded in the right growth and the right evolution and the continuation of their existence were prematurely completed. This iteration of mankind is at its final stage and has come the furthest out of all iterations prior. There is a high probability for humanity to make this transformational stage into higher plane of existence, into non-material form. This will be in the near future. The challenges that you experience right now are part of this evolutionary stage of this Ascension process. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have reserved in your existence to be part of this gift. A gift from us to you, a support of your evolution, a support of your perspectives. May you receive it in the best possible ways for your benefit and the benefit of all around you.

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