Facing Challenges Livestream – April 11

Greetings. I’m Raphael. Thank you for receiving this work. This work has been in the planning for thousands of years of your time. The agreement to support humanity and through an Ascension process was made by forms of consciousness that some of you have considered as gods, creators – civilizations that have existed much longer than you have. While part of this creation is truly established by the making of higher consciousness, your existence flows in this form in a fairly self created way. Your reality, your experiences, the situations that you face, the ecosystem that has developed, the infrastructures and the structures that were created by nature and that were created by you are all part of free will, choices and the way the human consciousness evolves within the constructs that have been provided as the fertile environment for consciousness to evolve.

You are an expression of human consciousness, individualized in a single unit, experiencing identity and individuality, experiencing this reality and all that arises from your perspective. You are never separated from the rest of human consciousness. You are never separated from all of consciousness. Yet due to this individualized experience the perspective that you have is on the forefront – your individual perspective, your individual identity, your individual experience. Yet understand that even all your experiences are never truly just for you, they are for the entirety of human consciousness. Through your experience and through your learning, human consciousness evolves. The transformation of your experiences into realizations through your own effort and doing is your gift to all of humankind.

You have come this far and you have turned many experiences into realizations, some of which are considered to be complete and open the space for new experiences and learning, some experiences are not complete yet. They are suppressed. They are hidden and they operate from places that are not in awareness. Some of it is consciously pushed away by you. Some of it is subconsciously held back. This moment is an opportunity for you to safely unfold that which is hidden, that which is held back and suppressed. We will allow you to experience and see the emotions, the underlying constructs of your mind, the memories in a safe way, in a way that you can observe without truly being impacted. A certain distance allows the observation of past experiences without reliving them. Make use of this gift. Take the time that you need and the priority that you put on it will be rewarded. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. All the many times that you have witnessed yourself in growth stages. First you experience the pain, a discomfort, a disease, an impulse from outside, or an impulse from inside. There is a reaction, a physical, emotional or mental reaction to this impulse. There is emotion that arises. There are thoughts that arise to make sense of this experience. There [are] bodily reactions to adjust to the impulse. All of this natural part of your existence. In this continued cycle you live. Life is a continuous reaction to impulses from your environment. Some of these impulses you react [to] in a more conscious way and others you react automatically, subconsciously or in an unconscious way. It has become a construct, a behavior or a habit. Some of these habits and behaviors you are aware of and some you’re not. Your presence in the moment will allow you to see more clearly in all the ways you respond to the impulses of your environment. An increased depth, an increased quality in your presence will bring forth the information and the awareness necessary to understand yourself, to observe all that is within you. It will not prevent you from experiencing challenging moments. It will not prevent you from experiencing pain. It will not prevent you from having thoughts, opinions, or possibly judgments and emotions will always be part of your existence. Yet you become aware how long the emotion and how conscious the emotion is to be experienced. You become aware of the singular aspects of the thoughts that arise, the meanings that are attached to the experience based on past experiences. All of this an opportunity for you to understand and to realize with each step of the way, with each experience, with each response.

Will you observe? Will you make the time and the space to understand yourself in a more detailed and nuanced way? Will you allow yourself to transform habits and behaviors formed based on past experience? Will you allow through this transformation to open to new possibilities, new ways of responding to the impulses around you, new ways of acting, new ways of reacting, and a deeper of curiosity for what each moment brings forth for you? This is my suggestion for you. It can be as simple as what I have explained. No complex methods are required, no practices, no mastery required, purely dedication and determination, some level of priority of the importance of this work for your expansion, for your evolution and for your self-realization.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Despite the experience I have of awakening, it feels I’m still fighting my shadow and the way it manifests in my life through addictive behavior. How do I surrender more deeply to transcend this fight inside me?

The awakening process of an individual is a continued journey. Even though certain moments will stand out as peak experiences and clear milestones, the journey of awakening will continue until self-realization is completed. On this journey, the experiences will increase in intensity, personal transformation will get to the deepest levels possible. Deep challenges within will arise – challenges of your own being, challenges that are connected to your ancestry and challenges that are connected to society. You become a transformation vessel for all that requires to be transformed. Your addictive behaviors are part of the transformation you are completing, not just on your behalf, but on behalf of society and humanity.

Understand and observe all those that have struggled with filling the void inside through addictive behaviors. Experience the various types of pains, the various types of disconnect, the various types of lack, the unfulfilled wants and desires completed through an external vehicle. A dependency was formed, yet came with a price. A deeper inquiry is necessary. A deeper inquiry into not just only your behavior and the way it has been formed yet also the behaviors of your ancestry and how this lack and disconnect in the first place has been established, how this lack and disconnect has been fueled and nourished by society, by humanity. Through this deep inquiry you will allow yourself to observe this disconnect, to fully understand how it has arrived within you and became part of your transformational journey. Continuous observation will lead to realization. And these realizations will start to reconfigure the addictive behaviors that have been put into place. Thank you for your question and blessings on this journey.

Question #2:
Relationship co-dependence began when I was a child and still expresses itself through my adult relationships. How can we as humans truly overcome codependent dynamics in relationship?

You are continuously connected to your environment, the earth that is around you, the sky and the universe that is around you, and all of the humans that are around you. This continuous connection between you and your environment is a natural bond that exists. A complete separated experience is merely an illusion of the mind. Understand and appreciate that you are your environment. You are a part of others’ environments as well. This perspective will set the initial foundation for a transformation to come. Dependency and co-dependency arises when the environment fills a gap within your being. A gap that formulates through the mind and the heart, a missing piece that you have not found ways to fill yourself yet. And it has become an easy pathway to fill this gap with someone or something from outside. This someone or this something has become now an assistant and building your awareness around the gap inside of you.

It has become a direct pointer for you to explore this part of you that requires attention. Understand in which ways you have kept yourself from loving yourself, understand in which ways you have reduced your self-perception, understand in which ways you have allowed others and the outside environment to be your sole source for love and connection.

Experience the love of creation that fills you continuously, that is present to you at all times in unlimited ways and eternally until the very end of this life experience. Once you tie your consciousness, your heart, and your mind, your body, to this love of creation, then you will see that other forms of love, other forms of filling the gaps inside will take lower priority and the co-dependency will become less impactful and relevant in your life with the realizations that will arise from your reflections and observations. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I’ve read that the purpose of evil is so that we can learn to exercise our free will and our souls will learn lessons and evolve. Is this true? It is hard for me to see any purpose in suffering.

The impulse to grow exists in a fine balance between creation and destruction. Light and dark polar opposites operating on this plane, providing for the balance that is required, allowing for you to have the experience that you are having and the opportunity to continuously grow. Some of these destructive forces are small and perceived as nuances. Some of the destructive forces are major and are perceived as dark or even evil, as you said. Attaching meaning, and emotional perspectives to the creative and destructive forces won’t serve you as they will continue to exist until the very end of this plane. The impulse to grow happens in the balance and in the neutrality of your observation between the creative and the destructive forces that exist. Destruction creates space for new creation – an evolved creation – continuously adjusting to the constructs that have not withstood the challenges that are provided by destructive forces.

This is how nature evolved to the point that it is. This is how you have evolved to the point that you are. All of humanity has come to this place because of the construct that exists. Suffering is optional. Pain and challenges might not. While you might observe the major difficulties of humanity to be a punishment or an evil that requires to be avoided, we see these movements as destructive forces that bring forth and new way of thinking, a new way of living, an expansion of consciousness. A powerful mirror to reflect on the choices that have been made on the choices that will be made, on how actions are chosen, and what kind of emotions are processed. Destruction and creation will carry equal value in our perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
In times of crisis like these, how can we identify true spiritual teachers and what will the teachers of the future need to be like for humans to actualize their true nature?

In crisis like these all humans will be challenged, including teachers, including those that have gained a certain level of mastery. Remember to be kind to yourself and to your perception of others as they go through their own evolution, as they go through their own challenges. And teachers, masters of various lineages, pillars of light will certainly require their own space and time to realign to the challenge itself. The key will be to observe how quickly they can return to the space that they hold, how quickly they can adjust to the circumstances based on what they have learned and what they have realized in the moment. Are they flexible and willing to change in the face of challenges? Are they rigid in their ways and stuck in old constructs that served a long time before? Will they allow this new energy, these higher frequencies to arrive in the space as being a vessel, an opening for others to experience this light? These are questions for you to reflect on, for you to discern with a feeling of resonance inside of you. Your heart, your body and your mind are very capable of discerning, of what kind of teaching, wisdom, assistance and guidance to follow. Your ability to discern will increase with your depth and quality of presence. The future will bring forth many new teachers, many new masters and leaders that are operating from the adjusted frequency for their consciousness, for human consciousness – present, open continuously in a process of realignment and purification if necessary. Until the individual is self-realized the process of their growth continues. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How can we help those who don’t have the privilege or means to comprehend spiritual fulfillment or evolution, especially those living in psychiatric facilities with mental disorders or with criminal backgrounds?

There are many different ways for a human being to evolve, for its consciousness to evolve. Not all ways are the ways you experience spiritual development. Some ways are internalized and operate from different states of being: dream states, unconscious or subconscious states. The environment continuously provides for a consciousness evolution. This current moment, you have consciously chosen to be in this experience to support your own spiritual development, your own evolution. Others have different ways to develop their spiritual, their energetic, the mental and emotional beings. Appreciate that the right individual will find the right and fitting experience for their spiritual development.

Aside from this form of realization, you as a developing individual can always practice your presence with others. The transformation within you will open new perspectives, will open new possibilities and a new level of trust and faith in transformation, in evolution and then realization. You become the key for others’ evolution. The privilege to live a human life comes with the privileges to realize and to self realize. The format and the medium in which the self-realization occurs is not measured by the means and the circumstances the individual is experiencing. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I would like to get your point of view about the real meaning of crucifixion and the resurrection experienced by Jesus.

The crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ was indeed a final surrender, a final surrender of the lifetime that he has lived to provide and to display the level of faith that he had in creation, the love that he had for life itself, including death, the way it is combined with life. Understanding that through this transformation, all that is within will be transformed. A new perspective will be gained. The new realization will be arisen within him. The perspective of total and full surrender, including the lifetime that has been gifted for the benefit of his own full enlightenment, as well as the impact that this would have on all others. The eternal trust placed in the creation that provided his life and his lifetime and to trust in creation that would take this lifetime away. The resurrection was part of this trust and enlightenment process. He had achieved the energetic levels to ascend to a higher plane of existence, exiting the cycles of human experience, of human life to provide an energetic bond and connection to humanity on a continuous basis. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
There are religious references to a war in heaven, led by angels against dragons. Is this real or a myth? And who are these angels and who are these dragons? Does this myth or story holds significance for us on earth?

Many forms of conflict have been executed in non-material form. Even in higher planes duality continues to exist until the highest planes are reached. These experiences that you refer to have indeed existed on this plane before the full establishment of this container for human existence. It was required to establish a container that would be safe, impenetrable, and without the influence from outside forces. It was important to establish this container even if it required force against other forces that first intended to influence this experience. The simplification in human language will not do justice to the civilizations and beings that were involved in this conflict. Many forms of conflict have existed without the perception of humanity and some within the perception of humanity. There is no particular significance to this knowledge, aside from that, you are protected and watched over until this human experience is complete. The container, this place of incubation will serve in its highest integrity until humanity has completed its Ascension process. Thank you for your question.

Questione #8:
How can I release specific people from my life and my mind?

First and foremost, understand the importance that these individuals have played in your life. The power, the beauty, and the challenge that came all together was sacred, equally. Find a place in your heart that carries gratitude for their existence, the gratitude for all the challenges that they have brought and the gratitude for the learnings that you have gained through these challenges, the growth that you have experienced through these challenges, the love that you have found through these challenges. As you start to experience these forms of gratitude for the individual and these realizations arise in your own being, you will see that the influence of the individual’s existence in your life will start to subside. Resistance and recurring relationship patterns, an insistence of another being in your life is often connected to an unprocessed, unappreciated aspect of your own being. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
What happens to a person who is self-realized? Do they go on living? How is their experience different?

An individual who has reached the state of self-realization will have the option of continuing in a human form or completing the human form to continue to be in a state of existence and full awareness in non-material form in a higher plane of existence. A self-realized individual that continues the human form will serve as an opening to this divine love of creation that has been immersed in its being. All of its existence is now the channel for this love of creation in unconditional ways. It will flow through this individual in unconditional ways. It will provide for the benefit of others.

The individual will no longer require the intake of food for survival. The individual will no longer experience sickness and disease in the way others in human form experience. The individual can live continuously in human form without aging. This is the power that is unleashed upon the achievement of this state of being. Many more forms of gifts will have arisen by the time the individual has reached this state and it will be to their discretion to utilize these gifts for the benefit of others. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
I am feeling a lot of grief this week. Is there any information that can be offered on this profound grief?

Humanity has experienced many forms of emotions, yet grief, mourning, and sadness have been identified as emotions inappropriate for society. For several generations these emotions have been suppressed by individuals as well as by society. Happiness had become the new goal, the new direction for all. And all that were not happy were perceived of being in a state of incomplete existence. The way we perceive emotions – they all carry wisdom, they all carry value. And emotions that have not been expressed in a specific moment in time will return to be expressed. And further suppression will create a more intensified response of that particular emotion.

The grief that has been suppressed by individuals and by society is now coming to surface, to be experienced by those that are truly sensitive and open. Feeling all that is arising in human existence, in human society. Allow yourself to feel this emotion without judgment, without the reflection that there is anything wrong with you. Imagine yourself to be a river. Imagine this flow of life, the water of life continuously moving through. Grief will be similar. Allow this grief to move through without attaching, without identifying with the grief itself, allowing it to express itself and through tears and sadness, through pain. Let it move through you like the water moves through a river. You will see eventually the water will clear and the life force will be more remnant of the love of creation that is continuously the surrounding you. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Often I experience what feels like an accumulation of stagnant energy in my body, sometimes expressed as digestive distress, bloating, restlessness in my legs or contraction in my throat. How can I best move this energy and heal this?

You have opened yourself up to feel more than the individual human being feels. This gift has come with certain consequences, an immediate response of the body, an immediate response of your emotional being and your mental being. The adjustments required to hold the space for this particular gift have not been fully established yet. Your bodily container, your emotional and mental container require more attention and a stronger foundation to hold the power that this gift brings along with it. Societal energies, humanity’s energies are forces stronger than a normal human being should ever witness. Yet some of you will come with this gift that I have described and it will become a requirement to create the foundations to hold this gift in its most powerful and benevolent way for you, without the gift becoming a burden. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Alexandra asks: Is helping others limited to the waking state here and now? Sometimes it feels like in the dream state, others seem to be helping others.

Assistance to others happens on multiple levels of your existence on a physical level, on an emotional, mental level, on an energetic, on a spiritual level, all of these in a conscious way, all of these in a subconscious way in different states of existence, in different states of your mind and your consciousness. This form of assistance, connection and bond continues to support others. They can truly receive without your conscious doing. Your proclamation to assist others, your ability to serve in subconscious or unconscious states will provide for assistance for those that are open to receive. Often this gift will come with its own form of evaluation and direction of the energy. Relax into the understanding that this gift will do exactly what it needs to do in a self directed way without the necessity of a conscious control. Thank you for your service.

Question #13:
Why am I not finding the right partner? Is this not meant for me?

Partnership in human form is a gift, is a gift of reflection, is a gift of connection, is a gift of experiencing conditional and unconditional love. All relationships serve this purpose including deep, romantic and intimate relationships. Individuals will go through phases of solitude and disconnect in order to come to specific realizations first by themselves and secondary in interaction and in connection with another individual being. The relationship itself then becomes a growth process for the individual. You are currently in a stage of development and growth that requires your attention on yourself. This phase can take as long or as short as you want it to be. Yet it will require deeper inquiry inside, a deeper inner reflection and allowing yourself to truly transform what you believe about yourself to be true. Changing these beliefs, changing these perspectives will transform your relationship with yourself and through which it will open many doorways for relationships with others. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have taken to be with us to receive this work, to listen to the words that I have to share. May this work serve you in the best possible way in your growth and in the growth of all those around you.

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