Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – February 19th (San Francisco, 906.World)

Greetings, my name is Raphael. The human experience, as you perceive it, is limited based on the sensory and the consciousness abilities that currently are present for you. As you tune inward, as you quiet your environment, as you quiet your internal space, these sensory aspects of yourself become more fine-tuned, and you start to sense more of your own experience as well as more of the collective, more of others.

These expansions of your abilities to sense are a gift, even though you may not perceive it that way as they arrive. They are a gift: to perceive more than you used to, to feel more than you used to; and with this additional information, your consciousness is able to process your own experiences in an easier way.

This transformation of experience into realization is the ultimate goal of human consciousness experiencing itself through the human form — through you. With every realization that is gained, the collective grows and you, as an individualized soul, grow.

Your judgments, your emotions, are part of the experience. They are here to remind you that certain experiences require more attention, that these experiences require more reflection. And, through the time that you spend on these experiences, your ability to realize, your ability to grow, evolves.

In the past, humanity has experienced, over-and-over again, in many different ways — some experiences seem redundant, yet are unique though the constellations of the individuals and the times and the places. You have entered an era of change, an era of tremendous change. This era will start with the awakening of the individual, the awakening of humankind. It will continue through the many challenges that will arise.

Through the overcoming of these challenges, new wisdom and realizations are formed. This is considered the self-realization journey of the individual, as well as the self-realization journey of human consciousness. Every aspect of your being will grow though the challenges that you will face, despite how you might judge them. Every experience carries the potential for growth and learning and no experience deserves to be suppressed, hidden, or left behind. The processing of all your experiences.

The processing of all experiences of humankind will be an important step in this self-realization journey. You will find ways to process your experiences, and the work that you will receive here today will assist you, yet your part is equally important — and maybe more so.

Your inner contemplation — the time that you reserve for yourself, the time that you assign experiences to comprehend, to contemplate, and to realize as a priority in your life. Life as you know it will always bring forth the challenges that you have experienced, the spectrum of emotions, the ups and the downs will always be part until the very end. Yet, how you experience the moments is truly up to you. With an expanded ability of presence, you can be present to pain without suffering. You can be present to sadness without attaching meaning to it, and all emotions will still be part of your experience.

Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this work.

[Energetic alignment takes place.]

Thank you for receiving this work. This alignment will unfold in multiple ways: First, it will allow for the energies of your system to flow in a better way. It will allow you to receive from the energies of outside, as well as the energies from above, in a much easier way. Additionally, this alignment will allow your physical functions and your emotional functions to be more optimal, to allow you to process the past moments and the present moment in a better way. Yet the processing itself still is yours.

This adjustment and our assistance to humanity will always be focused on providing you the ways for you to face what you must face to allow you to learn. Yet, sometimes the circumstances can be of assistance to accelerate the learning and to accelerate your growth. We help with the circumstances, internally, as well as externally. This accelerated path of growth is an important aspect of humanity’s evolution. Thank you for receiving this work. May it unfold in the best possible ways for you and for all those around you.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel. In this life that you have been given, how many times can you count that you have truly appreciated all of it? How many times have you given thanks to life in its most heartfelt way? How many times have you observed yourself unhappy about the circumstances, unhappy about life, unhappy about decisions that had been made a long time ago, or maybe experiences that you have been subjected to? How many times have you considered: What if? Every single [one] of these thoughts takes space, takes energy, from what is the most important aspect of your life, which is your presence.

The moment – In appreciating all aspects of your life, you become more present. As you become more present, your power and your strength, your health, improves. Every aspect of your being is focused in this one moment right now, right here.

Contemplation of future moments are an important aspect to operate in this plane, to operate in this society. Yet, how much of the present moment is lost in contemplation of the future? A future that is not in existence yet, [and] maybe never will [be]. How much energy and effort is lost in contemplation of the past? Fears of the past?Sufferings of the past?

You are gifted with this life. It is truly a gift to you. You have chosen to be here. You have chosen to live this particular life that you are living. You have even chosen some of the most important experiences that you’ve had in your life, and the ones that you will have. From birth til death, all aspects of your life, a gift to you. Be present to that gift. There is no requirement for gratitude as your gratitude will become your presence.

We have existed once in human form; lived lives, in physical [bodies] and had experiences similar to yours. And we have learned and we have evolved; we have gained perspective and we have continued on to exist in non-material form. And, as we evolved, as we learned, and as we understood, we dedicated our energy to the creation of consciousness.

Many forms of consciousness have been assisted. While other forms have naturally evolved, you are being assisted to evolve; you are being supported. And while at times it may not seem [that] the circumstances [are] reflecting this support, the circumstances are part of your evolution. Your ability to face the challenge is where we assist. The confidence and the creativity, the strength, is all within you. It often requires only a new perspective; a realignment. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What is my purpose with Conscious Woman Rising and Conscious Man Rising?

The evolution of men and the evolution of women is an equally important aspect of your evolution as consciousness. Understanding the archetypical characteristics and principles of the divine masculine and the divine feminine embedded in you — in all of you; understanding that these principles express themselves in your actions — often in your emotions; these divine principles, part of you, can be connected to, can be unlocked, can be continuously present in your life. While you will never live an archetypical life, these principles will be present for you in the moments required. Your purpose can very well be assisting individuals to connect, to come closer to the aspects that are already embedded within them. By shedding the layers of pain, shedding the layers of trauma, of education, and belief until they understand the true and pure principles that are within them. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #2:
How can I enhance my psychic abilities?

Psychic abilities can be enhanced through activities similar to this. Intense openings of spiritual energy provided by one or many individuals is an opportunity to open certain abilities. Yet, the prerequisites lie within every single individual: a balanced diet, physical health, emotional balance, mental quiet. All of these important prerequisites to develop any form of additional psychic abilities.

The spiritual energy that is within your system will be utilized through all your actions, and often this energy is utilized without conscious attention. Rarely this spiritual energy that is within your system is accumulated and fueled, nourished, in the many ways that you know you can, the foundations are the most important before opening additional psychic abilities. As each of these abilities unfold, they are to be perceived as a side effect of your self-realization. They are to be perceived as an additional gift of expression. With this understanding, you continue to develop and refine yourself, you realign yourself and your life, you find the ways to fuel your internal energy and your surrender — watch it unfold. What else can I answer for you?

Question #3:
Why does it matter that human beings evolved to the next plane before the earth becomes uninhabitable?

It would be the same as watching a fruit grow on a tree without ever being harvested, until it is overripe and returns to the soil. This is to be perceived as an important evolutionary step. The next stage for humanity’s existence is an important aspect, not just for humanity, but for all consciousness. As you are part of an ecosystem that you may or may not perceive yet.

Your complete eradication would be very unfortunate, and to be avoided by all means. Many forms of consciousness are involved in assisting humanity through this process. Yet the process’ highest leverage is within you individually. Your self-realization is the key to this evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
You were talking about presence, and past experiences, and our focus on future. I’ve been wondering for a really long time — these past plays that continue in our mind, past stories that we catch, that were conscious that come back over and over again and run, and then other times the wonderful present or future stories that come. And, my question is, when these past experiences come back that don’t feel good, is there a faster way to heal them and have them go?

There are many ways to complete the learnings of the past. The one that we recommend to individuals like yourselves is to truly open yourself up, to observe the experience itself, including yourself and all participants. You view this experience from all the perspectives available to you, to your imagination. You truly observe it from all angles. Eventually this experience becomes observed and understood and starts to transform into realization.

This observation process cannot happen when the emotion is still attached. Often the unexpressed emotion of the experience itself wants the attention first. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Blessings and thank you from on high, I’m so honored to be in your presence. I’m going through a Holy integration and it continues to deepen and become very powerful. If you can speak into that, and how I may be of even more service while I am here on the planet?

Certain individuals like yourselves have chosen to return into human form, while not required. You have chosen to be here in a time of great need — and maybe the most important time of human existence. The environment that you’ve created for yourself to awaken and to continuously support your own evolution, through this evolution, touching the lives of many around you, but most importantly touching your own life: expanding into the true and full potential of your own being.

You are on the best possible track to fulfill on the mission that you have signed up for. Remember, your experience, while it is sacred, is secondary to your mission. Your mission is bigger and therefore requires even more attention. Release the emotions, the judgments, and the beliefs that have held you back, and surrender even more to the depth and the full potential that is in you. The connections that will arise from this place will be nothing like you have experienced before and your entire being will become illuminated. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What are the keys to collaboration?

Have you ever witnessed ants and bees, in the way they collaborate? In the way they sacrifice themselves for the collective, continuously? In the way they operate so perfectly by listening to an instinct that is within them, an instinct that drives the natural processes required to stay alive as well as to provide and to grow and to evolve?

Collaborations in human form can be as pure as the collaborations that happen in nature, yet to be in that place, an individual must observe a certain alignment within, an ability to discern emotion, judgment, opinion, belief from presence. Your ability to voice that what is arising within you as you become a true observer of your inner workings will make you a trustworthy partner. And you will teach others how to become trustworthy partners. And with this ability, even deeper connections will be forge and collaborations will be taken to the next level. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Is it beneficial to learn about our past lives? And, if so, what are the best ways of doing this?

Past life memories and experiences will unfold naturally as you continue your evolution as a spiritual being in human form; memories of many previous lifetimes, realizations of previous lifetimes will start to rise. While there is no requirement to have these memories, they can be beneficial — sometimes to understand the memories of this current lifetime and sometimes to process the present moment with realizations of the past lives that you have lived.

You may choose to actively search methods and ways to find the answers; information of your past lives. Yet those are not required until you reach a stage where they unfold naturally. This is my recommendation to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How can I find what’s my biggest purpose to serve here?

Stop searching. Be more present. Understand in which ways you’re not present. Understand the emotional landscape of your heart. Understand the landscape of your mind. Understand your body in the best possible way. Become the best version of yourself in this very moment. Your purpose is a natural unfolding from this alignment. The clarity will come from alignment. This is my recommendation to you. What else can I answer for you?

Question #9:
What is the largest possible role that flower essences can play in the evolution of human consciousness?

Thank you for the work that you have started. Consciousness in plant form carries a specific vibration in its manifestation. This vibration that you refer to as “essence” can be collected, programmed, and delivered to those that require. Each of these different frequencies that flowers and plants provide are important remedies to address specific issues of the body, of the heart, of the mind, as well as and support spiritual evolution.

There is no particular answer to your question. As all essences carry importance to address the specific issues of misalignment, and as all misalignments have been addressed, the individual will find support in their self-realization journey. This is the role of this planet — it is your support for your self-realization. Everything that is provided on this planet serves you.

If you understand to receive with grace, you will start to understand the relationship that human consciousness has with this Earth and all that exists on this planet. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What role do animals play in our conscious evolution?

Animals are part of the ecosystem that allows humanity to exist. Without this ecosystem, humanity could not be part of this experiment. Understanding that this ecosystem supports your evolution and realization journey, understanding that this is part of your incubation and learning, all that nature provides becomes a teacher. Every interaction with nature allows you to understand a bit more of existence, a bit more of yourself. You will witness in the ways nature touches your heart — all of these moments to be cherished and received as a gift from your teacher. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How does the “twin flame” journey begin and evolve?

While there are many individuals in this lifetime in this human form that are attuned to you, that have shared previous lifetimes with you, there are some individuals that are designated to be important partners for the journey ahead, for the single most important time in human existence, a partner of extraordinary resonance to your being, recognizable in the voices and the stimulations of this world, distinct, present, complimentary.

These partners, while complimenting you in an energetic and spiritual way, might also force you to evolve faster than you expected — faster than you thought you’re ready for. Yet, here you are, reconnected once again for an important journey, for yourself as well as for the other, and for all of humanity. Finding yourself in a relationship, and deepening that understanding of your being — deepening the understanding of unconditional love — this is the journey that will bring many gifts to you if you’re ready to receive. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
As we all have a super-consciousness, a consciousness, and a sub-consciousness, is there a corresponding sub-consciousness or super-consciousness to universal consciousness?

No — I will elaborate. The functions of your consciousness serve a specific experience. The human form in space-time as well as in the experience of identity requires these additional modalities to be present. While the connection to all of consciousness is never severed, the present moment is continuously observed through the main aspect of the individual’s consciousness. Subconsciousness and unconsciousness serve different functions, yet specifically for material form. Once you evolve into a non-material existence, there will be no longer a requirement for a split of your consciousness. You will continuously experience your individuality in the collective and the connection to all of consciousness at the same time. What else can I answer for you?

Question #13:
I believe I have come to a karmic completion with my husband of almost 40 years, and now I am going to meet with my children and I’m asking for some guidance on how to heal, with them. Thank you.

It is time for you, and you have moved. You have had the courage to continue your journey, your own evolution. This was your truth: To find yourself, to redefine yourself, to expand as the expression of the divine in human form. Your children, once they understand your newly found alignment, your newly found peace within you — there are no additional justifications necessary. You are an evolved individual. You have a direct relationship with them, and this relationship is mostly defined in the present moment. Build on the present moments in front of you. Let go of the idea of what they might think or in which ways they might be hurt. They will be fine. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
How do I and others help, on a large scale, humanity to shift out of victim consciousness?

“Victim consciousness” — the perspective of being a victim of your circumstances is an equal part to “villain” and “savior.” All of these perspectives operate in a relationship, in a cycle, continuously fueling each other. You must be the one to break the cycle by understanding that the “villain” and the “savior” are teachers — and you have learned.

You have started to realize the importance of the experience that was given to you. You have embraced, despite the pain and the difficulty, the experience as a gift; the experience as a stepping stone for your evolution. And with this stepping stone, you have reached new highs in your being. This perspective will assist some of you. And others might be required to continue to observe the experience that has occurred from many different perspectives until the experience itself carries no emotion, and turns into realization. This will make it easier to step out of that role and identification as a “victim.” Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
I’m understanding that a part of the human evolution and spiritual evolution involves the activation of DNA from the two strands that we currently have, to more: twelve, twenty-four, sixty-four, and so on. Can you expand on that more and also expand on what is the process of activating the additional strands?

You are correct in your understanding that the DNA itself carries energetic parallels. Yet the understanding of this functionality is not required for your evolution. It is a function, and each of these steps will be reached and your DNA will adapt to the milestones that you will reach. The self-realization journey of the individual is in fact very simple.

The journey inward, the journey of purification, the journey of alignment, the journey to continuously prioritize your evolution — despite the challenges and the priorities of society. If you continue this path, your self realization will be imminent and your evolution will require no additional piece of information about the details of your energetic functions or your DNA. Your evolution will happen by itself, as it was designed. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. Thank you for listening to my words. May both serve you in your evolution as individuals. May you all understand that you are a piece of divine creation, perfect in the way you are. Thank you for receiving, and blessings on the way forward.

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