Champion Session – March 5th (Bay Area)

Champion Session – March 5th (Bay Area)

Greetings, I’m Raphael. In all of the journeys that you have faced as an individual human being, you have faced challenges and traumas and difficult experiences — experiences that required for you to step away, to digest and process the experience itself. It required for you to be outside of the emotion of the experience. It required for you to observe the experience from different perspectives. Only experiences that are perceived from multiple perspectives can truly be understood and completed, and complete experiences will return to be truly understood. This is the mechanism that is available to human consciousness, to learn, to truly complete learnings and to convert them into realizations. Realizations become the foundation for new learnings and the expansion of consciousness.

You are this divine expression of human consciousness. Your experiences are divine. And while you might perceive some of these experiences to be challenging or negative, they are important for you and they are important for the collective. They are important for all of consciousness.

Your ability to direct your attention, your resources, towards completing experiences, towards realizations, will make a big difference for humanity. And our work is here to assist you on this path of expansion, of growth, and evolution.

The highest frequency that an individual human being can hold is the one just before they leave the human body. The human consciousness is programmed in a certain way to allow certain frequencies to be held until what we consider “enlightenment” arises.

The work that is done here opens up your consciousness to experience higher frequencies, your body to experience higher frequencies, and in this combination, you become acquainted with the highest frequency of operation. The benefits are manifold. Operating in the three-dimensional world, in a collective, where high-frequency existence is rare, it is good to see that many of you that have experienced and have practiced for many years. Many of you that have devoted their lives for others to experience this, an opening, a deeper understanding of themselves, a deeper understanding of existence.

You all will be tested. This experience in human form is comprised of many tests; many learnings to be had in every opportunity. Yet with this understanding of your body and your consciousness, and to operate in the highest frequency that you can reach these challenges will be easier to navigate, to observe, to witness, and determine the realization.

And the way you navigate through the challenges in front of you, you will become a pillar and the lighthouse for those to look [toward], an example of existence in human form continuously evolving, continuously learning and growing, yet always present. Always relatable and always humble. Humanity requires examples like yourself. Remember this as you walk the streets and as you interact with others, as you continue to live your lives, always understanding of which frequency are you operating from.

Thank you for receiving this work, and for listening to my words.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. I understand you individuals — you are special to this host. You are special to humanity, and all those that love you. In all the many ways that you are unique. Many more gifts will unfold through the continued effort that you put into your development, into your evolution. And some of you will start to share these gifts, become vessels of their own. This is one way humanity evolves.

Our work will continue to support all of those that require, as well as all the places that are not maintained, in the best possible ways. To support all the infrastructures necessary for the entire collective.

The increase of frequencies in this realm, on this planet, will be easy for some to experience, yet it will be difficult and very challenging for others to experience. The rising of these frequencies will happen within the next 10 years. Adjusting yourselves in experiences like these will be an important aspect to maintain and to be able to operate in the increased frequencies of this plane.

In some ways, the environment and the circumstances will pressure humanity to evolve. This form of evolution as always was. As you evolve individually, you will start to understand more, not just of your own existence, but of all existence. You will start to understand that consciousness expands naturally and has a tendency to grow through experiences. In this case you, all the ways that you support others and to expand and grow, will be your gift to humanity.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Thank you gracious and benevolent one. I bow to thee in great honor, and you are aware of my mission and my work and I’m grateful for any guidance that would move me further into what is the goal of integration of humanity with the star kin. Thank you.

Thank you for the work that you are doing. Your development as a vessel will continue. And you will require to develop and open new abilities, with assistance, if you inquire, and support will be there for your evolution. This next developmental chapter of your existence will impact thousands and millions — if you choose to. Thank you for continuing your work.

Thank you for your support.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #1:
Is there anything, a practice that I may begin, to help enhance that elevation that is needed within my consciousness?

All practices that resonate with you, with your guidance and with your internal assistance at the moment. Yet understand that arriving at a new level and chapter of your abilities requires a strong dedication. It requires solitude, it requires focus and attention. You must take the time necessary for this and it will bear fruit for you.

Thank you, I understand. Thank you.

Question #2:
How do I release the anger and grief in my system at a cellular level so that I can sustain the embodiment of these higher frequencies?

Your development is good, yet you must continue. The higher frequencies that you are exposed to will inadvertently change your cellular structures. All that transforms from your mind, from your spirit, and from your heart, the body will start to assimilate. You become your thoughts, you become your emotions. You become your spirit. Thank you for doing your work.

Question #3:
I have felt very scattered, or spread thin. There feels like there is so much coming through me. I am curious of how to focus my energy in this phase and what is mine to do.

Focus and determination requires, first and foremost, silence. Clarity will arise from a place that has a strong foundation. If you have not found that space in you, or in your environment, you are required to make the adjustments. First, your environment must support the internal state that you want to achieve. The quiet and the peace, stability, purity. And your internal state will start to assimilate your external environment. With that internal stability, clarity will come, and you can start to expand your gifts to the outside world. You can start to understand how to continuously hold that what you have found inside of you: a peace, a purity, and a quiet that cannot be shaken by the outside world. This is our recommendation for you.

We understand that you have been on an important personal developmental journey. Especially in journeys like these, in pivotal moments of life, solitude and quiet — most importantly – nature will play an important role for the integration and the acceptance of this change. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Emmanuel, there’s a lot of fear around coronavirus and other pandemics. How do we balance the human precautions and interacting interpersonally in a social world?

Aside from the fact that this virus is comparatively ineffective, it yet has all your attention. It has your fears and your doubts, conscious or subconscious, at an elevated level. Thoughts of what you thought to be things you can rely on may no longer be accessible to you. Comfort becomes discomfort. The standards are changed. Understand that this experience is a learning experience. And while this virus itself is not effective, others will be. And, you must be prepared in human ways, with your mind, with your heart, your spirit — most importantly, with your body — this alignment inside of you is your strongest protection.

Understanding your body and its needs, understanding your heart and its needs, understanding the mind and cooperating with it in a way that it is not the leader of your world, yet a guide and advisor. All of this is part of you, an alignment within your being will make you strong.

The circumstances, the environment, changes all the time. And you adjust, you learn, and you evolve. Fears inside of you, fears in the collective, will all have to be addressed. This is one way these unprocessed elements of society will come to surface. And, individually and collectively, the processing must continue. We understand that truly some individuals are impacted, and [as] with any other sickness, their bodies and their biology will fight, do the best it can, to survive and to thrive, as every life, every experience in this human form is sacred.

You are not victims of your environment, remember that. As a general rule, this earth provides for you everything that you need to live and to thrive, to reproduce, and to evolve. This virus and many other viruses are part of the ecosystem, and they will continue to be. You are not separate from the ecosystems of the world and you are part of nature. At least, the physical part of you. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Emmanuel, I’m curious about the relationship between our personal evolution and our social impact on other people, and the planet; social change, if you will. From what I understand from past channelings, you said that the most important thing to support humanity is helping process unprocessed emotions. And I’m wondering if that is purely the most important thing to focus on or if meaningful social impact in the world can also provide an opportunity for transformation for people and the processing of these unprocessed emotions.

Yes. All activities regarding social impact, empowerment of individuals, empowerment of communities, is an important aspect indeed. The processing of individual learnings is for everyone. It cannot be foregone, it cannot be omitted. You might suppress it yet it will be processed, either by you or by the next generation. Some experiences that are many generations old will require the current generation to process. Some societal aspects require entire communities, entire countries, to process. This is the way it has been and this is the way human consciousness grows.

Yet all conscious action to support growth, to support evolution, as individuals, as communities, are of course an important aspect and will be supported. Yet in all your actions and in all your expressions of your gifts, never forget the work inside continues always. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How do I balance this personal evolution while at the same time maintaining and growing the, for lack of a better word, “mundane” aspects of my life that’s so essential, like rent and housing, and balancing between doing work that compensates versus doing work that may feel like it’s more important for personal evolution. Do you have any guidance in walking this type of path?

While we understand the balance that every individual has to walk in a modern society, priorities must be set. There is only a certain outcome you will receive by splitting your attention, and neither side will truly be content. While it is scary and unclear what is on the other side of a deep personal evolution; the unknown, following a path that maybe no one has walked ever before, allowing yourself to walk this path despite the fears and the concerns of all those around you, and those that were before you, trusting a voice deep inside of you to follow this path: This is true faith, one step at a time, knowing that the soil in front of you will be there to catch you as you make your steps forward.

We understand that humanity has created constructs, has created comforts. These constructs continuously require your attention to feed the comforts of your life, and that is understandable; energy exchange. Yet, for a period of time you will be able to split your attention between being in the construct and evolving within the construct. And there will be a time where you must step outside of the construct to deepen your understanding of existence, of your existence. Thank you for listening to my words. What else can I answer for you?

Question #7:
How do we best keep our energy clear and protect ourselves from darkness?

You are always in balance between light and dark. Many frequencies are always part of you. Emotions, thoughts, the subconscious mind, the unconscious. You are both light and dark at the same time, at all times. Conscious effort, shining light in the places of your being that still carry low frequency, “shadows,” as you might say, will be an important exercise. It will be difficult to face some of these shadows. Yet it will be relevant and important for your continuous evolution.

If the shadows are not faced, the outside will adjust to bring these shadows forth in you and you will be confronted in certain ways, from the external influences to face the shadows anyways. Protection is a matter of resisting the change inside of you. If you truly understand that you’re continuously evolving and you continuously make the effort for your internal alignment, you carry natural protection. This is the place that we would like all of you to go to.

Some of these dark experiences that humanity has faced, and individuals have faced, will be easier to observe as the frequencies rise; the mind and the heart will allow a stronger light to be shined onto these experiences of the past. With this, realizations will come more naturally and more easily. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Emmanuel, the last few months in this year, there has been a lot of fear and uncertainty about who’s going to be our leader for the next four years. And there’s a lot of fears in our hearts. I was wondering what is your guidance for this opportunity for us individually and as humanity, to evolve?

Leadership will change. It starts with you. Attention — your attention — the energy, and the power that you give unto the leaders of the world, asking them to provide them to make decisions on your behalf in the best possible way, this is a natural and important way of nature to organize itself to survive and to thrive. Yet after a certain size, it becomes inefficient and difficult to navigate.

The power of those that are in leadership positions is overwhelmingly disproportionate to those that they are leading in power, and have power over. The structures of this kind will change, as the structures currently established will not hold against the challenges of time, and the challenges of the environment. New structures will be formed that require new forms of leadership to arise.

While your focus might be in the next few years, our focus is in the next decade, and the next decades of humanity’s evolution. And as things will change dramatically, don’t let yourself be a victim and a prisoner of the circumstances that might arise in front of you. Understand that your evolution continues and your gifts will continue to express themselves, despite who is leading your country. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
My question is about humanity and the planet and we stand at an inflection point with regards to our climate and our environment. And I’m really curious about key priorities in terms of how I’m addressing this existential crisis. Any guidance on priorities would be much appreciated.

Your heart and your mind are in the right place and the right direction. Yet understand that true change can only be accompanied with consciousness evolution. Changing behavior, enforcing changed behavior, can only go so far — even behavior that is rewarded. The evolution of consciousness happens beyond knowledge, education, and rewards of the external world.

This evolution in you will impact those around you. As you continue to evolve, all your actions, as well as all those that are open to receive, will be impacted by the frequency at which you are operating. The language, your presence, your voice, your touch, even the words that are transmitted through technology. Everything will become uplifting to those that receive it. And the message itself becomes much more (receivable) and acceptable. As you change your frequency, as you change your evolution as consciousness, you impact those around you to follow. This will be the best possible way, as consciousness that expands knows what the right priorities are. It does not require us to tell you what those should be. Thank you for your question. And thank you for the time that you have taken to receive this work and to listen to the wisdom and the words that we have to share.

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