Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – February 10th (Santa Monica)

Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – February 10th (Santa Monica)

Greetings, I am Raphael. The work that we offer to individuals like yourselves is to accelerate your evolution on an individual level so that your growth might impact those around you, will impact those around you, and through you, societies, countries and all of humanity can change.

This is the reason why our work is focused on the individual. The evolution of mankind starts with you, not with the changes outside. With the continuous change, adjustments and alignments within, all of the outside is represented inside of you. All of the universe is represented inside of you. You have an immediate impact on your environment by the changes that you make inside of you, and through your being. These changes manifest in the environment and the circumstances required for you to learn, to adjust, and to grow into.

The work conducted here might be subtle for some of you, yet you will see it in your daily lives, as difficulties, as challenges, might be easier to face. Emotions might arise, yet might not keep you captive. You might find an easier time in quieting your mind, and we do recommend that you continue in any form of practice that will allow you a continuous realignment throughout your day in this human form.

We have returned to provide interventions of these kinds to support humanity’s evolution and awakening in this final and most important chapter of human consciousness’ evolution. Thank you for receiving this work.

[Healing conducted]

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. Growth and evolution on an individual level happens continuously. Despite your perception if you are moving forward, you are always moving forward. Every action, as well as inactions, fuel this forward movement of growth. Every thought, every emotion, is equally part of this growth.

All aspects of your life are considered sacred — even the darkest parts of your being: your thoughts, your emotions, your experiences, no matter your judgment of victim, villain or the hero. All aspects of you are sacred, and this continues the cycle of growth and evolution. You learn and you expand. Some of this learning will happen by itself organically, and some will require effort and intention; will and prioritization; devotion and dedication.

You have arrived at societal concepts that do not reward the aspects of personal and spiritual and energetic growth, and your priorities have shifted as humanity to aspects that society rewards. The circumstances created enforce the structures.

The priorities of life must be rethought. Every moment of your conscious being you have a choice: how to spend the moments that you are aware of spending. Conscious action and attention allows for your accelerated growth. The time in quiet, the time in silence, the time spend to realign yourselves is of utmost importance.

Only then can you be open to the messages of higher consciousness. Only then can you truly listen to the pure intentions of your own being, driving you, potentially, to the next experience necessary for your evolution.

In these moments of conscious decision-making, you allow the thoughts and emotions, as well as the perspectives of outcome, to vanish; you have created the space in your life intentionally to experience the depths that are accessible within your being. This is the power that you have over your life. And this is just the beginning.

Every moment, remember, is sacred. And yet, with this sacredness of every moment, you choose how to spend these moments, consciously and aware.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What is happening right now to Mother Earth?

Mother Earth, this planet that has been your home, for as long as you know and remember, she has been the one to nourish you, [to] provide you everything you require to live a fulfilled and expansive life; to expand over the lands, to reproduce as much as you can; to learn, to grow, to use her resources for your creations. She has witnessed, and she has observed, and she has provided everything that you are required, and she will continue do so until the very end. How this end is defined remains truly up to the evolution of consciousness in human form. The actions and inactions of individuals are strongly correlated and connected to the evolution of their individual consciousness as well as the consciousness that they are connected to, and in totality, all of human consciousness.

As your individual evolution will impact the friends and families around you, you will start to see a shift in their actions without necessarily directing specific actions from those around you. It is the evolution of consciousness that is connected through all of you that impacts those around you.

While knowledge, education, technology are important aspects in managing the environment that you’re given, managing the consequences of your technologies, the consequences of your comfort, the evolution of your consciousness will actually make you utilize the knowledge and the wisdom in the right ways. It is not for lack of ideas or for lack of solutions that you are in the situations that you are in. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How can I learn to work with and grow through self-worth issues like “am I good enough”?

Self-worth, and the understanding of self-worth, is an important milestone in your self-realization journey. An important aspect of inquiry: How and where is your value defined? Is it intrinsic? Is it extrinsic?

Your value from our perspective is defined by you living a sacred life on this sacred place. You have been chosen and you chose to be here. Every moment is a gift to you. The worth is defined by the judgments of the mind. The judgments either instilled by the circumstances of the previous generations, the circumstances that one experiences in childhood and the projections received by others. Comparison defines value, perceived value, defined value. By whose definition?

The true understanding to the answer of this question will remain in internal alignment, understanding that you are much more than you can perceive. You are much more than your human form, more than the experiences that you’ve had, more than the perceptions that others have of you. Your true value is unlimited. Your potential is unlimited. When you come to embrace this reality in your being your presence as well as others’ perspectives of you will change as you have removed yourself from the comparison game. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Sometimes I feel like I am compulsively overeating, to the point where it leads to not feeling well. How can I learn to reset my relationship with food?

The body has been given to you with all the necessities, with all the necessary instruments to tell you exactly what you need, how often, and how. It is provided with an intelligence that is directly connected to your mind, brain, and consciousness. You have access to this wisdom and this continuous knowledge and data of your body, yet the elements that are driving this over-ride of the body is from the emotional aspects of your being as well as from the mental aspects of your being, constructs that have been established that provided meaning and comfort through food. Nourishment has become a replacement for certain emotions, and for certain truths.

Understanding this connection within your system — truly inquiring on which level food replaces an important learning and an important opportunity to grow for you — will lead you to the aspects of your being that require attention, conscious attention. You will see that your habits and behaviors around food will change upon the resolution of these experiences. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Is receiving energy from the outside and from other planes destructive or beneficial?

There is continuous flow between the various planes of existence, material and non-material planes are in consistent exchange of energy, knowledge and wisdom. There is no particular recommendation that we have in regards to this. There are specific rules and laws that have been established to prevent higher forms of consciousness to intervene in human affairs.

Human affairs include multiple levels of non-material existence. These type of interventions, energetic or knowledge-based require authorization and agreements. What you have experienced today is an energetic transfer, yet it has been agreed upon and provided with the right approvals. This ensures safety; it ensures that the work that is provided is in its purest form, as it was intended. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What do you feel humanity needs to know in service of the evolution of consciousness, and is there something that you see specifically that I can do to serve?

Humanity’s accelerated evolution requires individuals to truly step into the discomfort of their own being, address all aspects that require to be processed so that they can grow, so that you can grow. Every single individual’s growth and evolution will impact all those around you and all of humanity. The faster and stronger, the more with courage you drive this growth, the more you will see the impact it will have on all of humanity. And, as you grow you will find ways to apply the wisdom that you have gained in every step of your evolution. Share the wisdom and provide assistance for those that are on the same path of evolution as you have been.

This will create the ripple effect required for humanity to evolve in the fastest possible way. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What is the process we can use to reconnect to the source that created us?

The source of all existence, the love-of-creation, is continuously available to you and you are never disconnected from it in the first place. Yet many layers of understanding and perception are between this connection that is intrinsic in all of you; layers of the mind, layers of material existence to operate on this plane, layers of emotions, layers of physical comfort, layers of education; layers upon layers.

In moments like these consciously chosen, you have the opportunity to go through those many layers and truly to connect in a place where space and time and your identity have no meaning. You will feel, you will experience this love of creation, omnipresent for you — never separated in the first place, always providing for all that exists. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How do I know that I am seeking the right wisdom in the universe?

First, remove your judgment of right and wrong wisdom. Allow yourself to open up, to receive wisdom, to receive messages and guidance. Listen with an open heart and an open mind, without fear. Understand if these messages are maybe coming from your own being that has not been heard in a long time; and maybe the messages are coming from higher planes to direct you into certain experiences in your life, or to direct you to find peace in the experiences that you have.

Many forms of wisdom are available to you. The closest ones are the ones of your body, of your heart, and of your soul. Experience moments of quiet, moments of reflection and contemplation, to hear the wisdom of what is directly provided to you through what you have. And you will see as this opening continues, the wisdom that you will receive from higher planes will be plentiful. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Will humanity transition into the fifth dimension, and, if so, when?

Humanity will go through a transformation from a material existence to a non-material form. This transition, some have called many names: “Ascension,” “entering the fifth dimension,” “transformation.” This process had been established before humanity was seeded. It was known and understood that at some point humanity will come to an understanding, and the maturity of its own existence; a maturity of its consciousness justifying the next level of existence in non-material form.

This non-material form of existence is indeed in a higher dimension and in a higher frequency; hence the work that is required in material form to reach as high frequencies as possible while still alive in human form. The non-material form is an expansive discussion and topic that we will return to at another time.

The time frames that you have requested to know are variable and change depending on the actions and the behaviors of human beings. The knowledge gained, the wisdom gained, the actions applied, continuously through will and free will, determine the changes of this probable event.

It might be important for you to know that this event can very much occur within your lifetime. All of your actions in this lifetime, in this form, will make an important difference.

All the generations that will come are equally important, as their presence throughout this will increase the frequency that you are all in. Frequency changes through processing. The experiences of humanity that have not been processed must be completed, understood, and turned into realization. This will increase as well your frequency of existence. All of these steps are required as part of this evolutionary process of Ascension. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #9:
What must I do now, with ease and grace, to open my third eye and see through all illusion?

Your experience in human form carries so much value. Every moment of your life and provides learning. All the moments that have past stay as memories to be transformed into realization. Clarity comes from realization. The processing of everything that is within you will provide the space that is required to see clearly outside. Until the internal aspects of your being have not been processed, you will continuously see those aspects of yourself that must be processed from the outside world delivered to you as a reminder.

Ignoring these pointers will not change this reality and you will be reminded, in relationships. You will be reminded continuously, through dreams, through emotions, until these experiences of your own being, are converted into realization, and this completion allows the release of this process of learning. Realization will bring clarity. With clarity, you will see with your eyes, with your heart, and with your mind more clearly than you have ever. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
We are learning how to know things according to the feelings in our bodies, individually. And, we have this great, great signal that climate change is coming pretty quickly. And not something that we feel as warmth, but we are feeling that through data. And, when we do things, collectively, I’m not seeing the passage for how to acknowledge the feeling applies in a new way if we aren’t coordinating our experiences in intelligent, data-captured ways. Otherwise, it just feels like it drops into willing to “feel” hearsay. So individually, feeling seems to matter more, but so does data itself, as well, collectively informs our feelings and is symptomatic and informs our collective action, what’s your take on the data?

All experiences in human form are communicated through consciousness; all humans are connected through the fabric of human consciousness. You are never separate. The aspects of important information, the realizations that truly matter in the growth of consciousness are communicated across all of consciousness upon realization. The system has provided for continuous expansion of humanity the way it has. And while you may perceive and judge it as imperfect, it has come to a place to awaken, to self-realize. While you might see the threats, we see the opportunity of evolution. We see how far you have come. Our perspectives are different as we carry no judgment, and our evaluation criteria include a bigger picture than yours.

Knowledge transfer is easier and more accessible than it has ever been in human form. You are able to learn, transmit the knowledge, as well as the data that is required to be accessible, anywhere on this planet. Yet you will see, data alone will not make the change. Application of wisdom, application of knowledge, requires the driving force of consciousness. Evolved consciousness will fuel the willpower to drive a specific outcome into manifestation. This is the trajectory that we see for you, for all of you, that the evolution inside will bring forth the solutions outside. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How should we understand the role money plays in our world and what is right relationship with money?

The role that it plays is understanding that it carries no value by itself. The value is defined by humanity. There is no emotion or judgment attached to a tool other than the ones that you attach to it. It is purely a medium of exchange of defined value. The moment you understand that this, as a river of exchange of energy, carries no emotion by itself, no meaning by itself, and no value by itself, you will start to shift your relationship with money and the monetary system. You will all observe and witness the changes to come that will impact monetary systems. Value distribution and value definition will change. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
How can we learn to access the Akashic records, and what is the relationship between the human mind and the human experience of the Akashic records?

All human experiences, all human thoughts, emotions, are recorded. Most importantly, the realizations that are distilled from all of these experiences that impact consciousness directly. The records of all experiences are accessible for those that are able to reach this state of frequency through their consciousness — specifically to search and to find by willpower the particular incident of another human being. This skill set had been limited to very few individuals to support others on their journeys and in their growth. Now, as humans are evolving, more will be able to access these records.

For the right reasons, it will benefit you. It will provide perspective. Ultimately, the change will be fueled by your desire to process all that you have experienced and all that humanity has experienced. Your willingness to turn experience into realization will determine the fate of humanity. More information is not necessarily better. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
Once my consciousness leaves my human form, I must go through the darkness to reach the light, I know there are dark entities to pass through. I have read that you must move in “curves” and not “sharp angles” to reach the desired destination. Do you have any reflections on this?

Duality and non-duality exists at the same time. It is merely a matter of perspective, a lens through which you look into your reality. The non-dual perspectives will allow you to experience the full spectrum and to understand light and dark and everything in between, equally serving the existence that you have been provided with.

A non-dual perspective will allow you to understand that without the dark the light will not exist. All equal and in balance, continuously providing for an experience and an opportunity to learn through these experiences. This balance is what makes the human experience so powerful and valuable.

Upon the completion of a human lifetime, you will have the opportunity to go through the most important realizations of that lifetime, a resting and cleansing phase for your soul container before it can re-enter into the human form to complete learnings, or to open up to new learnings. The perspective change between non-dual perspective to dual perspective can happen instantaneously and you may be able to hold both of these as your truth at the same time, appreciating a non dual perspective while living in a dual world.

Thank you for your question. Thank you for your time, and thank you for receiving this work, for listening to my words, and considering it for your own benefit and evolution.

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