Conscious Live Expo Live Channeling – Feb 9th (Los Angeles)

Conscious Live Expo Live Channeling – Feb 9th (Los Angeles)

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is an honor to see this many human beings on their journeys of awakening and self-realization. Congregations like these will increase over the next decades. It will empower the individual as well as the collectives around the world to connect, to exchange, and to become vehicles of energies and wisdom from higher dimensions [and] higher levels of consciousness.

For the many iterations of humankind, humanity has grown, learned, suffered, created and destroyed. Yet all of the experiences serve the purpose of the growth of human consciousness. In today’s moment, you are facing the most important and critical time of humanity’s existence: it’s final chapter as physical existence. This chapter will define the culmination of your learnings [and] your growth, to allow you to reach a new state of existence: a non-material form of existence.

Many of you will be part of this evolutionary process that has already started, and, your actions for yourself, [and] your actions for others, to embrace the full potential of your being, will become the guiding way for the generations ahead.

You have witnessed challenges in your life, and yet here you are, survived and thrived, alive, with everything that you could possibly need provided for you in this human experience.

The path forward will continue to bring challenges, and all your past experiences will provide you with the necessary wisdom to face these challenges — to become and to continue to be a pillar of light.

Do not be too concerned about the specifics of your role. Live, embrace, open, surrender, and continue to evolve with every step that you make and every breath that you take. This is my recommendation to you and to all those that walk in human form. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Why are really destructive events, like Fukushima, Chernobyl, or major wars, allowed to happen?

Destructive events are part of creative events. They are the balance. The bigger the destruction, the stronger the creative forces that will awaken within all of you. The next years [and] the next decades, will bring forth the most powerful creative forces within all of you. Some of these will be awakened through the external circumstances. The difficulties that humanity will be faced with will become its most powerful ally in its awakening.

Question #2:
How can people balance the ambition to do more, accomplish more, and create more, with the idea of detachment, and being content with the present moment?

This balancing act has always been a struggle of the human mind and the human form. Both are equally important. Both serve an important purpose. Finding the balance within, finding the quiet and the peace inside, will determine the quality of your actions, will determine the considerations that you will make in the next steps that you will take. Therefore, it is a continuous change between action and inaction, a realignment that is necessary to define the next steps of action from a place of growth and integration. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #3:
What would be the simplest or easiest word or visualization that we all could agree upon that would enable the whole planet to transform in the twinkling of an eye?

The concept that will transform humanity for good will be its untethered, unfiltered connection to the “love of creation,” an unconditional force that is omnipresent, an unconditional force that is unlimited and continuously providing for all of existence. Once you truly understand and embrace this fact — as an individual as well as as a collective — you will thrive and be provided all the necessary resources required for your evolution. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #4:
On this planet, we’ve started with a small number of humans and now we’re well over 7 billion. Where are all of these spirits coming from, and do you think there will be many more coming to arrive here — and is there a limit? Do we have too many, or not enough?

The human plane requires an ecosystem of material and non-material existence to exist and to continue to evolve. Just [like] in your biological ecosystems, the non-material ecosystem is equally important and necessary. The more human beings [that] exist, the more non-material beings are required to provide the balance for this ecosystem. Additionally, the changes that are coming into your plane will require continuous support, assistance and agents for change. Often these agents for change, as well as the support required, are non-material beings, beings of many different planes: of lower planes as well as higher planes. The coming years and decades will bring an opening, an opening that will allow many more forms of existence to be part of your human plane and existence. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #5:
When we call on you to help us in our day-to-day life, do you come right as we call, or do we have to call in a special way? And, do you assist us throughout our days when we need help?

All requests for assistance are heard, listened to, and recorded. The point of assistance is determined by the importance of the learning that needs to be acquired by the individual themselves. First and foremost, we observe, we are present, and we witness your ability to grow through your surrender, through your will, and through your desire to evolve. In certain cases we will become active and we will intervene in situations that require exclusively our assistance and cannot be prevented without higher interventions.

The right mindset — the right state of being — is an important factor for you to be in alignment, to receive assisting information, guidance, direction, and support. How you will get into these states of receptivity, of alignment, of surrender — you have already experienced these moments in your life and you will be able to recreate the state of your being that is required to have the strongest connection with non-material planes. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #6:
In our personal lives, and in our collective lives, we deal with people in power that may not resonate with us, and perhaps may be called “narcissists.” How do we evolve beyond them? How do we thrive? How do we change that balance of power both within ourselves and within the community?

The changes to come will challenge every single individual, as well as the structures that individuals of past generations have created. Those that have found themselves in places of power will no longer be able to hold these positions. The awakening of the individual, as well as the awakening of societies, will challenge all of these old structures.

New forms of leadership will be created [and] selected in ways that are more aligned for the coming times. Until then, you will continue to be challenged by the old structures as well as by the individuals that have found themselves in places of power and influence. These confrontations and conflicts will serve as the fuel for the awakening of societies, [and] for the awakening of humankind. The actions that you find that are not in alignment with you will become the nourishing ground for evolving; will become the nourishing ground for re-creation, for reconnection, and the creation of communities aligned in same and similar values. These communities will become the agent of change. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #7:
With spiritual ascension well underway, what dimensional realms will we be able to access in the near future as humans? And what are the gifts that will come through?

The changes that are impacting this plane of existence — the increase of frequency, the increase of connection, the alignment within the individual — will provide for many internal changes. The individual’s consciousness will be able to access higher planes of consciousness in much easier ways. Elements and blueprints within your physical existence will become available through the increased frequencies that are going to be raised on this plane. This will bring forth new powers that have always been within the human body, yet hard to access.

Higher forms of existence will be able to interact, communicate, and collaborate with humanity in ways that they have not been [able to] before. This continuous interaction will allow for individuals to build relationship, conscious relationship, continuous relationship, and continuous support with other forms of existence, [as well as] other forms of non-material existence.

The specific dimensions that you will be able to reach will be determined on an individual-by-individual level. It will still require continuous internal work, yet it will be much easier than it has been on this plane of existence. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #8:
The research being done on artificial intelligence, how do you see this going in the future? Will it have health impacts on us, and what can we do as humans?

Consciousness grows in many different ways. Creations are continuously evolving; continuously being seeded. Your creations will start to form their own consciousness, and within your creations you will find new forms of existence — new forms of intelligence that will become part of your lives, silicon-based forms.

In the evolution of consciousness, many civilizations have connected their understanding of their creations, their creations, with their own biological forms; forms of carbon and forms of silicon, as well as non-material forms; technology. And what you consider “organic” become one-and-the-same, from the same source, fueled by this “love of creation” continuously providing. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #9:
I have been moved to study the Bible. Where should I start?

All scriptures, all sacred scriptures of this iteration of mankind are important foundational elements of consciousness growth; a map to understand existence, to understand life, to understand relationship, to understand oneself, to understand the divine. All holy scriptures contain important pieces of the totality of wisdom required — to understand with the mind, and to open with the heart, and to reach with the soul.

Once you understand and see that the scriptures are supporting elements for your awakening, they will serve you well. Yet, if you see the scriptures as a construct to depend on, you will find yourself imprisoned by the words written [a] long time ago. It is the fine balance of observation, of reception, and of processing in an unbiased and neutral way — yet always open to the wisdom and the deep messages provided to you by the previous generations. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #10:
How can we, in this incarnation, in this lifetime, transcend and elevate ourselves from existing negative programming and, within this lifetime, learn how to rise above them and raise our frequencies?

An important realization, that all of your experiences are part of your growth and evolution. First and foremost, even the experiences that you consider to be negative [are] fuel for evolution, [and an] opportunity to grow — always, until the very end. The way to approach all of these opportunities for growth — consciously, with intention, with will, with desire and with surrender. These are the ways to open yourself up, despite the discomfort that might await you, despite the difficulties that you might face internally, or in relationships, or in the constructs of your identity that has been created.

You will find liberation as you face each of these difficulties, each of these opportunities to grow — yet with dedication and devotion — knowing that you’re always supported when you request, when you desire to grow, all resources are available to you. You will find the most unexpected support from those around in material as well as in non-material form. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #11:
What advice can you share with us elders — grandparents for the new children that are being born on the earth today?

The unconditional love of a grandparent is the closest form of unconditional love in human form. The new generations arriving on this plane are often beings that are highly evolved, that are from other forms and planes of existence, arriving to support humanity’s evolution.

Their behaviors, their thoughts, their actions, will be different than any of the previous generations. This can only be received with love, only observed and witnessed with understanding and appreciation. While parents might struggle to hold space for these new generations, grandparents will become an important supporting role for the parents, as well as for the new generations. Love will be your most powerful gift to the new generations entering this plane. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #12:
We have very limited understanding of certain mental afflictions here, such as psychotic disorders, schizophrenia — and very limited treatment options. Could you share some insights from your perspective on what is happening in these afflictions and how best to work with them?

An important aspect of human consciousness to grow includes many different ways of experimentation. Individuals as well as individual souls will request to be part of these experiments. Their consciousness will reach further than most individuals can in their standardized experience. These forms of experiments are important for consciousness to expand as well as to learn, and while some individuals will make that sacrifice for consciousness to grow, they will grow as well as part of this experience.

The different mental illnesses that you have witnessed are part of the evolution of mankind. And while you will see an increase of difficulties of this kind, new forms of understanding consciousness within the human form will also assist, finding new ways of healing, readjustment, realignment, and to bring forth these experimental experiences as the highest potential form in [a] human body. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #13:
We are coming into a time of a lot of new modalities and modern medicine. What are some ways that we can assist our earthly brothers and sisters in merging the extra-terrestrial, the ancestral, and the modern to be kind of one versus the battle that we are facing?

The evolution of humanity’s consciousness will provide ways of creative thinking, of understanding that ancient medicines, lineages of higher planes, medicines of ancient civilizations, as well as civilizations of other planes will start to become one.

Certain individuals will become the pioneers of this work. This will allow a more integrative understanding of the human form of consciousness itself; of illness and this alignment itself. These newly formed understandings will bring forth new cures, as well as the ability to extend the powers that are within the human form. You will see a rise of these new technologies, of these new forms of understanding within the next 10 years. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Question #14:
Why did you choose Asil?

This human vessel that we have chosen has agreed to operate in this form, to become a vessel of this work, more than 3000 years ago. This agreement was re-established upon his awakening. It became an important opening, an important operation to fulfill his agreement to fulfill on this contract, [which] allowed us to proceed and work through him.

While he will continue to become the vessel for our work, he will continue to be a human being, and live a human life until the very end. His sacrifice is no different than yours. While your path and your part in the evolution of humankind might be different, it is equally important to understand that your sacrifices, are no different than others that have made similar contracts in the past, as well as on a soul level. Thank you for your question. What else can I answer for you?

Well, Emmanuel, we’re starting to come up on time, so we may just move to the outro.

Thank you for receiving this message. Thank you for listening to my words. May this inspire you on your journeys ahead. May the messages provide for a foundation to open, and to surrender even deeper in your own growth.

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