Group Energy Healing and Wisdom Channeling, Nov 2nd (Middle East)

Group Energy Healing and Wisdom Channeling, Nov 2nd (Middle East)

Greetings, I am Raphael.

My name has been known to humanity through millennia and so I have chosen to be addressed in this way, to be recognized in this way. Yet my essence carries no name. I have devoted my existence to assisting all of consciousness and its evolution. You are part of consciousness. In your own way, you grow and expand as human consciousness. Yet, we are intrinsically tied: all pieces of an ecosystem.

My assistance to human consciousness comes at a critical time of awakening: the maturity that humanity has gained to be supported for the next step; the next milestone of its evolution. You are some of the first to receive this alignment and this support. You are some of the first, to truly awaken and to continue a path of self realization, to start to understand who you are beyond the personality and identity that has formed in this lifetime; how you are connected to all of creation, and the deeper meaning of your existence.

This work carries no boundaries. My offer to you is unconditional, and the adjustments from what we perceive to be the most beneficial outcome for you, even though some aspects of awakening might bring discomfort and challenges. Yet, you are ready to face these — you have declared your readiness. You have decided this is the way for you to awaken in this lifetime, to find peace within, to be a conduit of light and energy for all those around you.

The work that will be performed here today will impact you, and, through you, all those around you. The changes in your life will start to bring changes in your relationships and changes around you: some of it through actions that are more conscious, that are more compassionate, that are more inclusive; some of it purely through your presence.

And, you will have to continue to walk your path; to deepen this relationship to yourself only through your continuous will and deliberate action for growth can humanity truly succeed in its Ascension process.

Thank you for receiving this work.

I am Emmanuel.

Thank you for receiving this adjustment and alignment that is offered to you to enhance the experience of life that is ahead of you; to strengthen the individual that you are; to open you up to even more potential.

This work will impact your life in many different ways. Some of them subtle, some of them more obvious and clear. Either way, we do not require the recognition, acknowledgement, or the gratitude, as this work is truly a gift. And, through your awakening and alignment, you will become a gift to others.

Your presence will change those around you. Your presence will change the way you think, the way you act, and the way you react to the circumstances presented to you. You will find yourself more observant than judging; you will find yourself able to discern how and what you will say in any given circumstance, what energy and emotion you will put into each single word that you will say. This is a trait that will awaken through you; a trait of a strong awareness of your present moment. We are grateful that you have chosen to come on this path — for the benefit of your life, and the benefit of all of mankind.

In the coming years, humanity will be challenged by its environment; by the structures it has created that will not sustain the awakening of societies; the awakening of new generations; the awakening of those oppressed. The challenges in society will make one thing clear: that change is inevitable and it is present and it will impact all of you.

In the face of change, will you remain aligned and in peace within you? Will you be the standing rock for those around you? Will you be that pillar of light that others can see from far away, despite the challenges around them? This is the importance of the inner work. This is the importance of your awakening.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

In a unified collective mind, in a connection beyond your identity and personality, and the connection that provides you with your essence, the energy of the universe, the energy of this planet, you continuously are provided for. All questions become irrelevant in this form of awareness; connection.

et, the human mind demands; the human mind operates and makes sure you are alive. It requires personality. It requires duality. It requires questions to be answered, to evaluate safety, to evaluate decisions, and actions. You will start to receive many of these answers to your questions in your silent moments. You will start to see that some questions may not require any answer at the moment, and the deeper level of trust and surrender sometimes provides all the answers that you require.

What can I answer for you today?

Question #1:
I live in a peaceful environment; is there anything I can do to help war-torn countries from where I currently live?

Your intention is well and noted: the ability to understand that a war-torn country, the individuals of different backgrounds of different ethnicities and nationalities are merely the immediate expression of human consciousness. Underneath you’re all one fabric connected to a collective that we refer to as the human consciousness.

In your expression, in your individualized lives, you learn different aspects and spectrums of emotions; of duality. You learn to understand the various forums of emotion and thought, and through each of these experiences you become more self aware. One of the most important aspects in this understanding is compassion, an emotion deeply rooted within your heart: the ability to relate to the pain and suffering and the circumstances of another individual without taking on their suffering.

The ability to relate, the ability to connect is already a tremendous effort. Bringing other individuals into a space of compassion and understanding will bring transformation throughout all of mankind. Yet, more consciously, countries, specific regions, specific individuals, may require your attention. Space and time is a construct for you to experience individual form, though the consciousness fabric that you all are is never separate.

You truly are connected to all individuals in those war-torn countries. And, in a deep connected way, in internal reflection, you be able to connect to all aspects of human expression on this planet. To be seen, to be heard, may be the only thing that they need right now. All other aspects of support of material kind and resources will follow this main base understanding that you are never separate from all those others on this planet. Their suffering and pain will impact the entire collective, the healing and growth will impact everyone, including you. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Do you have advice for those of us going through spontaneous awakening, and even beginning ourselves to channel? What is the best way to approach it?

Many individuals on this plane will start to receive these openings as the levels of energy rise, as the barriers of your consciousness loosen. As your being starts to remember the many lifetimes you have lived before and the internal mechanisms of awakening in your body start to strengthen, the symptoms will become natural.

You must understand that all of mankind in some way and form will start to grow (GO?) through these experiences — every single one of them. Finding a quiet and safe environment to let this energy express itself is one way to explore deeper; to surrender to it, to let it find pathways to strengthen your being, to strengthen your remembering is one way. We do advise to refrain from application on others until you have truly mastered and understood the energies working through you and within you. This will take time and patience and you must receive all of the gifts of existence with patience. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I would like to understand more about the energies present today. You call them Emmanuel and Raphael. What is the difference between these two energies? Is there ultimately one omnipresent energy that we interpret in different ways? And, what kind of energy flows through you? What kind of energy flows through us? Where do you come from?

Your curiosity is noted and is justified, to understand, to surrender into an opening of this kind, to receive from energies like us requires discernment and a healthy relationship. I am Emmanuel, one of a kind. I have existed for trillions of years of your count in a conscious collective that was created to serve many other forms of consciousness in their awakening and their development. In the progression through these forms we have been identified as helpers and supporters of consciousness. You have given us names: angels and archangels.

Our support has not been only for human consciousness, and in the many ways we as a collective have assisted humanity, we have assisted other forms to evolve, to grow, and to reestablish as consciousness in different forms is connected to all. Your form of consciousness is connected to ours. Your evolution is connected to the fabric of all existence and therefore as important as our existence. I have incarnated in human form many times to truly experience and understand the spectrum that is available to you. I have lived under the same circumstances as any human would; forgotten who and what I was in the presence of my human identity so that I truly could understand this experience to be a unique gift of creation. And in these lifetimes I have gone through my own awakening processes to find my essence.

Many forces will assist humanity in this important stage of awakening, in this important stage of ascension. It is a collective effort. It is a big process; an important process that many have been waiting for. Humanity will receive this important support from us and from many other forms that have devoted themselves, in a pure and unconditional way, to allow humanity to transition into non-material existence, to increase in its form and vibration, to operate and learn in a different spectrum. This is a small introduction of my being and my presence. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Can these energies in the room help relieve those in the world with cancer? The world is afflicted by cancer. It doesn’t matter which nationality, ethnicity, language, faith; it approaches everyone. Can this heightened awareness and energy help to erase cancer within us and bring us to the next generation?

Thank you for your question. Cancer is a development and a side effect of the growth of humanity. It is a side effect of society. It is a side effect of all the elements that have been created on this plane by you. The side effects are the more important aspect to look at. What is causing cancer and disease in the first place? What are the elements in your environment? What are the elements and the many generations before? How is emotion, unprocessed thought, unprocessed challenges, continue to be delivered? How does all of the unprocessed turn into disease and sickness?

Ignorance is an important aspect of this cause: ignoring the many signs that are available to you in the ways of food, nutrition, in the ways of listening to your heart, in the ways of relationships, in the ways of unhealthy conditions; the imbalance that you have allowed yourself to be subjected to.

As there are many forms of cancer, not all of them follow the same rules or the same causes. Many will be effected through implications of spirit, implications of their consciousness, of previous generations, implications of emotional and mental patterns.

We can certainly assist, yet would that not change the most important element of your current state, your awakening, your understanding? Disease has become therefore an important element for the awakening of the individual to come to certain realizations, and in many cases when the realizations occur, the disease leaves. This is a process that we will not interfere with. It is an important process that must continue until the very end.

In these moments of adjustment and alignment, we will provide relief from sickness and we will provide alignment that will bring forth the realizations that will be your immune system for all diseases. Your alignment within: your heart, your mind and your body. This will be the strongest deterrent to any force. Our goal is to bring you to that power, to that achievement, by yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Do animals have souls, and how does this tie into what you call humanity’s collective conscious? Should we honor these animals by being vegetarian?

Thank you for your question. All animals have consciousness. And, just like human consciousness in a collective, animals and plants find themselves in their own collectives, and even subgroups of different types of animals in their own versions of collective consciousness. They do not possess souls similar to humans. Yet, they’re equally important to bring the balance of your existence on this plane. Without them, you would not exist.

The balance of the ecosystem is fragile and will not be able to adjust to the dramatic changes created by human presence. One of the factors is the way you consume. While animal consciousness has provided and offered itself in support to human consciousness evolution, the way you — all humanity — interacts [with], treats, and consumes [animals] is a reflection of the maturity of your consciousness, and you will start to understand that eventually consumption of meat will become less necessary. In general, consumption will become less important.

You will start to receive all that is required for your existence through your presence on this plane. The awareness that you carry, the physical, the emotional, mental, and spiritual systems in your being are capable of receiving energy in so many forms that you have not explored yet fully. Consuming the outside world is one way of receiving energy to continue to be alive. It is for you to find other ways, yet rest assured, they’re all within you.

As you explore deeper your being and your physical structures, strong practices will make you understand how little you need to live and to thrive. This change in consciousness will make this plane much more sustainable and accessible for the future generations. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What is the ultimate purpose of our existence? And, when we resist our experience in this space and this time, what do you suggest we can do to accept what is?

The purpose of your existence, in this human form, in this human life, is to understand, to explore, to experience and through experience, to gain realizations about life, about yourself, and about all of creation. This is the baseline for all that live.

And while there is no requirement to attain other reason to live, what I have told you, will fulfill an entire lifetime of exploration. Some will start the deeper questioning much later in their years or even the last moments of their existence. Some realizations will come while asleep. Some realizations will be suppressed until the very end.

And, as you go through the motions of life, experiences will occur that will challenge the status quo of your life, that will challenge the peace that you have, inside and outside. And, through these challenges you will learn and you will grow. They go together only in the spectrum of challenge. Can one truly start to learn and to grow?

Challenge must not be connected to suffering. That is entirely a choice of the individual to resist the change or the impact of the challenge. The transformation is to surrender; to truly let the change come through you and express itself in the way it needs to. You become a vessel of this energy passing through, and rigid vessels break. Your ability to adapt to the circumstances will become your most powerful core. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How can we help our families and loved ones who are not on the same path as we are? Is it true that our families are reflections of us, and should we not run away from them even if they are not at the same path as we are?

You have already understood the answers to your question, as all the beings around you are reflections of your being. Why is the family that you have chosen to be there for you? It is for your growth. It is for your understanding and evolution.

Even though you may not choose the way they have chosen to live their lives, even though you know other ways to grow and explore existence, all those around you, especially family, will always be connected closely. They will offer opportunities consistently to be reflected upon: deep anchors of relationship, deep anchors of emotional attachment; all opportunities for you to resolve.

Ignoring these triggers will only result in reoccurance in other individuals and other places of life. It is required for you to do this reflection, to take the time. And, this might require periods of distance and periods of isolated reflection before you can find this inner peace and alignment to face all of the relationships around you once again; to be tested once again, and to grow, once again.

Your path will always be your path. It will be unique for you, designed by you, created for you. No other individuals should be subjected to your path. No other individual needs to be convinced that your path is the right way. The fruits of your path will be reflected through your presence. The piece that you have found inside of you and the alignment that you have found inside of you in every moment that you are with others and with yourself will reflect who you are. And, this will become an inspiration for them to adjust their path, their own path, for their own growth. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I would like to know how the new generation of children being born will evolve and grow with the acceleration of awakening and the emergence of collective consciousness. Will they be able to finally create peace on Earth?,

The new generation that arrives here: the only thing that you require to be concerned about is to provide them unconditional love and safety until they can operate by themselves. This is a simple truth and often forgotten. Everything else becomes the flavor that you add of your being. The new generation will grow up into completely different circumstances than you have experienced — than you can imagine. They will adjust, they will adapt, they will collaborate and they will come to their awakenings in different timeframes than you have.

Their realizations will guide them in their decisions as a collective, and they will choose leaders and structures that will suit them, that will represent who they are. You see, it is indeed a self directed process and human consciousness will always find its way to adapt to the circumstances, to adjust according to the level of its maturity. Your ability to provide a place of unconditional love, of safety, will become the most important way to serve the next generation. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
In many countries around the world, we are implementing 5G wireless antennas. Can you share your opinion how to support the collective as fears around this technology increase? Is there a way we can eventually transmute this lower energy by the energy of our being alone?

Thank you for your question. In all the ways humanity has developed many different technologies — some of which [are] beneficial, some of which [are] controversial, some of which [are] continuously adapted to become safe — technology [is] your creation, and [it’s] for you to bear all the consequences through many generations. This is the same occurrence as many other occurrences before. And, while we perceive the impact of this creation, we refrain from intervention or offering our advice specifically into these creations. Our opinion in this matter is irrelevant.

Your consciousness to understand the impact of technology in your life is your decision. Your ability to understand which of these elements that are interwoven into your existence truly are required, and truly are a piece of your essence, [an] extension of your being — and in which ways technology has become the opposite of becoming more aware. These are the main questions to be reflect[ed] on. The impact of technology is a side effect. Continuous development cannot be avoided. It will, and is, part of your evolution: a technological evolution that has become your biological evolution as well, in some ways, interwoven: your consciousness with the consciousness that you have created.

Thank you for your question. Thank you for the time that you have provided from your lives for your growth and for your evolution. The focus and intention that you have set aside to dedicate a moment of your life for reflection, for surrender, and to receive. This is the continuous growth journey of the individual, and it is our honor to support this work that you have embarked on.

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