Energy Alignment and Channeled Wisdom – Nov. 7th (Dubai, Ascension Platforms)

Energy Alignment and Channeled Wisdom – Nov. 7th (Dubai, Ascension Platforms)

I am Raphael. Even though it seems like it is your choice and decision to awaken, it is an embedded and integrated part of you that desires and requires to unfold, just like the seed of a flower. It is not by the choice of the flower to unfold, it is embedded in its way to evolve.

This is your evolution, and this is the time for collective evolution. We support you, as this work must happen through free will, a conscious part of you that is in alignment with the internal part of you that requests for this awakening to happen.

And, as you make this conscious choice to open yourself to the possibilities that will bring forth your awakening, you become the canvas of all possibilities that this reality has to offer.

In the many changes that are to come as the energy levels rise, your abilities to create, to co-create will as well rise. The internal alignment of your heart, your mind and your body, with the alignment of your soul, will allow you to create the reality that you require to thrive on this journey and to assist others on theirs.

You become a pillar of higher consciousness, a representation and manifestation of divine will to be represented in the human plane. Divine will carries the intention — only the intention — of your continuous evolution and eventually ascension to a higher plane of existence. All our actions and our assistance to you is geared to assist this process.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel. After receiving an adjustment like this, you are required to integrate the changes. Even though it may feel subtle at times, the changes and the shifts that it brings forth will be clearly visible in your life. The external changes [even more] require a settled internal alignment.

Do you take the time necessary for yourself on a daily basis? Do you allow other priorities to take over your life? The simplest truth of self-care, maintenance and support for growth processes; support for vitality. This requires time.

In modern society, the value systems of time have shifted. Even the value for the time for self-care has been reduced and taken over by other more important priorities. It is time to realign the way you perceive yourself, the way you care for yourself; all parts of you: your body, your emotional being, your mental construct, all connected to your spiritual and energetic body.

Moments like these will bring forth the importance of this development. Yet, it can only survive in an ecosystem that allows for this change to truly thrive. This is the ecosystem of your life. The adjustments that you make for yourself will bring forth even more change in your life — change that is more compatible with the being that you now are, the being that has understood the priorities of life and has adjusted accordingly, and is ready to receive, ready to give, and ready to be present. This is you.

How you live your life will always be yours to decide. How you create the circumstances of your reality is often operated by multiple factors: the unconscious, the subconscious, and the collective, all in coordination with specific learnings that must occur; specific learnings that must complete. Adjustments like these today will allow you to reach these realities to be created for you, by you, in a more conscious way. And as you understand the importance of all learnings, you allow and direct some of these realities into manifestation.

This is the power that lies within you; within all of humanity. And, as you start to see the changes of your reality, of your relationships, of the circumstances that you’re in, of your being overall, you become the most powerful being of your life. You become a creator of your own, a master of your own, and with this unfolding, you continue the journey ahead, understanding that the self-realization has many steps, yet you are ready for those steps, as you have created the foundation necessary.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can we explain to mainstream audiences and skeptics that we can have direct contact with the Archangels through channels such as this one?

Your desire to communicate with those that might not be ready to hear is well noted; your efforts are noted. The key element in this unfolding is your evolution: it is the change that others witness in you, the assistance that you have received in manifestation of your life, and the person that you have become, and the presence that you share.

All else does not require any explanation, justification or convincing. Those that are drawn, to join, to receive, will come. Even those that are skeptical will receive. Belief is not part of our gift to you. Changing of your mental structures; belief systems; will remain yours. Ultimately, you may choose the language to represent your reality to them and they will choose to accept your reality as part of theirs. They may be open to hear and they may be rejecting your reality. This is entirely their choice. Understand that all humans operate in different ways, receive in different ways, and understand their reality in an entirely unique perspective.

Sometimes you will have agreements and many times you won’t. What matters in those moments of agreement and disagreement is your presence. This is what you receive here: the support for [the] strengthening of your presence. We understand that our presence here, that our interventions of this kind, will bring forth controversy, adversity, disbelief and inner conflict. Yet, even these aspects will allow individuals to transform internally if they are ready to face this transformation. Their openness is the ultimate invitation. You see, it is them that are called to come forth and to receive, and we will be present to to all that require. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is your definition of the human ego?

The human ego is formulated as a part of your consciousness; as a part of your individualized being. It requires the understanding of self identification and personalization of this experience. The ego identifies your reality as yours. It perceives relationships as part of its own reality and the continuation of stability of this construct.

The ego perceives itself as “you.” Yet, an awakening being will understand that the ego fulfills a specific function: a function that allows for the operations on this plane and for relations to occur. You, as an entire being, are beyond the ego of this current existence. Your conscious awareness will become aware of the ego that has been formulated for you, by you, through your life. It will understand how the ego formulates the desire for control, the desire for recognition, the desire for conditional love.

The part of you that recognizes the ego does not carry desires and wants, it is beyond; still, all part of who you are, understanding that in human form you will always carry this aspect of ego until the very end, understanding that with conscious observation, the patterns of the ego can be learned to be managed appropriately; can be adjusted sustainably; and the ego becomes an ally of your existence: an expression that others can relate to; a reflection of your internal peace and your internal alignment. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How can we help the planet?

Your desire to assist all of mankind — all of existence on this planet — is noted: a big vision for an individual. The desire to assist is how it starts. It is the spark that provides continuous awakening within you, fueled by the change that you’d like to see. You adjust your own being and you change first: you become the example that you want to set into the world. Those around you, your relations, inspired by the change of your being, inspired by the change of your consciousness, your awareness adjust as well, and so change becomes a tidal wave initiated by [a] single individual’s desire.

This is one way of helping all of existence on this planet, yet understand the desire ultimately will fade as you continue in your awakening. The driving force will become a much stronger force than willpower; it will become your understanding of existence itself: that you are the planet; that you are intrinsically connected to all that is alive. This understanding will change all behaviors. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Can you speak about the process of self-realization and its connection to Christ Consciousness?

The self-realization process is an embedded imprint in all humans: a desire to awaken into a deeper truth of existence, a deeper understanding of your being beyond what you perceive. Continuing this thread of deep inquiry, understanding that all operations in your life serve the purpose of learning and growth and deep insight, is embedded consciousness that learns through your existence. This is one step.

The following steps must be experienced to be truly understood; to be truly received direction and guidance. Even verbalization will not do this process justice. In fact, it may deter from the process itself as each person’s understanding of that reality might differ. The foundations for the self-realization process are established and communicated. Many other lineages have also perceived their perspectives on the self realization process or the foundations that are required for this internal journey.

As you continue in this journey, a deeper understanding of existence itself reveals itself to what you perceive as your consciousness, a deeper understanding of what human consciousness is in relation to all forms of consciousness, and to all forms of existence. In your continued evolution you will reach higher planes; higher planes of consciousness, as you, as an individual, are connected to all that exists.

It will require overcoming many barriers to follow this thread. Yet, every piece of realization on this journey that you bring forth into your current existence will be rewarded many times over [with] the benefits that you’ll receive; the benefits that others will receive around you; through the journey that a single individual takes.

The relationship of the energetic construct that is established as a consciousness to provide support for human consciousness in this current iteration that you refer to as Christ Consciousness is one element that can be reached on the self-realization journey. Yet, each individual may perceive this connection in their own ways. They will know when they reach these higher planes. Each new connection that is established on the journey to self-realization provides another perspective to existence. Yet, the only true full perspective that can be had is by you through your self-realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do we help our children be open to spirituality?

Children that are arising in this current new generation are inherently connected. The structures provided for them prevent this connection to be nourished and to be deeply experienced. Instead, other experiences take priority. Their discovery of their bodies, their discovery of technology, their discovery of relationship, is part of their evolution as well.

Yet, if the settings are provided for deeper spiritual inquiry and connection, they will receive and they will listen to a call that is within inside of them. It will not require rules or force. They will be drawn to the peace that it generates within you, within your relationships, as they learn by the actions and by the presence of the previous generation. This is one way.

Inherently, the younger generations that are currently awakening and coming to realizations will start to create their own structures that they require for their own growth and their own connection to the divine. That is entirely their right, and it will be driven by them rather than the previous generation’s perspective. Accept the deep wisdom that is already within them, and allow this wisdom (to) unfold. This is the best way the new generations can be supported. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What are your thoughts about abortion on a soul-contract level?

The topic itself carries tremendous controversy in human existence. Our perspective is one perspective and your reality is the one that you must live with. Our perspective is not the truth. It is our perspective of your reality.

Abortion ends a life that is meant to exist in this plane. The constructs that are in place will provide a specific soul with a specific mother, and it will provide the environment that is required for the soul to grow. An abortion will end this particular opening. Yet, the construct itself will provide new openings for this soul to come to this existence to experience life.

This, in itself, is a self-regulating mechanism: even though the opening, and the potential of this relationship to unfold, of this particular soul to unfold, in this life, has been closed, another opening will be provided. It becomes divine will opposing free will, and neither is better than the other. It is the reality of your existence and your free will will ultimately be the highest force of your life, and this will be respected and understood by the constructs of divine will. Thank you for your question.

All questions arise from the mind, and often from the heart: perspectives that are required for the next step ahead. Perspectives that are required in order to fill the gaps of conscious understanding. And, even though these answers will provide mental stimulation, a deeper truth is within them: the energy that is received in receiving the answer itself; the connection that is built; the relationship. With deep inquiry you will be able to answer all questions of your existence within yourself. All questions of the heart, all questions of the mind — even answers to specific problems — can be found within.

The ultimate purpose of this work is for you to have the powers to stand on your ground in this reality, despite all the challenges and the changes around you; to find the answers that are required for you to be present, and in deep connection you will see that many questions that have been relevant will dissolve, and what remains is the connection itself that provides [you] with everything that is required.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #7:
How do I balance my desire to live a spiritual life with the work that I need to be doing on Earth?

Thank you for your question. The fine balance — there is no separation. Once you understand that your spiritual connection is present with you in all of your actions, in all your relations, in every moment of your life, you will understand that one must not be sacrificed for the other. Deep spiritual inquiry, and establishing a stronger connection and presence for yourself might require time by yourself; might require circumstances and the setting that allows for you to dive deeper by yourself without distractions. Yet, once this connection is established, it will be present with you in all your actions and interactions. You see, even though periods of deeper inquiry are required, you can entirely live your life in spiritual connection, in deep presence, in all your interactions. Thank you for your question.

You are the sons and the daughters of creation; of expression of human consciousness in human form. You have received an environment that allows for you to experience all potentialities of this reality. And, with this understanding, you have been embedded with the desire to awaken; to understand even deeper truths of existence itself.

Your environment is the basis for these realizations to unfold in the first place. Take good care of your environment as you continue the journey of awakening. This fine balance between your environment and the circumstances that you establish for yourself will become the foundation for the continued work inside.

Thank you for receiving this work, and blessings on the path ahead.

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