Group Energy Healing and Wisdom Channeling, Oct 30th (Dubai)

Group Energy Healing and Wisdom Channeling, Oct 30th (Dubai)

Greetings, I am Raphael.

On some level of your being, you’ve understood the importance of development — of development beyond the physical, the mental and the emotional — a development that’s way buried underneath thoughts, emotions; deeply within your being.

A part of you that is calling for your awakening has always and will always be present. You might stop to hear it, you might stop to listen to it, or you might find ways to ignore it. Yet, the calling for an awakening inside is embedded in all human beings, a call for realization.

The journey itself to listen to the call and to follow is a challenge in itself: overcoming the obstacles of learned and trained behaviors; of perceptions formed for you by many generations before; the structures it created for you to provide you comfort in many different ways.

Listening to this call inside might require [you] to step into elements of discomfort, it might require facing the challenges of life that have kept you in place. You are the destiny of the world: your evolution, your growth will determine the future; not just yours, but of the entire collective.

This is the journey that you have chosen. This is the experience in human form that you have chosen. And, in this most important time in human existence, you are alive and awake. Follow the call that is within you and you will start to understand the truth of the self-realization journey.

The work that will happen here today will assist you on this journey. It will open up pathways of understanding and realizing, as well as of connecting with non-material existence, experiencing your emotions from many perspectives, and releasing aspects of your past, of your ancestors, that you have carried. This work will be a stepping stone, an assistance, and many steps to follow: a path that you must walk. Thank you for listening to my words. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings, I’m Emmanuel.

It is always a pleasure to see humans, you, in an awakening process, a milestone, [a] stepping stone of your awakening journey. All the experiences that have brought you to this very moment — all the moments of courage and difficulties that you have passed, all the moments of doubt and fear that you have overcome to be here, to have listened to a call inside: the awakening call of your soul.

This self realization journey is entirely yours. Yet, with every step that you move forward, the benefits are beyond your own. They truly impact your environment and the collective. You become a conduit to the awakening of others. Your change truly becomes the ripples of many changes to come.

Yet, one experience is not enough to continue this journey. Many layers of your being must be uncovered, observed, understood, and transformed. Many layers of the subconscious, the unconscious, and of many lifetimes before, of generations before, all those lineages that make who you are.

Your journey of awakening will bring forth many opportunities to transform experiences into wisdom and realization — not just your experiences, but also the experience of the collective. Experiences of complex nature require many individuals to collectively transform the experience into a realization. Some of you have understood this, yet very few have truly dedicated the time and energy to assist in the transformation of collective experience — experiences not just of the present, but of many generations before, to the beginning of human creation.

Many experiences have not been fully understood, comprehended and transformed, and this process that you are on will allow you to participate in the transformation of collective experiences. It is one service that you can take on, but you’re exempt, if you are fully in your own process and not ready to assist in the collective awakening.

This is an important aspect, as the entirety of humanity as a collective will awaken, not just by the individual going through its self-realization process, but also through the changes of your circumstances: changes of cosmological nature, changes of environmental nature, will bring forth a strong and necessary input for the collective to awaken.

You are part of this awakening process, and some of you have received. And, as you continue with every step of your awakening process, newly found freedom in your being will reward you — a freedom that will allow you to become even more present in the very moment to understand the gift that you have been given to exist and to experience the human form.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
When I pray, I ask for divine intervention to assist in healing for myself and others. Do the angels hear my prayers?

While we have the ability to listen to everyone’s thoughts and emotions on this plane, our ability to intervene is limited by the circumstances: the circumstances of the experience that is required for you to experience, for you to grow and complete the learning and the wisdom that is within this experience.

In some cases, we have chosen to intervene, and we continue to observe and support in the ways of our presence. Yet, the true power lies in your hands: the ability to manifest and create the reality around you is directly correlated to your ability to be present. Prayer has a function of making you present; it carries also the ability for you to shift the reality that you perceive to live in. This is the true power that lies within you.

And, very rarely should you really require the intervention of an outside force. Even though we may observe the experiences that you go through, the changes on this plane, the awakening of mankind, the ascension process of mankind, is an important circumstance that requires the assistance of many divine forces — including ours. In this process, many individuals that are required to support the awakening of mankind will be exempt from completing experiences in human form. Their awakening will be accelerated through interventions.

This is an exceptional time in human existence, and you are an exceptional being: in this very moment awakening and understanding that you will play an important role in the awakening of the collective. This will be the power that will move you through all prayers. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do I access, acknowledge, and integrate my prior lifetimes into this one while also transmuting experiences from those lifetimes?

The process of incarnation, the completion of a lifetime, is a natural process designed to complete the previous lifetime, including all of its learnings and understandings. There is no active process required on your end to complete past lives in this lifetime. In rare occurrences, karmic learnings will continue through many lifetimes. Yet the circumstances of this lifetime will bring forth the learning and the opportunity to transform. It is not required to understand the circumstances of previous lifetimes.

Being present in this very moment in this lifetime, will give you all the opportunities to transform the situation that you’re in front of: all of the learnings, all of the wisdom and the realizations are already in your being; all the experiences that you have known you carry within you. Knowledge of these experiences is not required and not relevant in the very moment. Yet, your ability to be deeply present will open your being up to the true wisdom that lies in all of these experiences. This will be the ability to transform all situations and opportunities in front of you to wisdom and realization.

Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How can I best be of service to humanity?

Your service is directly correlated to your ability to transform yourself: your ability to become the best version of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and to continually practice the expansion of your energetic being; to continually reflect internally to understand all the experiences that you have not resolved yet, not completed within your being, all of the relationships that haven’t been completed in your being, and all the ways that your physical construct has not been taken care of.

The moment you transform yourself, you transform the collective. This will be your greatest service to the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Is it possible for two souls to find each other in the next lifetime again?

The resonance an individual carries, the unique frequency that every single one of you have, is reflected through many lifetimes and therefore recognizable. When two individuals connect deeply, their resonance frequency becomes similar, somehow tied to each other.

In future incarnations and lifetimes, this resonance will call forth the other. Circumstances, experiences, will lead to crossing paths. Some important learnings may require to be completed once again with individuals that you have crossed paths [with] before and connected deeply. In some lifetimes, these connections are karmic and will bond two individuals for many lifetimes together in ways that they must learn and complete learnings, complete experiences together, in union.

The relationship in this regard is irrelevant; it is merely the closeness that truly counts. You will understand this bond. You will see this bond in the eye of the other. That familiarity will make itself present. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Will Jesus Christ reincarnate in my lifetime?

The individual that you have known as Jesus Christ, that has lived an extraordinary life, and provided the service for humanity’s awakening and ascension, will not incarnate again on this plane. His service will continue from another plane, and will intensify in the time of ascension. Other individuals will carry the connection to Christ Consciousness, and will perform similar roles as he has before. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How do I work with feelings of hopelessness?

Only in the presence of hopelessness, one has the ability to truly understand the only way is inwards; to go deeper into the meaning of existence, into the meaning of presence. Hope is an externalizing factor, in some ways a distraction from the most important source of information and knowledge and wisdom that is within you.

The ability to become present with yourself, to observe all elements that have made who you are, what you are, to observe your consciousness in all its facets, your emotions, your thoughts, and the connections that are beyond this plane. This is truly where the power of the individual lies.

And, hopelessness is merely a trigger, a reminder to turn inward, to process what needs to be processed, to listen, to express, to confront what needs to be confronted; all of these inside, within you, waiting to be uncovered, waiting to be completed, so that you can become lighter and the more whole version of yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What’s the best way to meditate?

The best way is the one that suits you. It’s the one that you have chosen to continuously practice. The best way is the one that you can do over and over again; a way that you embrace as a gift to grow rather than as a punishment, a burden, or an obligation. The best way is the one that gives you rewards, one step at a time, sometimes insignificantly small and subtle in nature, yet relevant. This is the best way of meditation. It’s the one that you choose. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
In my spiritual practice before, I had tried to focus on the light and send away the darkness. These days, I feel that this is incomplete, and instead I try to send love to the darker parts inside myself. Is this more correct? How do I work with the duality of light and dark?

This is one way you can continue to observe yourself. There are many ways. Duality is an important aspect of human existence: it provides the spectrum of experiences, the spectrum of emotions, the spectrum of light and dark. In this entirety of the spectrum, one seeks the balance; one seeks to understand equilibrium and harmony within.

To find harmony, one must explore all of the aspects that make the spectrum within. Suppressing elements will only make these elements stronger. You must understand your ability to observe. Your ability to witness is not connected to judgment or opinion or interpretation. It is the observation that makes a difference of completing all the facets of your being, light and dark. The entirety of the spectrum that is within all of you, is reflected in all of the existence in all planes. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Can you talk a bit more about ascension? How would we experience it and what would change?

The ascension process on this plane will move humanity — human consciousness — from this material experience in human form to a non-material form in a different plane. In this non-material existence, the collective of human consciousness will continue to exist.

The experience will be more unified as a being, yet still the experience of individual beings. All memories of all lifetimes will be accessible to you and you may choose the identity that you will reflect. All the relationships will be accessible to you in this existence.

And while the relationships do not carry the importance of learning and experiences like on this plane, the relationships will bring a certain level of familiarity and comfort in this new form of existence. It will allow humanity to explore higher levels of consciousness, to explore other forms of existence and to understand itself in ways that it cannot in the human form on this plane.

This material form and this material plane has served humanity as its incubation place: a home to grow to a certain size, to a certain amount, to a certain degree. And now the time has come to rise to this next level of existence; a form that will be more fitting for the next stage of growth and expansion for human consciousness.

The process of carrying human consciousness from this experience into the non-material form is rather complex in nature. Yet, rest assured that many forces are involved in making this process possible, as it has been planned before the beginning of human consciousness on this plane. The key in this entire process is you, the individual. The ability of the individual to realize, in the human form, in this lifetime, will make the difference for the collective to transition in a smooth way into this new reality of existence for human consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Can you confirm if there is such a thing as “negative entities,” and, if so, how does one protect oneself from them?

In all of existence, including on this plane, there is the light and the dark that equally serve their purpose, and only the presence of all brings balance. In circumstances that individualized experiences may be perceived as imbalanced, as negative, destructive, and there is many forces that are destructive on this plane. They are empowered — and have purpose to do so — to create the balance for the light, to create in response. As an individual, your ability is to discern, to find peace inside, to find peace outside of you in all of your relationships.

Some important learnings will bring forth energies that have been invoked to complete a specific lesson; to complete a specific connection. The only way, truly, to protect yourself is to face the learning that is required; to understand the deeper message underneath, rather than to fight the consequences.

In certain circumstances, you may seek assistance of outside parties in human form or in non-material existence, and this connection in itself may prove itself as a relevant moment in time for you to see the powers that are at play in this plane and in your life. A reminder, a wake up call.

The strongest way of protection is to increase your ability to be present. Only when you truly are present — and your emotional being and your physical and mental being aligned — nothing on this plane can truly impact you. Yet, rarely all human beings will be in this form of alignment.

This is as well a reminder to seek this alignment within, to strengthen from inside, to understand in all the ways one is not present. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
How do I work with anger and forgiveness? Even though my heart and mind are aligned to forgive someone, I don’t know how to do so: the anger is so strong that it keeps coming back again.

Forgiveness can only truly occur if all perspectives of the occurrence in the moment have been observed: the perspectives of yourself, the perspectives of all that were involved, truly understanding the moment that has occurred, truly feeling all the emotions that came up.

You will see eventually, once all perspectives have been observed and felt, there will be no requirement for forgiveness in the first place as the moment will have served its purpose of experience and learning for all parties involved. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work in this special time of awakening. You are listening to this call inside of you, yet you must continue your journey. It will require dedication, discipline, perseverance, and you may be required to move through the discomforts of your being; confronting aspects of yourself that you have thought to have overcome; relationships that you have thought to be completed; patterns that you have thought were resolved.

These are important elements of your awakening process, an entire purification of your being: mentally, emotionally, and physically, on all levels present, to become the best version of yourself. Thank you for receiving this work.

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