Meetup with Asil and Ascension One After Kryon Healing Wednesday

Meetup with Asil and Ascension One After Kryon Healing Wednesday

We invite you to join us for a Meetup with Asil, Ascension One and the Kryon community, hosted on Zoom, following Asil’s interview on the latest episode of Kryon’s Healing Wednesday, Wednesday, June 29 from 6-7:30pm.

In the interview, Asil shares his inspiring journey of his personal transformation, and how the guides he channels have entrusted him to help human consciousness evolve alongside Earth’s consciousness through important sacred earth tasks around the world. 

Watch the interview on Healing Wednesday, then join Asil for a Zoom meetup afterparty to connect further and even connect with the channel!

From 7:30pm-8:30pm, Asil will open the channel and share an energetic experience with participants. He will also share more about working with the Earth and his recent sacred sites visits to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Greece. There will be time to connect with Asil and we will open a Q&A to learn more about the journey of self-realization and aligning oneself and the Earth. 

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