Asil Toksal Energy Channeler Broadcasts Live Transmission from Elohim for Humanity’s Awakening from Conscious Life Expo

Asil Toksal Energy Channeler Broadcasts Live Transmission from Elohim for Humanity’s Awakening from Conscious Life Expo

Livestream 8pm PT Friday Feb 10

Receive Transformative Energy Frequencies for Personal and Planetary Evolution from Elohim, the Architects of Reality and Earth During FREE 8pm PT Livestream

This is the evolution of humanity, the evolution of its consciousness for those that have chosen to consciously evolve. It is driven, directed, and catalyzed by you. Be that seed of evolution.”

— Elohim

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 10, 2023/ — Asil Toksal is an energy channeler for the Elohim, higher consciousness guides for humanity, and will broadcast a free live transmission on Personal and Planetary Evolution on Friday, February 10 at 8pm from Conscious Life Expo. Experience uplifting frequencies for your evolving being as you receive a transmission containing both spoken wisdom and energy alignments from the Elohim, the higher consciousness guides who provide benevolent support to individuals on their personal journey of awakening.

“This is the evolution of humanity, the evolution of its consciousness for those that have chosen to consciously evolve. It is driven, directed, and catalyzed by you. And remember, one individual, a small group of individuals, a community, a single country, a single tribe, can truly make a difference for the entire humanity.” – Elohim

Watch Asil’s journey of transformation with the benevolent guides who are assisting humanity’s evolution and hear the hopeful message they offer for our evolution as a collective:

Meet Asil, Elohim and Emmanuel
Asil is a channeler of transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher sources of non-dual consciousness. Asil channels the Elohim, a collective consciousness that has been instrumental in the proliferation of life, as they share in the brief transmission excerpt above that they are “the architects of this reality, of space and time, of the material experience, of consciousness.” Asil also embodies an archangelic being named Emmanuel who serves as an ambassador to humanity on behalf of higher consciousness, “I have come into embodiment here to serve as a bridge between higher consciousness and your material form to support you in understanding our perspectives, our goals, and our ways of support, as well as to assist you in understanding the human experience.” These guides share that humanity is undergoing an accelerated transformation of consciousness due to the Earth’s rising energies and our own innate impulse to awaken and self-realize. They offer us unconditional support and transmissions through Asil’s channel, as explained by Emmanuel when referring to Asil, “This host will continue to be a vessel of this Divine connection, a messenger in human form, a conduit n human form to provide support and guidance, as well as transmutation and transmission in this form.”

What is a transmission?
A transmission is a transfer of energy from a higher realm of consciousness to a recipient. This energy is believed to contain specific frequencies, information, and spoken words of wisdom, as well as alignments and adjustments to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-energetic constructs of the recipient. The energy being transmitted is called the love of creation, also known as the universal life force or universal love. This energy pervades the universe and all of existence, and we are all made up of and innately connected to it. We all have the ability to receive, embody and transmit this energy.

The person transmitting the energy, in this case, Asil, is gifted with the capacity to receive and transmit frequencies and spoken words from higher planes of consciousness. These adjustments that are done are unique to each individual participant and are independent of location and time. Even those watching previously recorded transmissions online experience powerful effects. A majority of participants surveyed report that transmissions bring about feelings of deeper love and heart opening, states of expansion, relaxation, and a greater trust in life.

We invite you to experience a free live transmission first-hand online or in-person this Friday evening, February 10 at 8pm PT at Conscious Life Expo. Asil will also be giving away copies of his book, “Transmission: Awakening in a Time of Transition: Vol. 1” to in-person attendees. Join us in the Laguna Room of the Hilton LAX Hotel or watch the free live transmission online through Asil’s YouTube.

About Asil
Like many initiates drawn to the spiritual path, Asil’s journey began with the realization that the life he was living lacked meaning and purpose. Although he had reached a high level of professional success, he found himself unsatisfied and depressed. He began to question the meaning of life and existence, which spurred his journey of spiritual discovery.

After nearly two decades of spiritual dedication, six years ago his connection to higher forms of consciousness opened. Through this connection he found a deeper sense of self which led to the inner peace and fulfillment he always felt was possible. He has continued to personally transform, heal, and move into greater alignment. The natural extension of this state of being became his service to humanity.

Asil set out to ensure this loving energy and perspective was made widely available. What started as individual, small group sessions turned into hundreds of gatherings with thousands of people joining from around the world. Asil realized the most significant need for humanity’s evolution was the evolution of its consciousness, starting with each individual. This realization initiated a mission to empower, inspire and uplift individuals towards their highest potential. Ascension One Collective was established as a non-profit organization to support this mission.

Asil authored the book, Transmission: Awakening in a Time of Transition: Vol. 1, an autobiographical account of his journey as an entrepreneur whose personal quest for meaning unexpectedly led him to become a channel for celestial guides. The book contains channeled wisdom from the guides and an urgent message for humanity at this critical time of awakening and transition: there is no time to delay, and the next step in humanity’s evolution begins with the awakening and evolution of each individual.

About the Organization
Ascension One (soon to be Evolution One) is a non-profit organization established in the US as a 501(c)3, headquartered in California. It was established to assist individuals and the human collective during this time of great transformation by delivering energetic and consciousness-expanding experiences that catalyze and accelerate personal and collective evolution – the evolution of human consciousness. The organization is composed of a team of visionaries, joined together to create and sustain all the offerings provided to the community and to broadcast its message to as many people as possible.

Denise Terry
Ascension One
+1 628-230-6287
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Meet Asil, Energy Channel to Higher Consciousness Guides the Elohim and Emmanuel

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