Brave Earth Small Group Session (Costa Rica)

Brave Earth Small Group Session (Costa Rica)

Greetings. We are Elohim.

You have chosen to be on this journey of awakening, and you have chosen to be in this life at this time of humanity’s existence. On this journey of this human experience in this lifetime, all the experiences served for you to be here in this very moment. All experiences had in this and in previous lifetimes culminate to bring you everything that you are. All experiences of the potential future, all experiences that could ever be had, culminate in this very moment.

And in this very moment, all that you are requests to be embraced — all aspects of your being, all emotions, all thoughts, all aspects of your physical form, all aspects of your past, all concerns of the future, all projections, all relationships that you hold within yourself — waiting to be embraced, fully.

The totality of your being represented in this very moment, ready to be received, ready to be allowed. The totality of your being, the full extent of your potential, the full extent of your power in this very moment, right here, right now, with you; all that you are, all that you ever have been, and all that you ever will be, culminating in this very moment.

No longer shall your power be dispersed in aspects of your past, in aspects of previous lifetimes, in aspects of the future and potential outcomes to be avoided, to be desired. No longer shall your power be dispersed and entangled in entanglements of various relationships. No longer shall you hold yourself captive. All of your potential, all of the power that you hold within yourself, shall be yours to wield, shall be yours to own, shall be yours to share, from this very present moment.

Our support to you is to accelerate an awakening process that has started already. To support you in navigating this acceleration, the adjustments that will be provided will be individually relevant to you, and only you. The adjustments that will be provided will continue their effect for seven days. The full extent of the unfolding of these adjustments will take three weeks. This is our gift to humanity in its evolution, to the individual that chooses to receive and to be supported on its journey — your journey to self-realization.

Allow all questions and thoughts, allow all emotions, to be witnessed by you. Once witnessed, these emotions and thoughts, these questions, will settle, and an expansiveness of your consciousness will take space — your consciousness beyond your identity in this lifetime, your consciousness beyond the understanding of the human form, your consciousness beyond the human collective.

The expansion of your being through the understanding of all of existence lies within you. In this expanded state, allow your being to receive, allow your being to reset, to recharge, and to realign. We will now commence with the adjustments. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving these adjustments: our gift to humanity in its most critical time of awakening, the Ascension process of human consciousness. These adjustments impact your life, and through you, all your relations, your actions, and all those that are impacted by your presence. Thank you for receiving.

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