Elohim Transmission – Becoming a Conscious Creator – April 3

Greetings. We are Elohim.

Over the course of humanity’s development, humanity, as a race, as a physical manifestation of its consciousness, started to understand the capacities and the capabilities that it holds beyond merely existing on this plane of material creation. Thoughts, imagination, relationships, emotions, drove the creation, the manipulation, of the physical world and the environment of its existence.

This environment was established in order for humanity to have the space for its creative force to be received, for its creative force to find a canvas. In this continued experimentation and exploration, humanity learned how to establish a life that it desires, making comforts more easily accessible, making discomforts and the natural complexities of this environment less impactful, extending life to truly embrace this gift even more so, understanding the laws, the rules, and the boundaries established by this reality.

Science, engineering, modern medicine, all of these aspects — including the aspects for communication, language, knowledge transfer — impacted humanity’s ability to establish itself as a creative force in this plane, [a] distinguished creative force.

First, humanity needed to learn this form of creation, this form of manipulation and adjustment of its environment. It served the evolution of its consciousness. Every creation was the founding and the stepping stone for a new creation. No creation — and no creative process — was in vain. Every creation allowed for the expansion of consciousness to occur. Every new language, every new word, every new emotion, every new thought, and every new physical creation, was a stepping stone for the next.

A vast underlying creative understanding started to emerge from a higher perspective of humanity’s existence, a perspective beyond identity, beyond the individual: the creative force of the collective expressing itself through the individual, the creative force of dynamics, of relationships, of circumstances, of life. The collective would create these circumstances in order to allow learnings, in order to allow realizations.

The individual played an important role in these learnings. Multiple roles were required; relationship dynamics were critical. The emergence of specific thoughts, the emergence of specific emotions, challenges of various kinds, were an intrinsic element of this form of learning — the collective’s creation of life through the expression of the individuals, learning for the individual for this lifetime and many lifetimes, learning for the bonded soul connections, learning for entire soul groups, learning for the entire human collective — all through this mechanism.

And humanity, through its many iterations, and through its many generations, through its many civilizations, has judged life itself as a pre-destined experience, as a requirement, as a challenge, and, at times, as a true gift, as an opportunity, as joy, and as the underlying fabric to learn of love.

The establishment of this mechanism was indeed a creation to allow human consciousness, to allow the individuals within human consciousness, to allow all of you to experience the variety and the multitude of circumstances.

Judgment would only arise in the individualized experience, and was required in order to drive new emotions, perspectives, and thoughts. Realizations would emerge, and some individuals started to understand that the more realizations occur, the more they become consciously aware of their existence, consciously aware of their environment, consciously aware of their relationships — even thoughts and emotions became transparent.

This greater awareness within, many of you have called “the awakening,” many of you have called “the self-realization process,” “the enlightenment process.” Yet in this journey, more than the understanding of your circumstances, more than the understanding of this reality, of holding greater awareness and conscious awareness — your understanding of the power that you hold over this experience called life, the power that you hold in the evolution, in the interaction, and in the growth of the human consciousness collective — that power can only be wielded when multiple perspectives of one’s existence occur and perceive at the same time: perspectives of great duality judgements and oppositions, the furthest spectrum, the strongest polarity embodied within you. On the other side of this spectrum of perspectives: the perspectives of unity, of oneness, and of non-duality — all possible and capable to be held within your individualized experience.

The only way a perspective cannot emerge is [when] a certain realization is still required to first be established. Every single realization will allow another perspective to be integrated into your being. The totality of all perspectives allows you to become consciously aware, and a conscious creator of your own.

Your conscious creatorship will then focus on creating the most significant, the most important, and the most focused on the evolution of humanity. Your creatorship will be driven not by the comforts that you seek, or the discomforts that you seek to avoid. Your conscious creatorship will be part of the fabric of humanity’s final stage of existence: the most significant aspect of humanity, its Ascension process.

Your conscious creatorship will be in service. And through the service that is offered through your conscious creatorship, you will benefit as well, all of those around you will benefit, and all of humanity will benefit. Awakening will be accelerated. Realizations will be accelerated. The integration and the evolution of even more and further conscious creators on this plane will be established.

Conscious creators collaborate in unison, as all perspectives are integrated within their being. They are one and the same. They hold the perspectives that the other holds. Conscious creators are continuously connected to the collective — continuously listening, continuously projecting, continuously transmitting — in unison with the collective. They are the eyes and the ears of the collective, they are the hands of the collective, creating this reality beyond the mechanisms established for the learning of the individual.

Some conscious creators were established in the early stages of this iteration of humanity. Ancient civilization lineages learned and understood the power of consciousness, the power of the many perspectives held, the power of the connection to the collective, and beyond. These individuals, while on the path to enlightenment, have integrated their own learnings into their own being, [and] allowed for these pathways to be established in the first place — the first ones to walk as conscious creators.

Yet this knowledge cannot be merely transmitted through words, through wisdom. It is an evolution of the consciousness of the individual. It is a journey of continued self-realization. It is a journey of learning. It is a journey of reflection, of integration.

And as you walk this path, step by step, as you start to integrate the many perspectives of your life and of your environment, as you start to embed all of these perspectives in the new perspectives that are emerging within you, you will see — without the effort, without the energy, without the struggle — the perspectives that are held, the moments that are required, the situations that are desired, will start to emerge naturally around you.

Circumstances seemingly random, circumstances seemingly coincidental, circumstances seemingly synchronous, will emerge as a result of the greater realizations integrated, and the emerging perspectives held within your being.

All perspectives held will hold the greatest alignment within your being, and this is the journey of finding greater alignment, greater presence, as well as the journey to becoming a conscious creator in this reality.

Thank you for receiving this transmission. We will now commence the alignments.

Thank you for receiving this transmission, our gift to humanity, our gift to you on your journey to becoming a conscious creator, on your journey to evolution, through Ascension, to becoming a non-material existence: a creationary civilization.

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