The Superconscious Heart – Day 4

The Superconscious Heart – Day 4

Note: These are only the parts that were channeled by Asil during the workshop in February 2021. You can still purchase access to the full course replays.


Greetings. We are Elohim.

In the completion of this process that has been initiated over the past days, the instructions for you are to receive. Yet, understand that the continuation of this work is truly to live this opening, to live this expansion, to live the potential that you hold. Understanding the power and the love that your entire being is capable of receiving, capable of holding, capable of transmitting, is the inner knowing that we want to bring forth to you.

A great step in your self-realization journey has been initiated. A great step to understand yourself, to understand existence beyond the understanding of the mind, beyond the understanding of the heart, yet a full embodiment into your present moment of all that you are. And, in moments like these, you will witness and experience the connection, the opening that has been brought forth into your life, an opening that will continue to provide the resources, the love, and the energy, for the mind, for the heart, for the body, and the energetic-spiritual construct.

Your presence will receive all that it requires at any given moment. Yet, it is not through the wanting and the desiring of the mind. It is not through the avoidance of the emotions that are perceived to be painful. It is not by the desires of the physical form, yet it is a greater relaxation of your being into the present moment.

The natural unfolding of this presence will be a deeper sense of gratitude, a deeper sense of harmony, a deeper sense of balance and alignment within, and the according adjustments outside of you. In all the ways that you perceive life, in all the ways that you perceive others, and this creation, you become an expanded version of yourself. You become the greatest potential version of yourself.

And, through you, those around you are immediately affected and impacted. The transmutations, the transformations and the expansions of your being will naturally impact those around you. Therefore, your self-realization journey is the key to the self-realization of all of humanity, to the evolution of all of humanity.

This heart center of yours, a key aspect of your being — remember, it is beyond the human emotions that you feel. It is beyond the sensations and the connections that you experience in relationship. It is beyond the sensations you feel of being alive. It is indeed a greater knowing, a greater acceptance, a greater love for all that you are, for all that is around you.

And, with this greater acceptance, you merge into being ‘one’ with your environment — those around you simply reflections of aspects of yourself. The realities created — elements for growth, experiences for learning and realizations. And, in this divine interplay of the human experience, all individuals evolve, and all of humanity evolves.

Our support for you is merely one step, one piece of the great evolution that you will embark on. Our support for you is merely an unconditional gift in this very moment. And, our support for you is not the prerequisite for the evolution as a human being, as an individual on this journey.

Yet, some of you will see the benefits of receiving this gift. Some of you will find ways to live and to embody this great opening that has been brought forth to your lives.

And, when you require reminders of this state of being, find yourself in silence and request our presence, request your presence, and allow yourself to surrender once again, to experience the greatness that you are, the magnificence that you are, the potential and the power that you hold, the beauty that you carry in this heart center of yours. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. Our gift of transmissions and adjustments for this period of time is complete.

As you witness the continuation of this transmission, as it continues to enter your field, as you’re upheld in this beautiful energy and frequency, maybe witness how blessed we are, how blessed you are — blessed with life, blessed with this physical form, blessed with this beautifully complex and mysterious heart, blessed with this genius mind, blessed with this superconscious experience, blessed with this earth and all that it brings, blessed with relationships, families, and friends in human form; blessed with many other forms of connection in material and in non-material form, our families of galactic kind, our relatives from the stars; blessed with this unique being that you bring into this present moment.

All that is, is a gift to you. All that exists in this human experience is part of this gift.

Thank you for your willingness and readiness, and your ability to surrender and to receive.

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