Transmission Series – Week #4: Alignment Within & Without – May 30th

Greetings. I’m Raphael. In the many times you have experienced this human form, you have seen, felt and experienced all aspects of relationship: relationship with the environment, relationship with other humans, relationship with the cosmos, relationship with non-material existence, and most importantly, relationship with yourself. All relationships in your life are impacted by a deeper alignment within, a deeper presence within.The impact is almost immediate.

The work that you receive through our offering is to provide an easier pathway to this internal alignment. While some aspects of this alignment are in your hands and within your desire, within your intention to internally align, some aspects can be assisted by this work that we provide, an energetic alignment of your being. The energetic-spiritual structures, the construct of your existence, provides such leverage. An alignment of your energetic spiritual construct will provide an easier pathway for emotional, physical, and mental alignment. That is where our work will begin for you.

This alignment that we provide will create an easier pathway for you to explore your emotional landscape, to understand in all the ways your emotions have served you, in all the ways certain emotions have not been expressed, in all the ways the emotional landscape of your being has kept you tied to the past. These ties are no longer necessary.

The self-realization journey of the individual requires the observation of your emotional landscape. It requires you to face and to observe all aspects of your emotions. Most emotions have been established in the past and tied to experiences as memories in this particular way. You have the opportunity to observe the memories of the past, to feel what has not been felt, to understand the challenging moments of the past as an observer, not just the person that you are that has experienced that moment. The opportunity to observe these moments of the past will bring forth a deeper sense of gratitude for the moment itself, for the emotion, and the opportunity to learn.

You have seen in those many moments of the past that overcoming a past challenge gracefully will result in [a] deeper sense of peace inside, a deeper sense of alignment, a deeper sense of freedom. Therefore, this work will be part of your liberation.

The mental constructs that have been established, behaviors, habits, and the perception of your reality are often the result of this iteration of your life, the experience of this life shapes who you are. The experiences of your ancestors, your guardians of this lifetime, your lineage of many lifetimes before, will impact these mental constructs.

While they too serve you in an important way, these aspects of mental constructs are also deemed to fall apart. What remains is your essence in its full expression. You will still have identity, personality, as well as the ego construct until the very end of your life. Yet this aspect of your identity will no longer be driven by the emotions unprocessed, by the mental constructs established from the unprocessed of the past. You will become the most present that you have ever been, expanding your perception of this reality, creating the outside reality that serves continuously your self-realization journey, and through you, the journey of self-realization for humanity.

Receive this work without resistance. Receive this work with an open heart, an open mind. It is meant to support you and only through your openness can we truly provide. Thank you for receiving this work.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. United and separated is the experience of human form. The first unification is within all the cells of your system. You are a collective — living, breathing, collaborating, and operating in this reality to serve your individualized consciousness, to experience this human form. You experience in the ways your body, your emotions, your mental construct, your consciousness within this mental construct, your energetic and spiritual construct all operate in synchrony together. This is what makes up who you are, at first glance, yet your being carries a much more extensive truth.

Your essence is beyond your perception, yet it is part of who you are. It influences the being that you have become. More importantly, the essence of your existence carries the wisdom of the many iterations you have experienced in human form, as well as in other forms, material and non-material. This essence of yours will become even more prevalent as you become more aligned, as you become the expression of your true nature.

United and separate. These two states exist at the same time within you, and it allows for the perfect operation of a human life. Human consciousness and humanity, in this reality construct, is operating in a similar way, separate, individualized beings, yet united in different ways: united in close relationships of family, of close relationships of friends, communities, groups of similar interests, cities, countries, tribes, and the totality of humanity.

As you can see, [there are] many ways for unification, many ways for alignment outside of you. The alignment within you requests a deeper unification within your own being, a deeper understanding of your body, a deeper understanding of your emotions, a deeper understanding of your thoughts, a deeper understanding of your energetic and spiritual construct.

This deeper presence with who you are will bring forth a closer understanding of the alignment within. It will become prevalent, observable, and visceral to you. These will also become your pointers to bring effort into your realignment. The right balance between effort and surrender is what will make up your journey as you evolve.

This will be the same for the unification and the alignment of humanity, of any size of connected individuals. A truly aligned being within can impact entire groups to align, to come together to operate as one, to unify thinking, observing, feeling, and through that, acting in synchrony. Opinions, judgments will fall away — all that will remain is a synchronized and unified conscious intent. Your consciousness will start to operate more closely with the consciousness of your relationships, less so in the conscious effort of your thoughts to operate in synchrony, less so in the conscious effort to align emotionally, less so in the effort to be in proximity.

This journey starts inside of you. A deeper alignment inside will create the alignment that you seek outside. You have come this far. You have struggled at times. You have resisted at times. You have received and surrendered at other times. All the ways that you have reacted to your evolution [have] served you to become the person that you are today. There is no right or wrong path; there is the path of intent, there is the path of surrender, there is the path of observation, all possible within you. You will learn with every step.

With every realization a new part of yourself will become available to you — a deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper perception of this very moment, a deeper perception of this reality and humanity as a unified collective. And, your actions as an individual, your actions as a collective, your reactions as an individual and your reactions as a collective will adjust accordingly to the alignment that you have found inside.

You are the creator of your reality. Embrace the power that lies within you. Embrace the truth within you, the true nature that arises within you and you shall experience the change, the harmony, and the peace that you seek in humanity’s existence. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
I know that certain mindsets can take us out of alignment — anger, fear, hurt, or simply a bad mood. I have heard these states described as not “our” energy, but rather the influence of “negative” energy or “non-benevolent beings.” Is it true, and how can we prevent it — especially if we are unaware of the negative energy around us?

Energy just “is.” There is creative force that energy is turned into, there is destructive force that energy is turned into. Often, destructive force is perceived as a negative aspect of your reality, yet truly the destructive and the creative forces exist in order to create this reality, to allow for this human experience to happen. Both are valid and valuable, inseparable. Therefore, within you, there is creative force and there is destructive force — a choice that you make will create new opportunities, a choice that you will make will close other opportunities. Therefore, every step forward, every moment is an act of creation and an act of destruction.

Similarly, emotions will bring forth states within your being to understand yourself in a deeper context — anger, sadness; even rage, despair, sorrow — part of your existence, part of your operation. These emotions do not carry any particular judgment or value from our side, they are all equal.

The experiences you have had that have tied some of these emotions to negative connotation, to discomfort and to a challenge of your being, to a challenge of your reality, have made these emotions negative. Yet, similar to the way energy “is,” these emotions just “are.” If you allow the emotion to arise, if you allow the emotion to show you, to teach you an important realization, then it will become a friend and an ally of your evolution.
If you resist the emotion, if you label it as a negative aspect of your being, it will become persistent, it will become even more present in your life, through you, and through the reality outside of you. Therefore, the reality outside adjusts to your ability and willingness to embrace everything that is inside of you, including the light and the dark, the creative and the destructive.

The topic of foreign influence into your state of being is in this current context, not relevant. In a deeper, more advanced context, we will elaborate on this topic. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do spirituality and sexuality blend together?

Sexual energy, the force established within your system to create new life, is potentially the most powerful force in this reality. Sexual energy drives many aspects of your existence: the thoughts, the emotions, your physicality. The creation of life requires many different conditions to be in place. Potent sexual energy, and an alignment within is a requirement for life to embrace the entry into this reality.

You are therefore creators, and the creative force is your sexuality. This creative force can be utilized, not just for the creation of life, yet as a form of energy it can be utilized to open your heart, to open your mind, and to elevate your body. With the right intent, sexuality can become an important spiritual exploration, an important element of spiritual development.

First, you can explore the sexual energy within you and understand in a deeper context how it is established within you, what emotions are tied to sexuality, what memories are tied to sexuality, what intentions and thoughts are part of your sexual being. Once you start to understand the misalignments within your sexual being, you will start to understand how this creative force isn’t providing at its most optimal.

The more you align the elements that are tied to sexuality, the more powerful and creative this energy becomes. With the right intent, it can serve you as an individual for your spiritual growth. Sexual energy assigned to the different energy centers of your being can provide fuel for growth, fuel for expansion. This is the first step.

An expanded step is to explore the interplay of sexual energy with others that have as well sought out the alignment and the purification of this energy. In the interaction and interplay, the fuel that is exchanged and combined can provide an even more potent force for spiritual development and spiritual expansion.

As you can see, sexuality in that sense can be combined well with spirituality. Yet, if sexuality and sexual energy is operated from the misalignments that are established in all individuals, it will become a destructive force, as well as a force that will drain, rather than accumulate and develop. How the energy is directed, the intent with which the energy is directed, makes the difference in this exploration. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I had a brachial plexus injury at birth and my right arm is disabled. I wish to process this past experience, but I don’t remember anything from that day. What is the best way to approach this event?

Many individuals like yourself will go through life with challenges of various kinds. This is the challenge that has chosen you, and that you have chosen to be part of your life. The challenge itself does not require to be for the full duration of your life. There are many ways in which humanity can truly change its entire being. An individual accumulating enough creative force can truly recover, adjust all aspects of its physical being.

First, the way this injury, this challenge has served your life, the person that it has made you, the individual that you have become, embrace this part of yourself with gratitude. Even the most uncomfortable and difficult aspects of one’s reality are aspects that have shaped them in many beneficial ways.

This has created a heart, compassionate, loving, and understanding within you – a deep understanding for all those that have had similar challenges; a deep, compassionate desire to help others. With this gratitude for your existence the way it is, you start to perceive yourself. Observe all elements of your being, your thoughts, your emotions, all beliefs that are tied to your challenge. You start to understand that your mental framework establishes your reality, your physical, emotional, mental, and environmental reality.

You start to understand that continuous energy in unlimited form is accessible and available to you. You allow yourself to accumulate this energy to establish a deeper relationship in the ways you receive and the ways you give.

The accumulation of this energy will start bringing forth, first, energetic alignments; second, mental and emotional alignments, and third, physical alignments. This path may take time as the physical body is the aspect that requires the longest period of time to fully adjust. Yet with the adjustments inside, you will know that you are on the right track, that your healing, recovery, and evolution is progressing. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
I feel I am making considerable progress in my practice and presence as a result of these alignments, and I’m so grateful and joyful for this. However, I am feeling frustrated when I fall out of alignment particularly while at work or as a result of my job. Do you have any advice on this?

The first aspect of your evolution is finding the alignment inside. This alignment will establish itself for moments, initially. The alignment inside will become sustainable over time. Your environment that had been established from a place of misalignment will challenge this newly found alignment inside of you, and through these challenges you may feel [yourself] falling out of alignment again, and reestablishing your alignment again.

This dance between the inside alignment and the outside that is not aligned yet will occur until the alignment inside of you is so strongly established that the outside reality can no longer challenge your internal alignment, and it will adjust to your internal alignment. Stay persistent, continue to understand in which ways this internal alignment impacts your life.

Understand that external misalignments will continue to challenge you in many ways. Understand that over time you will become fully aligned inside, and your reality aligned to your internal alignment. The challenges from the outside will never change. The one aspect that you can change: your perception of the challenge. If you see the challenge as an ally to provide for your continued growth, for your continued awakening and evolution, frustration, impatience, and other uncomfortable emotions will fall away. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Is it true we began as a collective consciousness, also known as “Adam”? Can you speak to us about that beginning state we were in?

Humanity’s first initial seeding included a collective consciousness — a unified consciousness in its early stage, self-aware, yet not established as individualized forms that you currently are. Only with the establishment of a material form and the material reality, a space-time construct, as well as the correlating soul containers to carry the essence of human consciousness, humans became to experience the human form; the collective started to become an expression in individualized forms, learning from each of these individualized experiences and experiments.

You as an individual are therefore comprised of the element of your soul container as well as the aspect of human consciousness that is continuously interconnected as a collective consciousness, yet observes the learnings of the individuals to become part of the learnings of the human collective. You have chosen to be part of this experience and experiment in human form, and it is understood that the human collective is effectively expanding through the experiences of individualized material forms, through individualized human experience.

Once this iteration of humanity is complete in material form, the non-material plane will provide a different form of individualized experience while continuing to exist as a human collective. A deeper connection will be present, deeper collaborations as well as the option for the individual soul to experience a continuous individualized consciousness.

Currently, these concepts require no further detailed understanding to operate in this plane. It will come back to your experience of your existence, a detailed and in-depth exploration of who you are, of coming to the realizations, of what the collective is, and what your part is within the collective, what humanity’s part is in the collective of all consciousness. These are realizations to be gained within you and on your journey of self realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
My son asks: Is heaven real? Ever since I first heard about it, I’ve always wanted to know. Thank you.

Heaven, as you have learned and understood through the many stories [and] recollections of different lineages and religions is the description of the non-material plane that has been established for humanity. This non-material plane operates at a higher frequency. It provides for experiences of a different kind. It provides for a unified and more closer existence in the human collective. The stories of heaven, the way it is described, are rarely accurate, yet they provide a set, a frame for the individual mindset to understand there is a different reality that humanity will have access to in the right state, in the right evolution.

It is true that all your actions, the state of your self-realization defines the frequency of your being. This heightened frequency of your being will allow for the existence within this plane that you consider to be “heaven.” This non-material plane will provide access at higher frequencies, as it operates at a higher frequency from the start.

While in this current reality of the material form, many levels of frequencies — high and low, the spectrum wide — can be experienced in a higher state of consciousness. The frequencies rise and are required to be established in this way. Therefore, the individual experience of a human being in material form requires purification, requires reflection, requires alignment to continuously raise the frequency within, and the frequency of the entire human collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
I’m so grateful for the alignments. Each person in their own space receives them uniquely. Can you relay how they are done? Thank you.

Every individual human being is accessible through this consciousness field that is established that holds humanity as one consciousness-construct. Every individualized existence is therefore accessible with the right authorization, and your permission. The work that is established here requires each individualized consciousness to receive, and be willing to receive.

Once every individual has been collected into this space that we establish for the alignments to happen, an assessment will be done on which individual requires which alignment at this very moment. The alignments are indeed individualized, and specific to every person’s moment in time. Some alignments will be of subtle nature. Some alignments will be more intensified, as the individual has signaled its readiness to receive deeper alignment, even with the consideration of potential discomfort.

The discomfort arises from the accelerated aspect of this work. Accelerated change, when the human mind resists change will bring forth discomfort, and may be perceived as negative. Yet, truly it is your evolution that you have signaled to be ready for, that you understand is necessary and important for your higher potential.

Receive these alignments with grace. Embrace the truth about your evolution, all elements that require to be transformed, all elements that require to be aligned. Even though you may not know and understand what your highest potential, what your next chapter may look like, you know and trust that this work will serve you. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Can you talk about protection? Is it necessary? As I have sometimes had healers remove “entities” or “negative beings” from my energy field, what can we do to keep my auric field clear?

An individual that operates in a natural and standardized human form will not require special protection. As misalignments occur in the individual, the energetic body’s natural protection is lower. Energy of your system is required elsewhere to continually uphold operations of your being.

In this lowered state of energetic protection, many energies of the outside world may enter, may leave. You are in continuous exchange of material and non-material forces into your being. Yet in a more individualized and aligned existence, your alignment will provide the most powerful protection that is to be had in a single individual experience. Your alignment will provide the force and the energy required for all functions of your existence, including the establishment of an energetic field, and the strength of this energetic field.

Some individuals are explorers. Some individuals will help other individuals to align, to realign, to balance where energy, where creative and destructive forces have interplayed. These individuals require a higher level of attention, a stronger form of alignment, and, potentially, a stronger form of protection. They have chosen this role. They have chosen to be in service. In service of this kind, it is natural to experience foreign energies, to experience the impact of foreign energies within one’s system. Each of these experiences of foreign force becomes a new learning, and the opportunity to grow, an opportunity to strengthen, to apply once true service. Once again, thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Do we have the ability to communicate with microbiology within our bodies and in our environment?

Yes, you do. All aspects of your body, while operating automatically, while operating in your benefit, are able to receive direction, are able to be observed in depth by your consciousness. A deeper relationship with all elements of your being, a relationship with your ego, a relationship with your emotional heart, a relationship with your physical body, in all its details, is highly recommended.

These relationships already exist, yet are rarely nurtured, are rarely fully understood. My recommendation for you is to explore. First, observe in more depth the biology, the microbiology of your being, in all the ways the exchange between the environment and your own physical being is a sacred interplay. Understand and the way it operates. Understand what it requires of you, receive direction, and once you have embraced the intelligence at which it operates, you may start to give direction as well. This will become a new exploration of the depth of your understanding of yourself. This physical form is truly magnificent in all the ways it can be operated, adjusted, maintained, and expanded. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Before your collective ascended into non-material form, did your kind experience a similar struggle as the one humanity currently faces?

Yes, we have. The struggles, the challenges to overcome material form into non-material form are indeed different in every context and in every form of existence. Our material form had existed for much longer than yours has and will. The challenges for us were overcome over many iterations, and we have understood to embrace the physical form at the time of our existence in material form, we have understood to live in exchange sustainably with the environment that was established for us.

The transformation into non-material form became a choice, a choice to expand even further as a consciousness, yet a conflicting choice, as the material form was continuing to serve, was continuing to provide for our existence. We had experienced deeper sense of unity consciousness and operating as one, even in material form. Our evolution required additional contemplation over 1,000 years of your time.

It became clear that we as consciousness, as a unified existence, will be able to provide, not just for our expansion, but for the expansion of other forms of consciousness if we were to choose to move into non-material form. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
With our soil drying up around the world, should we be focusing our energies on hydroponic aquaponic food sources?

That would be one choice. Understanding that the resources of water are limited, that the resources of water required for the production of food are contaminated; understanding that water requires many cycles in order to come to a level of purification adequate for the growth of food, these forms of technology will assist you to adapt. Yet understand the underlying source of the problem must be addressed.

As humanity grows in consciousness, the maturity of humanity’s evolution must unfold in a deeper understanding of its resources provided and the impact of its actions on these resources. Both pathways can be followed at the same time. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Could you please provide more perspective on the three paths mentioned: surrender, intention and observation?

These [are] different pathways of self realization. First, the individual chooses a conscious evolutionary awakening and evolution. This is the initial seed. Intent; intention will bring forth the elements that require to be understood, transformed, and realized. It will lead into observation. Observation will bring forth emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that have kept you as the individual that you are, and will keep you from the expansion of your being.

Intensity, discomfort, potential resistance will build in your being to the point where you will be required to surrender, to truly open yourself up for the transformation inside of you. Surrender will open you up to a new layer of realization. You will continue these cycles of observation and of surrender within the cycle of intent. As you can see these three elements interplay equally in the self realization journey and you will find the right balance between them in your own evolution. You will allow yourself to experiment. You will allow yourself to feel the impact of each of these pathways. Thank you for your question.


Thank you for the time that you have assigned in your life for your evolution, for receiving this work, and receiving the wisdom that we have to share for your benefit, for your evolution.

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