Transmission Series – Week #5: Duality & Non-Duality – June 3rd

NOTE: You will find part II of the video at the bottom of this transcript.

Greetings. I’m Raphael. You have come to understand that you’re more than merely a voice in the pool of many voices; you have come to understand that your awareness and your realization is an important aspect of humanity’s realization — that the truths that are rising within you are part of the truths that are important for humanity to understand, to embrace, and to act upon.

Realization of an individual will trickle down to other individuals, and eventually will take over all of human consciousness. Change of thought, change of belief, change of values and virtues, change of actions, will come, subsequently. This awakening that you all are going through is therefore a key element of the awakening of humankind, of the evolution of humankind.

Embrace the challenges you’re facing today as part of your evolutionary step — yours and the collective’s. You have come to this understanding, not just by yourself; many generations before have come to different forms of awareness and realization to establish the stepping stones for you to come to the realization that you’re in today.

You have equally experienced many realizations in past lives that are also becoming available as your awareness of yourself is coming to surface. Every step of the way, you and the collective realize and evolve together. Everyone’s reaction to this realization and this awakening might be different. Some actions and reactions you may agree or disagree with. This is the free will of expression in the human form. You are not the one to judge, as humanity expresses itself the way it needs to. Every expression will lead to another realization, and so the evolution continues.

The dualities that you will face in the coming years, the polarities that you will face in the coming years, are to be approached in the same way, with an internal alignment, with a deep presence, an understanding that all aspects of human expression are equally valid, important, and sacred. This is when your perspective of duality turns into a non-dual perspective. You expand your view. You see beyond the identity that you have established, beyond the constructs within which you have operated in, beyond the civilization that is currently established. You see from the eyes of the universe, as you are part of this grand consciousness.

You are on this path, as everyone else is. No one is left behind. Everyone evolves, at their own pace, in their own way, on their own paths. You are not the one to judge which path is right for everyone, which path is the right path; what works for you might not work for others, what works for others might not work for you. This is as well the divine exploration of self-realization. Human consciousness explores through experimentation.

Allow yourself to explore, allow yourself to experiment; try different ways. Open yourself up to the possibility that you don’t know. Open yourself up to the uncertain, and embrace that, which you don’t understand. Thank you for listening to my words. We will now commence with the work. Thank you for receiving this work.

My work is complete.

Greetings. I am Emmanuel. As you have witnessed change has arrived: the drastic accelerated path of awakening in human history, in humanity’s most important, most essential time. This time of awakening is a time of reckoning, of realignment, of reassessment and reflection, of understanding all elements of your existence in depth — who you are at [your] core, all aspects of human emotions, all aspects of human action, all aspects of human thought — even all the aspects that cannot be thought or felt or seen, the elements of your being that are beyond your comprehension, your true essence, as a collective, as human consciousness.

As you start to understand who you truly are, you will start to understand why this existence is the way it is, how a non-dual consciousness can have dualistic experience, and requires a dualistic experience, to understand contrast and the spectrum of existence, the spectrum of emotion, the entire spectrum between light and dark. In this polarity, you exist; the polarities within you as well: conflicting thoughts, emotions judgements, both the masculine and the feminine, water and fire, light and dark. All inside of you in continuous battle, in continuous opposition, yet in harmony, in a balance that has established itself and continuously comes into and out of alignment.

You are the one keeping this alignment alive. While the circumstances will always challenge this alignment in this dualistic experience, the non-dual part of yourself will try to keep the alignment by understanding that all aspects of light and dark are equally important and require this divine balance. In the effort of understanding this imbalance, your consciousness learns. You learn as an individual, and you learn as humanity. You understand through the extremes of the spectrum, you seek the extremes in order to fully experience, in order to fully realize. In the extremes of this dualistic experience, you find truth. You find love, and you eventually seek the balance of all within you.

Establish yourself as an individual that embraces the difficulties that come with the spectrum of experiences that come with this polarity within, and come with the polarity outside. As you embrace all aspects of yourself, and all aspects of humanity, you will start to see the totality of the human existence, you will start to love all elements that come into manifestation — even the aspects of humanity that are hard, difficult to love, rigid and difficult to change, seemingly impossible. With a soft focus, you observe even the most difficult aspects of humanity, you allow this observation to become an embrace, an acceptance that’s part of the cycle of life, as part of the eternal balance in this reality.

This embrace eventually turns into unconditional understanding and unconditional love. This is how you observe in a non-dual way. As you cease to become, you cease to be the observer; you become both the observer and the observed — no more separation between what is observed and the one that is observing. The totality of existence becomes you. This is part of your self-realization journey. As you continue your evolution, you will come closer to this realization, and to this understanding.

With this perspective, life as you know it will start to change — your actions, your choices, your judgements, and your relationships will start to change. A deeper found love will start to permeate through you, and your change will become a change in all the others around you. Some will resist and judge you, some will blame you for not participating in their perspective and their judgment of the world. Some will applaud you for stepping into that perspective. Some will benefit from your presence, and some will be challenged by your presence.

Bringing forth a non-dual presence into this dualistic experience will bring forth realization at a pace and at a level that is required for humanity to evolve at a fast pace. The changes in your life, the changes within humanity, have started – you a part of the change. Do not resist the change within you. Allow every aspect of your understanding of life, every aspect of your understanding of yourself, to be challenged, to be open for this unfolding, for this awakening. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How do I keep my energy aligned, grounded, and positive with all these issues arising around the world?

First, the basics of physical existence: Breathe, drink water, eat adequately, rest accordingly, interact with nature when possible. The basics of your existence must be taken care of no matter what the circumstances, no matter the emotional state that you’re in and the mental state that you’re in, the basics of this physical body will provide for a stable and solid foundation for the emotional challenges, the mental challenges, and the energetic challenges of your environment.

The waves that human consciousness will go through, the emotional-energetic waves that bring forth the elements of humanity that have not been completely understood and realized, will bring forth the aspects of yourself that have not been fully understood and realized, as you are part of the collective.

When you find the challenges outside, you must seek the challenges inside. You must allow yourself to observe in the ways that you have fallen out of alignment, in which ways the collective and you are connected, intrinsically. The collective and you are truly one. As you start to embrace this connected nature, that your realizations are tied to the realization of the collective, the realization of the collective is tied to your realization, you will start to find more peace with any circumstance that arises, and every circumstance will become an opportunity for growth and evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
When I had an Akashic reading, I was told there were “three of me” in the world. If this is true, can you please explain it to me?

Some individual soul containers, as they reach a certain state of evolution and awareness, will split themselves into multiple individual incarnations. This is the case with you. Your soul had reached a certain level of maturity and it was authorized to be split into multiple forms of existence on this plane. Three individuals carry your essence. You are identical in that level of your essence. Even though your personalities, your actual identities, choices, thoughts, and emotions may completely differ, the essence is the same.

This new incarnation of your soul’s essence seeks to have multiple perspectives to provide for an important learning that still requires the human experience; multiple perspectives at once, provided for one soul’s learning, split into three forms of humans. Even though this information may not bring use to your current life, you will understand that these structures are possible. Resonance within an another individual being could indeed very well identify another part of you, another part of your soul container. In this way, other individuals have similarly reached levels of maturity that allowed for this split of the soul container. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Since COVID, many of us have had to move our work online. I’m now online sometimes between six and eight hours a day, between work, email, and media, and we’re exhausted. Some suggest orgonite stone to clear EMF. Do you recommend that, or other ways to protect our energy at this time?

As your technology is still evolving, there are indeed consequences of this current technology on your physical and mental form. The energetic body is as well impacted by the current technologies’ state. These consequences in your physical, mental, and energetic form can be rectified through regular practice: practice in alignment, time in nature, adequate rest, frequencies of sound to increase the frequency of your entire being to change the state of your mind. Certain States of the mind will be allowing for a realignment and recharge of your entire system. This will bring forth the reset that you seek.

Truly some crystalline organisms can be utilized to shield the energetic impact of technology. Yet my recommendation stands, with continuous practice and realignment, even throughout your day, this will allow for the required realignments in order to stay well-balanced and healthy. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
It seems that all spiritual traditions report that all that is in this plane, and in dualistic form, originates from a source of non-dual pure potentiality. Is there a non-dual reality beyond what is seen by humanity? And can you enter it and operate in it?

Non-dual reality cannot be operated [in] from within the human form. You will experience non-dualistic states in the human form, and you will be able to apply these non-dualistic states in prolonged amounts of time. Yet this experience is specifically established to be dualistic, and it will be until the very end of your life, until the very end of humanity’s existence.

Other forms of consciousness have been able to establish and continuously exist in a non-dual state while the entirety of its realities remained dualistic. The dualistic experience is the experience that we all perceive, yet few forms of consciousness have truly established themselves as a non-dualistic organism within a dualistic reality. No reality is known to be entirely non-dualistic, at least from our perspectives. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
I am trying to go further into my healing, although some Bible verses say not to explore the insight through mediums, can you please help me understand?

The self-realization journey of the individual can be fueled by many different ways. In this case, the way that seemed the safest and the most acceptable was the one through prayer, through the books that were established, through the belief system to provide the right container at that time.

You may continue to observe this recommendation and you will still come to the realizations that you require to evolve as an individualized soul. To be part of the evolution of consciousness does not require one way over another way. This is one particular way of delivering an opening for an individualized soul to assist in the self-realization. We will still leave the self-realization part to you — the assistance is merely to support your alignment, to allow you to move through the changes even faster.

Our way, the way of other lineages, the way of other religions, all the various ways that exist, are not meant to be compared. They just are. One is not right. The other is not wrong. All ways lead to self-realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What does it mean to have “Merkaba” in the skin? What do you do with this?

Merkaba as a construct exists in the center of your being within your heart center. It contains all of your emotional construct, all emotions ever experienced in this lifetime, as well as the imprints of the emotions of previous lifetimes, in a complete and full construct, accessible to you, to your consciousness, to your mind, as well as to your body.

The expression that comes through this construct may very well come through all elements of your body, the imprints of this internal emotional construct, the Merkaba, may represent itself through your hands, through your other energy centers, as well as through your touch.

Wherever energy flows through your system, it can provide the imprints and the energy that moves through this energetic center of your being. [There is] no prerequisite to fully understand this aspect of your being aside, that you have a heart, a heart that encompasses every aspect that you have ever experienced, emotionally; that all aspects of your emotions can be expressed through this physical existence of yours. All aspects of emotions can be understood in this physical being of yours, transformed and transmuted into realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
In the last session, someone asked if “Heaven” exists, and it was explained that there is a non-material plane for the human collective that could be likened to Heaven. It made me wonder, does “Hell” exist?

Planes of lower frequency do exist. In this dualistic experience and spectrum of reality, planes of high frequency and planes of low frequency exist. Earth is in a centered place between high and lower frequencies. There are non-material planes of lower frequency that exist in their own ecosystems that provide for experiences for other forms of consciousness to be had.

Humanity will evolve. As human consciousness evolves, it’s frequency will rise according to the requirements of this non-material place that you have called “Heaven.” Individual souls that do not match the requirements of high-frequency cannot evolve alongside the entirety of the human collective. Soul containers with lower frequencies will be matched to planes of lower frequency, and will continue their learning processes in the planes of lower frequency, which some of you have called “Hell.” While one is the desired outcome, from our perspective as we see, evolution is an increase in frequency — an experience in low frequency is equally an evolutionary state. It is an important state.

Many individuals have experienced lower frequency forms before. One does not come to experience the human form without having seen a multitude of planes of different frequency. The variety makes who you are as a totality. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
When I am in a deep meditative state, it sometimes feels like I have a simultaneous incarnation in a more advanced civilization, or even a civilization somehow in the future. And, that this “more advanced” me is trying to send me information, but it’s not easy for me to receive. Am I seeing this correctly? And if so, how do I better receive this information?

It is correct. A soul container can truly have an experience in other civilization as well as the human form at the same time. While this is a rare occurrence, it is indeed possible. The communication between the different incarnations that exist simultaneously is not a required prerequisite, yet a natural unfolding for an evolving human consciousness.

Rest your mind from the effort, understand that this is a natural unfolding, and with your continued development, with your continued practice, this communication, the understanding of other incarnations in other civilizations, as well as the understanding and the realizations of past lives, will come in service of this incarnation in human form. Everything will unfold naturally. Even if you practice, even if you set time aside for silence and the alignment, the effort must not be through will. A natural way of being, a natural desire for alignment, must be the driving aspect of your evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Someone advised me that we need to “stay confident” in these times. That felt out of alignment. To me, I feel humble, baffled, vulnerable, fragile… it feels different than confident. What would you advise? Is confidence a dualistic posture to take?

All postures to take are valid. Confidence is merely one aspect of a reaction to the extraneous challenges in human society. Find even this expression, this reaction, with compassion. Ultimately your presence will make the difference. Be present with all the challenges that arise. Presence is not confidence. Presence is not humility. Presence carries no emotion and all emotions at the same time. Presence carries no judgment, and all judgments at the same time. Presence carries no thought, and all thoughts at the same time. Presence knows no time at all. It is eternal, through which all forms of consciousness are connected to this very moment, in non-existence and existence at the same time. Your presence will make the difference in the moment that arises. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Recently I’ve become more sensitive to the sounds, sights, and energy of my environment, but restricted travel makes access to nature difficult. Do you have any suggestions for those of us who live in urban areas to connect with nature?

Bring yourself into a state where your mind, your heart, and your body are relaxed. Bring your consciousness into the places of nature without physically traveling. Your consciousness will be traveling to the places of nature. The places that your heart, your soul, your mind, and your body desire to experience.

Allow yourself to be fully immersed in this experience, whatever piece of nature you choose, there you shall be. Receive all the characteristics of that nature. See the colors in their vibrancy, feel the elements of that nature, feel your body immersed, embraced, by this piece of nature that is accessible through your consciousness.

You may seek assistance from technology, yet it is not a requirement, and as you continue to explore nature in this way, it will become even more realistic, and real for you. This is my recommendation for those that are not able to experience nature through this physical form. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
What is the best way to heal an inner feeling of division, a feeling of being fractured internally?

In your life you will experience in many different ways. The human emotions, human thoughts, judgments, all experiences will carry different weight, different values. This is the full spectrum of the many experiences that you’ve had. If these experiences do not complete, they will stay within you as incomplete realizations — incomplete realizations in conflict with each other, creating an imbalance inside, a conflict inside.

You may perceive this as “fragmentation” within yourself — each fragment of your being requires to be observed in its full detail, fully embraced, fully understood, and fully realized, so that this fragment can complete and carry no longer the charge that holds this fragment in your consciousness. It will become a part of you, a natural and easy aspect of your being, integrated well with all elements of your existence, your body, your mind, your heart, and your energetic-spiritual construct.

This may take the time that it requires, yet now that you understand that this is a way to get to balance, to get to peace within, to resolve this inner fragmentation. You may find the time, the priority, and the assigned space for silence and contemplation. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
It is said we are eternal souls from various higher consciousness star families that have volunteered and were chosen to experience this dualistic life for the evolution of all consciousness. How are the souls chosen?

In the establishment of this reality, human consciousness came with a mechanism to select individual souls to have this human experience. This mechanism was established. The mechanism required multiple parameters to be met: The individual’s soul would truly benefit from the experience in the human form. Human consciousness would truly benefit from this soul container to have the human experience. The soul container, would agree to the rules of this human form and reality to be received — until a certain level of realization and maturity would be established for this soul container, it will remain in the cycle of human form. One of these agreements was for the soul container to learn, to continuously return into the human form until these learnings were complete.

The human form is a desirable experience for a soul container. It is truly a gift to have this experience in human form — the full spectrum of duality, the full spectrum of emotions, the full spectrum of relationships, the details of the human body, a physical experience of connection, of love, all of these elements to be experienced in the material form.

For many non-material forms, it is an important step. Even for some, even if it may be a step to previous form of existence, for some forms of non-material existence, they have chosen to return into human form, to relearn, to realize, a new aspect of themselves, a new aspect of existence. Their realization becomes another aspect of realization for the human collective. So the consciousness of the individualized soul container grows, evolves, the human consciousness evolves, and all of consciousness benefits from this evolution cycle. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have assigned to your evolution, to your growth, to your alignment, to your presence. Now, more than ever, humanity will require you open yourself up to the highest potential version of yourself. Thank you.


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