Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – Nov 29th (Vienna, LYMA)

Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – Nov 29th (Vienna, LYMA)

Greetings, I’m Raphael. In the times you have been challenged in your life, you’ve had options to react and to receive; to adjust and to learn. Very often, the reactions are simple adjustments to the reality in front of you. Rarely, there are deep contemplations on the situation, on yourself, and all that occurred to come to this place. The adjustments within can only occur when the learning is deep enough.

This is the journey of self-realization: understanding that each moment of your existence carries deep value of learning and wisdom, the value of growth; that each moment is sacred — despite the way it is perceived; despite the way you might judge the moment to be. Only through this perspective can you deepen your ability to learn from each moment.

Our work is to allow you to go deeper into these moments; moments of the past, and moments in the present. You are required to spend time in a resting state to contemplate these moments, and to truly understand the deeper learnings within each of them. This will allow a completion within you, and adjustments of your reality and of your being. This is the gift that you have for yourself in your own growth, and the gift that you will have for all those around you.

The work that we provide is an adjustment to assist you. It will not take away your requirement to face your reality, yet it will empower you to face your reality with strength and an internal alignment. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings, I’m Emmanuel. In the times humanity has experienced interventions like these, overwhelm and misunderstandings are often the consequence. We applied all the best intentions, yet still the human nature of experiencing the supernatural and extraordinary events had its own consequences.

Applying meaning to an event like this is not necessary. It is by our choice; we provide this unconditional gift to you. This gift will unfold in multiple different ways: in the form of alignment that will make life in itself easier for you to manage, life in itself more aligned; a stronger awareness of your present moment of your own being; a stronger awareness of all existence. It will provide the baseline for an internal awakening process.

This is an assistance on your journey. It is, by itself, alone, merely a small token. Yet, when combined with your own will and your own choices in your life, it will become a powerful opportunity to grow; a powerful opportunity to awaken and to realize; to self-realize.

We create, in this version of reality, an opportunity for you; a reminder for you; an assistance on the path. We are grateful that you receive. We are grateful to see in which ways this gift will start to impact your life and those around you. Life will always carry challenges — all the way until the very end. All individuals will face various degrees of challenges; internal challenges as well as external challenges, equally. The challenge, in itself, becomes the opportunity to grow.

Yet, when the challenge is faced with unequal strength in the individual, the individual can break beyond repair. This is not the desired outcome. The challenge always matches the ability of the individual to face. And, in facing the challenge itself, the individual becomes stronger; experiences growth and understanding; an understanding that is communicated and transmitted to the collective so that others can as well understand and learn — in a subtle way, transferred all your wisdom into the collective. And, in subtle ways, integrated before reentering this plane as a new soul.

This work allows the challenges to be faced easier: from a different perspective; from a stronger foundation, a foundation that will become even more solid when practiced; when supported and fueled in a regular way. This foundation is for you to continually maintain. It is the foundation of your life: Alignment in your physical body; health and wellbeing in the best possible ways. Sleep, nutrition, as well as consumption for all the senses; understanding that over-consumption, overstimulation challenges the body in ways that require even more rest and recovery. Understanding that the physical is your physical foundation in this reality and it requires continuous maintenance — beyond maintenance, optimization — to thrive.

The body can provide so much more than most are aware. It is designed to continuously correct, stabilize and optimize. Yet, it requires attention — conscious attention — as well. This is for you to be reminded on a daily basis. Understand the needs and the requirements of your body, consciously. All aspects that you can see and witness; all aspects that you can consciously observe; along the observation of the aspects of your body will allow the body to provide recovery to those specific areas. This is one of the four elements of your foundation.

The second is your emotional body; your heart center; all your relationships; a space in which all relations of this lifetime and even previous lifetimes are stored. Learnings of relationships with other individuals; the relationship that you have with yourself; the relationship that you have with creation and all of existence; this is the center in which all of these are maintained, structured and remembered. This is beyond mental capacity.

The emotional center requires attention as well, understanding that your relationships with yourself and your relationships with others is a key element of existence on this plane. Separation from the collective allows for experiencing relationships in this format; it is unique to material planes. An emotional bond is established with other individuals, and can be broken upon the disconnection of emotional bonds. The attention requires to be inwards, to repair and to reestablish the internal emotional structures.

Continuous maintenance of your emotional wellbeing will make you easier to navigate yourself and all relationships around you. Continuous reflection on your wellbeing with regards to your emotional center will allow you to become an even more self-reflected and balanced individual. This is the second part of your foundation.

The third part of your foundation is your mental wellbeing: your mental construct beyond your brain, thoughts, thought patterns, behaviors, cycles of conscious, subconscious and unconscious thought, resting cycles, observation cycles, and work cycles. Your mental being requires mostly rest; overstimulation of your current reality has provided rarely enough space for the mental body to rest, to realign, and to quiet. This continuous over-stimulation has fueled an aspect of your personality that we consider the “ego” perception of your identity and self. This part of your being will start to identify your entire being as “you” and will drive your entire being according to the needs of the mind. It is important to rest, to find balance between all the parts of your being, beyond the drive of the mental being. Some ways of resting the mind will become more effective in clearing the thoughts and thought patterns, yet overstimulated minds will require initially more conscious effort.

The fourth part of your foundation is your spiritual and energetic wellbeing. Beyond all those parts of yourself that you can observe, feel, and understand, there is a part of you that is beyond comprehension that is the majority of your being: a part of you that ties you to all of existence, that ties you to the human collective itself. Your spiritual wellbeing requires the quiet of the mind, the quiet of the heart, and the stability of the body to provide for this quiet; only then can the spiritual being of yourself and truly open and expand in your entire being.

This component and brings forth an energetic makeup that establishes itself across all parts of your being, your body, your heart, and your mind. This energetic body binds all of your parts together. The flow of energy between this plane and other planes is reflected on this energetic body. Your well-being — mental, emotional, and physical — is reflected in this energetic body. All trauma, all thought patterns, automatic behaviors, are reflected in the energetic body.

Some adjustments to the energetic body will assist with elements of your physical [body], with elements of your emotional being, and of your mental wellbeing. These adjustments can be done by us, but also by others, and yourself. In many ways information and knowledge is available to you, yet rarely is this information understood or thoughtfully executed to benefit the individual.

This is the fourth part of your being that establishes your foundation. These four elements have equal right to be observed, to be maintained, and to be continuously supported. Your reflection must include all aspects of your being and so that you, with the right foundation can start a strong journey of awakening and self-realization.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How do you define unconditional love?

Unconditional love is the energy and the force that binds all of existence together. All planes, material and non-material; all existence, consciously and unconsciously alive; is bound through this fabric: the unconditional love of creation and energy that is limitless, yet does not carry any specific source. This energy continuously provides for all planes, including yours. It is the energy upon which all your lives are based on — all life on this planet is based on. This continuous flow of energetic consciousness is what we consider unconditional love.

It is the perfect representation of a non-judging existence: unaware of its own existence, yet continuously providing; without categorization, limitation, or judgment, in any form. Our love for you can only come close to the true unconditional love of creation. No form that is self-conscious and self-aware can truly reach the ultimate directive of unconditional love, yet can only strive to reach that level.

In all our existence, we have understood many forms of love; many forms of connection and care providing. Yet, truly understanding unconditional love had become one of the purposes of our existence. And, in many ways, we have optimized our existence to become as close as possible to this form of love that you also perceive as unconditional love. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Can a human being have experiences in different realities that he or she is aware of?

Yes, he or she can. The human brain is optimized to focus on one specific reality; considering multiple realities and probabilities of existence are not meant for the human brain to process. Yet your entire being is at the same time in other realities; only this current personality of your existence is in this reality. This allows for all realities to coexist. And, through certain operations of the spiritual body, information from other probabilities and other realities can occur and flow into this reality. If not controlled, the mind can be overwhelmed and confused. And then, the only probable best way, it is to stabilize the mind before incurring any information of other potential existences.

The only existence that truly matters for you right now is this, and even though you may have experiences of other realities, they will become distractions of this current reality. The ability to read and understand the probabilities of existence, the probabilities of other realities, is only for a rare focused group of individuals, and those highly trained.

For most humans, this reality will provide plenty of experiences and potential outcomes. To think about and consider that all outcomes exist at the current time with your being, and all potential outcomes, might be overwhelming for the single individual mind. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How can we deepen our trust in the universe?

Thank you for your question. The trust has always been there; along the way — it has been broken. When a baby is born, it has no concept of trusting, or consciously making a decision, or evaluating its environment. It just “is,” and it fully surrenders to the existence of its environment. This is the original form of trust that you’re all (born) with.

Over time, this trust is broken and adjusted. Experiences of external input, of making sense and meaning of the external reality, provide for a picture of the world that is less trustworthy; education, relationships, yet also various experiences of your own; various dangers, evaluations of safety.

Ultimately, the goal will become to overcome all thoughts, all conditioning, and to return to this original trust that you’re all (born) with. It is the many layers that have been built on top of this original trust that constrict your perspective. Layer by layer you must remove all that covers this original trust — original trust in all of existence.

Layer by layer, you must observe in which moments you don’t trust, in which ways you don’t trust your environment or yourself. And as you observe these ways of being, allow yourself to surrender slightly more. And, to let go of this conditioning, allow yourself to step a bit further into the unknown. Despite your concerns, doubts and fears, move yourself outside of the comfort that has built over time to restrict you.

You are unlimited beings living limited lives. You can find unlimited trust in every moment again, yet it will require practice and continuous contemplation. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How can I deepen the clarity of connection to my soul and to energetic reality?

Clarity comes from silence, first and foremost. The mind and the emotions must be silent in the physical container that is content. This will provide an important foundation. Your connection has never been severed. It is similar to the trust: it has been layered with conditioning, it has been layered with perspectives, opinions, judgments, thoughts and emotions, and all these elements that keep you in this reality, grounded.

The clarity will come as you allow yourself to continuously, layer by layer, to unfold all that covers the clarity that exists in this original connection that ties you into this reality. It will take time to quiet the mind, to strengthen the body, and to observe all emotions. Yet, this journey is worth the time and effort that it requires. It is designed, in a way, to be complex and challenging in the first place. It is designed to bring forth deep learning along the way; deep wisdom — it is the self-realization journey, after all. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What is the role of dreams?

The role of dreams is a reflection of your external world and your internal world, in one specific place. This reflection can often be in different forms: dreams to process the reality of your internal world and your external world; to allow [you] to cope with circumstances of the past or the present, with potential emotions like fear, worry and concern. This is the primary purpose.

This particular mechanism is though, [is] often a bypass of an awakening spirit. It becomes the same template that is utilized for visioning, observing, and external observation of future, present and past — including different realities. This particular method is considered to be an advanced practice of the same opening that allows for the mind to process its current reality. Dreams become visions, and visions become learning. Learning itself: the ultimate purpose of this lifetime.

Dreams will provide the space and the reminder that there are many elements of your consciousness, and different parts of your emotional being that require processing; that require time. And, only when rest is completely dream free, the physical body will receive its full recovery. Until then, the mind will require attention, and the emotional body will require attention. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Since our emotions are a record of the past, how can we let go of them in order to step into the field of all possibilities?

Your emotional body carries all that you have experienced. Yet the emotions themselves; they’re always the same. Upon experiencing a certain emotion, the past will be triggered: an emotion that is tied to a memory, or, vice-versa: a memory that is tied to an emotion. In this tie, in this bond, lies an important realization itself: understanding if this moment of the past has been processed and completed properly — only then can this emotion truly become into its original form again. Light and pure, the emotion itself carries no weight. It is merely a way to process the present moment; a way to express the present internal state of your being to the external.

The goal will become to truly understand the past, and allow the past to be processed so that they will free the emotions to become pure. This will allow [you] to be present to all potential outcomes and to all potential emotions. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for receiving this work. Thank you for dedicating the time of your life, to this process, the process of your own awakening; of your own alignment. May this work benefit you, and all those around you, in the best possible ways.


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