Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – Dec. 1st (Vienna, Schmida Institut)

Energy Alignment and Wisdom Channeling – Dec. 1st (Vienna, Schmida Institut)

Greetings, I’m Raphael. In the times that you have chosen to dedicate yourself to your own evolution, you have experienced many different ways: some of which have brought you forward, some of which had no effect — and some the reverse. Yet all steps are forward movements — even the ones that are not perceived to be. The dedication and the time that you assign of your life to your own evolution is an important time; a valuable time for you, for your relations, and for the collective. Rarely has society rewarded this time, and rarely have individuals understood the importance of the self-realization journey until the moment where the awakening call is stronger than the structures of society or the will power can hold.

This internal call for awakening is embedded in all human beings. In one way or another it will request the time needed for your own evolution. My message to you is merely a reminder. This work will be an assisting step forward in this awakening journey of yourself as the individuals. And, you will see the benefits of the work resulting from your own journey; the changes within you; the changes of relationships; the changes of perspective, and the newly found inner peace are merely side effects of this journey itself.

The importance of the individual’s journey is far greater for the collective than the individual can realize. All of your learnings and realizations become part of the collective’s learning and growth. In this way, the human consciousness collective continuously grows. With this understanding, some of you might reconsider your priorities.

Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings, I’m Emmanuel. The work that you have received today was an adjustment of the foundational elements of your being: your physical, your emotional, your mental and your energetic spiritual bodies. These adjustments provide an assistance required for the awakening journey; a foundation that is necessary for any awakening soul, yet it is merely a small token compared to the work that you can do for yourself:

Continuous caretaking of your physical body in the ways that you know and in the many other ways that are possible.

Your emotional understanding, all aspects of your heart being, relationships, all aspects of your connections to the past; understanding in which ways your emotional space keeps you from being present. Your mental body, much more than your brain.

Your consciousness in all the ways it is continuously challenged; in all the ways that is focus; a strong focus, an intense focus on priorities of survival, on priorities projected by society or by previous generations.

Understanding in which ways your mind has taken over your life, in which ways your mind continuously judges every moment; categorizes; reduces the moments so that they can be understood, comprehended and fit a specific perspective and frame in your mind.

Your spiritual and energetic body; an aspect of you often forgotten; neglected and misunderstood — it is possibly the most critical aspect of your being: combining, connecting all parts of your being together. Energetic practices and spiritual practices have been delivered to society and to humanity in many different ways; lineages, through many various cultures, and through religions. And with these, the practices that were once valuable were also tainted.

You must find new ways to continually align that aspect of your being; to continually allow to reset your being and to allow an expansion.

This work is a small step in that direction. Yet it will require more on every individual’s level, and we’re not here to prescribe any specific methods or directions for you; only the reminder for you to find what suits and resonates for you to develop, to continue to develop, as an individual being. You will require this foundation for the deeper levels of self-realization.

Thank you for receiving this work. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
When you serve humanity, does humanity also serve you in some way? Also, who decides what you are able to share with us, and what you should not share — is it you? Your collective? Something else?

Humanity’s evolution is a matter that includes many forms of consciousness. The next step of its existence, the transformation of humanity into non-material form, is a step that has been expected since the beginning. The process to assist you in this transformation includes many forms of consciousness to agree in the ways and in the methods to assist the individuals and societies for this transformation.

The right balance of providing without manipulating; of providing with full transparency, enough providing only when asked for with permission. This is the ways our interventions will continue to be, even if we can see the final goal more than any individual human being can see, it is always going to be according to your will and to the direction of human consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How can we make progress with family relationships?

The close family, the individuals that have given you life and safety and are responsible for you and to be here in the first place; these relationships mark the strongest form of input for parts of your identity and personality. Emotional connections and bonds are naturally the strongest with these individuals; emotional trauma, equally. The understanding that they only serve a purpose for you to continually evolve; the understanding that they are perfect in their being; that you can only address and face these relationships with love and compassion — most importantly, compassion for yourself, throughout the process of learning and growing.

All individuals are subject to this type of growth; releasing deep emotional connections, deep emotional trauma, in the many ways it has occurred; facing the difficult; observing the pain of the past from the many perspectives possible to you; staying with the pain of the past until it dissolves. This will allow for the transformation of the relationship as it transforms your relationship with the past; all relations of the present will change. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Can you tell us something more about the fifth dimension?

As you’re referring to the next stage of human existence; a non-material form for humanity, is not too dissimilar to the material forms that you have experienced — at least in your perception it will be similar. There will be no material plane; planet; no other living beings alongside of human consciousness. It will not be a requirement to have an entire ecosystem to support humanity and human consciousness, and the planet that you’re on will, become the home of a new form of consciousness to evolve.

Relationships will become an important aspect of understanding separation and collective in a much deeper sense. The relationship to higher realms will become easily and much stronger accessible. The interactions between higher realms and this new form of existence will be less regulated and therefore easier; more expansive. Your understanding will be no longer limited by the perspectives of the mind. The way you will perceive will be through the perception of the collective, yet you will continue to have an individualized identity. This is what I can share with you that will make sense.

Question #4:
How can we replenish our physical energy to continue our collective work?

The physical body is a self-regulating system. Most importantly: water, rest and healthy nutrition will provide all it requires. Only in rare situations where the diseases are stronger than the body can handle, it will require additional support for the replenishment of energy.

Most importantly, a change of environment, a change of circumstance, and a change of lifestyle might be required. Most individuals live no sustainable lives, draining the physical beyond its capacities. When the body becomes used to continuously act under stress and to continuously operate under difficult circumstances, it will not establish a solid foundation for spiritual growth and energetic development.

It will require a solid pace and care for the physical body: exercise; change of circumstances and environment, for the body to continuously be challenged in a good way. This additional stimulation will allow the body to replenish its energy sources. And, with the rest of the mind, it will allow for a stronger openings for an internal evolution, and therefore the collective evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What will happen to our pets during the ascension process?

Close companions to human beings, animals have served humanity in many different ways: as guides, as guardians, as companions to life. This has always allowed the individual to find peace, to find solace, and to overcome difficult situations. Animal consciousness in that form has supported humanity in many different ways, including its being a companion. In the journeys ahead, the individual must find the strength: the strength for silence, the strength for solitude, the strength for inner reflection.

This process requires no outside connections. No relationships are required for this internal reflection. And, it is a time that is sacred. These are moments and phases that are required for the individual to be alone. Yet, outside of these, we see the support of companions from the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom to continually allow the evolution of the individual. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Does eating meat hinder our spiritual growth?

There is no direct answer to your question. By itself, eating meat does not hinder spiritual growth. At the beginning stages, it is irrelevant. In later stages it becomes apparent that the nutrition must become fine-tuned, including the phases of fasting and reducing to plant-based only diets. Yet, this is an adjustment of the body itself, not an adjustment driven by the mind.

The understanding that eating meat reduces spiritual evolution is incorrect. The continuation of spiritual growth will require changes in diet and nutrition, including reduction of food intake. The reflection of how you eat and what you eat is a reflection of the state of your consciousness, the maturity of your consciousness as a collective: understanding how what you produce and what you receive from nature is sourced, how it is treated, and how it is ended, with you, and in you. The more you understand, the more you drive the collective and to operate according to your standards, the more it will become sustainable for you to coexist alongside everything that nature provides for you.

The impact that it has had on you individually, as well as on the health of the planet, is more severe than most can understand, some of which is due to consumption. While spiritual growth is not directly effected in the beginning stages on what you eat and how you eat, your collective maturity is reflected in the way you perceive nature and the way it provides for you. Your relationship with all that you consume will change through your internal evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Is it easier to realign our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies when we spend time in nature?

Nature, in general, will provide a balance for your entire being. It has become increasingly more difficult to find nature that is untouched, yet even the environment of a forest, or sea, or mountains, will change your entire energetic makeup and will assist your entire physical being to become more vital, and it will receive the energy of that environment. Most of you have witnessed that already, the vitality change when being immersed in nature. In addition, we invite you to consider deepening your spiritual practices in places of nature and to observe how the energy that is provided of that environment supports your spiritual growth. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
What is a lightworker?

This word “lightworker,” is a definition that is created by humanity. Our perspective of what it could mean: a human being that has continuously dedicated its life for growth, for evolution, for its own healing, for its own expansion, through this journey that is continuously adjusting. This individual has realized that others will benefit from its own journey, and, in one way or another, it has found ways to share; some of which is delivery of wisdom, some of which is delivery of energy.

This is a service from one individual on the self-realization journey to another individual that is in the early stages of this journey itself. Some lightworkers specialize in specific things: physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing as well as spiritual access. Most importantly in our definition and perspective of a lightworker, the individual must continuously evolve and take important time for its own growth phases. Only then can this individual continue to assist other individuals on their journeys and provide the highest and purest wisdom that is available to them. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Can you give us any specific guidance on how to find stillness in the mind and in the heart?

The mind: always focused on delivering exactly what you have requested, continuously evaluating its environment, continuously providing for the next steps, the strategies to understand the next steps, and so forth.

At the same time, the mind is holding your perspective of reality, your understanding of yourself, your identity and your ego, as a baseline. These are important functions, yet in today’s society, they are overstimulated. The mind requires less stimulation. First, the reduced stimulation of the mind will allow the mind to rest and go into states that are necessary for this stillness that you have mentioned

The stillness of the mind is a specific state of the mind, a state in which you are conscious, yet thoughts are not [present]. It is a state in which your perception is beyond the perception of your environment; in the continuous evaluation of your environment. This state is often received between sleep and awake states, or deep meditative states. For some of you, this requires practice; it requires [a] change of lifestyle, it requires conscious effort on a continuous basis.

Stillness of the heart is similar: The heart is often overwhelmed with the emotions of the past; elements of the past that have not fully been resolved. Relationships of the past that have not fully resolved, as well as traumas of the past, continuously carried within the heart, as the heart is trying to establish itself and be present for you to provide all the emotional perspectives required on a daily basis.

Initially there will be no stillness. All elements of your mind and of your heart will finally get to be heard. It will be loud, and it will be difficult, yet it will be necessary to observe all of these aspects of the heart and of the mind, one by one. And, step by step, this is the work that is required to reduce the load that has been put on the mind and the heart to find your way towards the stillness of the mind and the heart. The body requires to be in a stable state and provided for during these exercises and practices. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
In my perception, humanity is living above the means of its environment. I’m wondering, on the path to ascension should we develop the consciousness and the means and the ability to live more sustainably? Or, should we accept that these resources surrounding us are to be used up on the path to ascension?

Thank you for your question. The exact timing that is required for humanity to reach ascension as well as the exact timing of utilizing and using — consuming all your resources — cannot be truly calculated. Most importantly, the way humanity builds its relationship to all that exists around it, to all that provides for humanity’s existence, the planet, the animals, the plants, and all those that are not perceived to be alive yet carry consciousness. This in itself is an important evolution of the human consciousness.

The change of action, the change of societal directions, is a natural unfolding of this realization. It will be the way the human collective will decide. It cannot be planned in the way you suggest. Humanity will start to understand more as it grows, as it evolves; and the measures that it takes to assist all of life to be sustainably coexisting on this plane will be supportive to its own evolution; its own evolution of consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
I find that I have attraction or attachment to certain places where I don’t have much experience in this life. For example, I feel attracted to France, and to Egypt, yet I have never lived either place. Might this be connected to my past lives? If so, is this a way I can learn more about my past lives?

Indicators that draw your attention to learn more about yourself, to understand a deeper connection that you might have to your past, of this lifetime, or many lifetimes before; all of these indicators are welcome no matter what the source or what the initiating factor is. Your curiosity will drive and fuel your growth. Your curiosity will drive your evolution. My recommendation is to follow curiosity. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Does everyone born on Earth have a specific purpose to fulfill? Is it important that we realize what our purpose is?

The ultimate purpose of human existence is to learn and to grow through all interactions that are available in this continuous cycle of learning and growing. Some individuals will have specific work; specific missions that they have signed up for before entering this lifetime. These specific missions that you might call “purpose” — higher purpose — will only unfold at the stage where the individual has found enough stability and internal alignment for this to unfold. Otherwise, the human experience takes precedence.

The life that is provided to you with everything that it can offer, with unlimited potentialities, experiences, and combinations of relationships — it truly is the one common denominator for all “purpose” of human existence. Understanding the depth and the value that is possible in a human life; the experiences, the good and the bad, the difficult and the easy ones; embracing life in its totality with every moment that is provided to you; this is the true purpose of living in human form. All other additional elements can be reviewed when the individual has reached higher states of consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Humanity has come to an important stage in its evolution; an important growth phase. Your personal individual growth is tied to humanity’s current situation, yet at the same time, your individual evolution — awakening — has also started the change of environmental situations as well as cosmological changes that will provide the fuel for a stronger and faster evolution internally.

What will you do with the fuel as it provides you with decisions to be made? The awakening call will be inside of you, continuously requesting the time necessary for your own evolution.

Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this work.

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