Group Healing and Channeling – June 2nd (Vienna, Schmida)

Group Healing and Channeling – June 2nd (Vienna, Schmida)

Greetings. I am Raphael. Despite the perception you may have about us, there are many ways we can operate on this plane. One of the most effective ways to do the work we can without violating the old rules we have set for this plane, is through another individual, a human vessel. We have prepared this vessel, our host, to provide the alignment that we give to you as our gift. We have provided this host to gift the messages that we have for you and he has surrendered, agreed to the terms of this relationship. This agreement will last until his days are over on this plane, in this lifetime. In this period we will provide the most effective work we can to assist humanity through the most important time in human existence, the awakening and the ascension of mankind.

You, as individuals, will go through this awakening process and some of you have already gone through important aspects of awakening individually. This process is not easy and it requires balance between the human life, human relationships and all aspects of the human existence. Yet the awakening of your soul, of your individual consciousness, is a key aspect for the awakening of mankind. Your journey to self-realization will be the biggest gift for yourself in your lifetime, to all those around you in relationship, to all those that are part of the same collective, the human collective.

This process of awakening is inevitable. It is and it will be part of your life until the very end. You may choose to suppress, resist or ignore the aspects of yourself that are requesting to be listened to, yet this calling of the inner voices will only become louder. A part of you will require to surrender, to slow down and to stop. To listen deeply. To find space and time for silence and balance. A time for contemplation. Who are you truly? In the perspectives of creation, not the perspective of your mind.

This will open many doorways for the self-realization journey and each step that you take will be an important step for all of humanity.

What aspects of your life are you keeping under control? What aspects of your life are barely functional and consistently under maintenance and repair? Have you truly looked deep to the core of these aspects of your being? Have you truly surrendered your mind and your heart, beyond your thoughts and beyond your emotions?

The divine is truly present inside of you, and you can experience the divine at any given moment. Receive this work with our honor and respect for your evolution.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. Despite all the difficulties and the challenges you will face in life, you are always supported and equipped to face the challenges. Each challenge, conflict, confusion and doubt brings an important lesson with it. Each of these lessons add to the important experience within a lifetime and with that to the collective experience of human consciousness. You are the expression of human consciousness, a human form truly able to experience the material form with all its difficulties and beauties.

You individually have chosen to be within this experience and through your experience, human consciousness grows and you grow. This is the agreement for this plane, for this experience. The totality of all human lifetimes makes for the totality of all human consciousness. This is how it has been and it will be until the end of this plane.

The end of this material plane is not the end of human consciousness. It will continue to exist in a different form and shape in a different plane, a non-material plane. A plane with different circumstances and framework to experience individuality, as well as the collective.

The focus though, for now, is for you to understand the power of your presence. The depth and quality that lies within each moment. The only true reality that exists on this plane, the moment. Your experience and all your relations compressed into this very moment in time and space. Within this moment of your presence, you can truly make a difference for your life and for the life of others.

The quality and the depth of your presence defines all your actions. Defines the foundation that you set for the moments to come, even though the moments to come are not decided or destined. All the actions have certain probabilities that will drive other actions – yet, with the aspects of free will and choice. The moments can be chosen to unfold in the ways that are required for your benefit and for the benefit of others, always in balance and always supporting human consciousness growth.

With this truth, can you look to understand the power that is lost in the moments that you have? Can you look to surrender to the power that is within the moments, so that you may become a divine force yourself? Once fully understood, the power that lies within your existence as an individual, in relationship with others as a collective, you will understand the power that is within the experience of human consciousness.

It is truly a gift to you. It is truly a gift to all of existence. Your growth and expansion nourishes many other forms of consciousness and truly your individual awakening and self-realization journey will make the difference in the awakening and realization of human consciousness itself.

Thank you for listening to my words, I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Please can you describe the phases of evolution of human consciousness and the lesson or lessons we have to go through?

The lessons for human consciousness will be the ones that will be completed by the end of this plane. The lessons will not drive the timeline of the ending itself, yet the maturity of human consciousness truly has come to its final chapter. Important lessons and realizations of the collective consciousness:
The connection to each other beyond the perspective of separation will be an important lesson for humanity.
The understanding that life is truly a gift to experience all elements of the material form and to learn many important lessons in relationships and the human form.
An important aspect that will also unfold is the true understanding that all elements of human existence serve human existence. That all challenges, sicknesses, doubts, even the most difficult realities to comprehend of the human form, are aspects of the sacred unfolding for humanity. They are truly aspects for your and for the collective’s growth.
These realizations will come to fruition in individuals first and through these realizations within the individuals – groups, communities and regions will start to elevate each other’s awakening journeys. This will affect others and eventually the entirety of mankind. Some individuals will have difficulties to embrace the awakening itself, the rising of this frequency and the changes on this plane, physical as well as energetic. These challenges, as they enter this plane, will allow for many individuals that exist on this plane to complete their lifetimes and for many others, it will become a new chapter in their current lifetime. An unfolding, an awakening, to fuel the ultimate goal for humanity – the ascension of mankind. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Emmanuel, can you tell something about the new form of relationship between men and women

The relationship on this plane between men and women will surpass the perspectives of gender, the perspective of roles and definitions that have been driven by nature. The rising and awakening of an individual soul will come to the realization that gender is merely a small aspect of its existence. From this perspective, other individuals will be perceived differently, men and women. Relationships themselves will be perceived differently, as the aspects of nature will be only a small portion that drives the connection, that drives the relationship itself. The awakening of the individual will provide the understanding that truly the other individual, the partner, is a close aspect of themselves. That the partner is a reflection and truly a partner in the learnings of this lifetime and many lifetimes before. These important understandings will allow to surpass the simple dynamics of human form between men and women. It will allow to understand that aspects of nature are merely support for additional learnings, yet they are not the core of your existence on this plane. Many more unfolding of realizations will drive your relationships and the relationships themselves will change. Your realization and awakening journey, the changes within your being, will allow for other individuals to arrive in your life that are resonant with the changes that you are currently going through. Individuals that are resonant with the frequency and understandings that you have achieved.

The influence on societal roles and perspectives is inevitable, as the individuals are awakening and understanding themselves more than the gender or the energy that is the main driving force in their current life. Only when you understand and see yourself beyond the gender and the identity that you currently assume, will you truly be liberated and those around you can see you beyond that gender and identity as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Is there a specific region or country that is meant to play a very important role in awakening of consciousness, or they are all equal?

With regards to societies, all countries will play an important role. Yet with regards to certain regions that house some of the most important places on this plane, they will play a significant and critical role for the rising of energy on this plane. The energy lines, as well as the connection points of these energy lines, the establishment of human societies on top of these nodes, will play an important role in the ascension and awakening of mankind as they will serve like the vessels to rise the energy on this plane. Some of these countries are within the Middle Eastern region. Some of these countries are in the continent of Africa. Yet all continents [carry] important nodes and energetic lines that allow the entire globe to be covered. The flow of energy and the rise of frequency on this plane will allow the consciousness of humanity to rise. It will be the underlying foundation for many awakenings directed at the masses. Your individual awakening will be supported through the changes driven by these regions. The energetic lines and the change in frequency on this plane. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
As the environmental challenges increase, which countries will be the most optimum for survival and for us to live with regards to natural resources and climate?

The changes in [the] environment, the challenges on this plane, will make it apparent which countries will allow for human life to continue and which countries will become inhabitable. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Can you talk a bit about rural life and gardening?

The connection of human form to nature has always been an important aspect of your growth and learning. This important aspect was foregone in the creation of cities and large societies. Despite the important learnings within large societies, humanity has lost an important aspect of connection to nature. A very powerful teacher, a continuous source of energy for balance and alignment. Truly this environment in its balanced ecosystem is an eternal teacher with eternal lessons. Your ability to understand your connection with nature, your connection with your environment, is reflected when you live in nature, when you grow your own food, when you receive the benefits and the gifts of this plane freely and unconditionally, the way it has been since the beginning. While it will not be possible for everyone to experience the depths of nature the way you have, it is an important reminder for those to return to the wild, to return to the elements, to return to the force of your true Mother. This divine force will continue to give all the way to the end of mankind, despite all the challenges it has faced with your existence. Unconditional and forgiving all the way to the end of your existence. Receive the benefits of this relationship, receive the benefits of your environment, by making the time and by receiving these lessons through an opening that you create in your life. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Could you please tell us more about the awakening process and journey?

The awakening journey of the individual is a process that is ingrained in all of you. It is natural, automatic and will unfold organically. It is the desire of the soul to understand its source. This experience in human form is an important aspect of learning, many elements of relationship, of self-inquiry. In this form of self-inquiry there are aspects that will drive deeper questions, questions towards self-realization. Who you truly are beyond the identity that you have assumed in this very lifetime. Who you truly are in your connection to the divine, in your connection to all of existence. Questions that will arise, questions that will confuse the mind and the heart, questions that no other human can answer for you.

Truly, only the awakening of your own soul, the self-inquiry and contemplation will answer these questions for you. Continuous rising of your consciousness into a higher frequency. Changes of perspective, beyond the perspective from your identity as the individual that you are. Stereotypes from a higher form of consciousness, a higher form of self. These elements are milestones of your awakening process. Many other elements like the resolution of relationships, the understanding of unity within human consciousness, are other important aspects within the awakening process.

The awakening of the individual will challenge the individual in their perception of reality, the perception of identity, your perception of self, your perception of time. All these challenges cannot be answered with the mind or the heart, it can truly only be answered by realizations themselves. How to receive these realizations will be an important lesson itself. For you to surrender, for you to make the time and the space in your life to understand yourself, to understand your existence and your connection to the divine. This is the time for you to come to the milestones of self-realization. Without this time set aside, these important learnings will force themselves into your life. The challenges will be apparent, resistance will be difficult, important lessons are required to be had and realizations must come one way or another.

This process today is an assistance for your awakening process, an assistance to remove some of the obstacles in your life, to align you and empower you in ways that very few can, so that you will have an easier time to make the next step forward. Yet there are many steps to come and this reminder will be with you at every step of the way. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Is it right that to be in the process of awakening by individual souls, it is only possible in incarnation of a human in a physical body?

That is correct, currently the experience required for human consciousness to expand and grow happens in the physical form of human existence. All other aspects are supporting the physical form of human existence. All non-material forms of human consciousness are either currently in transition, or have chosen to support human consciousness in human form. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Can you explain your own existence?

We are an existence in higher consciousness. We have lived a physical life before and we have developed and evolved into non-material existence and over time we have evolved to this plane from which we assist other forms of consciousness to grow and evolve. Our existence has taught us many aspects of consciousness in its totality, what we perceive as grand consciousness. We have, upon reaching the states we have right now, chosen to assist grand consciousness and all different forms of consciousness to grow, to evolve. Human consciousness has become one of the many forms we have supported and are currently supporting in their evolution. In our plane, our existence is collective yet individualized. We have kept the learnings in collective records, we have formed alliances to support each other’s missions and resources to be provided to different planes of existence. The nature of our existence surpasses the ability to fully explain in this way, yet the way I can express myself is to show you with this gift of assistance, this gift of support and truly unconditional love for your being. Human consciousness, its evolution will ascend to higher consciousness of non-material kind and eventually reach higher levels of consciousness that we are inhabiting. Many forms of consciousness have existed on lower planes and have evolved to higher planes. Some have not managed to evolve and have ended. Yet here we are. Some of us distributed across many planes agreed – upon the important aspects of creation – consciousness itself to be continuously supported as it grows in the very far corners, in the lower planes, the middle planes and the highest planes of existence This is our work. This is one of the core aspects of our existence, an aspect that we have chosen. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Can you tell us more about the requirements for transformation of global human consciousness?

The transformation of global consciousness will be driven by the transformation of the individual. Your transformation will be the ultimate support mechanism for the transformation of the collective. Outside factors like cosmological changes, as well as the work we have started on a global level will raise the frequencies of this plane. They will be providing a different ground for human consciousness. The rise in frequency will be inevitable and will provide either for the rise in consciousness of the individual, or difficulties, challenges that the individual will face in this rise of frequency. The transformation of the collective will bring forth many realizations for you, for the relationships that you carry, as well as for the collective. The transformation of the collective will bring forth changes [to] the ways you have operated on this plane.
Changes in leadership.
Changes in your perspective of your environment.
Changes in your relationship with nature.
Changes in your understanding of the cosmos and all existence.
This transformation will bring forth the desire to change old structures and create new structures, while some infrastructure of the old, past civilisations will not change. New structures will provide the nourishing ground for human consciousness to grow, for the transformation to complete. Old infrastructures will soon understand that they can no longer serve an awakening mind and soul. An awakening individual will truly drive the creations of society. Observe the changes in your environment. Observe the changes in yourself. You will see the parallel. The correlation will be apparent. You might transform faster than your environment does. This transformation might cause for inner conflict as your environment has not moved in the same way that you have. Yet understand this – your transformation can be the baseline for others, for other individuals and for the collective and even though you may be in the front-line of the masses to transform, your continued development and journey will serve all of humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What will happen to the human beings who will not surrender to the divine when the lifetime of the planet will end?

Surrendering to the awakening process of the individual is a requirement for the individual to awaken and self-realise in this lifetime. This self-realization process is a requirement for the individual to be part of the ascending human collective. Resisting this process will cause the entire collective to carry those that have not participated in their own development and some will be carried and some will not be carried through this ascension process. It will depend on those that have truly self-realized and are carrying a large group of individuals and souls along with them. This is truly a collective effort and it is required for all individuals to do their part in their own journeys of self-realization and awakening. There will be souls that will not ascend. These individualised souls will return to creation. In this returning process they will dissolve into all of existence and return into another part of existence.
The eternal cycle of all of existence. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for receiving this work, our unconditional gift to humanity. Our gift to you in an important phase of your life, of humanity’s evolution. In this time, remember the most important aspects of your existence is your relationship with yourself and through you, your relationship with the divine. Only with your purest connections with yourself and to the divine will all those around you truly see and understand the purity of your existence.

Thank you for your journey and the work that you have completed to be here.

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