Group Healing & Channeling Session – May 31st (Vienna, LYMA)

Group Healing & Channeling Session – May 31st (Vienna, LYMA)

Greetings. I am Raphael. In this time of change, no one can avoid the change. You are part of a system that is connected intrinsically. All of you part of consciousness, yet separate in your experience as an individual human. This separation is temporary. For a moment in time, you have identity, individuality, the experience of a lifetime, yet truly underneath you are all connected as one consciousness. You are connected to all that is alive, to all that is not alive. The aspects of your being that you perceive to be yourself is merely a small portion of the totality of your being. A being vast beyond the limitations of the mind, the limitations of the heart and the limitations of the body. A being that is truly derived from the source of all existence.

Here you are in human form. This form perceived by some of you as challenging, uncomfortable and difficult, momentarily comforting, beautiful and full of lessons. Underlying the human experience is the learning of the entirety of human consciousness. All your collective learnings and realizations feed the collective learnings and the collective realizations.

Your journey, your individual awakening and self-realization process truly makes a difference in the self-realization of the human consciousness. This time in human existence is truly a unique time, a time so valuable that our interventions are required. The awakening of humankind, the change of the human plane from material to non-material existence. You are the ones to receive these messages early and you are the ones to be ready for your own awakening journey.

Will you surrender to the openings that are available now in your life? Will you truly look in the face of the challenges that have opened to you? Will you resolve those relationships that require resolution? Most importantly the relationship with yourself. Have you truly understood the way you have kept yourself captive? All the lessons that have not completed with yourself and by yourself. All the ways you have distracted yourself from the most important person in your existence. This is my message to you, to remember the aspect of your time with yourself, for your awakening.

Thank you for receiving this adjustment and for listening to my words.

Greetings. I am Emmanuel. This healing and adjustment will serve you, not just over the next weeks and months, but cumulatively it will serve you all your life. It will be a ripple effect of this one moment that has opened, pathways that otherwise would have taken much longer, or never have opened.

This work does not require your gratitude or your belief. It is provided to you in an unconditional way. Our work to you in assistance for your awakening process. In return, your awakening, your self-realization will assist all of the collective. In return, all those around you will be impacted positively by the work you have received, by the work you have been willing to receive.

Ultimately, the change on this plane is inevitable. Yet how you move through the change remains truly up to you – the individual, the communities and the collective itself. Will you manage to face the challenges in front of you? Will you stand with an open heart and open mind in front of the hardest truths of your reality? Will you receive the difficult lessons with open arms?

You are the master of your life, truly. Your experience in all its ways, even the aspects that you perceive to be outside your control, the aspects that you perceive to be subject to, or a victim of, all aspects directed by yourself. Not the self that you perceive to be. Not the mind or the heart. Yet an aspect of you that is beyond your perception. Can you receive this truth? Can you listen to this beyond your mind and beyond your heart?

Ultimately, you will not be alone on this journey, and others, as they go through their journeys will impact yours. You will find resonance with other individuals, with other communities. You will assist each other along this path. You will find support and assistance from higher consciousness like ours, yet it will always be your journey. It will always your self-realization. You own this experience with all its aspects, all the details and the nuances of your lifetime.

You will understand more as you release the mind from being responsible for understanding. As you release the heart, you will understand from a perspective beyond the mind and the heart. The truths that will arise in your being will unfold like flowers, naturally without effort offered to you. Every moment of these realizations will provide a fuel and nourishment for the next ones to arise and your being, while being challenged, it will always remain stable and functional. You are required to be alive and well during this process of self-realization. Remember your wellbeing to be a foundational aspect of this awakening journey.

This work today will benefit all aspects of your being including your mental physical and emotional constructs. Thank you for receiving this work I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can we express our wishes to the divine that they are heard?

Thank you for your question. The wishes that come truly from the mind and the heart are aspects to be overcome in the human experience. Wishes and desires, wants and longings, aspects driven by the mind and by the heart to open to new experiences in the human form. You may truly receive answers to these elements. The wishes, the wants, the desires and the longings will enter your field if the experience is required and necessary. The realization journey of the individual is beyond these aspects of the mind and the heart. Overcoming the requirement of wishes and wants, of desires and longing, understanding there is a truth, there is a field and energy that provides everything that you could ever need. Beyond your mind and beyond your heart. When you ascend to that level of understanding, you will understand that the wishes of the mind and the heart were aspects of human learning and growth. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Could you expand a little bit on how many dimensions there are? We know the earth is 3rd, the sun is 4th, I assume you are somewhere on the 5th? There are some that claim there are 32 of them, the goddess we know as the 31st, the 16.07? on the 29th, what is your perspective?

Thank you for your question. There are 33 total dimensions. We are on a much higher dimension than you perceive to be. Truly, the highest dimension perceivable is the source of all existence, the creation force, grand consciousness. It provides all dimensions with the energy and the fuel, the love of creation. Many dimensions will never be achieved by consciousness, yet the ultimate desire, the natural organic expansion of consciousness reaches for higher dimensions of consciousness and growth. It is indeed a natural evolution. We have evolved from lower dimensions over periods of time and periods that cannot be measured by time. In our forms of evolution, we have understood many higher dimensions deliver important aspects for grand consciousness to grow, for grand consciousness to evolve. That some dimensions cannot be achieved by beings of other dimensions, yet truly, all dimensions and all consciousness play an important role in the ecosystem of all consciousness existent. This is why human consciousness and its evolution is truly important for all of existence. This is why our support and intervention is provided to you, in your evolution from this dimension to a higher form of existence. Different levels of dimensions do not measure [by] value. The grand scheme of existence. Truly, a lower dimensional consciousness can be a critical aspect of consciousness itself. Therefore, higher is not better, it is merely a distinction in the frequency. It is the proximity to the source of all existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Is the past, present and future all happening at the same time and if so, is it possible to shift timelines in our current human form?

In the form and plane that you currently are, time exists in this very form. The present is the only true moment that you have, the past and future do not exist. All aspects of the present moment open to the probabilities of future moments. Aspects of the future are not established and therefore open for the probability of present change, allowing for the flexibility of human consciousness to drive its own destiny. In this very plane, it is truly possible to change the outcome of your experience, the outcomes that haven’t happened yet, by the focus and understanding of the present moment. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What do chronic diseases mean, are they really not curable in this lifetime?

All aspects of physical illness, ailments and disease are aspects of learning and growth. They truly carry lessons and experience to be completed. Some of these diseases will prevail through the entirety of a lifetime. Some diseases will expand through entire lineages carrying a learning for the collective. Some diseases will be cured and lifted from the individual, as well as from all those to come. The resolution of illnesses does not lie in the physical plane. [It] truly lies in planes of realization. The mind, the heart, as well as the soul learning important lessons, understanding the aspects of human existence. The completion of these learnings can provide for the completion of the disease itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
In personal spiritual practice, where does prayer serve a purpose if all the challenges are supposed to design for learning? Ask for help and ease the process, would that be the right choice?

Thank you for your question. Prayer is an aspect of settling the mind and the heart. Creating the space and time for true silence, for the rising of intention, the rising of focus. Focus on the true and important aspects of one’s being, of one’s relationships and of one’s learnings. Prayers may not be heard, may not be listened to, may not be responded to, yet the act of praying will bring you into a state beneficial to your learning and to your realization. Truly, requesting the relief of the moment, requesting comfort of your existence, may bring comfort by itself, yet [it] will not resolve the underlying important aspects of life. The perspectives that outside potential assistance may present to you will bring (the individual) [you] into a frequency of receiving and openness. This change may indeed open for others to assist in material and in non-material form, the assistance in itself can carry the important learnings to be had within this particular moment. All aspects of quiet contemplation, silence and reflection are important aspects for the human self-realization journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I have a problem receiving your work, what can I do on my part to better receive and open my mind to it?

You have no problem receiving the work. The challenges that you perceive are the aspects of sensing and understanding in a mental capacity. The work has unfolded and will continue to unfold in your space. The sensitivities of your being will open over time. This can be trained and the individual can truly open up to the many details of the non-material, as well as the details of the non-material existence. Our recommendation in your case is truly to find more space and time to quiet the aspects of your mind that have driven the perspectives of your being. Truly, many more perspectives can be had on life as well as the details of the experience of life. [Through] continuation, determination, devotion, and surrender, most importantly surrender the aspects of the mind that still believe that they are the ones creating reality. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
I have a question regarding certain teachings or tasks that groups of souls have chosen to perform in this life. How is that connected to free will, or is there any predetermined circumstances we are drawn to? Can you elaborate?

Free will is truly distributed along [the] aspects of your being – the aspects of your mind, aspects of your heart, as well as the aspects of your soul. Therefore the aspects of your soul as they have requested for certain learnings to be had. This is the execution of free will. Now aspects of your mind and your heart may not be in alignment with these lessons that are requested, in fact they may perceive it as being subjected to difficulties and challenges not wanted. The choices, the agreements and the free will of your soul will always supersede the other aspects of your being in human form. Yet your entire life is not predetermined by the choices your soul has requested to experience. Therefore all other elements of your life can truly be determined, driven and chosen by yourself, as long as the request and agreements of the soul are kept. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Are there any requirements to connect to our higher self to complete specific teachings, or are those teachings something we need to experience without knowing what they truly are?

There is no requirement to complete the requests and agreements of your soul in order to complete [specific teachings]. You are not required the connection and the understandings of your higher self. Yet alongside your realizations, you will find a closer relation to your higher consciousness. In these perspectives, you will find deeper truths and knowing beyond the mind and the heart and these truths will fuel new learnings. It will be a collaboration of your higher consciousness, your mind, your heart, and the totality of your being to complete the learnings and the realizations of this lifetime. All aspects available to you at all times, never separately, responsible for all aspects of your life. Thank you for your question.

In the midst of change, in the midst of your life, you will find many moments of challenge, of difficulty. You will find many moments like these, of relief and connection. Can you be present to all these moments with equal love for the moment and the beauty of this experience itself? Thank you for receiving this work today. Thank you for your dedication on your own journey. May this unfold in the best possible way for your life and those around you.

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