Group Healing and Channeling Session – May 26th (Budapest, Hungary)

Group Healing and Channeling Session – May 26th (Budapest, Hungary)

Greetings. I am Raphael. This time of change has brought you to face the most difficult challenges of your life. These difficulties of being human, of being in relationship, of understanding yourself and everything else that exists around you. The struggle with emotion, the struggle of the physical and the struggles of the mind underlying the desires of the soul to truly unfold and awaken.

You are in the midst of an important transformation. This transformation will not be easy, yet it will be liberating. You will find aspects of yourself beyond your ability to understand or feel. You will realize aspects of your own being while being alive. This process we refer to as the self-realization of the individual. This process will take space, energy and time. The space will be created by shedding the aspects of your life. Aspects that have served you to learn about being human. It is time for you to let go of these aspects so that truly a part of you can come to surface. An aspect of you that you have never seen before.

In this process, your relationship with yourself and with others will change. Your relationship with emotions will change. Your relationship with thoughts will change and your relationship with the aspects of your body will change. Do not resist the change. Do not resist the transformation. Face the difficulties that are unfolding in your field. Observe, rather than react. Feel, rather than dwell.

This work today will assist you in this process. It will not resolve all aspects of your life. You will still have to face your heart, your mind and the issues of your body.  This direction and this opening, this touch, will provide assistance on this path. An assistance that will continue to give beyond this one singular experience.

Thank you for receiving.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to see you receive this work. Despite all the challenges of life, you are gifted with this experience. The experience that includes all aspects of life, some of which you perceive as positive, some others you perceive as challenging. Though, in the end, they all carry important value for you individually, as well as for the collective of human consciousness.

How you move through these experiences remains up to you. Can you find peace within the experience itself, during and after [the experience] as soon as possible? Can you find completion in the experiences that happen to you? Can you convert the experience itself into wisdom? A piece that will always remain with you, without any judgment but pure love for the experience itself.

This is easier said than done, yet you all have the power to convert these experiences into wisdom. The time and energy and the amount of suffering you decide to experience remains up to you. As you grow and mature in your perception of yourself, you will find ways to evolve faster, to move through these learnings quickly, gracefully, and with love for yourself and for all those involved.

The gift of life carries all experiences. This work that you receive today will assist you to perceive the experiences of life with more distance. A new angle and perspective, as an observer, with detachment of the emotion itself. While we do not deny you the experience of emotion, we recommend to stay in [observation] to perceive life in as neutral perspective as possible. You will find new love for this gift of life.  You will find new love for yourself and you will find appreciation for this current lifetime. This is truly a gift rewarded to you. Reminding yourself of this truth will allow you to make steps differently. It will allow new experiences to arrive in your life.

You are loved beyond your perception. Continuously, all aspects of your being are tied to the energy of all existence. Continuously, all aspects of your life are tied to the source of all existence. You are the love of creation. Can you live and see with that perspective? Will you allow yourself to receive the full extent of this energy? Will you allow yourself to fully experience life as a gift? Will you allow yourself to receive the support and the help that is available to you? Then you are ready for your transformation.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What can I do to get my health back, and after I have returned back to full health, how can I serve humanity?

Aspects of your health are aspects of learning and growth. Some challenges of the physical, emotional and mental health are meant as teachers within the human experience. They will cease to exist once the learning is complete. Some learnings complete at the end of a lifetime. Some learnings continue for many lifetimes. The recommendation I have for you, is to find the space, the quiet and the silence to explore higher levels of consciousness to receive these learnings much quicker. The more you surrender your spirit to perceive higher levels of consciousness, the more you will see that your body, your mind, and your heart will align. In this alignment, a new vitality will flow through your body. This is the divine force available to all existence. When you find this foundation, you will see your spirit will request a new purpose. This may indeed be the service for other humans. Yet it may be another important learning for yourself and for the sake of the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How can you relate and communicate with those teenagers who are detached from real life and involved completely in this virtual life and carry so much anger and frustration?

The generation that is after you is a reflection of your reality and of your maturity. They have received a world with unprocessed emotions. They have received a world with immature consciousness. The only ways they find to help themselves is to escape this reality. When you all find love for this world and for this reality, the stance of the new generation will change as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Tell us about the new pattern of relationship between women and men, what we should realize in our lives?

Can you love another individual without the understanding of their gender? Can you love yourself without the understanding of your identity? Can you see a piece of yourself in the other? This is the bond that is to come into this plane of existence, into your reality. A love that is beyond the mind and the heart. A connection that is as deep as your connection to source. This is the new form of relating. Will you accept? Will you surrender? Will you allow yourself to be loved in this way? Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Whether I get my health back or not, in what way can I serve humanity, even from my wheelchair?

The way you will serve is by finding the love for life again. A love for life that others cannot relate to. A love for life that they don’t understand. A deep longing for creation. A deep love for all aspects that are you, including your disability. When you find this love for all aspects of who you are, you will be the greatest service to humanity. You will be the reflection of a single most important realization. The love for life, the love for existence remains to be one of the hardest lessons of human existence. We have hope and we see that you can indeed play this role. Your heart can carry more love than you can imagine. No aspect of your health will take this away. This is my reflection for you. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Where does the soul go after leaving the body and is it possible that our soul can get lost on the way?

Once the body ceases to exist, there is a process that requires the soul to renew. In this process of renewal, all memories of this lifetime will remain imprinted in records. Yet the essence of learnings will remain with the soul itself. The request for a new life will be made with new lessons or continued lessons to be completed. This process sometimes is delayed, due to incomplete or unfinished relations of the lifetime before. Karmic relations may keep a soul from renewal. Some souls will wait until these karmic bonds resolve. Yet, no soul is ever truly lost. They don’t perceive time the way you perceive it in the human form. Therefore, the time to the resolution of old bonds could truly just be a moment in existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Are there some good guides who are helping us and are there also bad ones existing? If yes, how can we protect ourselves from them?

In human existence, there are light and dark forces of non-material existence. The existing balance, eternally providing experience in their existence, they serve the human form. All experiences provided to you, light and dark, easy and difficult, are part of this dynamic. There is truly nothing to protect from, it is part of the cycle of life. Some experiences are chosen to be had as learning for yourself, as learning for the collective. Once the learning is complete, the force will cease to provide the impulse. This light or dark energy will have served its purpose. There are forces beyond this cycle. Forces of higher planes. Our work is to not interfere in the cycle of learning. In this case, the change of times, we have agreed to step in and to assist humanity through this time. Some of it is to assist in resolving your learnings, as this will free space and time for realizations much more important. Realizations that will raise the frequency of this plane. Realizations that will form the lifting force for all human consciousness. You will see past the light and the dark. You will understand existence from a deeper perspective. Existence that has created all aspects of life. Once you embrace this reality, you will see that even the dual aspects of your life will be easier to embrace. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How can I connect to our home to not feel afterward homesick and not for this plane?

Not all that have received the gift of human form will feel comfort. Some of you feel distant from this experience, foreign of this experience. Alien within the human form. Distant from the material experience. Yet here you are. A part of you has chosen to be here in this very form for your, as well as for others, benefit. All life, all experiences of a soul in human form play an important role. Yours still remains to unfold. Yet it will, and you will find the purpose that you are seeking. You will find the support that you require to assist you through the difficulties of the human experience. To provide you the opening to higher levels of consciousness, and through these openings, you will start to remember the true purpose and the true reason for your current lifetime. Allow patience to be part of your life. Allow love for the uncertain to be part of your life and remain open to receive. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your openness to receive. Thank you for embarking on this journey. The journey of your awakening. The journey of the ascension of mankind. May your path be blessed.

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