Small Group Healing & Wisdom Channeling – April 12th (Kentfield)

Greetings. I am Raphael. This work that is provided to you today is an unconditional gift from us to humanity. We have agreed to assist humanity in its final stage of evolution on this plane. An important time, so that consciousness that had grown in this place can live in a new plane of existence.

This ascension process will require the individual, as well as the collective, to work on themselves. The work provided today will assist you in this awakening process that you all are [in]. You may be at different stages of your awakening, yet it has started for all of humanity. This is a journey of self-realization. While we cannot take away this journey from you, we can assist you on this way, on this path to the realizations to come. The perception of self, the perception of your identity, the perception of relations, the perception of your relation to existence and creation. All of these are matters that will be impacted by these realizations that you will have as an individual and as a collective.

You will be required to do your own work. Continue the practices you have chosen that have assisted you on your path. Find new practices that are more aligned with you as you change and expand your perspective about who you believe to be. This will require reflection. It will require the resolution of conflict inside and outside. It will require the re-evaluation of relationships. The most important one, your relationship to the divine, to creation.

On this path no one is left behind, yet some will move faster than others. It is allowed for you to help those that are not as fast as you are. Some of the most difficult places and individuals will require the most assistance. This is a power that is within you and it will be your choice, as it always has. Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this healing with your permission.


Thank you for receiving this work. The changes will take 7 to 10 days to be in effect. You will be required to rest during this time. Blessings on your path

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. This work that you have received from us is a gift to humanity. It is a gift to the individual, an unconditional offering to assist you on your path to self-realization. To understanding you are beyond what you perceive to be, that you are beyond what you are told to be. There is a deeper knowing that will come to surface. This is the ultimate goal of this assistance for you and for the human collective. Many changes you have already seen in your lifetime. Many more even perceived drastic changes you will see in the coming years.

The only truly reliable source of power and strength will be within. This will be the ultimate foundation for your strength. It will be the foundation on which everything else is built on. This is the foundation to nourish. This will be the source of your power and energy. The mind has its own place to be the power that it provides to you. Yet, with the upcoming changes, you will see [that] a different power from within is required. A power that is far beyond the power of the heart. The power of your divine core.

You will find many ways to develop this strength internally. Most of the strength is taken away by habits, behaviors, aspects of the mind and blockages that are internal. Nothing from outside is technically necessary to develop this internal strength. You will find methods that will assist you for a period. You will change methods accordingly as you grow and as other aspects of this human plane resonate to you. Other humans will assist you on this path and you will find times of solitude to be equally relevant. You will adjust your diet according to the actual needs of your body, rather than the perceived needs of the body. You will find that times of fasting will prove very relevant in your development.

You will find that your relations will adjust to the changes that are perceived through you. Some will be pleasant and some of these changes you may perceive as a loss. Yet an important aspect of life and important learning that was gained in your growth and in your evolution. All the difficulties of this plane you will face and you will master with grace. We will be assisting and supporting along the way, though the difficulties and the solutions to the problems of this plane will remain to be solved by you – the individual, the communities and the collective.

Thank you for listening to my words and for your openness to receive this work. I will now answer questions that you may have.

Question #1:
What is the importance of the mothers of the universe to the collective consciousness?

Many forces of the universe have congregated in alliance to assist human consciousness to evolve. This is an important aspect of the time of its ripening [which] has been awaited. The assistance is regulated by certain parameters that we have set in the first place. The growth of human consciousness was not to be interfered with up until now and even within this time frame with certain regulations to not be crossed. Interference of our kind in your existence remains to be limited so that your consciousness can grow to its final state and the realization can occur without the assistance of higher consciousness. In this time many forces will assist in their own ways for humanity to go through this process of awakening. Thank you for your question.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #2:
Why is now an important time for the evolution of human consciousness and why is there urgency?

In the parameters of time with regards to the evolution of a consciousness like yours, there is no particular certainty at which point it will gain the place of its maturity to its final stage of existence on a plane like this. Yet all our projections and estimations show that this plane will become unsustainable after all. The pace at which your growth has happened has made this place unsustainable to live. The pace of your realization process has not matched the pace of your growth and use of resources of this plane. Our interference is timed, as we know the time it takes for us to fulfill the work necessary to prepare as many souls as possible for the next plane of existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
In our relationship with ourselves and the relationship we have with other people, partners, how do we reconcile the paradox between security and adventure and the need for both?

Thank you for your question. The complexities of a binary gender experience, you will see that all of these facets of interplay between a partner and yourself will show themselves as irrelevant in the awakening process. Your perspective will be removed from the interplay with another human being or another species. You will find that you are not the aspect that perceives from the body that you have and the identity that you have taken. All of these quarrels and conflicts will start to make no sense in the evolutionary process of the spirit. Yet it is a step-by-step evolution and you will see improvement that will show ease and release in your relationships as you change as an individual. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What is the next plane of existence?

This next plane of existence for human consciousness is a non-material plane that has been prepared to hold human consciousness at a certain frequency. There is no limit to how many humans can participate in this awakening process into the new plane. Yet the parameters have been tightened with regards to the frequency and purity of consciousness. It is part [meaning: prerequisite] of this new plane to have certain levels of realization and self-realization, resolution within and resolution without.
The assistance for others to go through the same process – To ultimately assist human consciousness to evolve into this new and higher frequency plane of existence. The human plane in its material form has served a specific role and this role is soon to be finalized.

The new plane of existence will provide new forms of learning and growth for consciousness. The option of learning in an individualized way, as well as tighter and deeper connection to the collective itself. Experiences that are beyond the limitations of the material world and much closer connections to higher levels of consciousness will provide everything that your consciousness may need to evolve into its next stage.

The new plane is much harder to communicate in the language of this plane, as this is the only experience you have truly found to be your reality. There will be aspects of this plane that will be imprints of a reality, yet not material and different. The aspect of senses will not be available. The aspects of feelings and the aspect of relationship with partners, relationship with nature itself, will only remain in its closest and deepest memories. Yet new aspects of reality will open for you to explore, learn and experience as part of the evolution of human consciousness in its next stage. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What is the role of childhood trauma and emotional wounds in evolution and is it necessary to heal them?

Thank you for your question. All aspects of human experience are designed to be part of a learning experience to assist humanity to grow. Human consciousness learns from all the individual learnings, all individual experiences are fuelled into the human consciousness field. All resolutions and realizations are equally fuelled into this human consciousness field. Your resolution will make a difference, yet if you will not resolve, other parts of consciousness will start to resolve a similar experience, so that ultimately human consciousness can grow from this one learning. You see, all your lives, all your experiences, all facets and moments, are microscopic experiments for consciousness to learn and to grow, continuously experiencing life through you. The answer to your question is yes, it is relevant and no, it is not relevant. You may still choose to disregard the experiences as irrelevant and move on, yet you will see there will be a stronger peace within if you find the strength and the courage to uncover the necessary peace and resolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How do we introduce the importance of conscious development to young adults?

The evolution of consciousness does not require an introduction. You will find that evolving and changing individuals will start to form groups where they find belonging and identification with others with regards to their experiences and realizations. The focus that you will have will be on these groups, to find the individuals that are already going through this awakening process. You will see that many other individuals, young adults as you have mentioned, will start to evolve naturally with the changes on this plane, many have returned as experienced souls into human form, waiting for the right moment and experience to open them to the totality of their knowledge and to the base that is provided to them from many lifetimes before. Their awakening will assist the entire collective, you see?

Yes I do see, thank you

Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
You mentioned power greater than the heart and soul, how can we move to more fully embody that?

The only true obstacles to finding your potential in the human form are the aspects of the mind and the aspects of the heart. The limitations of the body are only the ones that you are familiar with. Many aspects of the body are beyond your understanding and comprehension of your science.
The aspects that you truly can control are the aspects of your mind, your perspectives, your judgments, your opinions, the aspects of your education that have formalized a specific form of thinking.

The aspects of your heart, relationships, your perspective about yourself, your relationship to your environment. Ultimately all drive the ability to be present. All of these are aspects of learning that turn into obstacles for self-realization.
As you find each of these aspects of self-realization and these obstacles turn into learnings, by perspective and continued observation, you will find truly more energy and resources coming through you.

An alignment of your being that is beyond your mind and beyond your heart and alignment to the source of all existence. A force of energy that permeates through all that exists on this plane. Many ways to find this alignment. Humanity has searched and found within cultures, as well as your history and your adapted present, many ways that will assist you to remove the obstacles of the mind and the heart, to align truly into a strong form of presence. This presence will ultimately unfold tremendous energy. Energy that you have never truly experienced. Energy similar to the experience that you have had today. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How do these light code languages assist in the ascension process, and speaking with others more freely how do we do that?

Thank you for your question. Light languages are languages of other species that are often assisting humanity in this process of evolution. In this time, many forces are involved in assisting humanity. Some of these light languages are civilizations long passed that still continue to assist humanity from the astral plane. You will find some of these light languages to be effective or relevant in your own life as a reminder, as a presence, of certain frequencies to open up new thought patterns and spiritual channels. Yet ultimately, there is no requirement for light languages to be present for the self-realization of the individual to happen. Just like all elements of the human plane, there are parts that will assist the individual to grow and awaken faster and to go through the self-realization process with assistance, just like our interference today. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Are there areas in the external world that could use more resources or attention to lead to greater prosperity and expansion? Or is it the continuous realization of the internal processes that allows each human to ascend and therefore have a greater collective impact?

Every learning that happens on this plane will equally impact human consciousness. The distribution of resources, or conflict, or perspectives, is entirely random. Difficult learnings choose to happen at certain places at a certain time and this is an important aspect of evolution for human consciousness to grow. Your attention to the conflict that is happening, or the imbalance that is perceived to be in other parts of this world, is an important aspect of learning as well, for you and the collective. To display the maturity of consciousness. To display the understanding that all of you are ultimately from the same source. No barriers truly exist within human existence, only the ones perceived in the material form. The ones created by education, the ones created by perception. You have all come from the same place and you will ultimately all return to the same place. Your actions to assist other parts of humanity in their struggle, in their resolution, is an important element not just for them, but for you. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What is the source of consciousness and what role does “death” play in this evolution?

The source of consciousness, all of consciousness. We perceive all of consciousness to be part of what we consider grand consciousness. You and us and many parts of the universe are part of the same fabric that connects intelligence and conscious behavior. This is what connects all of us in this space – grand consciousness. We have our theories of how grand consciousness came to be, yet it will be beyond the space and time provided in this environment to discuss our theories.

Death plays an important aspect in your evolution. It is a transition. It is a form to reset learnings, to start anew. We have understood and perceived that the age of an entire human life is ideal for human consciousness to learn and grow and the process of dying, the process of renewal and purification, is an important aspect of newly gained experiences to be had. Death and birth are part of the same cycle that makes human consciousness grow. This plane as the limitation of the human form, death and rebirth, looks very different in higher levels of existence, including ours. Our forms of renewal, understanding of rebirth, are for another time. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your presence today. For your openness to receive or the impact that this work will have on you and on all the ones around you. May you be blessed on this journey. May all those that you touch be blessed and impacted by the light you have received and seen.

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