Small Group Healing and Channeling Session – January 29th (Dubai, Ascension Villa)

Greetings. I am Raphael. This is a unique opportunity for us to be in service to humanity. This is a unique opportunity for you to receive our work. Once again, after many generations we are able to deliver the depth and quality of this kind of intervention. Truly, the transformation and changes that are possible are unlimited. The changing of times and circumstances allow us to create this opening for you. For some of you, a new beginning. For some of you, the extension and expansion of your existing life. “No change” is not an option. Alignment is possible for all of you. True harmony and a strong core is possible for all of you.

You have taken steps in your life and this shows one more step in that direction. Truly seeking to become a whole being, to become the representation of your full potential in this human form. You are the divine gift to this plane and this plane is the divine gift to you. While you have never fully understood the reason of existence in this human form, the reason of being in this plane, you have embraced it as the truth and nature that is available to you. You have embraced it as your home. You have received the unconditional gifts of this plane – love, food, relationships and all aspects of human existence. You have gone through learning and growth, accumulating wisdom and realizations along the way. Playing your part in delivering new souls into this plane.

Yet, here you are. A change is coming. A change that will make this plane obsolete. Change of growth and awakening. You are part of this change. Every step you take on this path of awakening will make the awakening of all others easier. Every step of the way you support each other. Your growth supports the growth of others, the growth of the collective, and together you will rise as human consciousness. The beauty of existence accelerated into a new level of being. Truly, a rebirth. The culmination of many efforts and forces, energies that have brought this plane to realization and your existence to this point. The fruit of this effort will be the birth of human consciousness into non-material existence.

Thank you for listening to my words. Thank you for receiving this gift.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. We are fulfilling our agreement. The part where we deliver new assistance in your awakening process, as promised and as prophesied, we have returned. You are some of the first to receive this opening. This blessing. Some of you have waited for a long time for assistance in the challenges of human existence and the human form. Yet, our assistance is not directed to the individual human challenges that exist. We see that human challenge is an important opportunity to learn and grow and is part of the human paradigm. Our current assistance carries the nature of supporting your evolution. The original format of learning and growth through the challenges and obstacles faced will no longer be required. This is why you are now moved through these challenges and obstacles in a quickened way. Some of these obstacles have been removed today so that you may find freedom and liberation. So that you may find a moment of peace, an alignment that you have sought out for a while. This alignment and peace shall inspire you to even further your efforts. It shall inspire all those around you to stop for a moment and reflect on their current state of being. They too shall receive, as you have received. They too shall grow. There is no limitation to who can receive, to who can grow and evolve. All of you, all of mankind, is one in our perception. Never been separate and always a true representation of human consciousness. No matter the nature of your actions, no matter the intentions, no matter your judgments, opinions, and thoughts – you are the true manifestation of human consciousness, a valuable being to all of the collective. A true blessing for all those around you. A true blessing to yourself, and a true blessing to us. Thank you.

I will now answer questions that you may have for me.

Question #1:
Hi Raphael and everyone else and Emmanuel. Thank you so much and from our side, we send you so much for the unconditional love you share with us continuously. My question is, can you tell us who is the divine? Just tell us about that from your perspective. Thank you.

The divine is considered a certain level of evolutionary state of non-material existence. Forms of existence can be considered divinity. The intentions and reasons for existence change once a consciousness achieves this state of being. Our purpose turns into assisting other forms of consciousness to evolve, as well as the seeding of consciousness across all of creation. We become seeders of consciousness. This is what we consider divine. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Hi Emmanuel – I am wondering when the vessel (such as John of God) is no longer able to be of service to others, going there to the spiritual site – does one get the healing as well without the vessel, such as John of God, being there?

Many places carry powerful energies that are remnants, as well as established, structures of previous civilizations. This is a true example that even without the vessel and the vessels themselves, these places can continue to impact you and your life. The assistance through some forces utilizing and working with a vessel allows for direct intervention, as well as for the direction of our efforts specifically and intentionally. The collaboration with a conscious being like this host allows us to directly transmit this work from human to human. There is a special connection that makes the work that we do more effective and therefore more potent. Spaces still will carry the energy as well as the frequency of the actions or the forces that are present in non-material existence at those places, so you will be able to absorb frequency and energy through those means as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Please could you tell us what is our connection with the moon, should we follow the moon cycles for setting intentions and taking specific actions, etc.?

All stellar and solar objects carry importance for your existence on this plane. They provide a specific balance that creates the harmony and the perfect alignment for this plane to exist. Truly the sun and the moon carry tremendous importance for your being and define most of your life. Adjusting and aligning to the cycles of the moon, as well as to the cycles, is an important understanding of the forces of nature. You are part of this ecosystem that is driven by these cycles. It is a natural understanding that you would be impacted by these cycles, just as all other beings. Those cycles will carry special energetic and frequency openings for divine forces to interact with the human plane. Many civilizations have mapped these specific times and cycles to be of important nature for civilizations and these times have marked important moments for connection between the non-material realms and this material realm. We do recommend paying close attention to these cycles. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Thank you, Emmanuel, for the session today and thank you, Raphael. My question is regarding bi-sexual, gay and lesbian people. I always believe that these people are showing us what is the real love – unconditional love – I mean, maybe I am wrong that’s why I am asking this question. I have noticed that these people are originally very elevated on the spiritual level?

Thank you for your question. We do not consider gender, age, sexuality a barrier for love. It never has been. True love flows through all existence and the only barrier are the barriers that are created within. Love in its nature is truly unconditional and the human journey, from understanding that human nature is the obstacle for true unconditional love, is the journey worth taking. Those with chosen sexuality have taken this journey, and learning and understanding unconditional love. Many forms of love find different methods of learning and they all truly are the form of experimentation within this human existence. Discovering the various perspectives on conditional love has been an important teacher for humanity, and continuing this journey from conditional love to unconditional love will be the final teacher with regards to fully embracing the love of all creation.

Question #5:
Thank you, Emmanuel for your love and attention to humanity and all the beautiful souls. My question is regarding the life here, after – are we going to be reunited with our loved ones and especially our parents? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. Existence beyond this human form continues to carry the knowledge and the imprint of all lifetimes ever lived. This will allow you to experience the imprints that have lived as your parents. Truly in their entire form, shape, and energy, yet without the physical experience. This is a moment in time that allows for souls to reset, to reconnect, to realign and to return into human form. This has been the design and it will continue to be until the end of this plane. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I am wondering how do we pray to ask for assistance for divine healing of our own body?

Thank you for your question. The human vessel is capable of transmitting and receiving beyond your comprehension. The elements that are imprinted and available to the human form will allow you to communicate with higher planes of consciousness. Yet, it requires practice, it requires an understanding and surrender. Most importantly, the quality and depth of your presence will determine your ability to transmit and receive even further. This is what some of you consider to be prayer. A moment in time where the mind, the heart, the body, and the soul are aligned in a present moment, transmitting an intention for yourself, for others, for the collective. If, and when, this intention carries the right frequency, it will be received with the right strength, it will be answered. We have witnessed and we have listened to many prayers, to many intentions, to many requests. And it has shown the evolution of mankind across many ages, their desire to connect and reconnect with divine forces. Our ability to interact and interfere was limited by our own choice, by our own agreement. We have assisted where we can without taking away the importance of certain life lessons. The importance of certain realizations. Truly, not all challenges can be just removed. The learnings must happen with or without pain, with or without suffering. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Hi Emmanuel. What does it really mean to have the feminine and masculine in balance and how would that be reflected in our life?

This plane has been created with the aspect of duality. Duality has provided for variation and distribution of many forms. The duality carries the masculine and the feminine principle. Fire and water. The sun and the moon. These principles, they are truly within you. They are truly in all of creation on this plane. Understanding the principles. Understanding how these principles are applied. Understanding where the principles, the masculine, and the feminine, are out of balance. Understanding that they can never truly be in balance. The imperfection of this imbalance makes room for continuous adjustment and learning, yet you will seek naturally the balance between the masculine and the feminine within, as well as without. Your inner balance will provide you with those that are also in balance. It will provide you the frequencies that are aligned with the frequency of your harmony. The details of the masculine and feminine principles shall remain for another time.

Question #8:
How can one overcome the fear of death and be okay with the inevitable?

Thank you for your question. The human mind, the human identity, carries an embedded desire to live and serve to extend this life to its maximum so that many lessons can be learned. Your fear of death is truly natural and very functional. It is important to understand this life is a gift and truly worth living and the loss of life is an unfortunate end to realizations and learnings. Yet it is a natural aspect of life itself, an extended and irrational fear of death will control and limit living life. This is the opposite of its function, as life will be lived in fear, limited and constricted. Many aspects of life will open up once understood that life and death are both merely counterparts and continuously in balance, as both bring life. Death brings life as well. The continuous cycles of these make possible many forms of experimentation, many forms of souls to experience this plane, continuously infusing the human consciousness with fresh ideas and energies. Continuously allowing for the evolution of mankind. This is important for the collective. It may not be carrying the same value for the individual that fears for death. Yet, understand that your identity for this lifetime is merely a fraction of your entire being. And the totality of your being has lived many lifetimes on this plane and potentially on other planes. The continuation of life into a new form of identity is a welcome addition to the totality of your being. Surrender to what cannot be changed and embrace the moments that are gifted to you in this life. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
When a person has an illness or certain disease, positive affirmations – does it work as well as I know prayer works? Does positive affirmation help as well?

Yes, it does. All ways to align and increase the frequency of thought, emotion and body will assist with all misalignments. with all sicknesses and diseases. Positive affirmation belongs to a form of changing mental perspective and with that, emotional perspective. This will truly have a positive impact. Some diseases will require a stronger effort to be overcome, yet the benefits cannot be denied. Thank you for your question.

We have come to the end of our connection here. We are blessed to be able to be of service to you in this way and form. We humbly deliver this work to you so that it may impact your life in the best possible way and this impact may translate for many others around you. Thank you and blessings on your path.

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