Group Healing and Channeling Session – January 26th (Middle East)

Greetings. I am Raphael. The changing circumstances of this plane have allowed us to be with you. In agreement to assist humanity through this challenging and very important evolutionary step. A growth and change that humanity’s existence has never seen before. It will require you and many others to awaken and to be part of the awakening process of the collective. 

Our assistance for you today will support you in your awakening process. It will allow you to more freely explore the depths of consciousness, the depths of human consciousness, as well as consciousness beyond in higher planes of existence. 

There is much to see and discover in the non-material planes. Even though this world, this home, has served you well and has provided you with everything you need. It is time for you to see and explore the totality of existence. The human form is limiting in that way, consciously binding you to this place and to this plane so that you may learn and grow in human form and with each learning, you may serve the collective. 

The form of existence we refer to is a different non-material existence as equally beautiful and powerful, expansive and rich. Words will never do it justice as they are part of this plane – a means of communication in material form. The communication between consciousness is different. Information and meaning are equal. There is no misunderstanding, there is no interpretation. Connection is immediate. The transfer of knowledge as well. You will experience this form of consciousness existence when the time is right, and everything that has unfolded today is a preparation for you to explore the full potential of the human form. To explore consciousness and the parts of you that are beyond your identity. 

Thank you for receiving this unconditional gift and offering. 

Greetings. I am Emmanuel. I am here to answer any questions that you have. 

This offering is our gift to you. Our wisdom and perspective is ours. We do not claim to have universal truth, yet we have experienced existence and consciousness much longer than you have and maybe our perspectives will be of value to you.

Question #1:
Good evening. Thank you for being present here with us. What universal practice would you advise us to embrace as a daily routine for us to achieve higher consciousness?

Thank you for your question. While we do not prescribe any specific practices, as you have already discovered many [times] before, the one most important aspect of continuous growth is the connection to this place that has served as your incubation place and as your mother. Quiet contemplation with yourself in connection to this plane on a regular basis will serve you. It will bring stability. It will bring connection. It will bring purity and rejuvenation. Many of these aspects will provide you with a stable core to face any challenges that you may receive along this path. We perceive that those that have dedicated and developed a strong core, harmony, and inner peace have witnessed and faced challenges much easier and gracefully. Growth will be supported by the right foundation. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Good evening Emmanuel. Thank you for your presence among us. Do you have messages and guidance for the lightworkers and community in the Middle East? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. The congregation of awakening souls carries a special spark in the awakening of mankind. The collective will be impacted by communities that are on this path, this continuous journey to self-realization. Their effort will impact those around them and it will carry forth the continuous evolution within society. This particular place that is your home requires assistance and you have proved your presence, attention and your energy. The circumstances and choices have brought you here. You will apply all those that have served you in your growth and awakening journey in the purest and most benevolent way. In a way that is unconditionally giving and as you will continue to serve this place, it will reward you in many ways. No effort is too small. Every moment counts. Deliberate action is required. Thank you for your work.

Question #3:
Hello, thank you for your presence and for your energy. I wanted to ask how do we learn to detach, so the journey becomes easier and the energy becomes easier to receive and one becomes more centered? Thank you.

You have chosen to be in this world, in this incarnation, in this environment with these choices and the request for learning. You have been challenged and provided with the circumstances to learn, the opportunities to understand and grow. Yet some of these opportunities and circumstances to grow are perceived as negative by the mind and by the heart. They are perceived as uncomfortable. They are perceived as unwanted. The moment you change your perspective, you will start to see that everything on this plane serves you and truly you. All moments, all circumstances, all challenges are truly in service to you and your growth. Once you embody this truth, you will see that the obstacles will become your best friend. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Good evening, thank you, Emmanuel. I would like to ask what would be the best way for us lightworkers to assist all those countries that are living in crisis? Should we be focusing on this, or should we be focusing on the place we are living?

Your intention and desire to assist those in difficult times and crisis is noted and it is appreciated. Your first and most important responsibility is to continue your own self-realization path and as you continue this path, the ones around you – immediate family, friends, communities – will receive the direct impact and benefit of your growth. Your relationships will clear and carry love continuously. This is truly the strongest impact you can have within your immediate environment. As this impact solidifies and the community becomes one, the community will formalize ideas and projects for impact once again, within its immediate environment and context. 

If there is a strong calling to assist with a specific cause, our recommendation is to first reflect if this intention is pure and unconditional in its nature and truly a calling of spirit rather than a calling of the heart or the mind. Not all well-intended ideas serve the highest good and the best possible outcome for the human collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Thank you, Emmanuel. What is the soul lesson for humanity, both at the individual and collective level, for the illness of Cancer and HIV/Aids respectively, and what recommendations do you have at the highest level for healing those?

Thank you for your question. All sicknesses carry weight and learning and opportunity to grow. Certain sicknesses are collectively important for the growth of consciousness. Cancer is symptomatic to the societal difficulties and challenges. The unfinished realizations, the unfinished processes, the residue of emotions, the residue of mental constructs. Many elements that have not fully completed in their cycle have left humanity with an energy that is incomplete and continues to be omnipresent in your environment. This will cause forms of cancer. The individual has the ability with its own strength and with the assistance of others to potentially forgo the sickness and extend its current iteration. Yet, the underlying cause will not change until collective growth is achieved. 

HIV carries a similar lesson. It is an energy to serve human consciousness’ growth in ways that cannot be comprehended at this very moment. Yet, its impact has already brought much attention to understanding the differences, the preferences in gender and sexuality. It has brought much attention to understanding that the human form is merely temporary and truly the weight of existence is carried through the identity of the soul. 

The learnings and realizations will continue. [..] Societal, individual sicknesses and illnesses [..] will continue to provide important lessons for the individual, as well as the collective, until the collective learning cycle is complete. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
My question is a little bit analytical. I wanted to ask you from your dimension, or from the dimension you are talking to us, about the future of this planet. We know very well that we have lightworkers and we have workers of darkness. But what we are seeing at the moment is that the darkness is prevailing more than the light. We know it’s our destiny, but would you tell us from your dimension how long it will take for the light to prevail? Thank you.

Darkness and light serve the same existence. The ultimate goal for this plane and consciousness, human consciousness to grow. To experience growth to the point of ascension. This evolutionary step for human consciousness is the ultimate requirement. Both the light and the dark serve the same outcome and in their preference, ultimately, this plane will cease to exist to be your home. This plane will continue to be home for a continuous form of consciousness, a different form of consciousness. It will be the incubation space for another race. 

Until then, the most important achievement of the human collective is to continue its self-realization and awakening path, so that the ascension process will be successful. This growth of human consciousness has started. It will continue with the efforts of individuals like yourselves. Your efforts will translate to the growth of communities and the collective. The increase of frequency and vibration of the collective will continue to lift consciousness into higher planes. This is the true unfolding of your efforts. The challenges will continue until the very end and your work must prevail despite any circumstances. You will develop stronger and deeper roots. A core that cannot be shaken by the circumstances or any form of darkness. This is our perspective and our assistance for you. Thank you for your question. 

Question #7:
I would like to have your insight and your point of view from the higher dimension about the energy body, the astral body, the spiritual body, and the consciousness and all the way to the higher self, so we can have more understanding about the ascension? Thank you.

The ascension process does not require a deeper knowledge and understanding. In fact, less knowledge will serve you more. This process is intrinsically integrated into your system. The continuous removal of perspective, opinion, judgment, emotions will start the activation of this process and it will continue as you become less your identity and more human consciousness itself. This very moment, the fabric of our presence meshed with yours. Does it truly need explanation or comprehension in order to carry value? The ascension process is unfolding. You will find that the simplest methods are often the most effective. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How can we call you when we need you?

First and foremost, create the space for yourself to continuously find quiet in your mind and in your heart. In those moments of quiet, you may listen to the intentions that you carry. The desires that you have. The emotions that are persistent. You may find a deeper understanding of what your needs are and you may call for assistance. We listen to all of the purest intentions and calls. Do not mistake a call for assistance with thoughts. An intention deeply rooted in the heart carries the weight in order for us to receive. Thoughts are for the human plane. Some of our work is limited in the way we can assist the individual or the collective. Certain circumstances that you may perceive difficult and worthwhile assistance may prove themselves as very important for you and we will refrain from any intervention. Our limited assistance is in truly deep moments like these, where we believe the impact is at its highest. Guiding you on your path of growth and healing so that you may become your own assistance in the challenges that you will face. Your empowerment will carry the weight to awaken the entire collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Good evening, Emmanuel. I am wondering if you have any perspective on the role of divine partnership and romantic love as it serves the ascension process?

Thank you for your question. Forms of partnership, love, conditional love and unconditional love have truly served this human form and the growth of consciousness. Partners, even if they may not be romantic in their nature, will serve each other in their growth continuously. Friends, family, loved ones, companions, all equally relevant for the growth of consciousness, [for] the ascension process, respectively. Yet you will see that as the individual rises in the understanding of themselves, as well as the understanding of the collective, they will find partners that are more awakened and complete in their human processes. These forms of bonds and relations will carry a strong effect on others. Two, three or many bonded in their highest form of existence or potential will truly carry gravity and affect many others around them. This is what we perceive as an effect of true and high purpose partnership for the ascension process.

Thank you for your question. Thank you all for receiving this work. May your paths be blessed and the light be carried for all those around you. May you truly always see and understand the importance of life itself. The beauty of the gifts provided always and for you. May this understanding and realization carry you through the difficult times. 

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