Group Healing and Channeling – January 11th (Bay Area)

Greetings. My name is Raphael. I will be performing your healing today. This is an unconditional gift from us to humanity, as we have agreed to return and intervene in this important stage of humanity’s evolution. This is one of the first offerings we bring. An unconditional form of alignment and adjusting for you, as an individual, to receive. For you to lighten the path to realization.

This work is meant as support and therefore only upon your openness and request to receive we shall offer this to you. Rest assured that we are aware to which degree you can receive this work without destabilizing your existing life. This is the degree of your readiness with every healing and adjustment and the work that you do on an individual level. You will see that new steps of achievement can open for you, as this path to self-realization is available to all of humankind.

Thank you for receiving this work.


Thank you for receiving this unconditional upgrade. My work is complete here. Blessings on your path.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. Every step of the way in this human form is a race against time, always. Yet the most precious moment is the present one. Never clear, never fully understood, yet the one that carries everything. Some of you have come listening to a calling. Some of you have returned to continue your work, understanding the importance of the work that you do for yourself as it relates to the collective. You are the representation of human consciousness having a human experience. Your evolution will directly impact the collective human consciousness. Your experience here in this form is directly connected to learnings of the entire collective. While it seems that you are separate, you never truly are and this experience of separation will end soon. Sooner than you think.

This temporary moment, just like all those before, will soon have completed its purpose. What remains is the richness of experience and realizations that have been gathered in the moment, in many moments before. Moments in the observation of human consciousness. They all are witnessed. They all are recorded and comprehended by consciousness itself. Therefore your learnings directly impact all of the lives that are currently, and in the future, coming into this realm. Your realizations have a bigger impact on consciousness than you can imagine. This is one of the reasons we are here with you today. To remind you of this reality. To assist you to be even more present for your own learning and growth. All the realizations that will carry you forward on this path of fully self-realizing the impact of that moment is a major accomplishment, not just for the individual yet for the entirety of the collective.

Yet, we cannot complete this work for you. It is your path and our assistance is merely guidance. A small alignment on this path, challenging and difficult by itself, yet always rewarding. You are on this path consciously, or unconsciously, one way or another. Your soul, the program that is running within you, continuously strives for this self-realization and this awakening. It will work through you and it will challenge you in many ways, creating circumstances that may seem difficult and torturous yet highly relevant and important on this awakening journey that you are on. This program will continuously challenge you to reflect on your own being, your own identity and beyond that, the aspect of you that is the seed of consciousness. The aspect of you that is the seed of all of creation. Yet it requires time and space to more than just witness and observe but be an active participant in this awakening process. You can work with this program that is driving. You can actively be part of this awakening journey that is within you, continuously seeking for an opening. You don’t have to be blindly following, there are many aspects of your direction, there is room for your choices and your free will.

Yet, you will continuously be challenged to evolve. This is one aspect we cannot change. Evolution happens in multiple levels. Your biology, technology, as well as your spirit or consciousness. The evolution of your consciousness surpasses time and space. Your consciousness will continue to evolve after this material plane is no longer in existence. You will experience a different form of existence and your consciousness will continue its evolution and growth. This precious moment a reminder for you, a small assistance on your journey. A perspective to see this journey in a more complete way. This is my gift to you. Thank you for listening.

I will now answer questions that you may have.

Question #1:
How do we actively participate?

Thank you for your question. An active form of participation is your presence here today. Many other ways to actively participate in this awakening journey have been discovered by humanity, many civilizations have found their own way to self-realization and so can you. You may find resonance in reacting or learning from other civilizations [that have come] before, yet you may also discover your own path, by trying and creating space for this unfolding to happen in your life. Your surroundings bring you all the possibilities to actively participate in this journey. You will see that the more you participate, the more new avenues will open for you and additional resources will be presenting themselves, including assistance form non-material existence like ourselves. We will provide assistance to those that are actively on this path to awakening, as we see the potential impact that a realized being has on the entirety of the collective. You can be that realized being. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is the importance of the upcoming Middle East tour?

This planet carries energy lines. Its life force flows, just like your life force flows, through your energy channels. There are important places on this earth that are congregation and connection points of multiple energy lines. Some civilizations have understood how to harness and position themselves close to these places. The intensity of that energy delivered them an opening to higher levels of consciousness, understanding and wisdom, as well as health and fertility. In some civilizations, these places have been used to control and manipulate masses to directly utilize the power that it brings for their own purposes of receiving even more power. This is contradictory to the evolution of consciousness, as it is directly about surrendering to this program that will drive you almost by itself.

Our goal with this host particularly, is to re-establish the original intent and purity of some of these places. We will reconnect them to each other, as well as infuse them with universal energy in a way that this pure energy can flow again to all the places of worship impacting millions in that region. Particularly this region carries some of the most important connection points, as well as places of worship, that impact the rest of the planet. You will see health and rejuvenation and divine intervention in that region will serve the entire planet. This is why this mission is important and supported from non-material existence like ourselves. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How can we support from afar this mission?

Your contribution to assist can have many different aspects. Your presence to understanding the importance of this mission. Your presence in the life of this host. Your assistance with your time and your energy. There are many elements to this physical realm that we cannot assist you with, including resources. You have supported in many different ways already. Our part will be done once this host will reach the specific places, and we will continue this work in other regions and places of this earth. Thank you for your question.

What else can I answer for you

Question #4:
Is it possible to cleanse the destructive energies in the world and return to a place of harmony?

We see all of this as an evolutionary step. Learning must occur. Evolution of consciousness will bring realizations and wisdom. This wisdom will result in actions, in connection and unification as one single race. Yet there are many steps to that point and we see that this one single aspect that will impact all of the collective, is the realization of the individual. Without boundaries. Without restrictions. Without stigma. Without middlemen. Your connection to the divine for you and for your evolution will change all of the collective, you will see. You will have a different perspective of what you perceive to be harmonious at that time of realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How can highly sensitive people relate with technology and remain sovereign?

Technology plays an important role in your evolution, yet it brings many burdens and destructive energies with it. That includes the impact on your psyche and your consciousness. This we see as another aspect of the experiment. Nature is the technology that has been given to you. All aspects of nature provide for you and it will continue to provide until you no longer exist on this plane. Your connection to nature will still remain the most important connection to this reality. Technology will never replace that, even though it will enable you to do things that nature has hidden. You will see that these aspects that have been hidden within your physical existence will also receive an awakening as the time comes and the energies of this plane will increase. New openings, abilities and the extension of the technology that you call your physical body, your consciousness, will show itself.

Question #6:
Can and should we tap into the universal energy to create electricity, new technology etc.?

When the time is right you will and you shall. You will understand that energy is provided continuously to all of existence without limitations. Just the way the sun provides for you, there are many other forms of energy that are continuously available. It will require some time for your kind to fully understand, as well as the older structures to release their form of control. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
When is an individual fully self-realized?

Many steps lead to the full realization of an individual, at which point they will no longer be required to stay in the human form in a physical plane. That is the point of illumination and complete self-realization. Until that point is achieved there are many symptoms, as well as visible effects, of the path to self-realization. We will not elaborate on all of these symptoms and effects in this context, yet you will find many civilizations have many paths on this journey and each of these steps have been recognized.

The one aspect that society and cultures underestimate is the change in energy levels on this plane. You will see that the journey to self-realization will be accelerated, almost to the detriment of those that are not yet. It will be difficult for those to experience the higher levels of energies coming through this plane. When utilized correctly, it can lift you up towards the self-realization point. When resisted, it will bring pain and potentially suffering. Yet, this is an experience that you will make as an individual, as well as a collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Can you share more about the role of opening the heart and letting go of the ego on the path to self-realization?

Thank you for your question. It is a wise perspective to understand the importance of the aspect of the human form that you consider your heart, emotions, and relations. Most importantly understanding your relationship with yourself, the aspect that you perceive as you, your identity in this form that you are perceived by. On this path to self-realization, you will see that your perspective on your identity will start to lose its importance and you will start to understand that this one identity you have is one of the many that you had. This one identity you have is merely one small perspective that you get into human consciousness. This is the perspective you will receive on this path to realization about yourself and your identity. You will understand that all those around you are merely reflections, as well as manifestations, of human consciousness, for you and with you. They all experiment and experience to learn and grow – you will learn to understand that nothing you perceive can be fully understood with the mind that is given to you. You will learn that your judgments will be limiting. They will be limiting your full understanding of the moments that are gifted to humanity. You will release your judgments and you will observe and become witness to the unfolding of this mystery, despite the inability to fully comprehend. You will be in awe of consciousness evolving. You will embrace that you are part of this evolutionary step of consciousness evolving. You will embrace your active part in the evolution of mankind and you will start to feel the one single unconditional love of creation, continuously providing you with its energy and its consciousness. These are some of the steps on this journey of self-realization. This understanding of self through the heart. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Is the holy spirit a middleman?

All religions, all belief systems have had the intention to assist humanity with their connection to the divine. Your connection to the divine has been gifted to you without restrictions. It is yours and always will be. You are not required to have any institutions. You are not required to have any books or middlemen, as you say, to connect to the divine. The divine that is an aspect of you, yet here we are and you have received assistance from us as middlemen. A paradox in itself, yet this moment in time shall deliver you the next step without the feeling of dependency. In your full autonomy as a spiritual individual, you are fully in control of this experience. We have merely assisted you because you were ready. The moment the relationship with your middlemen becomes dependent, constricting, limiting in a way that it does not resonate with you anymore, you will understand how we perceive middlemen to be limiting in your growth and in the growth of humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Is it possible, or desirable to extend the timeline for sea mammals like dolphins and whales so they can fully fulfill their function?

As specific, whales and dolphins carry an important aspect of protection for your consciousness. They have served humanity’s evolution and growth for so long, their extinction will be very detrimental for your existence. Yet you will survive and you will continue to evolve. The circumstances though will be more difficult, but you will adapt just like many aspects of the self-destructive behavior of humanity. Certain elements of this self-destructive behavior cannot be reversed and you will have to live with the consequences until this plane is no longer a home for you. The extension of the life and existence of whales and dolphins particularly will be highly beneficial for humanity’s evolution – any forms to protect them will benefit all of mankind. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
There is something that hides in and shatters my bones. What is it and how do I heal it and help other people with the same?

You will overcome your sickness and it will potentially become your way to assist others on their healing path. Yet, all of sickness provides the learning and growth for the individual. Some with the success of complete recovery, some with the sickness as a journey until the end. Yet, always in full of understanding and the importance of life itself. The aspects that truly can be controlled. The perspectives that the one being within you have. Relations and emotions, they all receive a different flavor through sickness. Confronted with mortality, confronted with the discomfort. These realizations – some can be had without sickness itself, though some cannot and require the interplay of a continuous struggle and challenge in this plane to bring forth the dimension of experience. This high-level perspective may be difficult to comprehend for a being in discomfort, for a being in illness. The limitations of the physical plane will carry, one way or another, all of you to the end. To the end of this particular experience. Healing, the search for healing, the search for an understanding of balance and harmony within this human plane is highly beneficial, not just for you, but for all those around you. We encourage you to continue this journey and this intention. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I have a question about divine coupling and children creation, serving this next phase. Tell us how to be present for that, to create, to have children to support these next steps. How does that serve to create children to unify?

In your reality, nothing has changed. Humanity’s reproduction is still the same. The only thing truly changing is your consciousness, at a speed much faster than your biology will ever be able to adjust. You grow and evolve. This evolution of your consciousness changes the decision that you make, the partners that you seek and the way you decide to bring up your child or your children. The one aspect that is truly changing is your consciousness and your perspective to continuously adapt your actions, including parenting and the choice of partners, the interaction and continuous living with your relations. Many important as well as evolved souls have returned, and are continuing to return into this plane to assist in humanity’s evolution. This will benefit all of humanity in the rising of its consciousness and frequency. These children will serve in a way humanity can hardly comprehend. You will learn how to be the best possible parent for these coming children. They will be different and all the ways you have known and thought to know about bringing up children will not necessarily help you. You will learn and see that these children bring wisdom, they bring realizations and they bring an opening to abilities that humanity has not seen in a very long time. This is what you can expect, yet how you will react as a parent remains to be seen. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
You mentioned the path to self-realization and understanding of consciousness is difficult, to say the least, with just mere glimpses of illumination before the ego takes over. What are some recommendations you have to extend the period of those glimpses?

Thank you for your question. Our recommendation, most importantly, is creating the time in solitude, in quiet contemplation. While all aspects around you serve you, they also create a distraction from the single most important relationship. Your relationship to the divine within you. Other methods that you have access to will contain abilities to change the state of your consciousness. Altered states of consciousness will become vehicles for you to realize beyond the limitations of the ego, as well as the protective measures of consciousness. You will find many methods if you truly seek. Your path has given you many rewards and you have more clarity than you share. The aspects of your being that you are conscious about are not the only aspects that are pulling you to self-realization. Your being is so much more than the aspects that you perceive as your conscious and visible part of your consciousness. Thank you for doing your work and for your question.

Question #14:
How are unseen celestial beings, like yourself, working with the current bloom of indigenous wisdom around the planet?

Non-material existence on this plane has many levels of connection to this physical plane of humanity. Indigenous wisdom has always understood these non-material systems to be an important aspect of the ecosystem, as well as an important aspect of continuous life on this plane. Some indigenous wisdom even includes an understanding of the higher level of non-material existence, including celestial existence, including ourselves. Our interaction with humanity has been limited, though impactful, and our interaction shall not replace the continuous interactions of indigenous population with non-material aspects of this plane. The importance of this relationship will carry all the way to the end of existence on this plane. What we perceive currently is this relationship between material existence and non-material existence on this plane is broken, and very few are consistently working to keep this relationship supported and in balance. It is an important aspect to keep your ecosystem alive including the ecosystem of non-material existence on this plane. Thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
How can we help children in the next generation find their way towards spirituality and our universal consciousness?

Thank you for your question. Children of this new generation and this new kind of consciousness will require a different set up of education. They will require a different perspective on relationship. They will offer different perspectives on relationship and they will provide more education to the ones that have lived even much longer than they have. The most important aspect is to keep them safe, this is why you are chosen to be their guardian in the first place. Safe, as well as in a way flexible enough to learn and grow, in an environment that provides the aspects of love, yet never restricting other potential emotions or experiences to be had that are all part of the human experience. You will see, they will carry a much stronger sense of maturity. They will understand challenges that you are faced with as humanity much quicker. They will perceive the solutions in a way that humanity can benefit. Our recommendation is to create vehicles to listen to this coming generation very closely and to incorporate their wisdom into your reality. Thank you for your question.

We have come to the end of our connection. It is, as always, my honor to assist you with my perspective. Our wisdom is not ours to keep. Our perspective is not the only one that exists. We don’t carry the claim for universal truth, yet we have existed much longer and maybe you will see some weight in that perspective. Thank you for listening and may this opening carry out through all of your relations.

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