Group Healing & Channeling Session – September 9th (Bay Area)

Group Healing & Channeling Session – September 9th (Bay Area)


Greetings. My name is Raphael. I will be performing your healing today.  There is never a coincidence on who comes before me at this very time, you have received a calling to be here. With your permission we will proceed. Changes are inevitable, you have already surrendered to the major shifts that are happening outside and inside of your life – this adjustment is a gift from us, so your ability to deal with the changes is easier. Thank you for receiving our gift. 

Thank you for your patience, my work here is complete. You will receive further impact of today’s work within the next couple of days, your body and your mind and your heart require time to adjust during intervention of this kind. Thank you for your openness to receive this gift of ours.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to witness you after receiving our gift. Our work is unconditional by its nature. Our intervention and our plan for humanity is to assist in its evolution. The evolution of consciousness. Healing, and all steps from the physical to the non-physical, are requirements before starting the journey of self-realization. This is our way to help you on your way. For some of you this will be a small step forward, yet an important alignment. The self-realization of the individual is a major prerequisite for the evolution of mankind. While this goal is not realistic, the aim is what supports the entirety of the collective. 

Your devotion to yourself, your devotion to the collective – they are connected you see. Some of you already have started this path of service. True service is a selfless and unconditional, devoted path. For most on this path of service, there is always room for improvement towards self-realisation. All of your paths are a forward movement for your soul, a forward movement for the collective. Your individual struggles, at times seemingly so unnecessary, are key elements of your growth, are key elements of the learning for the collective. All experiences together feed the human consciousness and its growth. There is no judgement of the nature of the experience, there is no emotion attached to the nature of the experience, it all encompasses the growth of human consciousness. You are a piece of that puzzle. 

An important step currently has approached humanity’s existence. This is the time of evolution for the collective of human consciousness. You can be a witness or a participant, either way all of you will be impacted by this change. Some of you already feel the change approaching as the process has already started: changing relations, changing perception, changing perception of time are mere symptoms of the upcoming wave of changes. Some of you are on the front lines of assisting those dealing with the change. Some of you are ready to make a change yourself, to be in service. Either way, your path has brought you here for an important opening, a moment of reflection and realization.

Life, as you experience it, is an incredible and unique gift to you. You have the full expression of consciousness and all aspects of feeling and sensations through separation from the collective and continuous search for unification. We perceive that the challenges that humanity will face will oddly bring them closer together, yet time is of the essence. 

Consider this conversation as a reminder to focus on the most important relation – the connection to the divine. The source that you always have and will be connected to this relationship – often forgotten, often misunderstood – is your birthright and essential in your journey to self-realization, your awakening process. 

This is a reminder for you to consider creating the space that you require to understand yourself and your relation to the divine. No other methods are required. Your devotion and commitment for self enquiry is the basis of this journey – no middle men are required, no books are required, no particular knowledge or wisdom is required, purely your commitment to create that space. We are listening for those that are creating that space, as only then we can interact with them. Thank you for listening to my message. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What should we be doing to heal the planet?

Thank you for your question. The planet, the Mother that has given you everything you require, is by design fully capable of handling everything that you could possibly do. It could take time for her to recover after you cease to exist, yet she will. The planet is very resourceful, by its design capable of being the home for many consciousness-es to exist, continuously arise, and cease to exist. You are merely one of these civilisations to come to fruition – do you see the perspective from our side? Your actions will have consequences for you, in immediate or in future generations – your actions are a reflection of the maturity of your consciousness and your ability to unify as a race. You will find the right methods to take care of the problems that you have created. It will require unification and collaboration. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What, please, is the manifestation of the ‘Brotherhood of Man’?

Thank you for your question. The Brotherhood of Man is a symbolic conglomerate of men following the Divine Masculine principles. Masculinity as a principle has been installed in all of you. There are certain manifestations of this Divine Masculine energy, certain principles that come along with it – some are more aware of those principles and some are less. The unification, the brotherhood of men, following the principles that have been recognized since the beginning of mankind, to serve all of mankind – this is an important service to humanity. Do you have more questions around this?

Question #3:
How does this relate please to the Feminine Principle?

The Feminine Principle and the Masculine Principle [are] continuously in balance in energetic form – it may not manifest that way yet in your reality, yet it always will find the balance. The Feminine Principle also installed in all of you from the beginning, accessible to you at any time, comes also with its manifestations. This interplay of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is an important aspect of continued relation, love and evolution – the prerequisite for your race to continue to exist. The principles have guided humanity to the point where it is and to the realizations that it currently has. The goal to be in balance will never be achieved, this is the nature of these two principles. It will always give room for learning and improvement – the seeking for the balance itself is the journey.

Question #4:
What is the role of Lemurian consciousness in our evolution?

Lemurians [were] early on earth before any specific regulations have been made by ‘the alliance’ on intervention with human consciousness. Lemurians have understood by experience what it means to live on this planet – the beauty and the love that it provides for all consciousness to grow. They have continued to exist in the non-material planes and they have been allowed to stay throughout humans’ evolution. Up to a certain point, when humanity has breached the veil, these conscious civilizations in non-material plane are then allowed to interact with humanity. You are not that far from reaching the veil of consciousness. It is an aspect of protection, of incubation. Very few humans have reached it by the power of their own, yet as a collective it will bring a new level of opening for humanity and it will allow Lemurian and other forms of consciousness to interact with humanity.  Most importantly, when you understand the reason for your existence through that journey of self-realization and your position in the cosmos, your interactions will match those that you will meet. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
What is the role of non-earth intelligence on the evolution of human consciousness?

Thank you for your question. There are certain agreements that have been made on consciousness that is currently not residing on earth, non human consciousness. The collective has agreed that only at a specific time and realization point, we are to interfere and interact with humanity – this last one has been achieved, hence our interaction. Other milestones will bring further forms of influence and assistance. Our role is, and always will be, merely an assisting role for you to come to your own realizations. The healing we will provide is to even the way for you to make that path easier. Ultimately, the journey will be yours and will need to be yours – it is part of your growing up process. Therefore our interventions will be currently on the light side.

Question #6:
What are the biggest hurdles for the evolution of human consciousness?

The biggest hurdle is within you. Human consciousness can only evolve when the mind is quieted. Truly, fully understood in a space of realization. The biggest obstacle is within you, and it truly is the only obstacle that you have influence over. This is the work and this is our work for humanity – to assist in this realization. To get out of the way, for the divinity of human consciousness to come through. Realizations will happen, most importantly after that first one. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What does a human life well lived look like?

A human life well lived requires us to judge how to live a human life. The truth is, life lives itself. You have some influence over the experiences, yet there is a flow of consciousness, a stream that you are a part of. In this stream that you are witnessing, we believe a human life that leads to an awakening and self-realization has bared fruit from our perspective. Yet, it is not fully a consequence of the actions of the individual to achieve that state – many factors may lead to that realization, or the awakening. So, a life well lived [… PAUSE….] is a life lived in presence. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Who and what are Angels and how are they differentiated from other beings?

Thank you for your question. Angels are forms that humanity have characterised. Beings that have served humanity unconditionally in its evolution, one way or another. We have received names from you and we have received categories from you – the truth is, many of us are in different places in the universe or in different dimensions. We do have relations yet we are not of one kind. There are other energies, intelligent forms of consciousness that have assisted humanity yet have not received a title like that. This is why there is no relevance in that characterisation for us. All energies that have devoted their existence and assistance to humanity in a pure and unconditional way are a part of our collective and alliance. 

Question #9:
How do we transform limiting subconscious beliefs?

Thank you for your question. The sub-consciousness of mankind is a filter that allows you to be in the very present moment. It allows you to function even through very difficult times. It will store traumatic or difficult experiences and will form beliefs around them to protect you, yet it will continuously provide you with situations and moments to face these beliefs that have been created. The opportunities are consistently given for you to face and learn – it is not a battle it is rather a learning experience, the subconscious including its beliefs is doing exactly what its supposed to do. How you react to your challenges in life is fully in your hands. This is a natural flow of your creation, yet you have come to a realization and understanding of the mind, rules and methods to access these states. Practices to discover those limiting beliefs are all available to you, yet a requirement it is not. Higher states of consciousness will bypass the subconscious mind. Thank you for your question. 

Question #10:
How can I step into the heritage of my spiritual lineage?

Many of you carry deep wisdom. An origin that in itself provides energy for your path, this is your birthright. In that lineage you will find power and wisdom, yet it will only be accessible to you if you have reached a level of neutrality – a level of maturity in your being – emotional and mental, a space that this lineage and heritage can fill. Often, the lineage holders will see if you are fit to proceed and to receive. Your part in this is truly leaning in to your growth, into your continuous maturing as an individual – and you will see more and more will then unfold from your source of origin. Thank you for your question.

Thank you all for your presence and thank you for receiving our gift.

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