Healing & Channeling Session – November 22nd 2017 (Vienna)

Healing & Channeling Session – November 22nd 2017 (Vienna)

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel.

Something hard to get used to, coming back into a human form. The elements, the sensations, the necessity to breathe – always fascinating. Thank you for having me here today. This is a special day, not just for us to do this work, but also in cosmological terms. There are many events happening in this period of time.

Many forces… many forces will try to avoid our influence on mankind. But here we are, having this conversation. The work we do is mostly happening on an individual basis. It is the awakening of the individual. It is the ability of the individual to see the light within. You two already should see the light within. All obstacles have been removed for you and partly your own work [by your own doing]. When you close your eyes, when you see a clear light, that is the light within, the source of all creation. The light from which all existence comes, including us, you and everything in between. 

That realization is what we are trying to move humanity towards. The realization of the light within. The one source of all creation. You will understand that there is no separation in the first place. The light within, once you start seeing that light within, you can see it everywhere outside. It is not possible to not see in all living beings. In the extension of creation, which is what you call mother earth. That realization is what can change entire generations. 

You see, not everyone agrees with us in terms of if you should be influenced to have that realization to grow into that evolutionary step that you are going through. But we believe and we put our resources and energies towards that belief, the probability that we see in mankind’s future and humanity’s future. Energies, opinions and judgements will arise and they will push against. Not all agree with us and that’s okay as long as you know in your heart that you are on the right track. Not just as a human but also as a soul. As long as you are aware of who you are and where you come from, then the energy will always be there to support you and to protect you and to guide you. And no matter how difficult the challenges seem and.. there will be difficult challenges ahead. 

The major change has already started, the transition period. Those that feel it, feel it strongly. And there will be many that will not have the support and the understanding for the change that is happening. 

You see, the change… humans have a resistance to change, because they need to understand and accept what they are changing to, beforehand. But their understanding is not ready to fully comprehend to what they are changing towards. So, those that don’t want change, will forever be stuck in that loop. It requires an open mind, an open heart. The flow of the universe has a specific energy. You feel it right now. That’s the flow of the universe, of creation. The silence of creation and the purity of the light of creation. It will become more and more apparent to those that are willing to listen. Those, that are willing to quiet down. It is a truth, a universal truth that does not require any belief. It does not require organizations or buildings for it to stay true. Yet, those structures can support the individual’s perception and the individual’s path. The truth itself does not require any of those. We have so much that we can provide to you as humans when it comes to technology and society and politics. Yet we will refrain from any of those. We would like for humanity to come to [those] realizations themselves. To the solutions themselves, while we support in specific areas of this realization. And we make sure that the conditions are fair and given for that realization to happen. 

We are not your gods and we are not your guardians in that sense. Yet, we don’t really put any meaning towards how you decide to call us. Therefore we don’t have any attachments, it is solely the creation of society and the mind of human form – you can continue to refer to us as angels or extraterrestrials or beings from other space, higher consciousness. It does not change the context of the truth and the reality: There is an intelligent form speaking to you, guiding you to look inside and see the light of creation, so that others can see it in you as well. 

We understand human constructs. Human constructs of the mind and physicality and emotional constructs. We have studied them, we have lived them. We believe that there is an evolutionary step that mankind is ready for and we are not just speaking from specific subculture or specific religion.( the creation). We are speaking from a space of true global change. We see it possible and we see it probable. And we will support that.

The key aspect of that realization is to truly understand and feel that there is the creation of light inside of you. There, somehow, somewhere, creation is formed. That all existence, returns, comes from that one source. The driving force of the entire universe – We don’t understand it either. Its full capacity and why. And we have been around for millions of years of your count. Know there is an appreciation of the fact that it exists in all of us and that there is no separation from that perspective.

The light will be there if you start to get out of the way in your mind. You are the one that is the obstacle for the light to fully come through. It is always there, it always was. It always will be. Before and after you have ceased to exist and to understand. It has outlived civilizations. It has outlived worlds and universes. There is that light within all of you. 

We don’t always get undisturbed when it is as important topics like this (referring to outside influence of a dark force). This conversation is not unique to humanity. It is a conversation that is being had in other places as well. And we have tried other civilizations as well. Different methods, different times and different context of ability to understand and comprehend. We believe this time is different. We believe, rather than being the force, we are mere a supporting guide of your own evolution. There are other forces for your evolution and there are other forces that are strictly against. And all of those forces will be felt. This is a time of change. And the change will bring polarity, strong polarity in the worlds.

But we believe that you can weather the storms that are coming your way. And maybe some can be avoided.

But here you are. The result of creation on this planet. We won’t get into the details on how much of your creation is chance and how much of it is influence or plan. Here you are, living on this earth, continuously being provided for, so that you can have the conditions of understanding and the conditions of experiencing all the senses. Generations and generations. Generations of learning and growing. Growing of a consciousness. Not just the individual, not just nations, but a deep understanding of consciousness. A deep growth that is shared in a collective. That is the consciousness of mankind. Most of it is not accessible to the normal mind. It is protected and separated from your operational needs but it continues to feed and grow as its own consciousness.

You have many questions about your movement and your role and what it all means. What does it mean for humanity, what does it mean for you as individuals. Those are fair questions to ask. The traditional perceptions of identity and time will start to change and you will start, you have already, felt it. Perception of time and perception of space. Perception of relationships. 

Those that are fine-tuned will start to feel, all of those, the changes that are already happening. But it is not really that relevant to understand that change is happening. What is your role in the collective understanding of that change. What is your role when many are starting to change at the same time. In some ways that is what we want in order to bring humanity towards a favorable outcome. How will those people that are starting to feel the shifts of perception react? They will require some support. They will require some answers. They will require leadership for a change that most don’t really understand. 

I will offer you to ask any questions that you may have about your lives, the life of others, the state of humanity. 

Question #1:
Can you tell us more on how to proceed and how to connect and reach out to more individuals that are in support of this (transition)?

Methods, there are many. And we can work with you directly in creating methods, for those that require methods and practices. The human mind is so conditioned to have practices. Without understanding that the framework that first made that possible, is falling apart. Linear thinking, you see, your practice is based on an expectation, a continued work, an effort. Yet, it will be effective to help people before they start realizing that [outcome]. And structures are changing, perception of time, perception of space and relationships. Linearity will change. So, we can provide some aspects of truth and guidance, yet it has to be your own creation, so it can be accepted by your own kind. We will make sure that whatever you create, happens in the purest form and is protected throughout its creation process. 

Question #2:
Can you tell us more about the connection of the people in support of this and how to make it stronger?

Back to your question, realize all your questions are practical. Who will be involved and how will we strengthen the ones that are involved. You will see, that even that question will answer itself by those that truly feel that energy and feel called to be part of it. It will require for them to have done some work, personally. Just feeling this energy and feeling the calling is not going to be enough. They will have, the requirement to have is some of their existence, layers of drama and ego, judgement behind so that they can be role models in some way for other beings going through their own process. In the beginning it will require us to be continuously present for you as individuals and community. We will do that through gatherings like this or your dreams, your meditations and space that you create for the ability to listen to what we have to say. Only in silence we can speak to you. If you are busy listening to others or to yourself there is no need for us to be sharing with you. 

Question #3:
Is our mission to fix the mind or to get rid of it?

Good question. There is nothing wrong with the mind. It did exactly what it is supposed to do. It provided you with an understanding of your environment and learnings so that you can survive and thrive, reproduce and grow. Yet, if you think about it from an evolutionary perspective, it is in some ways in the way of your consciousness. So your consciousness will have to understand and separate itself from the physical mind. You see, they are all interconnected, yet they can be separated. 

The part of the mind that continues to operate so that you can live and understand your environment will have to stay intact. And it requires, and it continues to fulfill a function. You see you cannot turn that function off, or you cannot exist in this plain. What we would like you to do is to become aware that part of your mind is operated by a function. There is another part that is consciousness that is more limitless to expansion. That’s the realization that will guide people to understand the separation. There is nothing wrong with the existing mind, it is rather an expansion. 

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