Group Session – October 26th 2017 (Shanghai)

Group Session – October 26th 2017 (Shanghai)

Question #1:
What are the structures, the ground structures of our human lives, just here and now. And why will one individual need one purpose?

The grand question: What is the purpose of human existence, what is the a single human’s purpose and why would one need one? Deep thinker – you are. Grand purpose of human existence, the question can be answered, yet it’s a very long answer. To give you the short version: It is a continuation of the expansion of consciousness. Human existence is an extended version of growth and potential for the grand consciousness, the center of all consciousness. This is an experiment, so to say. You, each of you are part of the growth of that consciousness. We are the same in that sense. Everything you experience will eventually get fed into the grand consciousness and it will allow the grand consciousness to evolve and to grow. You all fulfill the grand purpose or underlying purpose, if you so will. Now, to your question: Why would one need to have a purpose anyways if just living life is the purpose. Some souls and some minds seek to have a purpose in order to assist this grand consciousness further in its evolution. You may call it “being in service”, in “eternal service”, in “grand service” to the grand consciousness. Yet, this is a higher level calling and not many have that calling and need to pursue that calling. Ultimately, if you live your life, you are part of the grand purpose. What we would like to see from our perspective is an evolutionary step in this consciousness field, that we consider as the human consciousness field. So just living your life won’t be satisfactory if you want to achieve the next evolutionary step (as humans). We would like to support you in that next evolutionary step.

Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What role does suffering play in our guidance and what made this being learn from its suffering?

Suffering is a critical aspect of human existence. The moment you understand, that suffering is optional, you will start to learn that there is another way. Suffering is the inability to move from pain, to stay continuously in the pain. To experience the pain in its fullest. That, in itself, is a human experience and therefore a valid experience. Suffering is not a necessity, it is optional and can lead the individual to understanding and growth and to the growth of the grand consciousness. For you, specifically, suffering seems already to have let go, in terms of its impact in your life. You choose wisely, not to dwell in the pain that you experience and that you see. When you embrace the pain, when you embrace the moments, suffering disappears. You see, we differentiate between pain, the impulse and suffering, the choice to stay in the pain experience. Both are valid and both are important. It is up to you to decide how you want to live. It may be helpful for some of you to know that when you have pain and suffering, once you have understood the lesson that is behind, you can start moving on. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How can we learn to distinguish love from attachment?

Thank you for that question. There are different ways to experience love. And attachment is a very close experience of love, of conditional love, of material love. There is nothing wrong with that. All forms of love are equal, expect one, which is the love of creation that prevails through all existing matter, living and non-living. That is the true love of creation. When it comes to your judgements about attachment, non-attachment, love, conditional love, human love and relationships, human love to material objects – we leave that up to you to decide how you’re going to do and how you’re going to choose becomes part of your experience of this lifetime. Yet, if you can make the ultimate understanding and awareness that there is an underlying love that is unconditional, that is permeating everything, that you know and see, the love of creation, your decisions and your choices, the way you act and your perception may be impacted forever and you will start feeling that love of creation in your being, if you direct your attention inward. It may influence the way you make decisions in this lifetime.

Thank you.


We would like to bless your paths, as humans. The walk, that you have chosen, that led you here to this moment. We would like to thank you for making those decisions, to be here. Every one of you thinking on how to serve humanity and how to serve the greater good of mankind, the evolution of mankind. We want to thank you for your service. The sacrifices that you have taken and decided to choose to make, because you believed in something grander. Because you see and you feel that there is a wave of change in the air and coming. Yes, you are the ones we consider the transition generation. You are the ones that are going to make difference. You are the ones that are going to decide between making this evolutionary step for the human consciousness. It is a spiritual evolution. It is a consciousness evolution. Or not… To keep it short, it is better if you make that evolutionary step, as a race. We advise you, that you make it. We support you to make it. There are many others, that are supporting you, to make it. Yet you have to be the ones finding the solutions. You have to be the ones acting to make these solutions into reality, believing that what you’re doing is for a grander purpose, beyond yourself. We are now connected. We are now tuned into your lives and we will support you where we can. Thank you for your service and thank you for your presence.

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