Q&A with Emmanuel – The Soul’s Agreements – September 11

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

Over the course of this lifetime, you will witness the evolution of your consciousness. In this current iteration of humanity, and in this current period of humanity’s existence, this evolution of consciousness is an accelerated phase. The circumstances, the energies that are rising, the relationships in material and in non-material form, are all in support of this accelerated form of growth and evolution.

This acceleration of consciousness evolution will challenge the way you perceive reality, the way you experience reality. And you will find yourself at times, frustrated; at times, sad; at times disappointed — as you have relied on the way life has been in a specific order. All the aspects of life and the aspects of society that you could rely on — who are you today, and who will you be tomorrow?

If those aspects are no longer reliable and predictable, can you find a new center within yourself that you can truly rely on? Can this center be, in this present moment, available to you — not an achievement in the future, not a moment that you have received in the past — yet truly accessible to you in this very moment? Can you find this level of harmony, peace and alignment, in this very moment?

The congregation of many of you will support this present moment, will support this reactivation of the true power within you, of the true alignment within you, and the true center of your existence. Your center will no longer be dependent on the relationships that you hold, on the environments that you have created, the structures that you have established. It will be innately and fully yours. Therefore, all emotional states and all mental states, all physical experiences and sensations, will be under your authority.

You will become that master of your own life, and together you will be the masters of the collective. And the many of you that come together to establish this unified and connected field, will sense unity, will sense the true collective power that you hold as humanity: a synchronized center, a synchronized harmony, a synchronized frequency. Witness in the ways that you transform in the presence of this unified field; witness in the ways humanity receives through all of you individually, as well as through all of you as a collective.

The agreements that your soul has made to be in human form are complete and fulfilled in this very moment. In this very moment all is provided for, and all is received. No achievements, no goals, no effort, and no strain. In this very moment, you are captivated by your own presence, by the presence of the collective, by the opening that is provided to support your evolution, by the energies of this Earth, by the energies of non-material planes, by the energies of higher planes of existence.

And as all parts of you rest in this center, clarity emerges: clarity of who you are, clarity where your center is, clarity where your power lies, and clarity that love is omnipresent, that love is not based on the conditions of your environment. You have chosen this experience in human form to learn and to grow. And [with] every step that you take in this evolutionary journey, this self-realization that you are undergoing will fuel the expansion of your consciousness, and the expansion of your consciousness will fuel the self realization journey. It in itself will be effortless; one step will feed the next, and you will be carried forward.

As individuals and as collectives you will witness the power of clarity, the power of unification, the power of love, the power of compassion, and a great understanding and awareness of life itself. You are the witness, you are the recipient, and you are the one that provides. All choices that you make in life from this center are choices of love, are choices of service, are choices of care: no agenda, no attachment, no projection into the future, and no fears, as you are provided for entirely and fully in this very moment.

You will continue to be challenged; you will continue to witness falling out of center; you will continue to witness your environment falling out of center. How quickly can you find your way back into your inner alignment — no matter the circumstances? Can you truly receive all that your environment provides for you? Can you truly receive all that this moment provides for you? Can you observe your thoughts and your emotions, and the discomforts of your physical being — without the judgments, without interpretations — and witness the transformational power as you stay in this observer position, as you continue to stay in this center of yours?

This is the innate power that you hold, that you carry, and that you wield. You are a creation of love — and so is all of existence. Therefore all emotions, all thoughts, are equally creations of love, creations of the divine, to serve a divine purpose.

Receive the benefits of this human form in its full extent, and allow gratitude to emerge for all that you have received, all that has been, is, and will be available to you. Allow this gratitude to be the foundation of your expanded states of consciousness. Allow this gratitude to fuel all of your explorations and your endeavors. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Would you be able to speak about humanity’s collective soul agreement with Mother Earth?

When humanity was seeded on this particular planet, in this particular consciousness of this Earth, it had no specific agreement. The environment was established for humanity to receive, to be fueled and supported perfectly with all needs that may emerge, with all aspects to support humanity’s evolution. And humanity received, continues to receive, and will continue to receive until the very end of its existence.

This planet, it’s consciousness, dedicated its unconditional service to you. As you have gained consciousness, as you have gained power [from] the adjustments and manipulations that you can create in this environment, you have gained responsibility as a race, as [a] human collective. The maturity of your consciousness has brought forth a newly gained agreement, a newly gained responsibility: the responsibility for your own lives and for the lives of all of the ecosystems that provide for you.

How you will take care of yourself, how you will take care of this ecosystem, is directly correlated to the maturity of your consciousness as individuals, as societies, as well as, as a collective. Your evolution, therefore, directly translates into your actions, into your activities, and in the way your activities manifest in this reality. What you give — the energy, the intention, the love, and the care — will result in what you get. This environment is immediately and directly responsive to your actions.

This Earth itself is self-regulating and it will continue to regulate itself into alignment and into balance. And when you find yourself in silence, you as an individual will regulate yourself into alignment and into balance, just the way this Earth does. Can this self-regulating aspect of your being be activated through the silence that you find, the expansion and the unification of your consciousness, within the collective?

And you will witness the responsiveness of this planet itself. It is a symbiotic relationship, yet you are the unconditional receiver; you are the one that gains power and responsibility. This Earth will continue to exist beyond humanity’s existence itself; it is merely impacted and influenced by the sheer size, by the sheer needs and requirements of this current state of humanity.

And while this impact continues onward to all living beings, most significantly it will be humanity that is impacted by the actions of humanity. Therefore, all actions that you take are actions of self care, are actions of self love, are actions of the care for the collective. This truth will become even more clear as your consciousness continues to evolve. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do we best recognize our soul’s agreements, the ones that we’ve made, given our limited human perspective? And is there a way to know whether we’ve completed our soul’s agreements?

The soul’s agreements are not to be mentalized, comprehended, understood, planned, and executed. They are beyond the full understanding and the comprehension of the mind, as they are agreements made on a soul level. These agreements continue onward to create realities, relationships, and experiences until the agreement of the specific learning that has been made is complete. The completion is determined by the maturity of your consciousness, by the realizations that emerge and integrate within your being.

The key and significant aspect that you can provide in these moments is truly to find this level of silence, this level of contemplation and reflection, so that the realizations can emerge, the realizations tied to the soul’s agreement. And naturally, automatically, and by design, these agreements complete. In this period and time of human existence, many soul agreements will be voided, many soul agreements will be accelerated; intensified to create a completion cycle faster than any cycles before.

Therefore the cycles of learning, the cycles of karma, and the cycles of realization can indeed be immediate. You will witness these completing cycles to be quickened and accelerated in your lives, and you will understand the nature of the agreement by the nature of the realization that has emerged. And this realization will integrate into your life as a key aspect of your being, impacting your thoughts, your emotions, and all of your actions — designed to specifically impact you in this way so that you can become the greatest potential of your being. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What is the exact purpose of forgetting who we really are, and then afterwards, remembering our essential nature?

Your essential nature is who you are, who you were, and who you always will be. Your essential nature is not connected to all the lives that you have lived, all the forms that you have taken, all the memories that you have collected, all the emotions that you have felt. Your essential nature is a set of realizations embedded within your being; various frequencies of existence that are within you. Your essential being is within you at all times since the entrance into this form, merely waiting for you to find these states of silence, of expansion, to truly feel the essential nature of your own.

Memories of past lives, memories of past forms, are not relevant in this current iteration of your existence. In fact, they would be a distraction. In the discovery anew, in the exploration anew, is a version of you that emerges that is beyond all lives ever lived. An entirely new foundation is established by the clearing of all memories of the past, yet by continuing to hold all realizations that have ever occurred. And as you go through realizations and learnings, the realizations that have occurred before resonate and emerge from within you. This remembrance can therefore be an act of activation, an act of support, an act of empowerment, an act of finding yourself in deeper love with all of creation.

Each cycle, each iteration in human form, serves many new realizations, many new learnings, and many new growth processes. The approach to these learnings changes based on the many lives that have been lived before, based on the many realizations that have been accumulated before, and based on the current state of consciousness of this collective, the current state of this reality: a new approach to life, a new approach to consciousness, a new approach to self-realization, every single life cycle. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
On the new Earth you’ve described, will we still connect with our current soul group and soul family connections? Or will these connections be made for the purpose of supporting the learnings associated with this construct only?

After the completion of the Ascension process, humanity, every single human soul container, will be given the choice to continue to evolve within the human consciousness field, to continue to support the evolution of consciousness as human souls, or, to return to their origin. Many individuals originated from civilizations beyond and before humanity’s seeding, and will be given the option and the choice to return. Many more soul containers were established after the seeding of humanity and will continue to evolve as human consciousness and as human soul containers.

Until then, until the Ascension process is complete, humanity will be supported by many forces that were intrinsic in the evolution of this form: civilizations that were involved in the seeding, in the construction, and in the establishment of these ecosystems. Your innate connection to your origin of existence will become activated and intensify until the Ascension process is complete, therefore these connections will continue to support you and all of humanity throughout the Ascension process. And the choice will still be yours at the completion of the Ascension process. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do we explain this new ‘innerstanding’ to the children please?

The new emergence of consciousness states in this new generation does not require explanation through words. It requires presence, and examples by demonstration. As you hold your existence in clear presence, in clear openness, in clear gratitude, these children that have newly entered, or re-entered the human existence, will receive the benefits of your presence; will remember, by their own doing, purely through the field that you hold, through the frequency that you hold and through the love that you hold, for life, for yourself, and for them.

Their mental understanding, their mental observation and realization process will be different than your observation and realization process was. Therefore, do not assume that what has gotten your realizations to emerge will assist them in their realizations to emerge. Their learnings, their realization processes, are indeed a different pathway: pure presence, pure love, pure awareness and pure gratitude. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
As our evolution accelerates, many of us find that we face more and more painful challenges. Can you explain our soul’s purpose in this?

The challenges that arise in this accelerated fashion [are] connected to the evolution of consciousness in an accelerated way. Cycles of learning, cycles of completion are accelerated as well — the energies increased, the support provided — so that all challenges that arise can be faced with grace and with all the support that is required. Now will these challenges intensify? Will these challenges challenge your state of mind, your state of heart, as well as the comforts of your physical form? That will remain for you to discern.

An intensification of energy, of circumstances, will provide for greater fuel for evolution, for greater opportunities to learn and to evolve. And can you find yourself in surrender, to receive the challenges as opportunities, and to receive the support that is provided to you alongside with the challenge itself? The purpose is the completion of these cycles of learning in an accelerated way, so that the Ascension process of humanity and the self-realization of individual can take place. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
With this new soul contract that you refer to, can you say a bit more about how we may experience our daily lives differently now? Thank you.

Your daily life as it is established right now is based on your consciousness of this very moment, and of the moments of the past; the learnings and realizations of the past that have created your reality. This new soul agreement towards the Ascension process of humanity, towards the evolution of consciousness and the completion of this cycle, will change your immediate environments according to the state of your consciousness.

You will perceive your reality slightly different as you walk step by step on this journey; emotions that arise, thoughts that arise, relationships that enter and relationships that leave, constructs that re-establish, constructs that dismantle; all in timely fashion, all correlated to the evolution of your consciousness; all changes that you are to witness, that you are to receive, that you are to embrace and to integrate into your being.

As a result, the power that you hold within yourself, for yourself, and for the reality immediately impacting you, will increase. The impact that you will hold to all of those around you will increase. The influence that you will have on all of humanity will increase. As you can see, your surrender will be directly connected to the level of service, to the level of impact and influence that you can provide to all of humanity as a collective to evolve. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How may we distinguish between experiences emerging out of soul agreements, versus so-called ‘normal’ experiences? And should we pay particular attention to such differences in experiences?

Experiences that emerge from soul agreements will have a particular quality, a particular intensity, and a particular persistence to them. You will witness that the emotions are intensified, that the thought processes are intensified, that potential physical discomfort is intensified along these soul agreements and the correlating realizations.

The only requirement that is given to you is to find yourself in quiet contemplation about that which is occurring right in front of you, and in your life; about the emotions and the thoughts and the discomfort that is arising. And in your witnessing, witnessing the dissolution and the emergence of realizations as a result. All other experiences ancillary to some of the soul agreements, all other experiences as a result of the state of consciousness that you find yourself in are merely to continue to construct the reality that you are available and ready for. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Why come together as couples in a relationship?

Some of the greatest learnings of the human form are the discovery of love, the deepest love that can be experienced in human form. This love is first and foremost experienced in relationship to another being in the exploration of intimacy and connection. This love unlocks the states and the frequencies that are possible to be held within the human form, initiates and activates an evolutionary expansion, a connection to the love of all of creation.

Therefore, two individuals that find themselves in this deep connection will be each other’s support mechanisms and teachers for realizations to complete, and for the individual to find their path to the love of all of creation. The love that emerges between two individuals is unique to this human form. The love that emerges between two individual human beings cannot be replicated by the Divine’s love for the individual.

It is designed this particular way to provide the greatest possibility and potential for the rediscovery of human consciousness as a collective, as all of consciousness as a collective: Experiences individualized, experiences collectively, emerging. Experiences had in coupled constellations.

This is the power that this type of connection holds. While it is not a prerequisite for the self realization of the individual or the self-realization of humanity as a collective, it is a significant aspect and a powerful support mechanism for the evolution of consciousness.

Relationships themselves can be supportive when perceived and received, when fueled and nourished, in the ways of growth and expansion. Until then, relationships will serve to bring forth all that is not in the greatest alignment of your being, not in the greatest alignment of your evolution, not in the greatest alignment to the divine love that is within you, to the divine love that this human form is provided with. Therefore, the individuals that you connect with intimately are the mirrors of the divine love that you’re capable of experiencing and feeling within yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Is it possible to reconnect with the souls with whom we have made soul agreements with beyond the cycle of this lifetime, and have mutual recognition and reunion with them?

Yes, it is. Individuals that have completed the human form and continue their cycles of preparation for a new iteration in human form can indeed experience deep connections of intimacy and recognition with those individuals that the soul agreements were established with. These connections serve the purpose of completion for the one that has completed the human cycle, as well as a cycle of completion for the ones that have lost a loved one.

These connections can stay and can complete for as long as you desire. Yet understand the difference between attachment, between wanting the things to be the way they were, and evolution, realization, completion. Receive the beauty of completion, receive the understanding of the ever-changing existence in human form, receive the power of expansion and growth. This is your innate nature.

Any forceful attachment against the innate nature of the human form will bring forth unnecessary pain, an unnecessary challenge within yourself. And ultimately and always, it will be your choice. The time, the energy and the love that it takes for you to complete the cycle that is required to complete — connections can still be held, yet from a place of nonattachment, from a place of love, from a place of gratitude, and from a place of harmony. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your wisdom Emmanuel. We appreciate it.

Thank you for receiving my words. The journey that you have undertaken is truly the most significant journey in human existence, until today. This iteration, this generation, and the generations to come will be a significant transformational point for human existence. And every step that you take for your evolution and for your self realization for finding greater peace, harmony, love, and alignment within yourself, is a step taken for all of humanity, for all of those that have lived before, for all of those that live right now, and for all of those to live once again in human form. Thank you for receiving.

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