The Superconscious Heart – Day 2

The Superconscious Heart – Day 2

Note: These are only the parts that were channeled by Asil during the workshop in February 2021. You can still purchase access to the full course replays.


Greetings. We are Elohim

It is time for your evolution to take the next step. All of humanity has readied to come to this stage of its evolution. Those of you that have understood and embodied the coming changes, those of you that have witnessed the internal, as well as the external tribulations as an impulse for growth, those of you that have known for a period of time that this is a natural unfolding of your being — all that you are is now ready to be fully embraced by the consciousness embodied in this human experience.

All that you are is ready to be loved, to be appreciated, and to be felt. Every aspect of you, every facet, every thought, and every emotion ever felt, ever suppressed, is part of who you are, is part of the potential of your being.

And, when in these states of awareness you observe and you perceive the totality of your being, without judgment, you observe the beauty in all aspects of who you are — even the aspects that are hard to embrace, even the aspects that are challenging to integrate, to realize — you become the eternal observer of the being that you embody today, you become the eternal observer of those that have joined you in this exploration, you become the eternal observer of humanity in its totality, and the beauty that is represented in all aspects of humanity, even the aspects that you have not fully embraced, fully appreciated, and fully loved.

Yet, you are this eternal observer. You are the love of creation, in its material and in its non-material form. And, beyond the form that is established, you are the vessel through which this love of creation moves — an energy unlimited, untethered, expansive, and continuously available to you.

Every moment becomes one in this very moment. Every moment is represented in this very present moment. Every potential experience is available in this very moment. Every possibility, every aspect of humanity’s evolution, every aspect of your evolution, accessible in this very moment.

The adjustments that we will provide to you will allow you to embrace the totality of your being, will allow you to embrace the totality of humanity, and you will establish a new sense of presence, a new sense of observation, and a new sense of love — a deep appreciation of existence itself in the way it expresses itself through all individuals, around you, through all of what this world has to offer, the beauties, the energies, the elements, the mechanisms, the parts you perceive as conscious, and the parts that you perceive as unconscious, the material and the non-material — all aspects of this love of creation, always surrounding you, always within you.

Allow this space beyond the physical space to expand. Allow time to dissolve into this very moment of eternity. Allow your identity to become one of the many expressed in human consciousness, and allow yourself to become the eternal observer. Thank you for receiving this work.

As you witness your existence and all of existence beyond the mind, as you listen beyond the ears and beyond the mind, as you feel and sense all of creation beyond the heart and the senses of the body, you become one with all that exists, you experience the oneness of all creation, you experience the love of creation in all its facets — yet truly inseparable with you, and with all of creation.

This life of yours is truly a gift. The human form, as it is gifted to you, a momentary experience of separation — and the journey to unification, the journey to self-realization, and the true knowing of unity of all of existence, all of consciousness.

Allow this journey to fuel all parts of you. Every step of the way is a gift as well. Every version, every form of love a new discovery on the journey to discovering the totality of all forms of love, the love of creation — the divine expressing itself through your existence, through your life, through your actions, through your thoughts, through your emotions.

You are divinity ‘impersonated,’ and so are all of those around you. You are of the same source. Remember, as you witness and observe all of those brothers and sisters, mothers, and fathers, and all of those children, they are you, and you are them.

Allow this greater capacity of love to impact your way of being. Allow this greater capacity of love to hold you in the highest frequencies possible.

Allow this greater capacity of love to bring forth alignment, well-being, harmony, and balance into your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic-spiritual construct. And, allow this greater capacity of love to define you, to define your life, to define your relationships, to define your service to humanity.

Thank you for receiving this work, and blessings on the path forward.

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