Elohim Transmission – Realization and Completion – December 5th

Greetings. We are Elohim.

On this journey that you have chosen, as a human being, in the human experience, you are continuously in cycles of learning — including the entirety of a lifetime being a cycle by itself, from birth to death — cycles within cycles, continuously driven by the learnings that you have requested to have as a soul in human form.

These learnings that you have requested are also tied to the learnings of the human consciousness collective, the required learnings are intrinsically connected to the learnings that you choose, that you continuously are faced with. Every moment, every opportunity, opens up for you to learn, for you to realize, for human consciousness to learn and to realize.

In every moment that you faced, in every experience, a multitude of learnings occur, on a multitude of levels of your perception: the perception of the mind, the perception of the heart, the perception of the body, as well as the perception of your energetic-spiritual construct. You continuously receive information. You continuously process information. And, at times, this information is brought to you with a challenge — an experience that you may not have had before, a circumstance that is outside of your existing understanding, outside of your existing realizations.

These circumstances may feel at times uncomfortable, may be perceived as pain, may be perceived as misalignment or disease, yet every [one] of those moments are part of the design of this reality. The challenge is required for the learning to occur. The challenge is the opportunity for realizations to emerge.

And, you observe the challenge: First, you feel, you sense, you experience the challenge in its full expression. This observation, with or without judgments, is the first step. The more neutral[ly] you can observe, the less suffering will emerge. Most challenges, most sensations, will merely move through you, and require merely observation in a neutral state.

Certain challenges will remain, and require a more fine tuned approach, a deeper level of presence, a deeper level of observation, a deeper level of surrender, allowing all parts of yourself to come online, to be activated, to be part of this observation and presence moment.

For certain challenges, your entire being is required to be present: all parts, all bodies, the totality of your consciousness, in its full attention, in this very moment, to face and observe the challenge ahead. And, you will observe the challenge from a close perspective, from a more distant perspective, and from a non-dual perspective.

You will understand that your judgments will vary, based on your perspective. You will feel differently as your perspective changes. This does not conclude that you should remain and stick with the perspective that feels the easiest, or the most comfortable.

All perspectives are required to live the full spectrum of experiences, to face all possibilities, all potential of challenges. The varying perspectives that you have are an important tool for you to allow yourself to find the right distance — to observe pain, disease, or misalignment, discomfort — as it is, without the judgment, without the interpretation and the meaning attached to it, without the suffering resulting from it.

As you continue this observation, the totality of your being, your consciousness, and every aspect of your being comes to realizations about this challenge — about the importance of this challenge in your life, the importance of this challenge in the human experience, the importance of the challenge for all of humanity, and for all of consciousness.

If one remains in one singular perspective, the full potential of the challenge itself will never be seized, and therefore realizations can not complete. You allow yourself to change perspective in the process of your observations. You witness your reactions, you witness in all the ways your physical, your emotional, your mental, and your energetic-spiritual construct holds this challenge.

Can you hold yourself — as well as the challenge — with the same amount of love, with the same amount of compassion, with the same amount of curiosity? This will require continuous development and practice, and it will be challenging in the beginning, yet you will witness the process of observation and changing perspectives, and arising realizations will accelerate, will come with more ease as you practice and continue on this journey of curiosity, on this journey of evolution.

Every realization feeds into the completion of cycles. Cycles, in themselves, are entire lessons that you as a soul have subscribed to, that humanity as a consciousness has subscribed to. Certain cycles are grander than others — greater learnings and realizations must occur in these cycles for them to complete. Certain cycles can be quick and momentarily experienced.

The various cycles, continuously explored, continuously experienced in this human form, are unique for this plane. The learnings are unique; the realizations are applicable for all of consciousness: these realizations will make up the maturing and the ripening of the human collective consciousness.

With every step of the way, you are a participant, you are a creator, and you are the one that realizes. You create the challenges for others, and the world. This reality creates the challenges for you. This is your part of being a participant.

You are a creator for both the challenges [and] the solutions; you are the creator of opinions and judgments; the creator of observations and realizations. You are the one that is both a participant and a creator of this reality. And, all of you are the ones that realize from this creation, from this human experience, this divine interplay that provides for everything that you require in this very moment.

As humanity evolves, cycles are often determined by the alignment of cosmological objects, periods of time determined by the movement of the objects in your cosmos and universe, periods of time often connected to periods of learning and cycles of learning. Certain energies will be providing the fertile ground for certain realizations to occur. Certain frequencies will provide certain challenges to occur, and, as a result, the realizations to emerge.

Allow yourself to feel into all of these changing cycles. Allow yourself to be part of this wave, and the many waves that complete, the many waves that emerge. Remember, you’re both participant and creator. You are the one that realizes. In the process of these cycles, in the process of these waves, in the process of all completions and initiations, humanity’s evolution and realizations are accelerated through the challenging circumstances that are emerging.

And, as you may have witnessed, your internal challenges [are] arising as the circumstances for all of humanity bring forth challenges. First and foremost, [maintain] your focus on the internal misalignment, on the internal pain, on the internal discomfort and disease. First and foremost, observe yourself in the totality of your being.

Eventually, extend your observation to all relationships around you, to all connections and bonds that have been established to provide a specific reality for you. And, extend your perspective to a greater community, your country, your region, and all of the world, eventually.

Observe and feel, realize and complete. This process [is] not required to be complex and complicated. It can be as simple as sitting in silence, to creating the space for you to observe all that which requires to be observed, bringing silence to your mind, into your heart, the resting state to your physical form, so that all can emerge, so that all can be observed, realized, and completed.

We do recommend that you make space for this kind of activity, at least once a day. Allow it to become part of your routine, part of your life. Allow the evolution of your consciousness to become an integral aspect of your conscious choices in human form.

This is our recommendation to you. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work on your journey of realization and completion. This alignment that is provided to you as an unconditional gift will be of support. Thank you for receiving our gift to humanity, our gift to you.

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